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7 Data Entry Jobs From Home (With Pros, Cons, & Tips)

Replacing idle time with productivity can help fuel your side income goals through profitable data entry jobs paying by the hour.

Although finding such remote jobs may be challenging due to the rising number of online applicants looking to fill them.

Luckily, most industries require data entry employees for office support duties, like the collection of project data or handling confidential documents.

Understanding the different available types of data entry jobs from home can help you uncover opportunities in this work field.

We’ve assembled a guide of the 7 best data entry jobs promoting the work-from-home culture. Read through the advantages and disadvantages of each one, as well as similar remote jobs.

7 Best Data Entry Jobs Overview

For a quick reference on the best data entry jobs, look below. For detailed information about each, scroll down.

  1. Data Entry Clerk
  2. Transcriptionist
  3. Data Cleaner
  4. Micro Data Entry – Captcha and Captioning
  5. Payroll Data Entry Specialist
  6. Government Data Entry Expert
  7. Sales Data Clerk

Why Should You Consider Data Entry Jobs?

Though not among the highest-paying job categories, remote data entry job opportunities are great for side-income earners with knowledge of customer service, maintaining company or customer records, and basic computer skills.

Besides the low barrier to entry, here are reasons to consider this job:

  • Low Equipment Costs: Since you only need a computer, internet, and maybe a keyboard, the costs to get started are minimal.
  • Transferable Experience: Side gig enthusiasts can gain niche experience through specific data entry jobs and upgrade to high-paying administrative tasks.
  • Entry-Level Job Accommodation: Data entry employees don’t need prior experience, enabling them to join reputable companies without several interview rounds.
  • Stress-Free Work Culture: This career path often presents repetitive tasks in a predictable remote working environment.

Best 7 Work-From-Home Data Entry Jobs 

Here are seven top data entry job roles that involve tasks like processing documents, collating information from project management systems, and touch-typing skills:

1. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are remote workers who input and maintain multiple data types in databases and other computer systems.

As a data entry operator, you’ll prioritize accurate data entry and enter information on proprietary company software. Expect a mixture of numerical, alphanumeric, or textual data.

As data entry jobs require typing speed and accuracy scores are essential. Once verified, you may organize data records and ensure quick data retrieval processes.

In some cases, employers may request data reports of your basic analysis and findings through the information.

Such duties demand analytical skills and additional knowledge of primary data processing methods for clear reports.


  • These data entry services don’t require any customer interaction
  • You can choose your own working hours and workload
  • This job can help you enhance your typing and organizational skills and develop a detail-oriented work attitude


  • Concerns involving data security may be cumbersome

2. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists are eligible to work in industries ranging from legal and healthcare to media and entertainment.

Your principal responsibilities typically demand converting audio and video files to textual documents.

The better your accuracy in transcribing different dialects and niche-relevant concepts, the higher your chances of better hourly wages.

Maintaining the speaker’s message and tone of voice displays your accuracy as a transcriptionist when identifying technical terms or jargon related to the core topic.

Once the file is transcribed, you’ll format and edit the textual data to make it more presentable and accessible as reference documentation for teams.



  • Time coding your transcripts requires extra effort

3. Data Cleaner

Several data entry organizations and contractors hire for data cleaning tasks where your core responsibility is to clean up small and large datasets.

You might identify outlier data points or categorize data chunks based on required sub-categories.

Such roles eventually assist higher-level management in decision-making and business operations.

From data validation and quality checks to meeting predefined data presentation standards, remote jobs call for heightened data cleaning tasks.

Besides eliminating duplicate entries and populating missing fields with correct data, some data points may need correction techniques to resolve their inaccuracies.


  • The rise in machine learning and artificial intelligence business models makes this an in-demand data entry job
  • Possibility of promotion in data analytics teams
  • You can contribute to high-value data integrity standards of businesses


  • Dataset complexities can require some education in data management

4. Micro Data Entry

Micro data entry gigs usually demand low-effort and low-time investment since you’ll complete simple forms, enter captchas, or test verification bots.

While some gigs are for quality assurance regarding user interaction with products, other data entry roles in this category specialize in preventing bot attacks.

The micro-task employment style calls for more minor duties like labeling images for machine learning algorithms or managing simple social media growth methods like following accounts and responding via comments.

