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Making Glitter to Sell

Projected Income $200-$4,500+ per month
Costs to Start $100-$1,000
Time to Start 2-4 weeks
Category Making Things to Sell

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Glitter, with its irresistible allure, adds a touch of magic to everything from crafts to cosmetics. Entering the glitter-making business means tapping into this allure, crafting products that sparkle and stand out. Beyond the shimmer lies an opportunity: a market eager for unique glitter blends and a chance to turn sparkle into sales.

cons-icon Cons

  • Environmental Concerns: Traditional glitter can harm the environment, prompting demand for biodegradable options.
  • Regulatory Hurdles: If targeting the cosmetic market, ensuring safety and compliance is crucial.
  • Storage & Handling: Glitter, given its nature, can be challenging to handle, package, and ship without mess.

pros-icon Pros

  • Broad Market: Glitter is used in crafts, cosmetics, nail art, and more, ensuring varied customers.
  • Creative Niche: Creating unique glitter blends or eco-friendly options can set your brand apart.
  • High Mark-Up Potential: Given the right marketing and quality, glitter can fetch a good price.

Looking to make money by producing and selling artistic supplies?

Making glitter to sell can be a highly lucrative opportunity to generate an additional source of income doing what you love.

Sounds interesting? This post will give you all you need to know about making and selling glitter as a side hustle.

An Overview of Making Glitter to Sell: A Primer

Glitter is a popular decorative material with a wide range of usages in crafts, arts, clothing, and decorations.

This material consists of small particles made of metal or plastic with added colors. It can add exquisite shine and sparkle to many objects.

The material comes in a wide variety of colors that suit endless usages.

Large manufacturers in the glitter industry use advanced machines and materials to make their products.

However, you can easily make homemade glitter with basic tools and affordable materials. In fact, DIY glitter can be one of the most lucrative things to make and sell as a side hustle.

If you’re looking for step-by-step guidance on how to make and sell glitter, check out this guide on making homemade glitter.

How Much Can Making Glitter to Sell Earn You?

Most sellers sell an ounce of glitter for a price range between $2.5 and $3. They also offer a pound of the material for around $40 to $48.

Making a pound of glitter can cost you an average of $15 to $20. As a result, you can earn between $25 and $32 per pound of glitter.

As a beginner, you can sell a few pounds up to 10 pounds of glitter a day based on your production volume and marketing plan.

As you grow your brand name and expand your glitter production, you’ll be able to double the revenue and generate more profit.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Side Hustle Making Glitter to Sell?

The cost of setting up a glitter business can differ hugely based on its scale. However, you can expect to invest around $850 to $1,600 to set up your homemade glitter business.

Raw materials and production costs for 10 pounds of glitter can range from $200 to $300. The raw materials include sea salt, sugar, or Epsom salt. They also include food coloring.

Besides the raw materials, you’ll need equipment to help you with the production process. These tools and equipment will cost anywhere between $520 – $1,000.

For advertising, you’ll need to spend from $100 to $300 a month based on your marketing strategies.

Where Can You Sell Glitter?

One of the vital steps to sell a product is choosing the right market for it. You need to meticulously pick the ideal markets for targeting your potential customers.

To help you achieve this, here’s a list of the best places to reach glitter consumers:

Where Can You Independently Sell Your Glitter Online

You can start selling your glitter independently by creating an online shop. To do so, here are the best options you can go for:

  • Facebook: There’s a myriad of Facebook groups for glitter lovers where you can list your products for sale. You can also create your group later when you increase your production. Having a Facebook business page can help in marketing your glitter as well.
  • Instagram: An active Instagram account is a great place to showcase how glitter can add an exquisite touch to the consumer’s crafts, art, or clothing. Posting photos for fascinating uses of your glitter products is an excellent strategy to attract customers.
  • Shopify store: As your glitter business grows, you need to consider creating your online shop. Setting up a Shopify store can be an effective, effortless, and affordable option for this purpose.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer You the Opportunity to Sell Your Glitter

Using a popular marketplace to sell your product as a beginner is an excellent option to reach your target audience. Here are a couple of the best platforms to list your products on:

  • Etsy: When still producing glitter in small quantities, listing your production on Etsy is an effective and fast way to sell it. The platforms have a broad customer base interested in art-related products.
  • Amazon: The giant international marketplace makes a great place to sell your glitter. Many glitter sellers make huge profits from selling their products on Amazon.

Besides these platforms, Craigslist can make a good market for your glitter products.

Why You Should Consider Making Glitter to Sell as a Side Hustle

Selling glitter makes a great side hustle for multiple reasons. Here are the advantages of this side job:

  • Massive Market: The market of art supplies in the United States achieved a revenue of around $819 million in 2022. This makes it a huge market with vast, lucrative opportunities.
  • Low startup costs: Making and selling glitter is a low-cost business compared to many other product-based side hustles. This makes it less risky and easy to start.
  • Enjoyable for creators: If you’re into crafting and creating artistic work or love colors, producing glitter will allow you to do what you enjoy. You’ll find it a fulfilling job.

Problems With Making Glitter to Sell

You need also to be aware of the drawbacks of making and selling glitter. These are three common disadvantages:

  • High competition: Although the glitter market is vast, it’s highly saturated with competitors. To compete with those giant glitter brands, you may take considerable time and effort to differentiate your offering from theirs.
  • Can cause irritation: Glitter can cause irritation for some people. It can even cause rashes in your arms as you continuously get exposed to it. That’s why taking all the essential protective measures when handling this material is crucial.
  • Potentially environmentally harmful: Reports state that some types of glitter potentially harm marine life and the environment. To avoid this harmful impact, try to produce biodegradable glitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do professionals make glitter?

There are multiple ways professional glitter manufacturers use to make this material. One of the most common methods is making glitter from PVC or PET films.

They also use cutting machines of different sizes and types in the process. Most of these machines cut glitter into square shape or hex-shaped pieces.

Who is the best consumer of glitter?

Your ideal customers as a producer of homemade glitter should be small manufacturers of crafts, arts, and accessories. Those manufacturers usually purchase glitter in relatively small quantities.

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