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Pressure Washing

Projected Income Around $1,000-$3,000/month
Costs to Start $1,000-$2,000
Time to Start 1-2 weeks
Category Home-Related Tasks,

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

Pressure washing is a highly commendable side hustle. It is a high-demand service, particularly in spring and summer, and does not require specialized training. The task involves using high-pressure water spray to clean surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, and exteriors of buildings. Nevertheless, it requires a significant initial investment in equipment and may be physically demanding.

cons-icon Cons

  • Initial Investment: Starting a pressure washing side hustle requires a significant initial investment in equipment.
  • Physically Demanding: Pressure washing can be physically demanding, requiring strength and stamina.
  • Seasonal Demand: Demand for pressure washing services may vary by season, with less work available in the colder months.


pros-icon Pros

  • Seasonal Increase in Demand: Pressure washing services are in high demand, particularly in spring and summer, providing consistent earning opportunities.
  • Low Skill Requirement: Pressure washing does not require specialized training, making it accessible to many people.
  • Repeat Business: Many clients will need pressure washing services regularly, leading to repeat business and a stable income.

Are you great at pressure washing? You can use your skills to start a successful side hustle that will make you some extra money.

Starting a power washing side hustle isn’t complicated and it won’t cost you a lot if you already have your washer.

You’re probably wondering how much you can make from this side hustle. Don’t fret! We’ll answer all your questions in this article.

An Overview of Pressure Washing: A Primer

As a pressure washing expert, you’ll be responsible for cleaning surfaces using high-pressure water spray. The water is typically strong enough to remove stains, dirt, loose paint, and grime from different flat surfaces, including wood, concrete, and bricks.

That means most of your work includes cleaning the exterior of buildings, driveways, and decks. You might also clean cars and other vehicles. Some tough jobs require using a surface cleaner and hot water, as the water pressure won’t be enough.

It may seem like an easy job, but it requires a lot of experience. People prefer hiring a specialist who has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right without damaging their property.

How Much Can Pressure Washing Earn You?

There’s a constant, high demand for power washing services, making it a lucrative side hustle that’ll help you earn some extra money.

Yet, the amount of money you’ll make depends on the type of job you’ll be doing. Some tasks might be harder than others, but they’ll earn you more money.

On average, you can make around $192 to $401 per job. If you perform one job a day that earns you around $250, you’ll make $65,000 a year working 260 days. That’s a good amount of money considering you’ll only do one job a day.

The best part is that your working hours will be flexible. You’ll be able to work another job while doing power washing as a side hustle.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Side Hustle Pressure Washing Business?

Starting a pressure washing business can cost you anywhere from $500 to $20,000. It all depends on the type of pressure washing services you intend to provide and the scope of your business.

Tools and Equipment

To start this side hustle, you’ll need a pressure washer, pumps, engines, nozzles, and surface cleaners. This can cost at least $2000, which isn’t a big number. We highly recommend considering electric pressure washers for your side hustle.

Electric pressure washers are lightweight and compact, which can make your work much easier. Yet, buying a gas pressure washer isn’t a bad idea.

In all cases, it’s best to check the power washer pressure. It’s measured in psi, or pounds per square inch. Choosing a powerful pressure washer means you’ll have to do less work.

Generally, if you already have a reliable pressure washer, the initial starting cost will be relatively low. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a power washer.

You’ll also need a truck or van to haul your tools and equipment. If you don’t have one, it’ll cost you around $450 a month. That doesn’t include gas money or vehicle maintenance.

Other Costs to Consider

Since it’s a side hustle, you won’t need to rent an office or retail space. Yet, you’ll need to get a business phone number, which costs around $20 per month.

In some states, you may have to pay for permits and licenses, which costs around $500 upfront and $60 per month.

You can’t expect your side hustle to be successful without some advertising. You can think of marketing as an investment to help you build a loyal client base.

Where Can You Find Pressure Washing Gigs?

Finding power washing gigs might be tough at first. However, it won’t take long until you’ve built a base of loyal customers.

Where to Independently Find Pressure Washing Work

The easiest way to find jobs is to advertise your business. You can invest in local advertisements or a social media ad campaign to reach people in your area.

Going door-to-door and offering your service isn’t a bad idea, but it can be exhausting. You’re better off advertising your work in local social media groups and online communities.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Pressure Washing Work

Many gig economy companies offer work opportunities, which is perfect if you’re doing power washing as a side hustle. You can find these jobs on online boards and platforms, such as Upwork and PeopleReady.

Why You Should Consider Pressure Washing As a Side Hustle

Pressure washing can be a great side hustle for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Low-stress gig: Power washing is far from stressful. In fact, it can be a fun, satisfying side hustle.
  • Relatively low start-up costs: If you already have a pressure washer, start-up costs will be super low.
  • High demand for the service: The demand for your services is constantly high, even if you live in a small town.
  • High profit: You can make a fortune doing pressurized washing services.

Problems With Pressure Washing

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to pressurized water services that you need to know about. Here are some of them:

  • Competition can be tough: Even in a small town, you’ll probably have many competitors.
  • Equipment requires maintenance: Most tools and equipment require regular maintenance to avoid any issues.
  • It’s a physically demanding job: Pressure washing comes with some physical demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pressure washing an easy business?

Pressure washing might require some skills, but it’s an overall easy side hustle. With some practice, you can start your side hustle in no time.

Why is pressure washing a good side hustle?

Power washing is a lucrative side hustle that can make you a lot of money. However, you’ll need to do some marketing to build a customer base.

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