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Entering Data

Projected Income Around $400-$800/month
Costs to Start Minimal
Time to Start 0-1 Month
Category Data Entry & Repetetive Tasks,

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

Entering data or data entry is a massively popular side hustle. You can earn some extra cash inputing different data into a spreadsheet or database system. We highly recommend this gig for those with little to no technical skills. However, the data entry marketplace can be highly competitive with no set pay.

cons-icon Cons

  • Monotonous Tasks: The repetitive nature of data entry can lead to boredom.
  • Accuracy Demands: Precision is crucial; errors could affect your earning potential.
  • Pay Variability: Income may vary based on the volume and complexity of tasks.

pros-icon Pros

  • Flexible Schedule: Work around your availability and set your own hours.
  • Low Entry Barrier: Data entry doesn’t require extensive training, making it accessible for all.
  • Remote Work: Many data entry tasks can be done from home or any location.

Are you good with entering data? You’ve got a treasure at your fingertips because there are many ways you can make money by entering data.

So, if you’re looking for an effortless money-making opportunity, read to learn how to use your data entry skills to gain a lucrative income and become a data entry specialist.

An Overview of Entering Data: A Primer

Data entry is common in many industries like transportation, purchase, customer service, coding, accounting, healthcare, logistics, and finance.

It’s a type of clerical work that involves handling different types of data from written documents and audio files to make them more accessible to those who use them.

It’s an easy way to make money if you’re between jobs or looking for a side hustle without having data entry experience.

Whether entering data remotely or from the office, your job involves handling, adding, verifying, editing, and revising electronic data. You help junior staff, mid-level, top-level management, and customer service professionals by providing easy-to-access documents for all parties to make better business decisions.

Your primary responsibility is to be a handler who uses different tools to transfer data between various departments. Depending on the industry you specialize in, you might need multiple types of skills to become a better data entry clerk, specialist, or professional.

How Much Can Entering Data Earn You?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary in the data entry industry was $34,800 in 2020.

The top 10% of data entry specialists with exceptional data entry skills made around $50,650 annually, but these numbers are expected to decline because of automation and outsourcing.

Data entry salaries vary by location in the US. In Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, data entry specialists were expected to earn up to $40,710 annually, while they could only earn up to $27,815 in Alabama, Arkansas, and West Virginia. California and New York offered the highest average hourly rate to data entry employees in 2022.

Salaries also differ by industry. Specialists in payroll, tax preparation, accounting, and bookkeeping had an average hourly rate of $18.02 and an annual salary of $37,490 in 2022.

Those who work in management and consulting services had an average hourly rate of $17.54, while those who work in web hosting and computing infrastructure had an hourly rate of only $15.89.

After some time in this business, you’ll gain more data entry skills and experience, and you can apply for another post, like a virtual assistant, where you can make an average of $24.39 per hour.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Entering Data?

Becoming a data entry operator is one of the cheapest business ideas. But the cost can be scaled depending on how big you want your business to be.

In most cases, you’ll need a high school diploma at least to be able to land data entry gigs. Many employers require having a college degree, which might cost around $36,436. Here are some other costs to consider.

  • A reliable fast-processing computer costs around $1500.
  • Data entry software costs around $500
  • If you won’t work from home, a small office space costs around $ 1,000 per month, depending on the location.
  • High-speed internet costs around 150 per month.
  • Data entry training courses can cost up to $500.
  • Marketing costs like printing business cards and launching a website can cost up to $1,000.

You can decrease the initial and recurring costs of starting your data entry business by following several tips.

  • You can use an old computer until you make enough money to buy a new one.
  • Use cloud storage to save on storage options.
  • You can use low-cost software programs. Although they might contain only some premium features, they can still help you do the job.
  • Work from home instead of renting an office space.
  • You can design a website for free and use social media marketing to promote your services.
  • Some websites offer low-cost training courses.

Where Can You Find Data Entry Gigs?

You can look for data entry projects and jobs independently or by joining one of the Gig Economy companies that offer data entry gigs. These options make this side hustle flexible enough to suit people with different professional requirements and experiences.

Where to Independently Find Data Entry Gigs

Search local listings for jobs entering data. You might find an opportunity with a local accountant, lawyer, customer service agency, or retail company where they want someone to handle and organize their data.

Many prefer this method because they want to learn about a particular industry while doing data entry tasks. This will help you learn more about the details of a specific profession if you wish to pursue it in the future.

If you prefer this career path, you must have good verbal communication skills to negotiate your contract and hourly wage. You might also need some job training before handling different data paper and electronic formats.

Gig Economy Companies That Offer Data Entry Gigs

These companies connect job seekers with employers in the data entry industry. In most cases, your contract and pay are guaranteed by the platform.

Online job seekers prefer gig companies because they can work according to their schedules. There are also lots of available opportunities to choose from. Here are some examples of these companies.

  • Upwork is an excellent market for entry-level job seekers without specifying typing skills or speed. You get to bid on the jobs that suit your preference after reading various job descriptions, and the company guarantees your pay.
  • FlexJobs allows you to scroll through job listings to connect directly with companies that offer online data entry jobs.
  • Fiverr allows you to create a profile where you promote your services, and interested clients will contact you for data entry roles.

Why You Should Consider Entering Data As a Side Hustle?

The data entry industry has many benefits you should consider if you’re looking for a side hustle.

  • Flexibility: You can work while studying or taking care of your family.
  • Minimum requirements: You don’t need special skills or education to become a successful data entry professional and make enough money.  So, it’s a great side hustle for no-experience job seekers.
  • Availability: Many industries rely on data entry, so you’ll find various job opportunities to choose from.

Problems With Entering Data As a Side Hustle

These problems should be taken into consideration before you consider data entry as a side hustle. 

  • Repetition: Data entry comprises monotonous and repetitive tasks, so you might get bored while copying, typing, and revising data.
  • Sedentary work: You must sit for long hours to do your job. This can negatively affect your health and mood.
  • Low pay: Your pay will be low compared to other gigs requiring special skills or education.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are common among those who aspire to make money through data entry.

What is an Example of Data Entry Work?

There are several examples of data entry work, including gathering and organizing purchase data to analyze market trends, transcribing audio to text, verifying the accuracy and revising data, and updating old data.

Is Data Entry a Hard Skill?

Data entry workers should have a combination of soft and hard skills. You must have soft skills like data recognition and time management to meet deadlines. You’ll need some hard or technical skills like processing software data and adequate typing speed to enter data that other users find valuable.

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