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Selling a Dog

Projected Income Variable
Costs to Start $50 to $500
Time to Start Immediate to several weeks
Category Miscellaneous Selling,

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We recommend selling a dog with the utmost care, ensuring the pet’s well-being and happiness. Always prioritize finding a loving and responsible home. Key concern: Vet potential buyers to ensure the dog’s welfare and safety.

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Startup Costs
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cons-icon Cons

  • Emotional Strain: Parting with a pet can be challenging.
  • Time-Consuming: Vetting buyers and ensuring the dog’s transition is smooth.
  • Legal Implications: Need to be aware of any regulations about selling pets.

pros-icon Pros

  • Responsibility: Ensuring the dog finds a loving home.
  • Possible Income: Some breeds might fetch a higher price.
  • Emotional Satisfaction: Finding the right home can be rewarding.
5/5 User Reviews
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Are you passionate about dogs or the idea of providing people with healthy pets? Or do you own an unexpected litter of puppies you can’t take care of alone?

If this is your case, consider becoming a dog seller.

Selling a dog can be a profitable side hustle. As a dog lover, you get to combine your love for these adorable canines while also making a profit.

Are you interested? Let’s break down the simple steps and information you need below.

An Overview of Selling a Dog: A Primer

Before becoming a dog breeder, you should understand what this gig entails. It sounds like a dream job for pet lovers, but the task does have considerable responsibilities.

In a nutshell, a dog breeder is an individual who intentionally mates canines to produce puppies. They then find a potential buyer to purchase the pups.

However, the job is more than producing canines and contracting prospective buyers. You’re also responsible for caring for the pups and adult dogs and assisting with canine births.

So, whether you’re doing it full or part-time, the process of selling a dog involves establishing a solid market plan, following ethical standards, and optimizing pet health.

How Much Can Selling a Dog Earn You?

The typical price range for dog pups is between $300 and $3000, so on average, dog sellers and breeders in the US can earn around $55,000 per year. Salary.com estimated the typical income range to be between $50k to over $60k as of 2023.

The money you can make by selling dogs can vary on several factors. But the primary indicator of profit is typically the breed of the dog you’re selling and its current demand.

For popular breeds of puppies, such as German ShepherdFrench Bulldog, and Labrador Retriever, you can charge a high price as they’re more in demand to pet owners.

Here’s a tip:

If you’re selling a dog, a cost breakdown would be helpful to prospective buyers. This method will make a potential buyer understand that they’re getting the pet for a fair price.

Include necessary costs like food, supplies, veterinary, and grooming expenses.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Selling a Dog?

Selling one pet shouldn’t strain your pockets in any way. You’ll generally only need a sales contract, ownership documents, pet health history, and an advertising strategy.

Check with your local authorities for laws on the sale of animals. Depending on your address, state policies could require you to own a permit before selling a pet.

In New York City, for example, applying for a seller’s permit costs $70 to $300. But in California, you won’t need a legal ticket for selling one or two pets.

Starting a permanent business selling dogs can carry considerable investments, though. To kickstart a dog shop, you’ll need at least $8,000 for permits, licenses, insurance, medical care, and marketing accessories, such as a camera for pet photography.

Where Can You Sell a Dog?

There are several ways to sell a dog. You can sell your furry companions through local pet shops, online marketplaces, or dog breeding websites.

Here are a few of the best dog-selling sites available:

1. Puppies.com

Formerly known as Puppy Find, Puppies.com is one of the best websites to sell and purchase dogs. It’s essentially an online bulletin board for pet and accessories sellers and dog lovers.

Listing a puppy or litter on Puppies.com is straightforward. You’ll only need to sign up and present your contact details and seller information, including your licenses or permits.

2. American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club is a trusted and recognized registry of dog breeds in the U.S. They launched the AKC Marketplace for dog sellers and buyers in 2015.

The AKC is an excellent place to search for a good home for your pups. Advertising on their website provides a chance to reach millions of audiences visiting the AKC for dog information.

3. Puppy Spot

Founded in 2005, Puppy Spot provides a reliable platform that connects thousands of dog breeders and lovers. They have a vast pool of reputable breeders you can be a part of by signing up.

One benefit of selling in Puppy Spot is they allow sellers to advertise dogs free of charge. You can save a few bucks on monthly membership fees required on other platforms.

Why You Should Consider Selling a Dog As a Side Hustle

Selling dogs as a side gig comes with many benefits. You get to work closely with adorable pets and enjoy the following:

  • Fun side hustle: Profit aside, dealing with dogs is a fun and rewarding job. Many do it because they love working with these furry creatures.
  • Discover new breeds: If you’re a canine buff, this might be your chance to discover new species of dogs or even create a new breed for yourself.
  • Profitable business: With proper planning, execution, and hard work, selling dogs can be a worthwhile business to venture into.

Problems With Selling a Dog As a Side Hustle

It’s natural to experience hitches as a beginner dog seller. Here are a few issues you can expect with selling dog pets as a side hustle:

  • Initial cost: Starting a business selling dogs can be costly. Think about food, housing, accessories, health testing, genetic testing, marketing, and licensing.
  • Time and patience: Apart from financial investment, you’ll also need to invest time and patience in breeding and selling dogs.
  • Selecting perfect buyers: You can’t sell your dogs to anyone willing to pay. You have to ensure they know responsible ownership before talking about the transfer of ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQS from people with similar interests.

What is the Best Age to Sell a Dog?

The best age to sell a dog is when they turn eight weeks old. It’s the time when most puppies finish the socialization period, which is critical for their development. In most states, selling a puppy under seven to eight weeks is illegal.

Can I Sell Pets on Amazon?

No, you can’t sell pets on Amazon. The company prohibits selling and posting pets, marine mammals, and livestock on its websites.

Amazon only allows posting pet supplies, accessories, and other essentials, including food, toys, and housing equipment.

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20 Sep 2023
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Rehoming my dog was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made. But ensuring she went to a loving, caring environment made the process easier.

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