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Where To Sell Items Online: 9+ Best Places [Ranked & Reviewed]

Your closet is overflowing with clothes you no longer wear but are in good shape.

Instead of donating, you look into where to sell items online.

Many of us have wanted to sell our old stuff online, and it’s easier than you think.

Read on to learn about the best websites and apps to use.

An Overview of Places To Sell Items Online

Selling new and old stuff online is an excellent way to make some extra cash.

You can also turn it into a full-blown side hustle or full-time business.

However, you’ll need to decide where to sell items online to increase your chances of making more sales.

What Is a Place To Sell Items Online?

A place to sell things online is a platform, website, or app you use to list products.

The program will show your listings to buyers either through an algorithm or a search engine.

Then, shoppers can click on your items and purchase them from you.

Why Are Places To Sell Items Online Important?

Online sales platforms are essential because they make it easy to get rid of unwanted items.

You don’t have to drive around town to consignment stores or set up a booth at a craft fair to make money.

Do I Need a Place To Sell Items Online?

If you want to make money from home, you’ll need a place to sell your items online.

That way, you can easily list and market your inventory.

The Best Places To Sell Items Online at a Glance

Before you choose the first option for selling online, you should compare a few places.

Some are better than others, while some are ideal for specific people or types of items.

What Is the Best Place to Sell Items Online?

The best place to sell items online is through the Amazon Marketplace.

About 200 million people are Prime members, and even more shop on the site, so you’ll have a massive customer base.

What Is the Easiest Place to Sell Items Online?

Facebook Marketplace is the most accessible place to sell items online.

You already have a built-in marketing channel, and it’s free to start.

Features To Look for in Places To Sell Items Online

As you look at different selling apps, you should consider a few essential features.

That way, you can ensure the platform will be enjoyable for you and your customers.

You can also decrease the chances of losing money due to a scam.

1. Accepted Product Categories

One of the first things to consider is what you want to sell online and the relevant categories.

Some platforms let you sell almost anything.

However, apps like Poshmark don’t allow selling things like furniture, appliances, or health products.

2. Ideal Customers

Along with what you want to sell, consider who’s most likely to buy it.

Find a selling platform that shares your ideal customers.

Using Poshmark as an example, many women use the app, so it’s excellent for selling women’s clothing and other items that women usually love.

3. Selling Fees

You should also consider how much it costs to list and sell a product.

Consider if you’ll pay a monthly flat rate or per item and how much those fees will cost you.

You’ll also want to know if the platform takes a referral commission; Amazon is an example.

4. Seller Protection

You should look for seller protection if you want to ship items rather than do local pickups.

A good selling platform will have your back if a package gets lost or damaged.

That way, you can protect yourself from untrustworthy buyers.

5. Ease of Use

Another thing to remember is how easy the app or website is to use.

Consider the process for writing product descriptions, setting a price, and uploading photos.

You should also know how to communicate with your buyers about any issues and how to resolve the problem.

Pro Tip: Writing product descriptions is a popular side hustle, so consider outsourcing this step to a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr.

Best Places To Sell Items Online: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Comparing some top marketplaces can help you decide where to sell items online.

Of course, some places are better for some sellers than others.

Fortunately, you have more options than you may realize.

Amazon Marketplace – Our Pick

If you’ve bought something on Amazon, there’s a chance it came from a third-party seller.

The Amazon Marketplace makes it easy to list your items online.

Then, when you make a sale, you can ship the item and pay per item or month.

Key Features of Amazon Marketplace

Amazon may be a great place to shop for stuff, but that doesn’t always translate to the selling side.

However, sellers can enjoy the platform as well.

Consider the following aspects and why you may want to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

  • Amazon Advertising: Reach more shoppers and drive sales with Amazon ads.
  • Amazon Seller App: Add listings, fulfill orders, and respond to customers from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Seller Central Partner Network: Use Amazon-approved software to help grow and manage your store.
  • Selling Partner Blog: Get free tips and tricks from Amazon on selling.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon: Let Amazon handle your inventory and ship products to customers.

Pros of Amazon Marketplace

  • Massive Customer Base: Access the millions of customers who already use and love Amazon.
  • Variety of Products to Sell: Sell anything from clothing to technology to kitchen gadgets.
  • Multiple Pricing Options: Pay per product you list or per month for unlimited listings, so you can start with as small of a budget as you need.