Depending on your department, you can indulge in product data entry or collection through high-authority offline and online sources.

These gigs are designed as simple-access and quick-completion tasks, enabling side income earners a medium for easy money.


  • Ability to earn a decent income through multiple micro data entry gigs
  • Build your market research skills
  • Apply to image labeling gigs relevant to your job


  • Breezing through such quick tasks can lead to data entry errors

5. Payroll Data Entry Specialist

Performing data entry into accounting systems presents an excellent opportunity for detail-oriented professionals passionate about mathematics.

You’ll manage accurate employee payroll data ranging from annual salary packages, bonuses, and other financial parameters.

Depending on your seniority level, you may deal with registering salary adjustments or employee promotions.

Though knowledge about payroll-related terms can increase your output, entry-level employees can still easily calculate deductions for insurance, retirement plans, and more.

Data cleaning employees may find it easier to land payroll entry roles requiring payroll discrepancy management.

Lastly, you can get hired for advanced jobs in this category with experience in incorporating tax compliance guidelines and generating comprehensive payroll reports.


  • High potential for promotions into accounting roles
  • Develop professional connections with audit teams
  • Learn popular tax compliance regulations for improving your side gig skill set


  • Gig availability depends on seasonal demand

6. Government Data Entry Expert

Although similar to data entry specialists, this position deals with highly confidential information about government employees, projects, and records of citizens.

Expect a mix of duties such as data collection from documents and surveys, data verification, and data standardization.

The high data sensitivity in such jobs needs a focused data entry clerk capable of guaranteeing information security.

If you have experience executing data confidentiality and privacy measures on databases, you’d be better qualified for a job like this.

Your data entry accuracy can affect decisions made by government policymakers. Thus, demonstrating comprehensive key data entry skills is essential here.

It can also open up high-value future employment with government agencies.


  • Government jobs offer employment stability in the long haul
  • Access to retirement and life & home insurance benefits
  • Direct contribution to public service


  • Government data entry gigs need multiple security clearance rounds

7. Sales Data Clerk

Sales data entry clerk jobs involve inputting several sales data parameters of products and services.

These can include primary data such as selling price, cost price, monthly profits, or slightly complex key performance indicators (KPIs) related to product acquisition or distribution costs.

Based on your expertise with sales tracking tools and data entry, you might generate reports to monitor performance metrics and produce sales forecasts.

Such duties update you with sales activities and how your employer approaches sales targets.

Since you’ll be regularly updating sales numbers, your employer might request reports on sales trends related to customer preferences or present market insights.


  • Real-time data access teaches you about essential sales parameters in businesses
  • Offer support in high-level marketing decisions through sales-specific reports
  • Gain insights into sales techniques and channels across multiple audience segments


  • Deadlines for reports can be overwhelming during peak sales periods

Similar Jobs

Here are some remote side gig opportunities similar to online data entry jobs:

  • Customer Service Jobs: Make extra monthly income using your communication skills as a customer service rep. Solve common customer queries related to payments, software troubleshooting, or product utility.
  • Typing Jobs: Leverage your typing skills and work as a virtual assistant or content writer to enter new niches with constant consumer demand. The remote nature of such side gigs makes them perfect for professionals with idle time on weekdays and weekends.
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs: If you possess strong organizational skills and enjoy collaborating with others, you can find VA jobs in different industries, both full-time and part-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Data Entry Experience for Working In Legal and Healthcare Transcription?

Yes, even an entry-level position needs basic knowledge of data input and management across databases.

It showcases your coordination skills and experience in data entry tasks through online applications and browser-based software tools.

How Do I Get Better at Database Entry Concepts?

Practice database management on Microsoft Excel by creating tables for your favorite side gigs, employer lists, and job platforms.

You’ll naturally refine the list based on completed, ongoing, or prospective gigs. Consider color coding and using filters for better data representation.

Wrapping Up

Finding a remote data entry position puts you in the running for better side income streams. Use a combination of typing skills, niche experience in a relevant field, and mathematics to gain priority over other part-time gig workers.

We recommend looking for gigs as a transcriptionist or sales data clerk to get introduced to a high-revenue data entry career.

Both roles offer tremendous growth and collaboration prospects, with organizations spending millions on part-time and remote workers.

Share your comments below and forward this post to fellow side-income enthusiasts looking to earn extra monthly income!

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