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Running SEO Campaigns

Projected Income Around $2,500-$9,000/ month
Costs to Start $150-$2,000
Time to Start 1-3 months
Category Freelance Digital Marketing

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Running SEO campaigns isn’t just about chasing higher rankings; it’s a systematic journey to increase organic visibility, drive targeted traffic, and enhance user experience. An effective campaign requires a blend of research, optimization, and content strategy. As businesses recognize the value of organic search, becoming adept at orchestrating SEO campaigns becomes a sought-after and rewarding skill.

cons-icon Cons

  • Ever-evolving Algorithms: Continuous adaptation is necessary to keep up with search engine updates.
  • Pressure to Deliver: Businesses expect an uptick in organic traffic and conversions, which might not be immediate.
  • Requires Broad Skill Set: Balancing technical, creative, and analytical aspects can be demanding.

pros-icon Pros

  • In-depth Analytics: Dive deep into metrics and KPIs, offering insights into user behavior and preferences.
  • Flexibility: Create campaigns for varied industries, allowing for diverse experiences.
  • Build Long-term Relationships: Successful campaigns can foster long-standing client relationships and recurring revenue.

Are you considering search engine optimization as an additional income stream?

Many people do. After all, running SEO campaigns isn’t only profitable but also flexible and in high demand.

This brief guide covers everything you need to know about the intricacies of working as an SEO marketer, from how much you can make to the challenges you may face.

Read on!

An Overview of Running SEO Campaigns: A Primer

Search engine optimization campaigns aim at improving a website’s visibility and placing it among the top-ranking pages in search engine result pages (SERPs).

As an SEO specialist, you become responsible for the site’s performance and online visibility on major search engines such as Google.

You can achieve successful campaigns through SEO strategies that help you optimize content, relevant keywords, and other technical aspects.

Such a career combines two essential skills, which are creativity and data analysis. It also requires you to stay up-to-date with the industry trends to help businesses thrive in the online world.

How Much Can Running SEO Campaigns Earn You?

On average, the base salary of an entry-level SEO specialist is a little over $51,000 per year. Of course, this number varies according to many factors, such as:

  • Level of Expertise: According to ZipRecruiter, you can make over $120,000 annually as you advance in your SEO career.
  • Location: An SEO specialist in San Francisco, CA makes about $3,500 more than a similar employee in Oakland, CA.
  • Other Factors: Company size and market demand contribute to the amount of money you may earn. The SEO service you offer is also one of the factors. For example, working as a freelance digital marketer can earn you close to $88,000 annually.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Side Hustle Running SEO Campaigns?

Starting a side hustle running SEO campaigns doesn’t require a massive investment. Yet, there are still a few cost considerations to keep in mind.

Aside from the time you invest in learning, building skills, and searching for potential clients, the following aspects require actual financing.

  • Education and Training: To specialize in SEO, you should invest in courses, workshops, or online SEO certifications. The cost of doing so can vary widely, but expect to pay between $100 and $500 for a quality training program.
  • Tools and Software: It’s also necessary to familiarize yourself with SEO tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster. Some are free, but others may cost up to several hundred dollars monthly. Examples include keyword research tools like Ahrefs.
  • Website: Creating a website is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your services. For domain registration and web hosting, you need a budget of around $10–$20 per month.
  • Starting a Business: Other optional costs include the fees for registering your SEO agency and marketing materials. These expenses vary depending on your business goals and location.

Where Can You Find Gigs Running SEO Campaigns?

Running SEO campaigns is an in-demand service. So, you can easily find rewarding opportunities, both independently and through gig economy platforms.

Here’s how to kickstart your SEO career:

Independently-Found Opportunities

Finding a work opportunity independently allows you to control your career path. Here’s where and how to search:

  • Business Website: Building your own business website helps you demonstrate your services to attract clients through online searches or social media.
  • Local Businesses: You can also reach out to local businesses in your area and offer them the implementation of SEO strategies that strengthen their online presence.
  • Networking: Try to utilize your existing network or expand it through professional communities, such as LinkedIn, and relevant events. This helps you connect with potential clients and land valuable SEO projects.
  • Groups and Forums: Joining relevant SEO forums and Facebook groups can help you connect with other like-minded professionals, as well as clients in need of your service.

Gig Economy Platforms

Gig economy and freelance platforms serve as a hub for connecting freelancers with business owners who need SEO services. They include:

  • Fiverr: You can find multiple SEO gigs on Fiverr. This platform offers a dedicated category for SEO where you can attract clients seeking specific services, such as on-page optimization, comprehensive SEO audits, etc.
  • Upwork: There’s a wide range of SEO-related gigs on Upwork as well, from one-time projects to extended contracts. It allows you to select and bid on projects matching your experience level.
  • Guru: This is another platform that hosts many types of freelance jobs for professionals. Over there, you can browse listings, submit proposals, and work with clients on various SEO strategies.

Why You Should Consider Running SEO Campaigns as a Side Hustle

While it may require initial investment to gain knowledge in running successful SEO campaigns, a side hustle of this kind can have many advantages, which are:

  • Flexibility: Running SEO campaigns can be a highly flexible job, allowing you to set your own schedule and work from anywhere. This means you can maintain your current job while building your SEO career gradually.
  • Income Potential: An SEO career has substantial earning potential. As you gain more experience, you can secure more long-term contracts and earn more money.
  • A Chance of Expanding the Business: Once your skills and client base grow larger, you become able to expand your business and turn it into a full-time career.

Problems With Running SEO Campaigns

Running SEO campaigns can be a rewarding career. However, there are a few potential challenges and drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • Constant Learning: The SEO field is evolving continuously, which requires you to keep up with the changing algorithms and industry trends.
  • Uncertain Results: The results of SEO campaigns aren’t fully guaranteed. It also takes a long time to notice changes. For those who want quick and predictable income, this career isn’t the best choice.
  • Tough Clients: Clients with unrealistic expectations can be hard to deal with. Such a job requires effective communication and client management skills to maintain successful relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good SEO campaign?

A successful SEO campaign requires a combination of keyword research, technical optimization, high-quality content creation, and effective link-building strategies. This ensures increased search volume and enhanced user experience.

What are the four types of SEO?

The four types of SEO are:

On-Page SEO: Optimizing web pages with elements, such as content, keywords, and meta tags.
Off-Page SEO: Building external signals, such as backlinks and social media mentions.
Local SEO: Improving the business’s visibility in local organic search results and increasing organic traffic.
Technical SEO: Improving the website’s infrastructure for better crawling, indexing, and rendering by search engines.

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