Cons of Amazon Marketplace

  • Very Competitive: Hundreds of other sellers are going after the same buyers, so you may need to pay for ads.
  • High Seller Fees: From product listing fees to referrals, you can lose out on profits or perhaps not break even.
  • Too General: It can be hard to build an audience of loyal customers unless you also market your items on social media.

Amazon Marketplace Income

Amazon sellers make about $40,000 per year on average.

The amount you can expect to make depends on how many items you sell, how you price them, and the costs of doing business.

You may not make that much as a beginner, especially if you only sell part-time.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if that $40,000 figure is revenue or profit.

If it’s only revenue, your profit may be significantly lower depending on what you sell.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Amazon Marketplace?

You should choose Amazon Marketplace if you want to sell various products.

It’s also a good choice for people who are willing to invest upfront in listing items.

However, it’s not the ideal platform for selling one or two things to declutter your closet.

Facebook Marketplace – Runner-Up

If you already use Facebook, you may want to try selling on Facebook Marketplace.

The platform makes it easy to list your items.

You can share those listings on your personal profile, business page, or in relevant Facebook groups to help market your items and generate interest.

Key Features of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best platforms to buy and sell online.

It integrates perfectly with the social networking side of the platform.

Consider some of the best features of the eCommerce side.

  • Local and National Sales: Sell items strictly to buyers in your area to avoid shipping. Or expand your customer base nationwide to increase your sales.
  • Boosted Listings: Turn your listings into ads to promote them to more potential customers and improve your chances of making a sale.
  • Works With Messenger: Use Facebook Messenger to negotiate prices or offer customer service to your buyers.
  • Online Checkout: For sales outside of your area, use Facebook to easily and securely collect payment.
  • New and Used Items: Sell new or used products to clear out your closet or build your own business.

Pros of Facebook Marketplace

  • Free to Use: You don’t have to pay anything upfront to sell on Facebook Marketplace, so you can stick to a budget.
  • Seller Protection: If you ship items, Facebook has strong seller protection policies to make sure you don’t lose money or inventory.
  • Built-In Marketing: Use Facebook to easily promote your items to friends, family, and other shoppers.

Cons of Facebook Marketplace

  • Can Only Sell to Facebook Users: If your ideal customers aren’t on Facebook, you may struggle to make sales.
  • Not for International Shipping: Facebook is set up locally or for domestic shipping.
  • Manual Tasks: You may need to go into your product listing and manually mark it as sold to avoid getting more offers.

Facebook Marketplace Income

Some sellers claim to have made around $700 in just one weekend.

If you average this, you could earn roughly $36,000 per year.

The nice thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t charge seller fees, so you just have to pay for shipping.

Of course, your expected earnings will vary based on what you sell.

It can also depend on whether you only sell locally or if you’re willing to ship items.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Facebook Marketplace?

You should sell on Facebook Marketplace if you already use the social network.

It’s easy to get started, and you can do so for free.

You’ll also have multiple promotion options right at your fingertips, from ads to groups to your own profile page.

If you don’t use Facebook, you may not want to create an account just to sell.

Using Facebook also might not be ideal if your target customer rarely uses the platform.

eBay – Also Great

A homepage of the ebay screenshot

EBay is one of the most well-known platforms for reselling items online.

Selling on the platform is relatively easy, and you can sell locally and nationally.

You can also set a flat price or create an auction to allow customers to bid on the item.

Key Features of eBay

Give eBay a try if you want to clear out your closet or start a reselling business.

But before you do, consider some of the platform’s key features.

  • Express Payouts: eBay can pay you as soon as 30 minutes after you make a sale, including on weekends.
  • Bulk Listing Tools: Upload multiple listings at once with these tools to help save time in your business.
  • eBay Shipping Labels: Create and print shipping labels quickly and easily in your seller account.
  • Promoted Listings: Get your products in front of more potential buyers by promoting your listings to the top of search results.
  • TaxAct Partnership: Get all your forms to make filing your taxes easy with the eBay TaxAct Partnership.

Pros of eBay

  • Millions of Buyers: According to the eBay website, they have about 135 million active buyers worldwide.
  • Fast Payments: You don’t have to wait days or weeks to receive the money you earned, so you can pay bills right away.
  • eBay Partner Network: Become an affiliate and promote your listings off eBay to increase your earning potential and decrease fees.

