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Flipping Pallets

Projected Income Around $500-$1,000/month
Costs to Start $100-$200
Time to Start 2-3 weeks
Category Flipping Things

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

We definitely recommend flipping pallets as a side hustle. With its low start-up cost and the high demand for recycled pallets, it presents a promising opportunity for those willing to put in the effort. However, the physicality of the work and space requirements are key concerns that potential pallet flippers need to consider.

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cons-icon Cons

  • Space Requirements: Need space to store, refurbish, and sell your pallets collection.
  • Manual Labor: Physical work is involved in handling and refurbishing wooden pallets.
  • Market Variability: Demand can fluctuate based on trends and seasons.

pros-icon Pros

  • Eco-Friendly: Repurpose and recycle wooden materials and positively impact the environment.
  • Low Initial Investment: Pallets can be acquired relatively cheaply and transported to the location easily.
  • Creative Outlet: Offers room for DIY projects and customization.
3/5 User Reviews
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Feel like you have a good eye for finding value in overlooked items? Pallet flipping could be a goldmine waiting for you to explore.

Transform your passion for seeking out the diamond in the rough into a profitable side hustle, and step into the lucrative world of the gig economy today.

An Overview of Flipping Pallets: A Primer

Pallet flipping is a side hustle where you acquire used wooden pallets, often for free or at a low cost, refurbish or recycle them, and then sell for a profit.

The process involves sourcing the pallets from businesses that are looking to dispose of them, fixing any damages, and cleaning them up.

These refurbished pallets are then sold to businesses, homeowners, or DIY enthusiasts who find value in these resources.

How Much Can Flipping Pallets Earn You?

The earning potential in pallet flipping can vary based on factors like the availability of pallets, your refurbishing skills, and the demand in your local area. However, some pallet flippers have reported earnings anywhere between $100 to $500 a week.

For instance, a standard wooden pallet that you obtained for free or a minimal cost can be refurbished and sold for around $3 to $5 each. If you can flip a volume of pallets, this can quickly add up to a sizable income.

Where Can You Find Gigs Flipping Pallets?

If you’re interested in the world of flipping pallets, there’s an array of options available to you to find work. This side hustle offers the flexibility to work independently, or you can choose to engage with platforms in the gig economy that facilitate this kind of work.

Where to Independently Find Gigs Flipping Pallets

One of the best ways to independently find work flipping pallets is by building relationships with local businesses that often receive shipments on pallets.

Retail stores, manufacturing companies, and warehouses frequently have an abundance of used pallets they are looking to get rid of. Offering to pick up these pallets can help solve a problem for these businesses and supply you with the main resource you need for your side hustle.

Additionally, websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are often filled with listings from people giving away used pallets for free.

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Gig Economy Companies That Offer Work Flipping Pallets

As for the gig economy, platforms such as Upwork and TaskRabbit may have occasional jobs related to pallet collection or disposal, which could be a good starting point.

However, there’s a bigger opportunity in using online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or local selling platforms to sell your refurbished pallets or DIY items made from pallet wood.

These platforms connect you with a wide array of potential buyers, from businesses to DIY enthusiasts, and even people seeking eco-friendly solutions for their furnishing needs.

By building a reputation on these platforms, you could establish a steady income stream from pallet flipping.

Why You Should Consider Flipping Pallets As a Side Hustle

Considering new side hustles can be challenging, but flipping pallets offers unique opportunities for those willing to put in the effort. Here are some reasons why flipping pallets could be an excellent choice:

  1. Low Start-Up Costs: Getting started in pallet flipping doesn’t require significant capital. Pallets are often available for free or at low cost, and basic tools for cleaning and refurbishing are affordable.
  2. High Demand for Recycled Pallets: There’s a growing market for recycled pallets and pallet-made products, thanks to the rise in eco-consciousness and love for rustic decor.
  3. Flexible Work Hours: Pallet flipping can be done on your own schedule, making it an ideal side hustle for those with full-time jobs or other commitments.

Problems With Flipping Pallets

However, like any side hustle, flipping pallets has its downsides. Here are some reasons to think twice:

  1. Physical Labor: Pallet flipping involves heavy lifting and can be physically demanding, making it unsuitable for individuals with certain health conditions.
  2. Space Requirements: Storing and working on pallets requires a good amount of space, which could be a problem for those living in smaller spaces or without access to a garage or workshop.
  3. Time Investment: Cleaning, repairing, and possibly repurposing pallets can be time-consuming, which could eat into your potential profits.
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Jackson "The Pallet Guy" Smith
27 Jun 2023
5.0 Compensation
5.0 Available Work
5.0 Startup Costs
-3.0 Technology


I stumbled upon flipping pallets as a way to make some extra cash, and I have to say, it's been a fun and profitable journey! It's satisfying to transform something deemed 'waste' into something valuable. Plus, the flexible hours make it ideal for my busy schedule. I started seeing profits within a few weeks. If you don't mind a bit of sweat and have the space for it, I highly recommend giving pallet flipping a shot!

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