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Writing Code

Projected Income Around $2,500/month
Costs to Start $100-$500
Time to Start 1-2 months
Category Freelance Digital Marketing,

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

Do we recommend writing code as a side hustle? Without question. In this tech-driven era, the demand for developers across various languages and platforms is skyrocketing. Key concern: Continual learning and adaptation to new tech trends are paramount to remain relevant.

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cons-icon Cons

  • Continuous Learning: Technology evolves rapidly; staying updated is crucial.
  • Intensive Work: Projects can be complex and require deep focus and long hours.
  • High Competition: The field is filled with talented coders, so standing out can be challenging.

pros-icon Pros

  • High Demand: With digitization on the rise, coders are essential for nearly every industry.
  • Remote Work: Coding often allows for flexible, location-independent work setups.
  • Diverse Opportunities: From app development to web design, the avenues for coders are vast.
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Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos…

What do all these billionaires have in common? They all started their careers with programming! That’s why writing code has become one of the world’s most valuable skills in just under 20 years. 

Do you want to get paid to write code like the over 266,493 programmers currently employed in the United States? You’ve come to the right place! 

We put up the best guide on getting paid for the code you write. 

An Overview of Writing Code: A Primer

Writing code is, essentially, building and developing software. You’ll be responsible for developing, testing, and writing the code for a website, mobile application, automation tool, or self-driving car. 

While many think of programming as a purely technical occupation, it requires a great deal of creativity. You need to translate world concepts into mathematical algorithms involving originality and imagination. 

How Much Can Writing Code Earn You?

In today’s economy, code writing is probably one of the highest-paid occupations next to finance, law, and medicine. Top dog code writers and senior software engineers can earn up to $300,000 + bonuses and shares in their company. 

On average, the median pay for a programmer in a software-developing company can get up to $93,000 per year or $44.71 per hour

However, if you have only basic coding skills and know just one programming language, the pay would be significantly lower. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Writing Code?

First, you should either go to college or take some related courses. The average tuition and fees of a Computer Science degree is $32,635

You should also invest in a solid PC or laptop. While you won’t need a lot of raw computing power just to write the code, you’ll need it to ensure it runs correctly.

The best computers for programming cost about $2,000. On top of that, you’ll also need to invest in a setup with comfortable accessories, a cozy working table, and a chair. Therefore, add another $1,000 to the total sum. 

Ultimately, you’ll need about $40,000 plus the money you’ll spend on extra online courses to start making some money coding. 

Where Can You Find Gigs Writing Code?

You can either start searching for gigs on popular online freelancing platforms or on code-related websites. 

Searching on freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer works best for newbies. That’s because you’ll only find low-pay freelance work. Senior programmers won’t take those jobs; that’s why you’ll land one easily. You won’t make much money from it, but you will gain the needed experience.  

On the other hand, code-related websites like GetACoder or Codementor will help you find the best freelance web developer jobs, even if you already have some experience. There, you’ll find jobs related to developing various mobile apps, sites for big companies and more. 

Why You Should Consider Writing Code As a Side Hustle

Let’s give you three reasons why you should consider making money coding

  • High Demand: Since we live in a heavily digitalized world, most things run on software. Hence, the demand for people who can write that software’s code increases daily. 
  • No Need for Education: While you may take tuition to learn coding, it isn’t a must. Many web developers or software engineers have earned their skills online, taking free coding classes or on a random YouTube channel filled with online programming tutorials. 
  • Diversity: Once you have enough experience and knowledge in programming, writing codes isn’t your only option to make money. You can open an online coding course platform to teach young programmers, start a mobile app development company, or even open a local business. 

Problems With Writing Code

While coding jobs are some of the most popular in the country, you may encounter the following issues when working in this industry: 

  • Health Issues: Being a web developer or software engineer means working hours or days at the computer. This might cause sight and back problems. 
  • Too Much Work: Programmers are often caught up in an overwhelming amount of project that requires putting up at least ten hours to complete their tasks. This can cause a lot of stress, leading to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 
  • Fast-paced Industry: The tech industry is constantly reshaping. The coding languages used ten years ago are now considered ancient and irrelevant. A highly skilled programmer must always learn new things to get the attention of potential clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Write Code in Word? 

You can write code in Word, but it would be highly impractical. We recommend you use specialized coding software like Visual Studio, Sublime Text, or Notepad++ for a better coding experience.

Is It Hard to Write Code? 

Yes, it is. Writing code, especially a functional one, is highly challenging. That’s why coding competitions have such high cash prizes!

However, if you get some courses from Codecademy and Udacity, you might get a shot at becoming a great coder.

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6 Sep 2023
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Writing code started as a hobby for me, but it quickly turned into a lucrative side gig. The tech world is vast, and there's something for every coder out there. Just remember to continuously upskill and adapt to the latest trends.

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