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Cleaning Trash Cans

Projected Income Around $300-$700/month
Costs to Start $100-$300
Time to Start 1 week
Category Home-Related Tasks,

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

We recommend cleaning trash cans as a side hustle for those who don’t mind getting dirty to make some extra cash. This task involves cleaning and sanitizing trash cans using specialized equipment. A key concern, however, is that it may require an initial investment in equipment and cleaning supplies.

cons-icon Cons

  • Initial Investment: An initial investment is required for equipment and cleaning supplies.
  • Physically Demanding: Cleaning trash cans can be physically demanding, requiring lifting, bending, and scrubbing.
  • Dirty Work: It is dirty work and may not be suitable for those with a sensitive stomach.

pros-icon Pros

  • Regular Demand: Many people are willing to pay for this service as it is a dirty and unpleasant task.
  • Recurring Income: Customers often require this service regularly, providing recurring income.
  • Low Competition: There is typically low competition for this service, as it is a niche market.

Do you value the cleanliness of the environment? Does it frustrate you to see dirty and neglected trash cans, stinking up the place even when they’re empty?

If you answered yes, you’re already on the path to discovering a side hustle with a purpose.

Cleaning trash cans isn’t the most glamorous job, but the pay might surprise you.

Professional trash can cleaning services are rapidly emerging as a leading niche in the cleaning industry. Earn extra income while promoting a healthy environment with this side gig.

An Overview of Cleaning Trash Cans: A Primer

Trash can cleaning services involve cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing trash cans of all types and sizes.

There are millions of standardized trash cans across the US. With local government bodies, public welfare organizations, and other concerned regulatory boards undertaking initiatives to ensure a cleaner public space, the existing figure is only expected to get higher.

And where there are trash cans, there’s a need for trash can cleaning services.

Established cleaning companies use large vehicles equipped with power washers to thoroughly clean a bin’s interiors, while self-employed individuals use smaller, more portable cleaning equipment, like compact pressure washers.

How Much Can Cleaning Trash Cans Earn You?

Cleaning trash cans is an unexpectedly profitable venue. Most trash can cleaning services charge between $10 to $55 per can, depending on the size, the level of cleaning required (basic cleaning vs. deep cleaning), and the frequency of visits (one-time vs. recurring contracts).

Residential customers typically pay on the lower end while commercial establishments, especially those with larger cans or more frequent cleaning needs, pay towards the higher end.

Assuming you charge $10 per can and clean 25 a day, this could earn you $250 a day, $1,250 a week, and about $3,750 a month.

Here’s a breakdown of the services you can provide along with approximate earnings:

  • One-time cleaning: $10 to $55 per can
  • Monthly cleaning: $10 to $20 per can, billed for a certain number of cleanings
  • Bi-monthly cleaning: $10 to $25 per can
  • Quarterly cleaning: $15 to $25 per can
  • Dumpster cleaning: $50 to $200 per dumpster

Many trash can cleaning businesses offer subscription-based models, where customers sign up for recurring services at a discounted rate.

This approach helps create a steady stream of income and foster customer loyalty.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Cleaning Trash Cans?

For a basic setup, you’ll need a decently-sized water tank, a pressure washer, cleaning chemicals, and a waste containment system.

These items can cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the quality and capacity of the equipment.

If you don’t already have a suitable vehicle, you may need to invest in one to transport your equipment and streamline the cleaning process.

Trucks with built-in cleaning systems are quite pricey, with used trucks going for $20,000 and new ones for over $100,000.

Beyond these upfront costs, you’ll also have to pay for insurance, various permits or licenses, and gas. If you had, say, 50 customers a day for 22 days a month, you could easily go through a tank of gas a day.

Depending on where you live, gas alone can cost around $2,000 to $2,200 a month.

Where Can You Find Gigs Cleaning Trash Cans?

Here’s where to look for trash can cleaning gigs:

Where to Independently Find Gigs Cleaning Trash Cans

As an independent contractor, you can find trash can cleaning work through online marketplaces like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Craigslist.

You can go on these websites and create a profile showcasing your work through photos and images.

Another way to find jobs is through local advertising.

Advertise your services on flyers and business cards and distribute them in residential neighborhoods, local businesses, supermarkets, and community centers.

You can also connect with property managers and homeowners’ associations, as they often require regular trash can cleaning services for the properties they manage.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Gigs Cleaning Trash Cans

Since cleaning trash cans is a fairly new side gig, there aren’t a whole lot of gig economy companies offering this type of work. But there are several websites that endorse home improvement services, which can include cleaning trash cans.

Handy, an online marketplace dedicated to residential cleaning, installation, and other home services, allows you to advertise trash can cleaning under “Power Washing.”

HomeAdvisor is much the same, specializing in connecting homeowners with local service professionals for home improvement projects.

You can list your services there to reach homeowners actively seeking for such work.

Why You Should Consider Cleaning Trash Cans As a Side Hustle

Cleaning trash cans as a side gig offers a range of benefits that make it a worthwhile endeavor.

  • Low competition: Cleaning trash cans is a relatively untouched industry, so there’s limited competition. This gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a reputable service provider in your area.  
  • Growing demand: Proper waste management is becoming more and more important for health and environmental reasons. As a result, the demand for trash can cleaning services is steadily increasing at a rapid pace.
  • Flexible working hours: When you clean trash cans as a side gig, you have the freedom to manage your work, time, and appointments around existing commitments. The fact that the job doesn’t take too much time to complete is a plus.  

Problems With Cleaning Trash Cans As a Side Hustle

Here are the biggest disadvantages of cleaning trash cans as a side hustle:

  • Health and safety risks: Cleaning trash cans exposes you to harmful chemicals and pathogens, putting you at risk for skin infections and other health problems. The physical demands of the job can also result in injuries if proper precautions aren’t taken.
  • Seasonal demand: The demand for trash can cleaning services is higher during the summer and lower during the winter. This seasonal fluctuation can result in inconsistent income, especially if you rely on one-time cleaning.
  • Waste disposal laws: Every city has different requirements for waste disposal and dumpster cleaning. Failure to comply with these laws can result in hefty fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Solution to Clean a Trash Can?

As a side hustle, the best and most efficient way to clean a trash can is through high-pressure, high-heat water. The power washer thoroughly cleans the bin’s interior, dislodging caked material and leaving it clean, deodorized, and germ-free.

Do People Actually Pay for Trash Can Cleaning?

Yes, absolutely! People don’t usually clean their trash cans regularly because it’s often an unpleasant and time-consuming experience. Trash can cleaning services offer a convenient solution for those who don’t want to tackle the task themselves.  

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