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Platforms that help gig workers find work, mange transactions, and remove friction from the gig work process.
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Learn how to maximize your skill set and earn money from your industry expertise by freelancing.
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Advice, ideas, tips, and tricks on how to turn your hobby or passion into a money-making gig.
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Gig workers run their own businesses. We offer expert advice to show you how to start, run, and grow your business.
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The latest news, information, and developments in the gig economy and how that directly impacts you as a gig worker.
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Gigworker.com makes it easy to find a gig, then excel in that role. I was nervous to jump in, but I am glad I did! Gigworker.com makes it easy to find a gig, then excel in that role. I was nervous to jump in, but I am glad I did!

I read Brett’s book about entering the gig economy, and was blown away by how much opportunity there is. Thanks for making it easy.

I like Gigworker’s easy to user interface, simple step by step guides, and the people who run the site!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The gig economy is a phrase used to describe the growing trend of companies offering temporary workers short term work and the workers (gig workers) that are fulfilling those gigs.

To learn more about what the gig economy is and how it works, check out our Complete Guide to the Gig Economy.
Much of the conversation about the gig economy focuses on delivery apps, task marketplaces, and transportation jobs. Most of these are “on-demand” jobs where you get paid for completing a particular task at the precise moment that someone needs it.

While there are lots of gig jobs that fit this category, there are also plenty that occur on longer timelines. For instance, management consulting gigs can last for months at a time, and they usually don’t require you to be available at a moment’s notice.
Ultimately, you need to find the gig that matches your own blend of skills, experience, and interests.
Some people will use the terms interchangeably, but there are important differences. The sharing economy refers to any kind of gig that involves sharing an asset.

For instance, Uber and Lyft drivers use their own vehicles (sharing economy) to transport passengers on a gig basis (gig economy).
Airbnb would also fall into this category, as it involves people sharing their homes in exchange for money.

That being said, not all gig economy jobs are sharing economy jobs. With an app like TaskRabbit, for instance, the main exchange is one of services. Sure, a worker might use their own tools, but the emphasis is on the service provided, not the assets involved.
Absolutely not! You do not have to quit your full time job to enter the gig economy. In fact, many gig workers choose to work a full time job, but still perform gig work when they are not at that job. This allows them to make money in their free time, yet still maintain a steady, consistent salary.
In almost all cases, yes. At least, there are no laws or policies that prevent you from working more than one gig.

That being said, you should be careful of stretching yourself too thin. Not only can this cause your job performance to suffer, but it can also take a toll on your physical and mental health..
Task industry workers function as independent contractors that can handle specific tasks for customers looking for people to perform a variety of jobs. As a task worker you can provide plumbing, electrical, handyman, cleaning, furniture assembly, moving, and all sorts of other day-to-day services.