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9+ Best Types of Freelance Jobs: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

Are you tired of the daily grind?

Working the same grueling hours five days a week can take a toll, especially if you don’t receive proper compensation for your talents and skills.

You’re not alone.

Many people face the same struggles and turn to different types of freelance jobs for solutions.

With freelance work, finding your way to freedom is easier than you think!

At a Glance: Best Types of Freelance Jobs

To make things easier for you, here are some of the top freelancing jobs you can do from anywhere. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Freelance Developer & Coder: Our Pick
  2. Freelance Graphic Designer: Runner-Up
  3. Freelance Writer: Also Great
  4. Freelance Copywriter: Best for Technical Writers
  5. Freelance Editor: Best for Attention to Detail
  6. Freelance Digital Marketer: Best for Business Experience
  7. Freelance Social Media Expert: Best for Creativity
  8. Freelance Translator: Best for Multilingual People
  9. Freelance Videographer or Photographer: Best for Travellers

An Overview of Types of Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs are more popular than ever, especially with the freedom and flexibility they offer.

It’s a booming market with several job types that span various industries, so it helps to understand what qualifies as a freelance job and the different types.

What is a Freelance Job?

A freelance job is a type of self-employment where the individual offers professional services to clients.

It’s a flexible gig that allows you to work full-time or part-time and set your hours.

Freelancers can take on contract roles, work for temp agencies, or directly with individual clients.

Why Are Types of Freelance Jobs Important?

Having different types of freelance jobs is important because it means there’s more variety and flexibility.

Individuals can leverage their talents in unique ways while offering a better customer experience for clients who need specialized services.

Additionally, the type of freelance job can determine whether or not you need special licenses or permits to work.

Usually, specialized trades, like cosmetology and massage therapy, require a business license for freelancers.

You need to check into your local rules and regulations regarding freelancing in your chosen field.

The Best Types of Freelance Jobs at a Glance

Before we dig into the different options, let’s take a look at our top picks and what sets them apart.

What Is the Best Freelance Job?

The best overall freelance job is web developing or coding.

Web developers create and launch websites for their clients.

They handle everything from performance and capacity to updates and security.

What Freelance Job Pays The Most?

The highest-paying freelance job is a software consultant.

This role involves designing applications and software for clients and commands an average annual salary of over $80,000.

It’s similar to the web developer position but typically requires substantial knowledge, experience, and hardware to succeed.

Criteria to Look for In Types of Freelance Jobs

With so many types of freelance jobs to choose from, how do you know which is the right fit?

Taking stock of yourself and your situation can help you narrow the field and hone in on your ultimate freelance role.

Does It Fit Your Talents?

Consider what you excel at and what education you have under your belt.

You can always learn and develop new skills, but you can typically start freelancing with no experience if it’s a job you already know.

Does It Interest You?

Many people change careers more than once throughout their lives because their interests change.

Even if you went to school for accounting and made a career in it, freelancing could present an opportunity to switch gears to something you feel more passionate about.

How Does It Work With Your Lifestyle?

Do you prefer to be around a lot of people or work alone?

Consider the parameters you have for your ideal job before setting your sights on a specific freelance gig.

If you like traveling, photography or videography might be perfect for you.

If you’re more of a homebody, however, editing or writing may be the way to go.

Does it Work With Your Personality?

All freelance positions require some level of networking and interaction with others to establish a client list.

If you are extremely shy and introverted, it might impact the type of freelance job you choose.

Even if you work through an agency, you need to interact with others at some point.

Does It Meet Your Income Goals?

You might hear that the sky’s the limit with freelancing, but not all jobs pay the same rates.

It’s also important to remember that, as a freelancer, you are a 1099 worker, meaning you are responsible for your taxes.

This requires proper tax planning.

Additionally, freelancers don’t have health insurance or other standard benefits that W-2 workers receive.

Best Types of Freelance Jobs: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Now that you understand what freelancing is, let’s dig into our top picks.

Freelance Web Developer & Coder – Our Pick

Statista reported a whopping 1.88 billion websites worldwide in 2023 with projections for more than two billion by the end of 2023.

All of those websites need maintenance and refreshing to keep current and functional for sustainability, and that’s where a freelance web developer comes in.

Freelance web developers and coders work behind the scenes to make sure websites function optimally.

Depending on your interests and experience, you could handle the visual aspects, like layout and navigation, or the back end, like how databases communicate behind the scenes.

Additionally, you could offer full-stack development services that cover everything.

