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Creating a Subscription Box to Sell

Projected Income $500-$20,000+ per month
Costs to Start $1,000-$5,000
Time to Start 1-3 months
Category Making Things to Sell

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Subscription boxes are the epitome of surprise and delight, catering to niches from beauty to books, food to fashion. Starting a subscription box business entails more than just curating products; it’s about creating an experience. With the right mix of items, packaging, and marketing, entrepreneurs can tap into a booming market, ensuring repeat customers and stable income.

cons-icon Cons

  • Inventory Management: Balancing stock to meet subscriber demands can be challenging.
  • Logistics Complexity: Ensuring timely deliveries and handling returns requires efficient systems.
  • Market Competition: The subscription box market is saturated, demanding unique value propositions.

pros-icon Pros

  • Recurring Revenue: Monthly subscribers provide a steady income stream.
  • Diverse Niches: Cater to various interests, from skincare to gourmet food to hobbies.
  • Customer Loyalty: Delivering consistent quality can foster a loyal customer base.

If you’re passionate about curating items to suit people’s interests and needs, then starting a subscription services business is an excellent start-up worth trying.

Creating a subscription box to sell is a lucrative, semi-passive income source that’s simple to establish!

You won’t need a grand warehouse or create a website to start your business; you can start this business within the comforts of your home.

An Overview of Creating a Subscription Box to Sell: A Primer

The subscription box industry is growing, with its global market worth reaching $28.1 billion in 2022.

But it doesn’t stop there—with over 16% growth rate, the market is forecasted to boom to $73.6 billion by 2028, the International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group or IMARC Group’s report reveals.  

With subscription services growing in demand, now is the best time to start your own. But how does a subscription box service work?

What is a Subscription Model?

This subscription box business model involves selling consumers a box of selected goods like beauty products, grooming items, food, and accessories on a subscription basis. Check out the best things to make and sell for more subscription box business ideas!

Meanwhile, these boxes contain curated or random items depending on the consumers’ pick. They’re shipped to your consumers’ doorstep on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on the subscription options available.

How Much Can Creating a Subscription Box to Sell Earn You?

The average price of subscription products is between $10-$40, while luxury boxes can cost hundreds of dollars. In essence, subscription box businesses offer a pretty impressive profit margin, which ranges between 30 to 60%.

It’s vital to note that profit margins vary per subscription box niche, and curated subscription boxes sell best.

Curated subscription boxes include carefully selected items personalized according to the theme or the customer’s preference. These boxes primarily include unique and limited edition products, making them more desirable.

Meanwhile, here are the types of products that sell well:

  • Food
  • Personal hygiene and beauty
  • Fashion
  • Pet supplies

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Creating a Subscription Box to Sell?

Despite high-income guarantees, subscription box businesses come with a cost. According to BlueCart, it costs around $17,000 to start a subscription box business.

Here are the potential costs that come with this type of business:

  • Equipment, supplies, and product costs: Costs vary per subscription box niche; for example, the value of products included in a beauty subscription box can cost around $40.
  • Packaging materials (tapes, labels, etc.): Packaging items start at $1 per set.
  • Business registration costs: License registration costs range between $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the state.
  • Advertising costs: Social media advertising, for example, can cost between $400 to $5000 monthly.

Other additional expenses include employee salaries, space or warehouse rentals, technology costs, and legal compliance requirements.

Where Can You Sell a Subscription Box?

You can market your subscription box business through a subscription platform. Social media platforms like Facebook are an excellent choice, too.

Subscription Box Platforms

The significant advantage of selling a product through subscription box platforms or marketplaces is that you’re marketing directly to your target audience.

It’s convenient, as subscription box platforms streamline business management and order/payment processes, allowing you to focus on more important business aspects like marketing efforts.

They also offer handling of logistic services. Plus, you can customize storefronts to appeal to potential customers.

Cratejoy and Shopify are some of the leading subscription box platforms worth checking out.

Social Media and Online Marketplaces to Consider

Listing your products to social media and online marketplaces is essential in maximizing your market reach. You can also use advertising tools for increased visibility.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the United States. To market your subscription boxes, you can create a business page, make marketplace listings, share your products in groups, and run ads.

Posting on Instagram is a good choice, too. Use appropriate hashtags and SEO to reach more potential customers. You can also promote your products by making reels or partnering with brand ambassadors and influencers.

If you’re looking for cost-effective options, selling on online marketplaces like Craigslist and Etsy is considerable. It’s relatively cheaper to sell products on these online marketplaces than subscription box platforms.

Why You Should Consider Creating a Subscription Box to Sell As a Side Hustle

Here are the benefits of selling subscription boxes:

  • Generate a recurring and predictable income stream: Subscription business models make a reliable income source, and inventory management is more manageable than traditional business models, allowing you to allocate supplies more efficiently, reducing risks of under- or overstocking
  • Increased customer retention: Customers are more likely to keep availing of your services due to convenience and product anticipation. By consistently improving customer experiences, keeping payment processes convenient, and delivering items on time, you can build a network of loyal patrons in no time.
  • Product promotion: Subscription boxes are excellent means to introduce new products and start-up brands to the market.

Problems With Creating a Subscription Box to Sell

Despite its enticing benefits, selling subscription boxes may come with several disadvantages:

  • High upfront costs: From sourcing products and shipping costs to leveraging marketing efforts, starting a subscription box business entails significant costs that can be a pain for small business owners. That said, careful planning and budgeting are crucial to ensure long-term profitability.
  • Increased competition: The subscription box market is highly saturated, so doubling advertising campaign efforts, expanding customer service options, and developing unique selling propositions are crucial to reaching more potential customers. Keeping track of competitor’s strategies is also crucial to refine business tactics.
  • Challenging to maintain: Apart from monetary investments, subscription services require a lot of time and effort, as sellers need to maintain quality products and constantly incorporate fresh ideas to satiate customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover more information to help you with creating a subscription box to sell:

How Do I Get Customers For My Subscription Box?

Make people talk about you! Strengthen your online presence by innovating your marketing strategy and exploring partnerships.

Invest in paid advertisements, utilize an email list, post special discounts and limited edition offers, and partner with influencers to make a successful launch.

Do I Need a Website to Sell Subscription Boxes?

No, while building a website to market your subscription boxes is an excellent way to establish br

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