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5 Best Platforms To Find Office Cleaning Jobs [In 2023

Are you looking for office cleaning jobs but don’t know where to begin? 

Businesses always need to upkeep their work areas. This means they’re constantly looking for cleaners, but the abundance of online platforms may frustrate both these companies and people like you searching for opportunities.

We compiled the top five online platforms you can check out. Read along to know what’s good about these companies and other things you should be aware of.

Why You Should Consider an Office Cleaning Job

There are many benefits to being an office cleaner, such as:

  • Flexible working hours: Most companies hire office cleaners on a per-hour basis, so you can get to decide when to work. If you already have a full-time or part-time job, you can apply for a cleaning gig on the weekends or in your spare time. 
  • No Prior Experience Needed: While having some experience can increase your chances of getting hired, many clients don’t mind working with beginners since the job is easy to learn.
  • Convenience: If you live in bigger cities, you’re likely to find buildings to work for near your area. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Working with multiple companies can help you expand your network. This can lead to more earning potential and even a chance to start a cleaning business.

Top Five Platforms to Find Office Cleaning Jobs

While you can try and look for office cleaner jobs in local newspapers and through word of mouth, there are platforms that can simplify your job-hunting experience. Here are our top picks:

1. Indeed

a screenshot of the Indeed homepage

Being a worldwide-known platform, Indeed has plenty of job offers to browse, including office-cleaning ones.

You just need to enter two things: the type of job you’re looking for and where you want to work, and it will show you a myriad of opportunities.

What’s even better is that you can use their innovative search filters. You can pick a certain radius and see what companies near you are hiring, and filter the date posted if you want to see immediate hiring jobs.

You also have the option to view only companies that can provide your expected salary per hour.

What’s great about Indeed is that the companies are transparent. Most job postings are detailed and specifically mention what services they’re looking for, whether it’s vacuuming, dust mopping, or cleaning the windows.


  • Go-to job posting site for companies
  • Transparent job postings
  • User-friendly website
  • Can find both full-time and part-time positions
  • You’ll be directly hired by a company that can offer various benefits
  • You can find reviews given to a company


  • There’s a lot of competition—Indeed has more than 300 million unique visitors per month
  • Email notifications can get annoying

2. Handy

A homepage of the handy screenshot

Handy is an organization that connects companies looking for experienced and pre-screened independent service professionals. They cover all cities in the country and even in the UK and Canada.

They claim to offer competitive pay for your janitorial services – $22 per hour. You can also receive tips to increase your earnings further. As an office cleaner, you get to choose your schedule, whether you want to be available for calls for the whole month or just for a few hours per week.

They’ll deposit your money directly into your bank account once you’re done with your duties.

Handy’s application process is online. It’s worth noting that they’ll perform a background check and ID verification upon evaluating your application. You may also need to provide proof of paid experience with cleaning offices and verify that you’re authorized to work in the US.


  • They cater to many locations, making it possible to score multiple jobs
  • Their gigs offer competitive pay
  • They offer flexible hours
  • Seamless payment method


  • Only experienced applicants are preferred
  • You’re not entitled to their company benefits

3. Housekeeper.com

screenshot fo the housekeeper.com homepage - image within cleaning jobs post on gigworker.com

Another way to find office cleaner jobs is through dedicated websites like Housekeeper.com.

Their site has a sidebar where clients can filter and specify the responsibilities they are looking for in a candidate. If you want to enhance your visibility to these companies, make sure you create a strong resume and include the things you can do, whether it’s emptying trash, mopping and sweeping the floor, cleaning the restrooms, or other typical duties.

You can also view job postings near you and possibly land one that can pay $25 per hour or even more. 

What’s great about Housekeeper.com is that they’re not limited to housekeeping gigs. You can also find babysitting gigs and other side hustles.