Companies That Offer Freelance Developer & Coder Gigs

Several companies hire freelance developers and coders to manage their clients’ websites.

Some require experience with specific platforms, while others prefer general skills and experience with multiple platforms.

  • Day & Zimmermann is a company that supports various industries, including engineering and defense, with various operational solutions.
  • Kelly is a business and staffing firm that serves many corporations by providing access to professional support for key tasks, including web development.
  • Upwork is one of the most popular freelance-specific websites that connect clients with professionals, including web developers and coders.

Pros of Freelance Developer & Coder Gigs

  • Freedom to choose who you design and maintain websites for, meaning you can limit it to specific platforms or industries that you feel most comfortable with.
  • Work alone from home or wherever you can be most productive.
  • Nearly endless opportunities in a thriving marketplace with millions of potential clients.

Cons of Freelance Developer & Coder Gigs

  • It requires significant self-discipline and time management.
  • You have to compete against agencies and firms that may have more assets at their disposal.
  • You have to handle all aspects of the business, meaning more than just web development and coding.

Freelance Developer & Coder Income

Web developer and coding salary vary based on your location, experience, and project complexity.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the 2023 median pay at $78,300, or around $37.65 per hour.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Freelance Developer & Coder Gigs?

If you have the knowledge and skills to succeed as a freelance web developer, it’s worth exploring your options.

Aside from the opportunity to earn a desirable salary and the flexibility to work from home, web development is growing faster than average.

As a high-demand field, you have a better chance to find enough clients to meet your salary goals.

You can pick and choose the projects you want to work on and limit your offerings to those platforms and programs you prefer.

Freelance Graphic Designer – Runner-Up

Creative folks who want to break free of the daily grind and have more control over their work might consider graphic design.

You can choose your hours, your clients, and where you work.

You can start almost immediately, provided you have the expertise and tools necessary to fulfill the needs of your clients.

Freelance graphic designers need to sell themselves and handle every aspect of the business, including contracts and collecting payments.

However, they have more freedom to choose the work they do.

It’s possible to focus on multiple gigs with a range of clients and work late at night when you feel most creative.

Companies That Offer Freelance Graphic Designer Gigs

Individuals and small businesses might prefer working with a freelance graphic designer because it’s more convenient in many ways.

However, some larger companies hire freelancers to fill graphic design jobs or complete occasional remote gigs.

  • 24 Seven Talent hires creatives, including graphic designers, to round out their team of remote employees. The company offers several services to brands around the globe.
  • Canva is a popular design platform that anybody can access, but many of its offerings require a professional touch. The platform hires freelancers to create templates, images, and more.
  • Parachute Design Group is a Canadian company specializing in creative services, including graphic design options. They frequently contract freelancers to handle services.

Pros of Freelance Graphic Designer Gigs

  • You can earn more money working for yourself and cutting out the middleman.
  • Set your hours to work when you feel most creative or uninterrupted.
  • Work wherever you want, even on the go.

Cons of Freelance Graphic Designer Gigs

  • You need to be able to sell yourself to land clients.
  • Expect to learn a little about bookkeeping and contracts, unless you hire somebody to cover those administrative and financial tasks.
  • There will always be somebody who doesn’t pay timely, so prepare to chase down your earnings.

Freelance Graphic Designer Income

The BLS lists the average pay for graphic designers in 2023 as $50,710 per year.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Freelance Graphic Designer Gigs?

Graphic design isn’t growing as fast as other freelance jobs, but there’s room to build a corner for yourself with the right portfolio and sales pitch.

It’s an opportunity for a skilled designer to break away from the corporate world and take home more per project while regaining control of other aspects, like your hours.

Keep in mind that you typically need a bachelor’s degree and an impressive portfolio to compete with established companies.

However, there’s room to start small, especially with other freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The freedom to work your way is priceless for many creatives and makes any other sacrifices worthwhile.

Freelance Writer – Also Great

Do you love to write and have a knack for words?

Working as a freelance writer might be just the job for you.

There are many potential jobs for freelance writers, from blog posts to technical content.

Not everyone has a way with words, and people are willing to pay for somebody else to make their point.

Freelance writing is similar to graphic design in that you need to find clients and handle the business yourself.

However, you can set the hours you like, take jobs you are interested in, and do something you love.

It’s not easy, though, and you need some skills to succeed.

Companies That Offer Freelance Writer Gigs

Many of the companies that hire graphic designers will also seek freelance writers.

Some firms and platforms connect you with clients seeking writers, while other sites hire contractors to handle various writing tasks.

