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Posting Gigs On Upwork

Projected Income $20-$200+ per hour/ project
Costs to Start $500-$1,000
Time to Start 1 Month
Category Miscellaneous Freelance

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

Upwork is more than just another freelancing platform—it’s a vast ecosystem where freelancers from varied fields meet clients with diverse needs. Your reputation solidifies as you deliver quality work and amass positive feedback, opening doors to more lucrative opportunities. However, crafting a compelling profile, showcasing a portfolio, and bidding effectively is essential for success.

cons-icon Cons

  • Platform Fees: Upwork deducts a percentage from your earnings, which decreases as you earn more with a single client.
  • Intense Competition: With a global talent pool, standing out, especially for beginners, can be challenging.
  • Variable Job Security: Relying solely on platform-based gigs can make income unpredictable, especially in the early stages.

pros-icon Pros

  • Expansive Client Network: Upwork is home to a multitude of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, seeking freelance expertise.
  • Diverse Job Opportunities: Whether you’re a developer, writer, consultant, or any other professional, there’s a gig for you.
  • Build Long-Term Connections: Many freelancers find repeat clients on Upwork, leading to a consistent workflow.

Do you have a knack for content writing, website development, data analytics, or working on in-demand freelance tasks?

Posting gigs on Upwork is an excellent opportunity to reach thousands of potential clients. It’s a platform trusted by prominent names like Microsoft and Automattic.

An Overview of Posting Gigs On Upwork: A Primer

Whether looking for a side hustle or planning to settle for a full-time freelancing career, thousands of job postings await you on Upwork every day.

According to Upwork’s 2023 quarterly report, there are over 10,000 job posts on their platform daily, with over 800,000 active clients. That makes Upwork one of the most popular freelance websites connecting millions of users worldwide.

How Does Freelancing on Upwork Work?

After creating your profile, you can post about your services (with Project Catalog™) or pitch proposals (via Talent Marketplace™) to potential clients using Upwork Connects.

Upwork jobs have varying Connect amounts, and some don’t require them.

Think of Upwork Connects as the platform’s currency or tokens used to grab the attention of potential clients, making them want to consider you for the role.

Signing up for an account entitles you to free monthly Connects. You can also purchase Connect bundles through the website.

How Much Can Posting Gigs On Upwork Earn You?

According to Upwork, skilled services freelancers earn up to $28 per hour, several times higher than the $7.25 hourly minimum wage in the US.

Furthermore, the price range for Upwork jobs starts at $3 for hourly rates and $5 for fixed-price projects—the good news is that you can negotiate your rates. In fact, gig rates can cost almost $1000 per project, especially for in-demand categories like public relations.

Note that earnings still vary per type of freelancer, and those with advanced talent badges are more likely to earn more and gain access to top-rated clients.

To advance your badge status, you should at least:

  • complete your freelancer profile
  • have an excellent Job Success score and earnings history
  • adhere to Upwork’s terms of service and conditions
  • pass screening processes (for the Expert-Vetted badge, the highest talent badge)

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Posting Gigs On Upwork?

Registering for an Upwork account is free, but if you wish to upgrade your account for more visibility and client reach, you can avail yourself of Freelancer Plus.

With Freelancer Plus, you’re entitled to a $14.99 charge every month. One of the perks of the subscription is that you get 70 extra monthly Connects, allowing you to tap more offers and increase your chances for proposal acceptance.

If you don’t want to invest in monthly commitments, you can purchase Connects for $0.15 each.

What Are the Best Gigs to Post on Upwork?

Flexjob reports that in-demand freelance gigs pay up to $52 per hour on average.

That said, if you specialize in tech, writing, and the legal industry, you will most likely earn hefty amounts by posting your services on Upwork.

Here are some lucrative gigs and their corresponding average hourly rate:

  • Programming – $38
  • Software development – $42
  • Copywriting and Technical writing gigs – $38 to $41
  • Accounting – $38
  • PR management – $52
  • Graphic designing – $36

Meanwhile, other reliable Upwork predecessors include Fiverr, Toptal, and Outsourcely. Toptal is the most distinct among the three options; it’s an exclusive platform with a vast network of the most experienced and qualified freelancers in specialized fields.

Is Freelancing Outside of Digital Marketing Platforms Viable?

The freelance industry is highly competitive, and freelance websites may not be dependable as your sole source of freelance gigs.

Aside from posting gigs on legitimate freelancing sites, you can find freelance opportunities by applying to various gig companies or freelance agencies.

Joining Facebook groups is also an excellent option for seeking opportunities in specific niches. The only downside is that scams are pretty rampant on this platform.

LinkedIn, Indeed, and other professional networking platforms are valuable sources, too.

Why You Should Consider Posting Gigs On Upwork As a Side Hustle

Here are the benefits of posting gigs on Upwork:

You can choose between two pricing structures

Unlike with other freelancing websites, you can choose to get paid on an hourly project-based or fixed-rate basis upon posting a gig in Upwork.

Getting paid hourly is better for those who want to prioritize flexibility and speed. On the other hand, fixed rates are advantageous for those kickstarting their freelance journey as they give them more clarity with defined goals and timelines.

Secure payment method

You can get paid through various payment channels when using Upwork, including direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer, without worrying about unauthorized access to your data.

Moreover, Upwork provides Hourly Payment Protection and Fixed-Price protection programs that offer additional security for freelancers, ensuring they get paid for every completed or hourly project.

Low service fee

Other freelance platforms charge up to 20% service fee for every completed gig, but with Upwork, you can take home most of your hard-earned pay.

Upwork will only take a 10% commission for their services.

Problems With Posting Gigs On Upwork

The following are the downsides of posting gigs on Upwork:

  • Fraudulent users: Unfortunately, scams are still rampant on Upwork. It’s essential to be meticulous when pitching offers to potential clients, so look out for red flags, such as users with unverified payment methods and those asking to transact outside of the platform.
  • High competition: Finding gigs on Upwork as a beginner is challenging, not to mention you need to spend extra bucks if you want increased visibility and more client reach.
  • You may not get approved: Upwork reviews your credentials before they sign you up as a freelancer, so not having enough background or reliable experience about your niche can subject your application to rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are more information about posting gigs on Upwork:

What Gigs Sell Best On Upwork?

Upwork reports that in-demand gigs that sell best relate to sales and business development skills, which comprises 54% of the highest year-over-year growth on the website. Data entry and accounting follow close behind.

How Do I Get My First Client on Upwork?

To secure your first contract in this highly competitive field, you should be critical about showing what you have. Some tips you can follow include crafting a compelling portfolio, listing relevant achievements and experiences on your profile, and using SEO in building a job post.

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