It’s worth noting that you’ll talk directly with your potential clients. Housekeeper.com is aware that there may be scammers posting jobs, and it’s important to be wary of them. Don’t engage with someone willing to pay you upfront without any interviews or asking for unnecessary information.


  • You can join their website and find office cleaning jobs for free
  • It’s possible to find other related jobs
  • Their process is simple


  • There are more than 120 thousand service providers on their platform, making it competitive to find a gig

4. Thumbtack

screenshot of the thumbtack homepage

Thumbtack is another platform that connects companies with independent office cleaners. Note that as an office cleaner, you should check out their Thumbtack Pro page. This dedicated site is where you’ll need to sign up to find cleaning gigs.

They also have a mobile app, “Thumbtack for Professionals,” which you can download from Google Play and Apple Store. 

Be ready to provide them with details of what service you can offer and your target preference. You can indicate your desired schedule and inform them if you have any cleaning equipment.

You can set rates and charge companies by the hour or per project. Thumbtack doesn’t take any commissions from your pay check.

However, similar to many freelance websites, you have to purchase credits to apply for jobs. The cost depends on the project type, your competition, and the market.


  • They have a mobile app that’s easy to use
  • They can help you find work by recommending you to offices
  • No platform commissions
  • You decide how much you get paid


  • You need to buy credits to keep applying for jobs
  • There are fake leads that you should be aware of

5. Facebook 

A screenshot of the facebook marketplace homepage

Local businesses like real estate, dental clinics, and accounting firms may opt to find someone to clean their work areas just by posting on Facebook instead of signing up on other platforms.

You can also use Facebook Marketplace to sell your services while pinning your location. 

Joining local working groups and posting about your job hunt could also be beneficial. There’s no fee for promoting your service, and your friends can help you market it as well. Make your profile look legit by having a decent profile picture and public information about you.

You can also post before and after photos of the facility you worked on and ask for reviews from your past clients. This can help you score more cleaning gigs over time.


  • It’s free to post and apply 
  • You can market your services
  • You don’t need to undergo an application process
  • You don’t need to have prior experience


  • Jobs may be limited, depending on your location

What You’ll Need to Do an Office Cleaning Job

Working as an office cleaner is pretty straightforward. The scope of your duties and responsibilities really depends on your client or employer. These are the typical duties you should expect to do:

  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Sanitizing restrooms
  • Taking out the trash
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Wiping the windows
  • General cleaning
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of hallways

If you’re an independent contractor, you may need to invest in some cleaning equipment and supplies to attract clients.

Tips to Succeed as an Office Cleaner

Here are some tips to excel as an office cleaner:

  • Be Punctual: Arrive early at the company location. Since you’re cleaning offices, being late and finishing late may affect your client’s business operations.
  • Show Your Skills: Really get into the nooks and crannies of your assigned area. Do a good job in polishing what needs to be polished, and impress them with your meticulousness.
  • Be Polite: Whether you’re hired by the company as a janitor or an independent cleaner, treat everyone you meet with respect.
  • Do Your Homework: Ask the client beforehand if certain areas of the office need special attention. Are there stains on the carpet? Adhesives on the window? Do you need to bring special cleaning supplies? Being prepared for these things will help you get the job done faster and will keep your customers happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Important Things I Need to Prepare for a Cleaning Job?

You should be in good physical shape to perform cleaning services. As a cleaner, you’ll depend on your physical strengths. It’s worth visiting your doctor to ensure you’re in good physical health before accepting cleaning gigs.

Is There an Age Requirement for an Office Cleaning Job?

It will depend on the platform and company, but most of them may need you to be at least eighteen years old. Still, it’s possible to get a part-time job as a teenager from other places.

Wrapping Up

These are the best places you should check out if you want to make a career in office cleaning. As our last tip, keep your profiles and resumes updated. Continue learning new cleaning techniques to make yourself more marketable and credible for potential clients.

Do you have any questions about cleaning jobs or other gigs? Just leave them in the comments below.

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