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How to Resell StubHub Tickets [Step-By-Step] In (2024)

Are you stuck with StubHub tickets that you won’t use?

You’re not alone. Many people struggle with reselling their StubHub tickets. Luckily, it’s easy! Several websites enable you to resell unwanted sports, concerts, or events tickets.

This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to resell StubHub tickets. It lists where you can do it, and which tickets can sell best.

Is It Possible to Resell StubHub Tickets?

Yes, of course, you can resell StubHub tickets. Generally, event tickets are among the best items to resell.

If you have an extra ticket for a concert, show, or even standup comedy, don’t worry! Your money isn’t wasted, as you can still resell it online. StubHub and other platforms allow you to create a seller account to resell the tickets.

Now, which StubHub tickets sell better?

What Kinds of StubHub Tickets Sell Well?

The good news is that there’s a good market for every type of StubHub ticket. After all, there are fans for every event in town. That said, some types of tickets sell better than others, such as:

1. Concert Tickets

StubHub offers tickets to various types of concerts that are always in demand. The price depends on the show’s popularity. You can resell your concert ticket online for a profit because fans prefer online purchases over waiting in long queues at ticket booths.

2. Sports Tickets

Regardless of the sport, America has got serious fans everywhere. Sports tickets are among the most resellable items. Your ticket’s price depends primarily on the team and the game’s significance.

3. Comedy Shows Tickets

It’s easy to sell an unwanted ticket to a stand-up comedy show by one of the masters, such as Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld. As a rule of thumb, the comedian’s name determines the price and sellability of your ticket.

What Is the Value of StubHub Tickets?

The value of your StubHub ticket depends on several factors.

For starters, the type and popularity of the event set the value of your ticket. Fortunately, StubHub gives you a recommended price as you try to resell it.

You can begin by scanning the market. Before listing a ticket to a concert, look for its price on different platforms. That can help you set the right price for your ticket.

Do StubHub Tickets Lose Value Over Time?

Yes and No! Yes, StubHub tickets lose value altogether after the beginning of the event. No, StubHub tickets don’t lose value as long as the event hasn’t started yet. It’s rather the opposite.

The ticket’s price can soar up high the closer to the event’s date. Last-minute tickets for popular shows can make significant profits.

Things to Consider When Reselling StubHub Tickets

Reselling StubHub tickets is easy, but you should be alert to achieve maximum profits. For a smooth sale, consider the following factors:

1. Event Type

The type of the event doesn’t only affect your ticket’s price; it also determines where and how you can resell it. Different resale websites cater to distinct audiences. You can sell your tickets for a high price if you choose the right fan ticket marketplace.

2. Event Popularity

Tickets for events featuring big names can be a lot more profitable than mediocre shows.

Even as time passes, you can still make a large profit by selling tickets to popular shows. The tickets for popular events sell fast, which means that your extra ticket can be more valuable than you think.

3. Potential Customers

Before you choose where to resell your tickets, research the venue. Every website has a body of potential customers with distinct preferences. For example, a resale website with a strong sports fan body will value a sports ticket more than a concert ticket.

4. Event Date

The closer you get to the event’s date, the higher price you can get, especially with popular events. Fans pay a high price for last-minute tickets to their favorite events. That’s because, with high demand, it’s hard to get tickets on time.

5. Payment Method

When you resell your tickets, check the payment method on the resale website. Some websites require a Paypal account. Most selling venues will give you several payment options to suit your needs.

6. Ticket Sellability

Some tickets can’t be resold. Make sure that the ticket you’re trying to resell is transferable and not only in the name of its original buyer. Charitable events aren’t eligible for resale. You should ensure that your ticket is valid to be resold online.

Where to Resell StubHub Tickets

You can always follow some simple steps to sell tickets on StubHub. Luckily, there are also several alternatives to StubHub, where you can resell tickets for profit, such as:

1. Vivid Seats

a screenshot of the vividseats homepage

Vivid Seats is the main alternative to StubHub. It provides a safe medium to buy and sell tickets to a huge fan body online.

What Makes This Option Great

Vivid Seats is your first go-to option for several reasons. For starters, it allows free listing and provides a scam-free venue for both sellers and buyers. You can make a decent profit by reselling tickets on Vivid Seats.

  • Fees/Commission: 10% of the total ticket price
  • Payment Methods: Paypal

2. Seat Geek

a screenshot of the seatgeek homepage

Seat Geek is a safe and user-friendly platform to sell tickets of all types. It has a wide reach with diverse audiences that are interested in different events. The only catch is that it only allows you to resell tickets listed on the website.

What Makes This Option Great

Reselling tickets on Seat Geek is easy.

It shows you all the prices offered by your competition to help you set the correct value to make a profit. It even helps you by setting a limit to the price and adjusting it according to the demand. That enables you to get some profit by offering a competitive price.

