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How To Get Paid to Read Books [9 Options For (2024)]

Have you ever wondered if you can get paid to read books?

Many avid readers have thought that it’s not possible to get paid to read books.

They think the only way to earn money from books is by being an author, publisher, or selling used books.

But that’s not all; you can easily get paid to read books online as well.

Read on to learn more.

Can You Get Paid to Get Paid to Read Books?

Yes, you can get paid to read books.

You can get paid to read and share your opinions on social media or a blog.

You can also get paid to read and review or proofread or read and edit books.

How Much Can You Make by Reading Books

You can get paid $5-$200 to read and review books as a freelancer.

Most online gigs pay people to read and review or analyze books.

As a freelancer book reviewer, you may start with a pay of $5 for a small review.

Some sites pay up to $200 for a detailed and in-depth review.

You can also have a book review blog and social media page and get paid anywhere from $50 to $10,000 for promotions and reviews.

Alternatively, you can leverage your freelance book reviewing gigs and build a portfolio to get a contract proofreader role at a publishing company.

You can easily make $20/hour as a proofreader.

Book editors get paid very well to read and edit books, making up to $130,000 a year.

However, this role often requires a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

You can still pursue this role by building a portfolio through gaining experience as a freelance book reviewer, proofreader, and editor.

What You’ll Need to Get Paid to Read Books

Getting paid to read books is most definitely a beginner-friendly gig.

Here is all you need to get started:

  • Laptop, phone, or tablet to use for reading and reviewing.
  • An internet connection for accessing sites and your account.
  • A basic understanding of book reviews to have a starting point for your first review.
  • A few writing samples to submit with your application to get paid to read books.
  • A bank account and Paypal or Stripe to get paid for reviewing sites.
  • An account on one of the sites below to access work and get books to read.

Where to Get Paid to Read Books

Here are some of the best places to get paid to read books:

1. Kirkus Media (Company)

Kirkus Media offers freelance book review roles regularly.

As of now, they are open calls for reviewers for Kirkus Indie, their book review magazine.

They need 350-word reviews every two weeks for every book genre and length.

They want both English and Spanish reviewers.

You can apply by submitting your resume and some writing samples.

How Much You Can Make

According to Glassdoor, freelance book reviewers at Kirkus Media can make anywhere from $64,000 to $100,000.

Some reviewers state that they earn $50 per review, which is about $100 per month.

Rates are disclosed after you successfully apply for the role.

What Makes This Option Great

You’re guaranteed a regular gig and pay.

They also already have a public review section you can read through to see what kind of reviews they expect before you submit your application.

Typical Fees/Commission: Undisclosed.

However, reviewers note you are paid a standard rate for reviews.

There are no fees to upload your review or use the sites.

Standard payment transfer fees apply when you’re paid.

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal and Stripe

2. BookBrowse (Company)

BookBrowse reviews adult fiction and nonfiction, focusing on enjoyable books with great storylines and characters.

Expect to write one review a month of at least 300 words and a “beyond the book” article for every book.

They typically pay $50 per review.

What Makes This Option Great

It offers a monthly book review gig with modest pay.

They aren’t strict about previous experience and are open to applications from all over the world.

Typical Fees/Commission: Undisclosed

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal

3. Online Book Club (Company)

Online Book Club is a popular book review site.

They are always accepting applications.

Once you’re accepted, they send you a free copy of the book and pay you for your review.

Pay ranges from $5 to $60 and is usually paid out three weeks after the review is accepted.

What Makes This Option Great

You can make a good amount of money are they don’t limit how many reviews you can do.

They also accept reviewers from anywhere in the world and are open about their rates.

Typical Fees/Commission: There are no fees to use the site, but you’ll lose your reviewer rating if your review is not accepted and thus lose opportunities.

Typical payment transfer fees apply when you get paid.

There are no commissions but a few rewards like Amazon gift cards.

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal

4. ACX (Company)

ACX offers a different way to get paid to read books by paying you to read them aloud.

They are open for applications for book narrators.

The only requirement they have is that you have a clear and audible voice and an easy-to-understand accent.

What Makes This Option Great

With ACX, you set your per-finished-hour rate for audiobook recordings.

You can also choose to get paid in share royalties from sales with the Rights Holder of the book you record.

They have no hidden costs and make it easy for you to start your book narrator career.

Typical Fees/Commission: $50 bounty payment if your audiobook is purchased first using Audible.

Also $75 royalty for every person that becomes an audible member using your referral link.

No fees to use ACX, but payment fees are based on the method of payment chosen.

Typical Payment Methods: Check, credit card, or Paymaster every month

5. U.S. Review of Books (Company)

U.S. Review of Books is a website that accepts freelance review writers.

You need a resume, a sample of your work, and at least two references to even get considered for the role.

