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Reselling Home Decor

Projected Income Around $800-$7,000/ month
Costs to Start $400-$4,000
Time to Start 2-3 weeks
Category Reselling Things

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Home decor resale offers ample opportunity to those with a discerning eye for design. Whether sourcing vintage treasures or modern statement pieces, the right decor can transform spaces and bring significant profits. A successful reseller will understand the nuances of trends, styles, and customer preferences, ensuring they have the perfect piece for every aesthetic.

cons-icon Cons

  • Storage Challenges: Bulkier items might require ample storage space.
  • Transport Concerns: Fragile items can break if not handled or transported properly.
  • Trend Dependency: Stay updated with changing home decor trends to remain relevant.

pros-icon Pros

  • Universal Demand: Everyone wants to beautify their living spaces, whether comprehensively or with singular items.
  • Seasonal Opportunities: You can capitalize on festive and seasonal decor demands.
  • Diverse Inventory: From wall art to furniture, there’s a vast array of products to resale with different profit margins.

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Do you have a passion for home decor and renovation? Does flipping furniture and finding fresh designs for ornaments sound like fun?

Well, did you know that you can turn that into a profitable business?

If this piques your interest, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about reselling home decor.

We’ll also cover the major benefits and drawbacks of this venture.

An Overview of Reselling Home Decor: A Primer

We all know how expensive home furniture can be. It can cost an arm and a leg just to buy a new couch.

Plus, if you have kids running around, the sofa won’t stay in pristine condition for long. Because of that, many new homeowners avoid buying the latest furniture designs on the market.

They prefer to scour thrift stores and consignment shops looking for deals. This will allow them to remodel their entire home at a fraction of the cost.

That’s why second-hand home decor is incredibly popular. People will jump at the chance to change their furniture without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re interested in reselling pre-owned home decor, you may have a golden opportunity on your hands.

How Much Can Reselling Home Decor Earn You?

According to Statista, the second-hand home decor market is constantly growing. Since 2015, the decor niche has grown by over 50%. Plus, in 2020, it increased by more than $2 billion.

On top of that, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Because of that, there should be plenty of opportunities available in the unwanted furniture market. So, you stand to make a lot of money selling pre-owned home decor.

Although, your earning potential will depend on a couple of factors. For starters, the condition of the furniture you’re selling will come into play.

As a general rule, when the furniture is in perfect condition, you can sell it for up to 90% of its original sale price.

Moving on, if the furniture is a little worse for wear, then it loses about 50% of its resale value.

Other than that, you need to take the brand of the furniture into account. That’s because some home decor designs are more in demand than others.

Here are a few of the most popular furniture designers:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Wayfair
  • CB2
  • West Elm
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Pottery Barn

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Reselling Home Decor?

Figuring out the cost of a home decor resale side hustle can be tricky because there are many details to consider.

For starters, you may need to apply for a license, depending on where you live. So, before you decide to launch this venture, it’s a good idea to check your state regulations.

Other than that, you need to take the cost of the furniture into account. If you already have a large collection of decor, you won’t have to worry about that.

Yet, if you’re starting fresh, you’ll need to find affordable furnishings. That’s when a trip to a thrift store can come in handy.

Check out the merchandise and keep an eye out for anything in good enough condition to resell. Besides that, you may want to try flipping furniture.

It requires more elbow grease, but you’ll increase your profit margins.

Finally, you should consider the cost of shipping the decor items.

Where Can You Resell Home Decor?

Another detail you’ll need to figure out with this venture is where to sell your furniture. Luckily, there are many possibilities for you to choose from.

In this section, we’ll cover some of the best options.

Where to Independently Resell Home Decor

Right off the bat, you can choose to sell home decor independently. That means going out in the real world and finding buyers.

For starters, you can opt to sell your items to physical shops. That includes:

  • Pawn shops
  • Antique stores
  • Consignment stores
  • Used furniture stores
  • Garage sales

Although, all of these options will require a lot of legwork. So, if you don’t have the time to visit any of these stores, you can opt for a decor online marketplace.

That means creating your own resell website to market your decor products.

Gig Economy Companies That Help to Resell Home Decor

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating your own website, consider using a gig economy company.

It can help you with the selling process and make finding potential buyers a breeze.

For instance, there are countless successful Etsy shops that sell used home decor.

Other than that, many people opt for reselling on Amazon. It’s a great way to expose your items to a large number of potential buyers.

Yet, if you’re looking to get the best price, consider reselling on eBay and using the auction service.

You can also try social media platforms, like Facebook Marketplace.

Finally, there are a few resellers that specialize in pre-owned decor products. That includes:

  • Furniture Finders
  • Ruby Lane
  • Letgo
  • Recycler

Why You Should Consider Reselling Home Decor As a Side Hustle

There are many benefits to reselling home decor. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most significant advantages.

  • No Experience Needed: You don’t need any prior knowledge of decor products to resell them. Once you get your inventory in order, you can start making money.
  • High Demand: There will always be a need for second-hand furniture. So, you won’t need to worry about finding new clients.
  • Low Running Costs: Other than storage and shipping fees, you won’t need to spend much to keep the business running.

Problems With Reselling Home Decor

There are several drawbacks to selling used furniture. In this section, we’ll go over the most notable disadvantages.

  • Limited Inventory: It can be a little challenging to secure new inventory for your business.
  • Storage Fees: Depending on how much furniture you have on hand, the storage fees may cost an arm and a leg.
  • Spotty Income: It’s tough to calculate your earning potential when selling used furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Lucrative Home Decor to Sell?

Typically, items with intricate designs will sell for more money. That includes wall art, designer rugs, dressers, and lighting fixtures.

What is the Biggest Market for Home Decor?

The US is currently home to the biggest market for home decor and the APAC region is a close second.

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