  • Fees/Commission: 10% of the total ticket price
  • Payment Methods: Bank account transfer

3. eBay

a screenshot of the ebay resell homepage

eBay is the mother company that owns and operates StubHub. You can resell your tickets among many other items on this platform.

What Makes This Option Great

eBay is an easy-to-use platform that provides tutorials on how to sell on eBay for beginners. This website offers a wide reach to customers all around the world.

  • Fees/Commission: First 250 listings per month are free, and you’re charged a $0.35 insertion fee per listing. It doesn’t charge you anything upfront but charges 10-15% of every final sale.
  • Payment Methods: Apple Pay, Paypal, Google Pay, and credit cards.

What You’ll Need to Resell StubHub Tickets

To resell your StubHub tickets, you need a few items, including:

  • A seller account: You should create a seller account on any resale website you choose to list your tickets.
  • A payment method: Most resale venues require a Paypal account. Ensure you have a valid Paypal account or some payment method
  • A genuine ticket: Several platforms check the validity of your ticket. Make sure that you’re selling a transferable ticket for a resellable event.
  • A cell phone: You can perform the entire transaction on a computer, but a cell phone can be a lot more practical. It ensures that you don’t miss any sales.

How To Resell StubHub Tickets: Step-By-Step Instructions

Reselling StubHub tickets doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. Although it varies depending on the website, you can follow these general steps for a smooth transaction:

STEP 1: Choose the Resale Website

Research the resale website available online to choose the one with a large fan base for your event. That way, you can get a wider reach. You can also pick the website according to its sales fees and payment methods.

STEP 2: Create a Seller Account

All ticket resale websites require that you create a seller account, in which you can fill in your personal and payment data. Most websites won’t charge you for creating the account or even listing your ticket.

STEP 3: List Your Ticket

Regardless of the website, you can start listing your tickets for sale right after you confirm your seller’s account and verify your email address. Some websites, such as StubHub, require you to find the event on its platform before listing your ticket.

STEP 4: Set Your Price

That’s a crucial step, where you state the type and features of the ticket you’re reselling and set its price. Some websites allow you to indicate the seating, which facilitates sales.

Fortunately, several resale websites allow you to scan your competition and see the prices your competitors set for the same ticket. Make sure to keep your price within that range.

STEP 5: Manage Your Listing

There’s other information you need to indicate in your listing on top of the price. For instance, you should mention a delivery method.

Some websites do the rest for you. StubHub manages the transaction between the seller and the buyer. Other platforms let you finish the deal yourself.

STEP 6: Receive Your Money

Now that the transaction is done, you can receive your money via your chosen payment method. Most platforms use Paypal, where you get your money between 7–10 days after the deal is done.
Other websites use credit cards or direct deposit to deliver your money instantly.

Can You Make Money Flipping StubHub Tickets?

Yes, you can make money flipping StubHub tickets both on the same platform or elsewhere.

StubHub itself is a broker that facilitates selling tickets to fans of different events. Flipping StubHub tickets involves buying the tickets on StubHub and reselling them on various resale websites.

The price you pay for a ticket early on is much cheaper than its last-minute price. That’s how resellers make their money.

What Is a StubHub Tickets Resale Business?

While some people sell an extra ticket or two, others are professional ticket resellers.

A StubHub tickets resale business entails becoming a professional seller who can choose to specialize in a certain type of event tickets. For example, you can choose to deal in concerts or sports tickets. You choose the popular events and buy as many tickets as you can early on.

When you see the demand getting higher for those tickets as they begin to get sold out, you list your tickets for the price you wish. That’s how you can make large profits.

Is Reselling StubHub Tickets a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling StubHub tickets can be a good way to make money, but it still has its disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of reselling StubHub tickets:

Pros of Reselling Stubhub Tickets

  • It can be profitable if you choose the right event and resale website.
  • It doesn’t require much skills or knowledge.
  • It’s a great side gig that doesn’t require any registration or business accounts.

Cons of Reselling Stubhub Tickets

  • Some areas set legal restrictions on reselling tickets.
  • The competition is fierce, which can affect the price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is it Worth it to Sell on StubHub?

Yes, reselling your tickets on StubHub is worth it. It allows free listing and only charges a 15% after-sale fee. It’s also safe and takes care of the entire transaction for you, which makes it a convenient way to make money.

Does StubHub Give Refunds for Tickets?

Yes, StubHub has a refund policy called the “Fan Protect Guarantee.” It covers almost every problem you encounter as a buyer.

For instance, if your ticket isn’t valid or wasn’t delivered on time, you get a refund. You can also get your money back if the event was canceled or rescheduled.

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Wrapping Up

Reselling Stubhub tickets online is a great way to make some cash. Whether you’re selling an extra ticket or creating a ticket-flipping business, you can make a profit on different platforms.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to resell your tickets on StubHub, Vivid Seats, Seat Geek, or eBay, among others. These websites are safe and legal.  

Don’t hesitate to leave all your opinions and questions in the comments. Share the article if you liked it.

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