They need informational reviews of 300 to 500 words that provide insights into whatever book you review.

They pay between $25 to $75 per review.

What Makes This Option Great

This a good option for U.S-based freelance writers who love reading to earn some extra money.

They are straightforward about what they want to see in their reviews and appreciate honesty.

U.S Review of Books pays more than most book-reviewing sites and always pays on time.

Typical Fees/Commission: Undisclosed but unlikely

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal

6. Findaway Voices (Company)

Finadaway Voices is another audiobook creation platform.

They help authors turn their books into audiobooks for various platforms and pay people to narrate them.

You have to set up a free profile on their site.

You’ll be able to match with authors who need your skills or upgrade your account to get a better matching.

Narrators are paid $250 per hour for every audiobook.

What Makes This Option Great

You get paid 14 days after the audiobook is approved by the client.

You do not have to invoice or track down every payment, as it’s automatic.

Findaway also lets you connect with authors who need your skills, so you never feel underqualified or overqualified for a task.

Typical Fees/Commission: You can get up to 20% royalty shares for every audiobook if the author agrees to it.

No fees to upload your audio file.

Typical Payment Methods: Direct Deposit or ACH, PayPal, Check, and Wire transfer

7. Proofreading Gigs (Side Hustle)

Proofreading jobs are an excellent way to get paid to read books.

You can find some on sites like Fiver and Upwork on proofreading job boards.

You need a portfolio and the ability to pitch yourself to potential clients to succeed in this side hustle.

What Makes This Option Great

You can get paid very well as the rate is up to you.

With time and tenacity, you can turn your proofreading gig into a full-time job.

You also get the chance to work with multiple clients and choose what work you need to do as opposed to having work assigned to you.

Typical Fees/Commission: Some of the freelancing sites charge fees for bidding and every job you get.

Clients can pay you a commission as they feel based on the work you do.

You’ll also need to factor in payment transfer fees on the payment platform you choose.

Typical Payment Methods: Any that you want.

Most freelancing sites allow for Paypal, Payoneer, and Stripe.

You can also use Direct Deposit, Check, and Wire transfer.

8. Freelance Editing (Side Hustle)

There are many freelance editing jobs available online.

With a good portfolio or exceptional bids, you can land editing clients and get paid to read books.

Freelance work sites like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are some great places to start getting freelance editing gigs.

What Makes This Option Great

You get to choose how much you get paid and also what projects you work on.

Editing is a less creative way to get paid to read, so if you struggle writing reviews, you can opt for editing.

It requires only attention to detail and excellent grammar skills.

Typical Fees/Commission: list data repayment transfer freelance site fees.

You may also have to pay bidding fees.

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, Wire transfer, Direct deposit.

Start a Book Review Blog (Side Hustle)

Starting a blog is a great way to earn money for reading books.

You can monetize your book reviews by offering to review books for your audience at a fee.

You can also get product sponsorships.

If you enjoy giving your opinion on every book you read but don’t want to be told which books to read and review, consider starting your book review blog instead of working as a freelancer for others.

What Makes This Option Great

It offers the freedom to read and review whatever books you want.

You can get paid thousands of dollars for one review as your blog’s audience grows.

There are many ways to scale our blog into a fully-fledged business and turn it into your main hustle.

Typical Fees/Commission: There are web hosting and domain name registration fees.

You’ll also need to pay for marketing and branding the blog.

Typical Payment Methods: Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, Wire transfer.

Why You Should Consider Reading Books As a Side Hustle

Most people want to find a way to earn some extra money.

Whether you just want to buy nice things or you need to pay for school or other bills, a side hustle is a great way to get what you want.

If you aren’t already considering reading books as a side hustle, here are four reasons you should:

  • It doesn’t require any starting capital: You don’t need to invest in new equipment or take out a loan for this gig. You can start getting paid to read books as long as you have a device that connects to the internet and an internet connection.
  • You don’t need previous experience: Being able to earn money even without a job is a luxury that you can experience with a book reviewing side gig. You don’t need experience to start because the only requirement is the commitment to read, finish and review the books you’re assigned.
  • You can do it on your own time: You don’t need to clock in at any specific time to get paid. As long as you’re done with your book by the deadline, you can work at whatever time you want.
  • You can do it from anywhere: You can get paid to read books from anywhere in the world. While some sites have continental or even state restrictions, most allow applicants and readers from across the globe. You can get paid while you travel, and if you start your proofreading or reviewing business, you can get paid while you sleep.

Problems With Reading Books

Getting paid to read sounds like easy money for any avid reader.

However, it is not always as simple as that.

