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Flipping Couches

Projected Income Around $300-$1000/month
Costs to Start $200-$500
Time to Start 2-3 weeks
Category Flipping Things

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Flipping couches comes as a highly recommended side hustle for those who enjoy upcycling and transforming furniture. It allows you to tap into a sustainable business model that offers impressive profit margins.

However, it’s crucial to remember that this hustle requires a fair amount of physical effort, including transport and manual work. Nevertheless, with patience and the right techniques, flipping couches can be a satisfying and lucrative endeavor.

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cons-icon Cons

  • Physical Effort: Transporting and refurbishing couches can require substantial physical labor.
  • Storage Space Needed: Large items like couches require ample storage space until they are sold.
  • Market Volatility: Furniture styles and demands can shift, potentially impacting sales.

pros-icon Pros

  • High Profit Margins: With careful sourcing and clever refurbishing, you can sell couches for a substantial profit.
  • Sustainability: By reusing and refurbishing, you contribute to a more sustainable economy.
  • Creativity Outlet: Refurbishing couches lets you express your creativity, making this more than just a monetary pursuit.
5/5 User Reviews
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Dive into the world of flipping couches, an innovative and profitable side hustle that takes the principles of retail arbitrage and applies it to the world of furniture.

Unlock the potential of this untapped market, discover the joys of sourcing, refurbishing, and reselling, all while creating an additional income stream.

Flipping couches involves buying used sofas at a low cost, potentially refurbishing them, and selling at a higher price.

The process involves scouting for undervalued couches, often from garage sales, thrift stores or online marketplaces, then using basic cleaning and restoration techniques to increase their value. It combines entrepreneurial spirit with a hint of creativity.

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thahliya vm
25 Jul 2023
5.0 Compensation
5.0 Available Work
5.0 Startup Costs
5.0 Technology


i've recently ventured into the world of flipping couches,and it has been an incredibly rewarding expierience! Not only have i managed to earn some extra income , but i've also discovered a newfound passion for furniture refurbishment.scouring local thrift stores and marketplaces for hiddengems has become a thrillling treasure hunt.The feeling for transforming a worn-out couch into a beautiful piece of furniture is unmatched.i highly recommendfliping couches to anyone looking for a creative and profitable hobby!

Liam Baxter
30 Jun 2023
5.0 Compensation
5.0 Available Work
5.0 Startup Costs
5.0 Technology


I've always been a fan of DIY projects, so flipping couches felt like a natural fit. I love finding a worn-out piece and breathing new life into it. The satisfaction when a refurbished couch sells is unbeatable. Plus, it's been great for my wallet! I'd highly recommend this side hustle to anyone who doesn't mind getting their hands a bit dirty.

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