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Projected Income Around $100-$300/month
Costs to Start $0
Time to Start Immediate
Category Miscellaneous Tasks

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

We recommend reading as a side hustle for those who love books and articles and want to make some extra money from their passion. This task involves reading various materials, such as manuscripts, articles, or online content, and providing feedback, proofreading, or writing reviews. The earning potential, however, is relatively low, and it may take time to build up a portfolio and secure regular work.

cons-icon Cons

  • Low Earning Potential: The earning potential for reading as a side hustle is relatively low, especially when starting out.
  • Takes Time to Build Portfolio: It may take time to build up a portfolio and secure regular work from clients.
  • Competitive: There is a lot of competition for reading-related work, making it challenging to stand out.

pros-icon Pros

  • No Start-Up Costs: There are no costs associated with starting this side hustle, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Flexibility: You can choose what you want to read and when you want to read it, providing a high level of flexibility.
  • Turn Passion into Profit: For those who love reading, this side hustle provides an opportunity to make money from something they enjoy.

Are you an avid reader? Do you like reading?

You’d be surprised to know that there’s a lot to do with this passion. There’s an excellent opportunity to make extra money by reading books and writing reviews.

An Overview of Reading: A Primer

Getting paid to read books can be a lucrative way to gain money. There are several exciting openings for book lovers, as you can read books in one language and translate them into another or write reviews about novels, plays, and poems.

You can become an online book reviewer and join the books community on TikTok. If you know sign language, you can also work as a freelance Tiktoker, translating books and professional references into sign language for a rewarding full-time income.

You can start a blog about books if you’re also passionate about writing, and people will enjoy your reviews of books. Your book review blog can also represent a good money-making opportunity through affiliate links that recommend fiction and non-fiction books and guest posts. This will be a good source of passive income.

There are several proofreading jobs where people hire you to proofread writing samples before publication. You’ll find editorial gigs where you can detect every grammar and spelling error and correct them for some cash if you’re a detail-oriented person. You can secure several good deals with publishing houses with relevant experience.

Proofreading can also be part of many industries, as you might be asked to proofread user manuals, brochures, and product descriptions, especially if you have experience in a related scientific or technical field.

Some nonprofit organizations like libraries, orphanages, and nursing homes also hire book readers. Your job involves choosing and reading appropriate books for the target audience if you have good narration skills.

You might also be asked to summarize them or choose books for a local book club or community for book lovers in your spare time that loads of people would enjoy.

How Much Can Reading Earn You?

One of the reasons that reading is important is that you can make money by reading content. Your average hourly rate from a proofreading side hustle is around $29.60, but more experienced professionals can make up to $62.26.

Your salary depends on your knowledge of books, your ability for negotiating book deals, and other talents. So, for example, if you can develop article ideas, write covers for authors, draw book illustrations, or have some experience with book translation, you should gain extra cash.

Some related jobs pay differently, so you’ll make $57.65 per hour if you work as a book researcher and $38.92 as a remote book publisher.

As a professional proofreader for authors, your average hourly rate can be between $13.70 and $35.82. Yet, most professional book editors get paid around $22 per hour.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Reading?

The cost of starting your reading business as a side hustle varies according to the volume of books you read and the niche.

This business is scalable, so you can work independently with virtually zero costs or start a professional business.

Most websites and companies that hire professional book reviewers require that those professionals be college graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

Studying at a public institution costs about $10,940 per year while studying at a private one can cost $39,400 per year. Here are some other costs to consider.

  • Equipment like a laptop can cost about $500. You can also pay around $419.99 for the 64GB Kindle Scribe.
  • Some authors and book-reviewing companies will send you books for free, or you can buy them. An average e-book costs around $3.99, while a paper book can cost between $13.95 and $17.95.
  • Software programs to write book reviews can cost around $500. You can get a discounted version that doesn’t have all the premium features or use one the employer provides.
  • You might need to buy video and audio recording equipment to record your vlogs and podcasts. These costs can amount to up to $2000, but higher-quality equipment will cost more.
  • You can start a professional book reviewing or proofreading business, where you hire other professionals to work with you. In this case, you should consider their hourly rates and all the other benefits you offer them as an employer.
  • To start a business, you must consider the costs of getting permits and licenses.

Where Can You Find Reading Gigs?

There are several ways and methods to find reading work that pays. You can consider various opportunities based on your availability and preferences.

Where to Independently Find Reading Work

Check local listings on Craigslist and newspapers for reading work. You might find a job as a professional reader who reads at libraries and nursing homes or get hired as a proofreader at a local business to revise legal brochures and product descriptions.

A local author might hire you to review their work before publication. You might also be asked to write book descriptions.

Sometimes, you might find a job where you can gain cash for book reviews and summarize books for students. You can land a translation job offer or choose books for a local book club.

If you want to work independently, you can start your podcast and discuss popular books or record vlogs to share your opinion with the audience. You can also land editorial work with a local book publishing business as one of the most experienced book reviewers.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Reading Work

Multiple online platforms and websites offer reading-related work for job seekers. You can check these online platforms for available online freelance editing business jobs for an additional stream of income, and you might be able to land the perfect side hustle.

  • Upwork: This is one of the biggest online platforms, and it offers multiple book review opportunities if reading is your passion. Check the website regularly to connect with clients who will pay you for proofreading, editing, and recording podcasts about the books you read.
  • Fiverr: Unlike other platforms that publish job offers, you will create a profile on Fiverr and list your skills as a professional reader, audiobook narrator, or book editor. Interested clients will contact you and hire you for gigs and freelance jobs.
  • FlexJobs: This is an online platform that lists remote jobs. You can browse these job offers and pick the most suitable one.

Why You Should Consider Reading As a Side Hustle

Reading as a side hustle has several advantages.

  • Easy to start: No special skills or requirements are needed to start this side hustle. You can start reviewing books on a small scale and expand your business as you get more clients.
  • Flexibility: You can choose where and when to work. You can also pick your clients based on your reading habits.
  • Learning opportunity: As you read different books, you’ll learn various things about different niches, topics, and industries as you secure your financial security.

Problems With Reading for Money

There are several things to consider before getting paid to read books.

  • Takes time: You’ll spend time building a client base of people who trust your reviews and proofreading skills.
  • Tight deadlines: If you’re proofreading, you might have tight deadlines.
  • Isolating: You work alone most of the time and spend long hours reading. This can be isolating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that most people ask before considering reading as a side hustle.

Is it Hard to Start a Reading Side Hustle?

A reading side hustle is easy if you have good reading skills and know how to market your efforts. If you know two languages, you can start a business of translating books or record reviews and share them with your audience.

What is the Best Way to Earn Money Reading as a Side Hustle?

If you can find a full-time job with a publishing company, you’d make decent cash to proofread and edit books. You can also check online platforms and websites for book-reviewing gigs.

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