There are a few drawbacks you should be aware of:

  • The pay can be quite low: We’re talking less than $100 per month. It’s not going to substitute your job, but it can cover your weekly grocery bill.
  • There are payment thresholds: Some companies have a minimum amount of money you need to earn before they can pay out your invoice. This means that you may not even get paid that first month or two, and you have to commit to reviewing a certain number of books a month to get paid.
  • It’s time-consuming: If you love reading books, you know how much of your time they take up. Getting paid to read takes up even more time as you’ll need to read and analyze or review. Most reviewers state that it takes up to 10 days to read and review one book.
  • You may need to learn how to analyze books: While you can simply give your honest opinion as a review, these companies require a little more than that. There are word counts to meet and some research to do for every book analysis or review you submit.

How To Get Paid to Read Books: Step-By-Step Instructions

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start a new gig, here is how you’ll get started:

1. Pick One Of The Sites Above

Don’t overthink it.

You can even choose to apply to several sites or apps to increase your chances of getting the gig.

Carefully read the application instructions and follow them to the letter.

2. Start Your Book Reading Gig

Once you get accepted, start your new gig.

You’ll be assigned your first book.

Take your time and learn how to properly analyze or review a book.

Ask for directions in case you’re unsure but always refer to the company’s guidelines first.

3. Submit Your First Review

Again, don’t overthink it.

Your first review will not be perfect, but it is a start.

Ensure you’ve met every guideline before you submit.

4. Get Your First Payment

If your first review is accepted, you’ll get paid for it.

Every company has different payment rules.

You may have to send an invoice, or you may get money sent directly to your Paypal or bank.

Alternatively, you may need to meet a payment threshold before you can request payment.

5. Repeat

You’ll start to receive more books to read and review.

As you get more confident, your reviews will get better.

You’ll soon be earning a significant amount of income from your side gig.

6. Build A Social Media Platform

As you gain experience and confidence, you should start sharing other book reviews online.

You can even build a book review website.

This allows you to build a portfolio so you can further build your book review side hustle.

7. SubmitBook Review Proposals

The sites we reviewed are the easiest ways to start getting paid to read books.

However, it doesn’t end there.

You can use those reviews and your social media or website to land a book review contract, proofreader, or editor role at a publishing house or magazine.

You can also use them to start your freelance review or editing business and start earning more money reading books.

Things to Consider When Reading Books For Money

Getting paid to read books is a book lover’s dream.

However, there are a few things you should consider before you start:

You Won’t Always Get Books To Read

As you start, you may not always have a book to read for money.

It can take time to get more than a book a month.

Some companies don’t have the widest range of options, and many of them have a trial period of sorts.

You May Need A Social Media Following

Getting paid to read books is a part of the platform economy, and you may need a social media following to succeed.

Some sites that pay you to read and review books pay better if you share your review on social media platforms and get people to read or interact with the review.

You Will Not Always Get Interesting Books

Getting paid to read books is not always interesting.

You will have to read boring books or books with opinions you don’t agree with or even books with terrible plot lines.

The Pay Is Not Always Significant

You may not get a significant amount of money to read books, especially when you start.

It may take time to start earning enough for it to cover your “fun money.”

If you’re looking for a way to earn quick cash, this is not it.

You will need to slowly build up to getting paid enough to cover some of your bills.

By the time you’re earning enough to replace your full-time job, you’ll have spent some time building a reviewing or proofreading business.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many more ways to get paid to read books.

This list features the highest-rated and easiest ways to earn money for reading.

Does Amazon Pay You to Read?

No, Amazon does not pay people to read books.

Authors who have self-published on Amazon can pay people to read their books and review them.

However, Amazon never directly hires people to read books.

Is There a Job Where You Read Books for a Living?

Yes, there are several jobs where you read books for a living.

Most commonly, book critics and reviewers get paid handsomely to read and review books for a living.

Publishers and editors also get to read books for a living, although that is not the only task they have to do.

Similar Ways to Get Paid

If you want to generate extra income, here are some more side hustle ideas you can try:

Get Paid to Travel: If you take trips regularly or are looking to globe trot and want to earn some extra cash, you can get paid to travel.

You can easily make money to pay for your flights or accommodation while you travel across the world to ensure you don’t run out of cash.

Get Paid to Walk: Are you looking for a way to increase your physical movement?

You can get paid to walk around.

Not only will you earn money but you’ll develop a habit of regular movement which is healthy for you.

Get Paid to Take Surveys: For those who enjoy answering questionnaires or taking quizzes online, you can get paid to take surveys.

Many companies and businesses are willing to pay you to share your opinions which you can do while you watch your favorite show.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to earn money just by reading books.

You can enjoy yourself, read exciting and diverse books, and make some extra money from the comfort of your home.

If you’re a student looking for a low-effort part-time job or someone looking to supplement their current income, sign up for the sites above and start earning money today.

Have any questions on how to get paid to read books?

Comment them below.

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