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Cleaning Pools

Projected Income Around $800-$3,000/month
Costs to Start $500-$1,500
Time to Start 1-3 weeks
Category Home-Related Tasks,

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If you are living in an area with a high number of swimming pools, cleaning pools can be your way to earn some extra cash. Pool cleaning involves removing debris, cleaning filters, and ensuring the proper chemical balance of the pool. It may require an initial investment in equipment and knowledge of pool maintenance.

cons-icon Cons

  • Initial Investment: Starting a pool cleaning side hustle may require an initial investment in equipment.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Proper pool maintenance requires specialized knowledge of the swimming pool chemistry and equipment.
  • Physically Demanding: Pool cleaning can be physically demanding, requiring strength and stamina.

pros-icon Pros

  • Location-Specific Demand: In areas with many swimming pools, pool cleaning services are always in demand.
  • Potential for Repeat Business: Many clients will need pool cleaning services regularly, leading to repeat business and a stable income.
  • Flexibility: Pool cleaning can typically be done at any time of the day, providing flexibility in scheduling.

Cleaning pools is one of the most profitable side hustles you can try during the summer. Not only do pools need regular care, so you’ll have a steady flow of cash, but the job is relatively easy.

While pool cleaning is physically demanding, you won’t have to work long hours to make a sufficient amount of money. Instead, cleaning pools during the weekend will earn you hundreds.

Do you want to find out more? In this article, you’ll find all the information you need so you can start your pool cleaning business in no time.

An Overview of Cleaning Pools: A Primer

Cleaning pools might seem like a summer job for high school students. Yet, it can also be a pretty lucrative side hustle.

The pool cleaning industry in the U.S. is worth a whopping $8 million. Naturally, you want to get in on this money-making business.

What’s better than working for yourself? Starting a handyman business means that you don’t have a boss. Pool owners usually let you clean in peace, without constantly monitoring you, as the job isn’t hazardous.

Accordingly, cleaning pools might be your time to relax, listen to your favorite music, and make money!

How Much Can Cleaning Pools Earn You?

You don’t need to have a large pool cleaning business to earn money as a pool cleaner. Cleaning pools can earn you anywhere between $60 to $150 per pool.

One pool takes about an hour or two to fully clean. So, if you’re cleaning pools as a part-time job or a side hustle, you can clean two pools a day, or only work weekends. This means you’ll earn an average of $900 a week.

Since pools require weekly cleaning, you’ll make the same amount of money every week by cleaning the same pools.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Side Hustle Cleaning Pools?

Cleaning pools doesn’t need substantial start-up capital. That’s because most homes that have pools already own pool cleaning tools that you can use.

Still, as a pool cleaner, you must have your equipment. Fortunately, a basic pool cleaning kit costs about $30.

Pool cleaners also clean gutters and balance the pH and chlorine levels of the pool water. Though this might seem like a complicated chemical balance process, all you need is a $15 pool testing kit.

Then, you should add the pool chemicals accordingly. Typically, pool cleaners charge for all the additional treatments, so it costs you nothing.

As for licensing, casual pool cleaners won’t need one. However, if you’re planning on buying expensive equipment or starting a business, it’s best to apply for a license.

The license fees vary from state to state. It can cost between $50 to $400, including a business license and an EIN.

Where Can You Find Gigs Cleaning Pools?

You can find gigs cleaning pools in the same places as other house cleaning jobs. This can be through word of mouth, cleaning agencies, or online.

After you’ve cleaned a couple of swimming pools, they’ll likely require cleaning on a regular basis. So, once you get some clients, they’re yours forever.

Still, if you’re getting started, here’s how you can find your first clients:

Where to Independently Find Gigs Cleaning Pools

Finding pool cleaning gigs is straightforward. If you pass by a house that has a pool, try asking if they’d like a pool cleaner. Even if their swimming pool is clean, leaving your business card wouldn’t hurt.

You can also connect with a significant amount of clients on social media. Whether you join pool maintenance groups or create your page, social media allows you to reach thousands of potential clients.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Cleaning Pools Work

The first thought that comes to mind when finding gigs for your side hustle is gig economy companies. Fortunately, they’re not only for food delivery and transportation.

There are plenty of gig economy companies that connect pool owners with cleaners for a small fee. This can make your side hustle significantly easier, as the platform will adjust your calendar and bookings for you. So, all you have to do is show up and clean the pool.

Here are some excellent gig economy companies:

  • Fiverr
  • TaskRabbit
  • Handy
  • Gig smart

Why You Should Consider Cleaning Pools as a Side Hustle

Now that you know the financial benefits of cleaning pools as well as how easy it is to obtain clients, here are some other benefits of this job:

  • Quick cash: Working for an average of $90 an hour seems like a dream come true. Well, if you’re an independent pool cleaner, this dream will become a reality.
  • Hassle-free: Cleaning pools is pretty simple. There’s no need to even make small talk with clients or market your business.
  • Flexible: There isn’t a specific time that’s best for cleaning pools. You can do this side hustle whenever you’re free, whether it’s morning or noon, weekend or weekday.

Problems With Cleaning Pools For Money

Though cleaning pools is as simple as side hustles get, it also has its disadvantages, including:

  • Seasonal demand: You can’t find gigs cleaning pools year-round. After all, people usually use their pools during the summer only. So, your additional income will fluctuate throughout the year.
  • Repetitive work: If you like to be constantly challenged, cleaning pools might not be for you. The job includes doing the same task over and over. You’ll rarely encounter any problems or stimulating tasks.
  • Physically demanding: Cleaning pools requires a copious amount of physical work, including filtering the pool, cleaning the gutters, and spending hours standing in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to clean your pool?

An unclean pool is the optimal environment for bacteria and algae growth. This is a serious health risk for swimmers. It also affects the aesthetic of the pool and might ruin some of the pool’s functions, such as the pool filters and the circulation pump.

What are the four steps in cleaning pools?

There are four steps in properly cleaning pools, which are:

1. Testing the water at least twice a week.
2. Sanitizing and cleaning the pool once a week.
3. Shocking the pool water once a week.
4. Killing and removing algae once a week.

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