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6 Profitable Things To Make And Sell Online (In 2023)

If you’re wondering how to make extra income while working full-time, the web offers many possibilities. For example, you can make and sell different things online based on your craft skills and experience with DIY projects.

There’s a vast market for different handmade products, which is a chance you shouldn’t miss out on. So, that can be an excellent income stream!

Stick around to learn about things to make and sell online, as well as how you can start a craft business online by crafting and selling your DIY products.

1. Custom Print T-Shirts

Although the competition in the printed merchandise market has been fierce recently, this business can bring solid profit if done well.

T-shirts are particularly suitable for online sales because they are easy to make, the sizes are standard, and you can choose from many suppliers.

To stand out in this competitive market, you need unique designs that will attract attention. You can come up with them yourself or outsource this job to someone who can bring your ideas to life.

Then, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier to print your design on high-quality t-shirts and ship them to customers. The difference between the set price for these products and the supplier’s costs is your profit.

This business requires low initial investments because you don’t need inventory, production, or storage costs.

Considering that most of the work is done by others, selling custom t-shirts is an excellent way to make money online with a hands-off product.

2. Tote Bags

Tote bags have a simple yet functional design and are great for everyday use, whether for school or going to a local market.

They are made of fabrics, making them an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. And since people care about sustainability, there’s your chance!

With these bags, you can do the same thing as with shirts; come up with a great design, outsource all work to others, and earn money on price differences and a good sales strategy.

It’s a low-cost way to monetize your idea. All it takes is some marketing knowledge to promote your product.

If you’re handy enough, you can make and sell these items all by yourself.

You need a sewing machine and materials, which increase the initial costs, but it allows you to create more unique designs and patterns and thus make your bags recognizable.

3. Beauty Products

Natural beauty products like bath bombs, soaps, and perfumes quickly find buyers.

And with a growing number of people who prefer handmade products over commercial ones, this niche seems quite profitable.

If you opted for making bath bombs as your business venture, the great thing is that you can start small.

It takes just a few ingredients (salt, sugar, essential oils, etc.) and some basic tools like spatulas and molds. You can find many recipes online or come up with your own.

You can make bath bombs until you gain recurring customers and earn extra money to invest in quality ingredients.

Then you can expand the range of products and create gift baskets, whether pre-made or customized to buyers’ needs.

4. Subscription Box Business

The idea behind subscription boxes is to get regular buyers to whom you send a batch of assorted products every month.

It’s a profitable home business since it provides recurring monthly revenue with low investments.

You can use things you make or source them from another DIY craft business.

These can be beauty products, homemade treats or cookies, tea mixes, aromatic candles, and almost anything you (or someone else) can make and sell.

The batch can be the same every time, or you can personalize it to buyers’ wishes, for example, when they need gift boxes for someone.

You can use the same size box for each customer every month, which simplifies the shipping process and keeps your costs low.

Once this business idea blossoms, you can order custom boxes, which is an excellent way for your brand to get noticed.

5. Pet Supplies

Most pet owners enjoy pampering their furry friends, which creates space for another niche market for you to explore.

If you have a pet, you probably know their needs, so you can try to meet them in a unique way.

Also, you can use your four-legged friend as your promoter and model.

Making homemade dog treats, personalized toys, or accessories like tags and collars is an excellent DIY business idea.

If you opt for pet food and treats, make sure all ingredients are pet-friendly and that toys and collars are safe and don’t pose any choking hazards.

6. Online Courses

If you have a vast knowledge of something, you can share it with others and make extra money.

It takes some involvement at first, but if you market your content well, selling online courses can be an excellent way to make passive income

Online marketplaces are where you can sell your digital products like DIY tutorials or online courses. You can make online tutorials on many things, as most people also look for things to make and sell.

For example, if you’re good at carpentry, you can guide people on how to make simple handmade items of wood and sell them online.

To tackle prospective customers, you can “give out” some free content as an introduction to your paid courses.

Use social networks to attract the audience and build authority. You have to keep them interested so you can sell them your content at some point.

How to Start Selling Online

Selling things online is one of those easy work-from-home jobs that can bring you extra cash with not much effort.

But establishing your online business is a process that involves several steps performed thoroughly if you want to make it right.

Here are the steps you need to take into consideration:

1. What You’ll Sell

You need a solid business idea, so your first step is to decide on what crafts are your cup of tea but also what your buyers want. Use Google Trends to see what handmade items sell best.

2. How You’ll Sell

You can use social media for your selling business, but you can also make and sell your items at an online marketplace like Etsy shop.

You can even learn how to get paid on eBay and sell your items there. It’s easy to create a seller account and promote it on social media.

3. Finding Suppliers

Take some time to research suppliers, but don’t cut corners on their quality. Find a supplier with a great reputation, quality products, and outstanding work ethics.

4. Budgeting

Setting a price for your products isn’t easy. You have to factor in all your expenses, from production (if you make and sell these items alone) to shipping costs.

5. Marketing Your Items

Selling personalized items requires great marketing efforts, as the more you sell, the more you earn.

For starters, use free resources and communication channels, and when the time comes, you can invest in paid ads.

Why You Should Consider Selling Crafts Online

Depending on the niche markets you choose, you can have minimal upfront investment to get your craft business up and running.

In most cases, there are no production or inventory costs, and you have access to a wide market and global audience.

Options to promote your products on the internet are vast, but as a beginner, you can benefit a lot from social media and free or low-cost marketing techniques.

You can use SEO to create quality content that gains traffic to your online store. People showing interest in your craft ideas this way are most likely to become your buyers.

When you make and sell things, you can set your own working hours and scalability. You’re also not tied to an offline office, which makes this gig one of the best remote jobs you can work both full or part-time.

The purchase process is streamlined, and there are several payment methods available.

Tips and Tricks on How to Sell Online

Here are some tips that might get you on the right path to promote your craft business online.

  • Learn how to make money on Instagram and use this social media to promote your online business before you set up your own website or an online store.
  • Invest in content around your craft business to attract organic traffic.
  • Set up an ecommerce store with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions.
  • Promote your craft businesses at local craft fairs.
  • Save money by using dropshipping instead of making, storing, and shipping products.

Wrapping Up

Selling crafts online is an excellent business opportunity for artisans and niche professionals eager to share their knowledge.

There are several things to make and sell on the internet, from handmade products to DIY tutorials.

The market is large enough to accommodate everyone’s ideas; you just have to learn how to turn your craft idea into a profitable business venture. Good luck!

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