  • BuzzFeed is a popular independent media firm that delivers content, including articles on everything from entertainment to news.
  • NerdWallet focuses on financial information, so they hire experts to write on various industry-related topics.
  • Screen Rant might be a dream for movie buffs because they hire remote writers for various entertainment topics.

Pros of Freelance Writer Gigs

  • Write about topics you enjoy.
  • Hone a craft to apply to other avenues, like novels and screenplays.
  • Complete control over your work.

Cons of Freelance Writer Gigs

  • Clients can be particular about the work and vague with briefs, making for a challenging job.
  • There are large content conglomerates that you have to battle for clients.
  • You might have to take jobs on topics you don’t love.

Freelance Writer Income

The BLS reports the average yearly salary as $69,510 for writers and authors.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Freelance Writer Gigs?

Freelance writing is a wonderful option for people who love to write and want to gain experience.

It’s a viable option if you have some ability or the desire to improve your skills.

Like other freelance jobs, you gain complete control over your job, including work hours, clients, and rates.

However, you also have to run it like a business, meaning you need to make smart decisions to ensure you make money.

Notable Mentions: Other Types of Freelance Jobs To Check Out

That covers our top three options, but those aren’t the only types of freelance jobs.

Check out these additional freelance options.

Freelance Copywriter – Best for Technical Writers

A freelance copywriter is a different type of writing gig that has a marketing and sales component.

Unlike content writers, copywriters target a specific audience to sell a brand, product, or service.

It requires some persuasive writing ability and talent with creating engaging copy that’s not too heavy-handed with the message.

Why Is Freelance Copywriting a Great Option?

If you have a talent for delivering opinions and insights that appeal to people, this might be a good option.

Freelance copywriting is a lucrative field that is one of the most flexible gigs you can get.

Everybody who sells anything relies on copywriting, meaning you have almost endless clients at your disposal.

Drawbacks to Freelance Copywriting

Not everyone can write well, and even fewer people can deliver copy that sells.

Copywriting is a tough business, and adding the freelancer component makes it more challenging for many people.

You have to operate like a business, and that’s not easy. Plus, you need to beat out agencies with resources and experienced staff to land clients.

Freelance Copywriting Income

Freelance copywriting falls under the writers and authors category according to the BLS, so the average pay remains the same at around $69,510 per year.

Freelance Editor – Best for Attention to Detail

How do you feel about the Oxford comma?

If English was your best subject in school, you might have what it takes to be a freelance editor.

Freelance editors can get gigs editing fiction, journalism articles, web copy, and much more.

From blog posts to new articles, books to magazines, it’s not hard to find mistakes in copy.

Editors get paid to find those mistakes before publishing the copy, and there’s a need for help in the field.

Why is Freelance Editing a Great Option?

People with an eye for details and keen grammar knowledge can improve copy so it’s easier to digest.

You can do the editing anywhere at any time that works for you, making it ideal for people seeking flexibility to travel or break out of standard work hours.

If you like working with words but aren’t necessarily a strong writer, freelance editing may be the perfect compromise.

Drawbacks to Freelance Editing

Finding freelance editing jobs can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the industry or have a limited portfolio.

It’s up to you to find clients and handle the business side.

Plus, not everyone handles constructive criticism well, so editing can be very draining if you have to work directly with the writers.

Freelance Editing Income

The BLS lists the median pay for editors at $63,350 per year.

Freelance Digital Marketer – Best for Business Experience

Digital marketing refers to all online advertising and communications between businesses or brands and their potential customers.

It involves everything from an email campaign to pay-per-click ads.

Freelancers can focus on specific types of digital marketing, like only email campaigns, or preferred industries, like only retail clothing companies.

They can also do social media management, suggest SEO campaigns, or plan in-person events to help put a business on the map.

Why is Freelance Digital Marketing a Great Option?

If you have a way with words and media, it might be time to consider a career in digital marketing.

Establishing yourself as a freelancer gives you the same perks as many of these other jobs, making it a lucrative option for savvy individuals.

Drawbacks to Freelance Digital Marketing

Consider this gig a constant hustle because you need to keep working to make money.

When you work for an agency, the clients come to you and you need to sell them on your approach.

However, freelancers have to find a way to land the meeting and then sell themselves as the best option.

It’s not just challenging, it’s unpredictable.

Freelance Digital Marketing Income

Indeed lists the average base salary for digital marketers at $57,329 per year.

Freelance Social Media Expert – Best for Creativity

Social media is one of the hottest marketing trends across the board.

Businesses across all industries leverage social media platforms to connect with their audience, sell products and services, and monitor their brand reputation.