Cons of eBay

  • Plenty of Competition: Like with Amazon, you’ll need to use SEO or ads to show up at the top of search results and get more sales.
  • Known for Used Items: While you can sell new items on eBay, many people consider it a place for used gear.
  • Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Fees: You pay to list items and when your items sell, so the costs can add up.

eBay Income

The average full-time eBay seller makes about $37,000 per year from the platform.

As a beginner, you’ll probably make less than that, especially if you list only a few items.

Luckily, you can use tools like the affiliate program to increase your earnings.

Then, you won’t have to make as many sales to earn the same amount.

Conclusion: Should You Choose eBay?

You should choose eBay if you want to get paid quickly after you make a sale.

It’s also a good choice if you want to resell used items.

However, it might not be for you if you don’t want to pay to list items.

You also might find the competition and auction processes overwhelming.

Consider your budget and schedule to determine if you could profit from selling on eBay.

Notable Mentions: Notable Mentions: Other Places To Sell Items Online To Check Out

Amazon, Facebook, and eBay might be the top three options for where to sell items online.

However, they’re far from the only choices you have.

If you don’t like any of the three platforms, consider some of the other networks to sell your old stuff.


Decluttr is an excellent platform for selling your old tech products.

You can sell phones, watches, tablets, and other gear.

The platform will buy the product directly from you, so you don’t have to sit around and wait for an interested buyer.

You’ll also get the best price when selling your old items.

Why Is Decluttr a Great Option?

You should use Decluttr if you want to get rid of your old smartphone or computer.

The platform is also useful if you want to get rid of something quickly.

So whether you’re moving soon or need cash now, it’s better than some selling platforms.

Drawbacks to Decluttr

Sadly, Decluttr only buys old tech products like smartphones and computers.

You can’t sell old clothes or accessories using the website.

Also, while they claim to offer the best price, you can negotiate with buyers elsewhere to make a bit more money.

Decluttr Income

The amount you can make on Decluttr depends on the devices you sell and their condition.

For example, an iPhone 13 Pro in good condition will sell for at least $485.

Since Decluttr is only for tech, you may use it less than other platforms.

You might make a few thousand dollars a year trading in your old devices, but you won’t make a full-time living.


a screenshot of offer up homepage

OfferUp is another amazing platform where you can sell items online.

It supports both local and online sales so that you can expand your customer base.

Sellers can list anything from electronics to clothing to pet supplies.

You’ll need to download the app to create your first listing.

Why Is OfferUp a Great Option?

OfferUp is a fantastic option because you can sell various items on the platform.

The mobile app is also easy to use, so you can add listings even when you’re away from your computer.

In addition, you can use the app to communicate with potential buyers and meet up if they’re local.

Drawbacks to OfferUp

Sadly, you can’t list items on the desktop version of OfferUp.

If you’re uncomfortable using a small screen, it can be hard to get started.

Like on other platforms, you need to use SEO to show up near the top of search results to help drive sales.

OfferUp Income

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find official reports regarding the income offered by OfferUp sellers.

However, selling as a hobby might make a few hundred dollars here or there.

No matter how much you sell, you must account for shipping or service fees.

However, you’ll only pay when you sell a shipped item.

Listing is free, and so is selling items locally.


Bonanza is another amazing place to sell items online.

The marketplace is free to set up and list items on, which is useful for beginners.

They claim you can save 50% in fees compared to other online selling platforms.

It also has helpful integrations for full-time sellers.

Why Is Bonanza a Great Option?

As mentioned Bonanza is free to use as a seller.

It integrates with Google Shopping to get your products to show up in more search results.

The platform also works with other selling platforms you use and syncs the status of your listings so that you don’t accidentally sell something twice.

Drawbacks to Bonanza

Compared to some other platforms, Bonanza isn’t very well-known.

While you’ll have less competition, you’ll also have a smaller pool of buyers.

So you could still struggle to make sales on the platform.

Bonanza Income

Since it’s a smaller network, we couldn’t find much data on how much sellers make.

However, it may help to examine the fees.

You’ll pay 3.5% of the sale every time someone buys one of your listings.

As a seller, you can also opt into advertising and other programs.

Advertising costs anywhere from 9% to 30% of the final sale.

Top sellers may be able to make thousands of dollars if they list a lot of products and get consistent buyers.


A homepage of the poshmark screenshot

Poshmark is an excellent platform where you can sell various items online.

The platform also works like a social media network.

