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Selling Class Notes

Projected Income $50/hr
Costs to Start $500-$1,000
Time to Start 1 Month
Category Selling Old & Used Things

Our Side Hustles Breakdown

We recommend selling class notes as a side hustle for students looking to earn a bit extra while capitalizing on their study efforts. In today’s digital age, many students seek quality notes to supplement their studies. Key concern: Ensure selling notes aligns with your institution’s academic policies to avoid violations.

cons-icon Cons

  • Market Saturation: Many students might be selling notes for popular courses.
  • Quality Demand: Your notes need to be thorough and clear to be in demand.
  • Academic Policy Concerns: Some schools or professors may prohibit selling class materials.

pros-icon Pros

  • Effort Recompense: Get paid for something you’re already doing.
  • Aid Peers: Your notes can help fellow students understand challenging topics.
  • Flexibility: As a student, it aligns seamlessly with your current schedule.

Are you a student on a tight schedule who’s looking to make extra cash on the side? Then what about earning money just by going to class?

That’s right, there’s a way you can get paid for sharing your work as a student.

You may not know this, but selling lecture notes is a legit gig nowadays! It can be a class that you’re currently taking or one that you’re already done with. As long as your notes are detailed and useful enough, you’re good to go.

This post will help you get started with this side hustle and turn your note-taking skills into profit.

An Overview of Selling Class Notes: A Primer

So you’re sitting through a class or lecture, writing down everything that sounds important so you can remember them later. You focus and work hard to avoid distractions, making sure your notes are good enough to help you ace that exam.

This particular side hustle doesn’t require anything more than what you already do. You’ll share your effort with others; you get money and they get help understanding the material.

Selling notes typically refers to college notes, but high school notes can also be sold occasionally. If you’re good at breaking down tricky concepts or presenting content clearly, continue reading to find out how to sell notes

How Much Can Selling Class Notes Earn You?

Selling high-quality notes (whether digital notes or handwritten notes) is great for college students looking to establish passive income while studying.

You probably won’t earn a fortune doing it, but you can earn enough to support living or school expenses.

While millions of students are willing to buy college notes, it can be tough to overcome the competition and market demands. Different platforms also have different systems for charging you and different average price ranges.

Factors like the age of the study notes and their depth can affect how much you sell for. Also, the subject and the timing of your sales can influence your rate.

Adding extras like study guides, sample test questions, and revision notes, can further increase your sale price.

Average sellers price their lecture notes between $20 to $100. Most platforms will commission you between 60% and 90% of the price, while some will let you keep full earnings.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Side Hustle Selling Class Notes?

An appealing aspect of selling study materials as a side hustle is that you don’t need much to start.

You’ll be putting in the funds and the effort anyway by going to class and taking quality notes for yourself. All you need to do is upload those study resources to an online platform for students.

As such, the things that might cost you are a device to input the notes and an internet connection. You probably already have them, so selling notes for cash likely won’t involve initial costs.

Where Can You Sell Class Notes?

To find a marketplace for notes, you can either look on freelancing websites or specialized learning platforms.

Some of the most popular freelance websites where you can turn lecture notes into cash are Upwork and Fiver.

Like any other freelancer on these platforms, you’ll set up a profile with samples and your rate. You’ll then wait for clients to approach you asking for your materials.

It can, however, take quite a while for your side hustle to take off on such websites. Specialized platforms are a better option for quicker earning.

These platforms are learning communities where students share their notes and various academic resources. Not only do they help each other advance, but also make money out of it.

StudySoup is a great place to start. It’s a subscription platform that offers a base pay and a commission per download. Other platforms you can use for profit as a note-taker are Nexus Notes, Stuvia, and Oxbridge Notes.

Chegg and Course Hero are also viable options. They pay you either per hour as a tutor, per download for notes, or buy your textbooks.

You can also try posting your textbook summaries on book summary apps. A few of the best include getAbstract, Blinkist, and Instaread.

Why You Should Consider Selling Class Notes As a Side Hustle

Selling notes can be the perfect part-time job for a student. Besides the extra money, it offers the following advantages:

  • No Distractions: While most side hustles take up chunks of your valuable study time, selling lecture notes doesn’t come in the way of your education.
  • Flexibility: Selling notes don’t require you to work specific hours at a particular location. You control when and where to get it done.
  • Better Notes: By taking notes regularly and being motivated by the profit, your skills in breaking down concepts and presenting information will improve.

Problems With Selling Class Notes for Money

Selling notes online also has a couple of drawbacks that you should keep in mind before getting into the side hustle:

  • Lots of Competition: You’ve probably figured out that thousands (if not millions) of other students also take notes and would like to jump on the train. As such, you’ll need to work hard to stand out and attract potential buyers.
  • Low Earning is a Real Possibility: Because of the competition and the fact that students are already on a low budget, your profit margin probably won’t be that impressive. It may be enough to help out with your living or education expenses but don’t expect to get rich.
  • Theft: If your work isn’t copyrighted (which is the most likely case), someone might steal it and use it for their gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Website to Sell Documents?

StudySoup, Stuvia, Nexus Notes, and Oxbridge Notes are among the best websites to sell educational documents and class notes.

What Scams Should I Avoid When Selling Class Notes Online?

Watch out for shady websites as they take documents and fail to send payment. Also, selling to customers who approach you on your personal social media accounts can pose a risk of intellectual property theft

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