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The 4 Best Sites for Finding Remote Data Entry Jobs

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Of all the remote jobs out there, work-from-home data entry jobs seem to be the perfect fit for those looking for flexible entry-level positions.

Remote data entry jobs are relatively abundant, have low barriers of entry, and can be done from anywhere in the world.

They’re also the perfect solution for those looking for part-time or full-time work.

Everyone from mothers to college students to teens looking for work can find a steady source of income with a data entry gig.

Today we’re going to talk about remote data entry jobs and go over some of the best sites to help you land your first work-at-home job.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to find data entry work to help you make extra income in your free time.

Data Entry Overview

Data entry jobs consist of taking information from one source and inputting it into another.

Since not everything can be completely automated, data entry specialists are still needed to transcribe information into a more usable format for businesses.

Even though technology is advancing at an incredible rate, there are still certain tasks that require a human touch.

Some of these responsibilities include transferring records, subtitling online videos, or medical coding.

Like other remote positions, one of the nice parts about having a data entry position is that it allows you to set your own schedule where you can choose your own hours, work whenever is best fit for you, and make money on the side.

Let’s take a look at what makes a great data entry freelancer.

Required Data Entry Skills

In order to be an efficient data entry specialist, you need to have basic computer skills and superb typing skills.

The faster you’re able to type, the more work you can complete, and the more you’ll get paid.

You’ll also need to be extremely organized and have an eye for details.

As a data entry specialist, you’ll be trusted to transfer a great deal of data that must be consistent and be error-free.

Having solid communication skills also goes a long way since you’ll be doing remote work on a daily basis.

Lastly, you’ll need to have some familiarity with computer programs like Google Docs or Microsoft Excel, as much of your work will be done through these programs.

If you can master each of these, there may even be some shortcut formulas you can create to increase the speed of your work.

What Do Data Entry Jobs Pay?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for data entry clerks is $15.47 per hour.

This number is well above minimum wage in many places, however, the amount you make is largely dependent on how fast you’re able to work and how many hours you want to put in.

In many cases, what you’re paid depends on how many records you’re able to transfer rather than an hourly rate.

You should also consider the level of competition for data entry jobs when searching for a role since this can also affect your hourly wages.

Take, for instance, freelance job boards — they’re a great place to find work but may have heavy competition that could drive your wages down.

Freelance Job Boards

Fiverr's list of remote data entry jobs
One of the best places to look for remote data entry jobs — and every other freelance job type — are freelance job boards.

Freelance marketplaces have an extensive list of all kinds of open positions that you can apply for.

Two of the most popular freelance job boards out there today are Upwork and Fiverr.

While both of these platforms have a variety of different job titles, data entry roles are quite popular.
Remote data entry jobs on Upwork
Both of these platforms offer workers like you the opportunity to create a profile and search for available freelance job postings, however, the drawback from finding work on a platform like these is that there’s intense competition from people all around the world for data entry jobs.

This means that you could be competing for jobs with people who are willing to get paid much less.

With both Upwork and Fiverr, you’ll start by creating an impressive profile that jumps off the page to potential employers.

To make yourself stand out from the rest, you should create a thorough description of yourself, your prior experience, and any other valuable skills related to data entry positions.

You can also take skills tests to showcase your typing ability, attention to detail, and overall expertise in certain areas.

Once your profile is completed, you can begin searching for open jobs.

When you find a data entry role that you’d like to apply to, you’ll submit a proposal.

Employers will receive multiple proposals from other freelancers, so try to show off your strengths and explain why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

One of the slight differences between Upwork and Fiverr is that with Upwork you’re much more proactive in submitting proposals.

With Fiverr, submitting custom offers and buyer requests is an option.

Fiverr is more geared towards companies approaching you based on your profile information rather than the other way around.

When you land a gig, the only thing left to do is hit the ground running and transferring any data the job entails.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk description
Amazon Mechanical Turk — or Amazon MTurk — is a crowdsourcing platform that allows companies to hire out “microtasks” to independent contractors.

Some of the more popular jobs featured on MTurk are positions like data entry workers and data entry operators.

Instead of hiring in-house, MTurk lets companies break down larger assignments into smaller tasks that can be done by several people at a time.

All of these microtasks combined then make up the larger assignment as a whole.

In regards to data entry positions, you’ll be able to find data validation, data transfer, and data collection jobs.

The downside is that some of these tasks pay very little.

You’ll even come across some tasks that only pay one penny.

The trick is finding tasks that you can do many times in one hour.

If you’re able to do a task 100 times in an hour that pays 15 cents per task, that’s $15.00 per hour.

The faster you perform, the more you can make.


Scribie's remote data entry jobs
Scribie is unique among data entry platforms since it focuses solely on transcribing audio and video files.

As a Scribie worker, you’ll transcribe audio and video files and be paid for each audio hour you complete.

Companies turn to Scribie when they want to add subtitles and transcripts to their audio and video files.

Scribie jobs are then broken up into smaller file segments and given to multiple freelancers to begin transcribing.

Scribie is a great choice for those who are looking for entry-level work but would also like to grow into roles with more responsibility.

For example, you can start off by doing raw transcription and then work your way up to being a reviewer, proofreader, and quality checker.

Transcribers can make decent money with Scribie.

You can make anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 per audio hour.

This means that you’re paid for each audio hour rather than the actual time you’ve put in.

There are also monthly performance bonuses you can earn for completing more work.


Clickworker homepage
Clickworker provides freelancers with an abundance of opportunities to find work related to data entry.

With Clickworker, you can expect to find variety in your work, and complete tasks ranging from creating product descriptions for e-commerce stores to transcription work to data collection across the web.

On top of that, you can also find work completing surveys, proofreading, editing, testing apps, and being a mystery photographer at stores near you.

Clickworker is free to sign up for and is incredibly flexible for those who want the freedom of deciding when and how much they want to work.

Your pay will largely depend on the difficulty of the task you complete, how long it takes you, and how fast you can complete your task.

If you’re able to complete many tasks in an hour, then your hourly pay will also be much higher.

After you sign up, you’ll create a profile and take a few short assessments.

The better you do at these assessments, the more work that will come your way.

Once you’ve completed your tasks, you’ll be paid on a weekly or monthly basis via PayPal.

Data Entry on the Side

Online data entry jobs are an excellent choice for getting your feet wet in the remote working world.

They’re great for those looking for entry-level work, however, you shouldn’t expect to make a fortune.

These types of positions might be the perfect addition to your current arsenal of side jobs.

If you’re interested in a data entry position, then the platforms above are a great start to your job search.

There’s plenty of side work waiting at each and every one of these sites.

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