You can list items from your closet, even if you don’t want to sell them yet, and users can like the item to learn when you list it for sale.

Why Is Poshmark a Great Option?

Selling on Poshmark can be a great choice because it’s social and fun.

You can negotiate with buyers and participate in selling parties based on specific themes.

The platform also runs regular sales that can help you get more interest from buyers, and you can offer your own sales.

Drawbacks to Poshmark

Unfortunately, Poshmark doesn’t let you sell just anything.

You can’t sell used appliances, furniture, or similar goods.

While you can sell makeup, it has to be new and unopened, or the platform won’t accept your listing.

Poshmark Income

Poshmark sellers can make as little as $100 or as much as $2,000 monthly.

The amount depends on how many active listings you have, what items you have, and your prices.

It can also depend on if you’re willing to offer discounts.

Another thing to keep in mind is the commission rates.

Poshmark takes 20% of your sales that are more than $15.

So those fees can add up and eat into your profits.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is the best platform to use if you want to sell vintage items and other artistic pieces.

It has categories for dolls, jewelry, silver, and more.

In addition, the platform has strict listing requirements to ensure buyers are getting something authentic and of high quality.

Why Is Ruby Lane a Great Option?

If you want to sell older items, Ruby Lane is the perfect place to do it.

You can list your vintage clothing or accessories.

As long as your listing meets the platform’s requirements, you can make a sale, and you only have a service fee and maintenance fee.

Drawbacks to Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane only lets you sell antiques or unique, fine craft items.

Unfortunately, you can’t use it to sell your old clothes from the past season.

Also, unless you list at least 15 items per month, you’ll have to pay a $25 monthly maintenance fee, which is expensive.

Ruby Lane Income

We couldn’t find any official earnings data for Ruby Lane sellers.

However, since it’s a very niche market, there’s a decent chance the average income is relatively low.

As with other platforms, you might be able to make a good amount if you list multiple items every month.

However, as a beginner, you shouldn’t expect to make that much, and you’ll have to pay almost 10% when making a sale, which can lower your earnings as well.


Selling things on Craigslist is yet another worthwhile way to make money online.

The platform breaks up the market based on the city, so it’s great if you don’t want to deal with shipping.

You can meet with buyers in person to make your sales and accept cash and other payments.

Why Is Craigslist a Great Option?

Craigslist is a useful platform for selling just about anything.

You can sell antiques, clothing, household items, and more.

It’s a particularly useful choice if you want to sell to people in your city and not worry about packaging and shipping.

Drawbacks to Craigslist

Unfortunately, you can’t sell nationwide when you use Craigslist.

It will force you to choose a location, but you could change the location and list your items elsewhere.

However, you’ll need to manage those listings and take the others down when one sells.

Craigslist Income

Craigslist doesn’t have any information on how much sellers can make.

To get an idea of your earning potential, consider what you plan to sell.

Try to set as high of a price as possible to make room for negotiations.

Then, you can drop the price without losing out on profits.

Just make sure you also factor in expenses like driving to a meetup spot, so you don’t lose money.

Other Companies Relevant to Places To Sell Items Online

As you start to sell items online, you may find you love making money using the internet.

However, if you want to increase your earning potential, consider some other relevant companies.

  • Great Apps To Make Money: You can use apps to make money either at home or in your local area, so try a few apps to see which ones you enjoy the most.
  • Best Food Delivery Services To Work For: If you like driving around town, you can use food delivery apps to make some extra cash or as your main income stream.
  • Best Gig Apps: Food delivery or not, gig apps have become extremely popular, so you should compare the best apps to decide which ones to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you finally decide where to sell items online, you may have other questions.

So here’s what you need to know about making money this way.

What is the best way to sell my stuff fast?

The best way to sell your stuff fast is to go through a platform like Decluttr.

While they only accept electronics, they’ll buy them from you so that you don’t have to wait for a customer to purchase the item.

Can I sell my stuff without spending money?

You can sell your stuff without spending money.

Use a platform like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and focus on local customers so that you don’t have to pay to pack or ship the item.

Wrapping Up

Deciding where to sell items online is crucial for making money.

Be sure to consider how much each platform costs and what items you can list where.

Amazon is the best of the best, but Facebook and eBay aren’t too far behind.

With Amazon, you can sell almost anything to any customer, and the fees are relatively low.

Sign up for an Amazon seller account and list your first item today.

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