Not every business has the knowledge or understanding to leverage these platforms properly, meaning they need freelance social media managers.

From scheduling posts to engaging with followers, a social media expert can help a brand succeed.

Why is a Freelance Social Media Gig a Great Option?

Do you love to pin things on Pinterest?

Maybe you have a knack for sending things viral.

Social media is fun and exciting for people who get it.

Plus, you can work when it’s convenient and handle many tasks on the go.

Drawbacks to Freelance Social Media Gigs

Social media can be stressful.

You will get pressure from clients who might not have reasonable expectations or understand how things work.

Plus, social media trends and algorithms constantly change, meaning you must keep tabs on everything.

Freelance Social Media Expert Income

A social media specialist in the United States makes an average of $47,210 per year.

Freelance Translator – Ideal for Multilingual People

Freelance translators convert content from one language to another.

They might work with agencies or individual clients to translate anything from documents to video recordings.

Becoming a translator requires fluency in at least two languages.

You need to at least read and write the languages, though sometimes it’s also necessary to speak them.

To get jobs as a freelance translator, you may have to take tests to demonstrate your proficiency in each language, so this isn’t one to go for if you aren’t fluent.

Why is a Freelance Translator a Great Option?

If you crave variety where every day looks different, this might be the gig for you.

Freelance translators learn something new every day and constantly work with unique material.

Drawbacks to Becoming a Freelance Translator

You need to know another language well enough to do the job.

Additionally, the work can be erratic and not as flexible as other freelance gigs.

If nobody requires translations in your languages, you won’t have any work.

You are also at the mercy of your client base, meaning you might have to turn down work or adjust your schedule to accommodate a request.

Freelance Translation Income

Translators and interpreters average $49,100 per year.

Freelance Videographer or Photographer – Best for Travellers

Freelance photography and videography are excellent options for creatives with a special skill set.

If you enjoy taking pictures or videos, have the necessary equipment, and have a modicum of skill, you could excel as a freelancer.

There’s plenty of opportunity for photographers and videographers, from private jobs to corporate gigs.

You could specialize in senior pictures and family sessions with a focus on your local community.

Some freelancers find success in the wedding industry by offering photography and videography services.

There’s also an option for advertising and marketing photography for brands to provide promotional images for social media and other campaigns.

Why is Freelance Videography or Photography a Great Option?

Creative people can pursue a passion that fulfills them.

It also means a flexible schedule and room to explore different aesthetics or niches that appeal to you.

If you run a travel blog or have worked as a journalist, this can be a great way to flex your skills while seeing the world.

Drawbacks to Freelance Videography or Photography

Like other freelance gigs, you need to find clients and persuade them to choose you.

Plus, there is a sizable startup cost, including equipment and software for editing.

You need a website and delivery method to get your photos or videos to clients in a format they can use.

Freelance Videographer or Photographer Income

Photographers make around $38,950 per year on average.

Videographers average more, at around $60,360 per year, but the figures include individuals who work in television and movies.

Other Jobs Relevant to Types of Freelance Jobs

These aren’t the only freelance jobs available.

Some alternative categories might be a better fit for your lifestyle and skill set.

Here are a few types of freelance jobs you can look into.

  • Jobs With Great Work/Life Balance: Finding the balance between work and your personal life isn’t easy, but freelancing can keep your personal and professional lives separate but equal, allowing you to find more satisfaction and less stress.
  • Best Side Jobs: Whether you need to pick up some extra cash or fill in the gaps during a tough time, side jobs can make a massive impact with few working hours.
  • Live Chat Agent Jobs: Live chat is a key tactic for many businesses, and that means hiring human agents to answer questions and relay information to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These common questions and answers might clear up any other questions you might have about different types of freelance jobs.

What is the easiest freelance job?

The easiest freelance job is probably a social media manager.

It typically involves handling social media posts for a person or business.

You may or may not have to create the content, but you would need to post regularly and engage with followers on their behalf.

What freelancers are in demand?

The most in-demand freelancers are website designers and copywriters.

Since every business requires a website and copy, the opportunities are endless for freelancers with these skills.

Wrapping Up

Being a freelancer gives you plenty of flexibility to set your schedule and take work you enjoy.

It’s also a great deal of work and requires a commitment to your clients.

Finding the right types of freelance jobs can make a difference in your daily life and overall well-being.

Some gigs require more skill than others, but there are also excellent options for beginners.

If you’re ready to work for yourself, check out any of these freelancing options and find the job of your dreams!

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