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Freelance Copywriting

Projected Income $2,000-$15,000+ per month
Costs to Start $50-$500
Time to Start 1-3 weeks
Category Freelance Writing

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Freelance copywriting is the marriage of creativity and strategy, designed to engage and convert audiences. In an age where content drives commerce, talented copywriters are invaluable assets to businesses. From ad campaigns to website content, the applications are diverse. While the craft demands impeccable writing skills, understanding audience psychology is equally pivotal.

cons-icon Cons

  • Requires Continuous Learning: Adapting to market trends and audience behavior is vital.
  • Client Pressure: High stakes can lead to demanding client expectations.
  • Saturated Market: Differentiating oneself is crucial in a competitive field.

pros-icon Pros

  • High Demand: Everything and everyone is trying to sell something, making quality copy essential in the digital age.
  • Potential for High Earnings: Experienced copywriters can command premium rates.
  • Diverse Projects: Opportunities span from email campaigns to website copy.

Freelance copywriters don’t only have flexible schedules. They’re paid handsomely, too. 

If you’re down for a career that offers flexibility, great pay, and solid boost in your portfolio, then freelance copywriting is a worthy career path to consider. 

Sure, there’s a great deal of competition involved, but with tips on where to find your first gigs, plus a heads up on potential challenges, you’ll be a step ahead of most. That’s what this article is all about. 

An Overview of Freelance Copywriter Gig: A Primer

Freelance copywriting is about crafting persuasive copy for companies and brands on a project basis.

As a freelance copywriter, you’ll have more control over what projects to work on and when you want to do it. You’ll also have more room to take on smaller gigs, especially if you’re only familiar with the basics of copywriting and require more professional exposure.

Common freelance copywriting projects include:

  • Direct response copywriting
  • Landing pages and website copy
  • Video scripts
  • Sales copy
  • Product descriptions   
  • Cold pitching

How Much Can Freelance Copywriting Earn You?

Copywriter salaries vary greatly; your experience and expertise often dictate them. Indeed records a salary range between $17.70 to $72.04 an hour for freelance copywriters. 

ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, reports $45 an hour as the median national average. 

Crucial factors often affecting copywriting rates include your expertise in search engine optimization, market research, digital marketing, and content writing.  

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Freelance Copywriting Side Hustle?

While you don’t need a specific degree to become a freelance copywriter, taking short courses from industry experts at a cost helps you find a niche as a starting point. 

Here are a few associated costs to consider when starting this side hustle:

  • Online Courses: This can cost between $80 to a couple of hundred, depending on the course content. This copywriting subscription course by Neville Medhora, for example, starts at $97 a month or a $750 first-year subscription. 
  • Formal Training: Do you know a seasoned copywriter willing to train you for a fee? Rates can vary depending on your arrangement but expect to pay the same hourly amount they charge as a freelance copywriter. 
  • Portfolio Platform: This applies to any platforms you use to share your portfolio. If you go with a personal blog, expect to spend between $50 to $200 as a startup cost.  
  • Equipment and Internet Connection: The monthly internet cost in the U.S. is between $60 and $90. Your work laptop, desktop, and add-on workstation equipment also add to your expenses. 

Where Can You Find Freelance Copywriting Gigs?

You can land a copywriting job by either applying directly to entities that need copywriters or visiting online sites for writers

Where to Independently Find Copywriting Work

You don’t always need to go online to find your first clients. If you live in a big city, there’s a great chance you’ll find entities looking for freelance copywriters. Here are a few suggestions you can try:

1. Advertising Agencies

Effective ads on various marketing avenues combine visuals and persuasive writing. Startup ad agencies looking for fresh talent from different backgrounds can be an excellent pick for starting a writing gig.   

2. Small Businesses

Localized ventures may have a smaller target audience but are highly niche-specific.

Look around your area and see if any business is seeking writing services. Your familiarity with the city can be an advantage in crafting copies that resonate with locals and bring in quality leads.

3. Local Organizations 

Both government and non-government organizations can benefit from added visibility, and ad copy on social media platforms helps them achieve this. Check their official websites for opportunities.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Copywriting Work

Here are platforms to find prospective clients across different industries: 

1. Problogger

Problogger is a trusted platform for blog owners and freelancers offering writing services. Its job board consists of gigs that cover all types of content, from short to long-form range up to collective projects that last months. 

2. Contena

Contena is a paid platform that gives you access to a copywriting gigs list and training material for improving your writing. Clients come from different industries, which is an excellent opportunity to test your skills across niches. 

3. Peak Freelance

Peak Freelance is a subscription-based platform that gives you access to high-quality jobs and a Slack group where you can share experiences and ask questions to other writers.  

Why You Should Consider Freelance Copywriting As a Side Hustle

Here are some reasons why you should consider building your personal copywriting business:

  • High Demand: Any business and website needs copywriters. A quick search online will show you tons of local and international opportunities. 
  • Variety: Freelancing allows you to take on more projects and deal with multiple clients, enhancing your writing style range.  
  • Great For Your Profile: Even if you stop offering your copywriting services, having writing skills on your resume boosts your profile.
  • Flexibility: You’ll still have deadlines, but you can set your schedule. You can choose projects that coincide with your schedule preference. You can also decide to work long-term for existing clients.   

Problems With Freelance Copywriting

Despite the enticing freelance career, some issues can impact your level of commitment to the job:

  • High Barriers for Entry: Other copywriters may land lucrative deals in this field, but making money isn’t guaranteed for all. Competition is high, and the best-paying gigs prefer experienced professionals to beginners. 
  • Unstable Workload: Ironically, time management remains an issue for many freelancers despite the ability to choose projects. The fact is, your time flexibility is limited to what gigs are available, and they constantly fluctuate.  
  • Difficult Clients: New clients whose creative ideas clash with yours can negatively impact delivery time and overall work experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Learn Copywriting

Becoming a copywriter takes practice, and the easiest way to build up your skills is by writing copy, even for social media posts. Taking short courses also helps you strengthen the basics and gives you tips from industry experts. 

Do You Need a Degree In Copywriting?

You don’t need a degree to become a successful freelance copywriter, but many potential clients consider this an asset, primarily if your degree is related to their industry. Landing a job is more on what your client requires, and sometimes, it’s a degree. 

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