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What Is Repricing in E-commerce and How Can You Maximize Profits With It?

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Are you an e-commerce business owner looking for ways to increase your profits?

You may notice sellers in your industry repricing their products frequently. It’s a great strategy to be more competitive but not easy to master.

Repricing is essential to maintain a consistent competitive edge in the marketplace.

If your prices are stagnant against other products that adjust to marketplace variables, you may be losing potential or existing customers.

Getting the right repricing strategy can be challenging. You need to know the right tools and methods to implement.

Once you master these, you’ll be making more money in no time.

The Repricing Process

Starting out, you must understand what repricing is and why people do it.

Repricing is the method of making frequent price adjustments to your products so that they stand out to online shoppers as the best option.

E-commerce sites are competitive landscapes that are always changing. New products and new sellers with constantly changing prices can be hard to keep up with.

One in five online sellers already use repricing strategies, and these are often the best sellers. Repricing is popular because it’s an effective way to stand out consistently and sell more of your product.

Some of the benefits of reselling are increased competitiveness, higher sales conversion, more profit per sale, and better visibility for your buyers on the platforms.

These benefits add up to give you more money in your business.

Finding Your Pricing Strategy

Finding the perfect price to maximize your sales and profits is a delicate, ever-changing task. With price being an important part of 74% of consumers’ purchasing decisions, it’s not one to be taken lightly.

Pricing should be influenced by various factors, including:

  • Competitor prices
  • Other sellers’ range and availability
  • Seasonal trends
  • Stock amount
  • Customer behaviors
  • The novelty of your brand in the market

Automated Repricing Software or Manual Repricing?

When it comes to repricing, you have two options. You can manually make price changes or use automated repricing software.

And if you choose to use the software, you have even more options on how involved you want to be in the automated process.

Determining which one is right for you should be based on how many products you list and the time you’re willing to dedicate to changing product prices.

Manual repricing takes extensive effort and time to learn, and you’ll be competing against computers and AI from competitors.

The reality is that price adjustments aren’t a quick and easy thing to do on your own. That’s why automated repricing software exists.

It helps you to update a product price in real-time. This removes the stress of needing to check and calculate your prices consistently.

Changing the listing price of products quickly may be the difference in whether you get a sale. When you consider this happening multiple times per day, that’s a lot of money. It can really pay off to use the software.

However, the monthly cost, ease of use, and commission rates of these software are important to consider, as some may not find them worth it. Many software offer free trials that may help you decide if they’re worthwhile.

Setting up Automated Repricing Software

When choosing a repricing software, you should consider what you’re looking for and how involved you want to be in the process. These range in what they offer and ask of you as the seller.

There are companies that allow you to ultimately set up the technology and then be hands-off about it, giving them complete pricing control over their AI. This option is excellent for businesses seeking maximum automation and minimum time expenditure.

On the other hand, there are companies that require you to set specific rules to follow. This rule-based software requires more time and effort from the sellers but could pay off if you know your industry well.

The rules you set are based on matching competitor prices, time of day, seasonal changes, stock changes, and more. Each company allows different rules within its setup.

Some of the top companies to consider using for this are:

  • Seller Snap
  • BQool
  • ChannelMax
  • FeedVisor
  • Informed.Co

Repricing For Amazon Sellers

With Amazon sellers making up almost 40% of the e-commerce market, it’s key to mention the importance of price changes on this e-commerce site specifically.

The goal for many Amazon sellers is to make it into the Buy Box—a box that’s at the top of consumers’ searches and seen first.

Although no one knows the exact algorithm to win the Amazon Buy Box, the price of products is certainly a factor.

Repricing software can be an efficient way to nail that perfect price to make it into the Buy Box.

Conclusion: Should You Reprice?

Repricing is a powerful tool for e-commerce sellers. By understanding the importance of a dynamic pricing strategy, you can boost your profits and stay competitive.

If your business is large enough that it may be difficult to consistently check individual product prices, you should consider the benefits of automation.

For sellers who have a strong knowledge of their industry and price their products fine manually, then it may be an unnecessary expense.

One thing that’s certain is that a stagnant price will not be competitive in today’s marketplace. You need to use repricing in some way if you’re going to stand out as a top seller.

If this helped you with your e-commerce strategies, leave a comment with questions or share this with your friends. Good luck with your business!

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