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Top StubHub Alternatives: Where to Buy and Sell Event Tickets 

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If you’re a frequent event-goer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with StubHub. It’s one of the top sites for buying and selling event tickets. 

Even though StubHub is a popular option, it’s not the sole choice. There are several StubHub alternatives to take into account depending on your preferences.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore some of the best StubHub alternatives and highlight their benefits.

Let’s check them out and choose the ticket marketplace that best suits your requirements.

What Is StubHub’s Competitor?

There are several StubHub competitors in the ticket marketplace industry. They all have distinctive qualities and advantages on their own.

They focus on specific event types, offer various ticket discounts, and have sophisticated ticket listings.

Your choices and requirements as a buyer or seller will determine the best ticket marketplace for you.

To find a platform that meets your needs, it’s worthwhile to investigate the many StubHub alternatives.

Vivid Seats stand as one of the most competitive StubHub competitors. Let’s see what it has to offer! 

Vivid Seats – The Main Competitor

Vivid Seats is StubHub’s main rival. It’s an online marketplace where people can purchase and sell tickets to their favorite events.

The company has a reputation for having reasonable prices and an easy-to-use website for consumers and sellers.

First, Vivid Seats differs from StubHub in terms of its rewards program. Depending on how many tickets they buy and sell, people may get gift cards for future purchases. 

Second, it provides a 100% Buyer Guarantee, meaning that you will have peace of mind in case of invalid, delayed-in-delivery, canceled, or even unwanted tickets.

Overall, Vivid Seats is a decent alternative to StubHub. The only thing left for you is to start buying or selling tickets on Vivid Seats. But first, let’s look at some more of the best StubHub competitors! 

What Are StubHub Alternatives?

In terms of StubHub competitors, Vivid Seats is without a doubt among the best. However, there are more options that should be considered. 

Here are the top five StubHub alternatives:

1. SeatGeek

SeatGeek is among the best StubHub competitors. 

The digital ticketing platform is renowned for its search engine, which helps simplify the process of finding events, comparing ticket costs, and making purchases for users. Also, Seat Geek’s interface is more aesthetically pleasing.

SeatGeek is known for being transparent about prices. They include every charge upfront, whereas StubHub could put on extra charges after you’ve completed your order. Also, if an event is postponed or canceled, it offers consumers a refund or replacement tickets.

If you haven’t already,  this is a great moment to start learning how to sell tickets on SeatGeek

2. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is another excellent alternative to StubHub.

The platform is frequently the primary ticket seller for various events, including tickets for concerts, sports events, and theater performances.

This means that Ticketmaster has millions of tickets available. It includes tickets for major events that may not be accessible on other platforms.

Also, the typical ticket price offered by Ticketmaster represents the initial cost established by the event organizer. StubHub, however, allows sellers to establish their own rates.

Finally, the company frequently provides access to particular events’ presales. Ticket buyers can purchase tickets before they become available to the wider public. This feature is not typical for StubHub

3. RazorGator

RazorGator is a StubHub alternative that sells millions of tickets for concerts, sporting events, theater performances, and other events. The company has been selling tickets for more than 20 years.

RazorGator guarantees on-time delivery of tickets that are legitimate for admission to the event. In the event of a postponed event, the company also guarantees a refund of your money. It also works to prevent customers from buying fraudulent tickets.

The platform also has an excellent user interface. Customers can get tickets with a credit or debit card through the platform’s website. The platform also offers mobile ticketing solutions.

Also, all consumers have a choice of getting their tickets. They can get the tickets either through e-ticket download, electronically, or physically through delivery.

4. Ticket Liquidator

Ticket Liquidator is among the best ticket resale sites with a modern ticketing system and unusual setup.

Unlike other comparable services, Ticket Liquidator does not act as an agent between you and the actual ticket vendors. Instead, it gives ticket sellers the opportunity to directly interact with you and negotiate a ticket purchase.

Ticket Liquidator provides its customers with a variety of ticket distribution alternatives. They have the option of purchasing physical, mobile, or electronic tickets.

In addition, the company provides its loyal customers with a “100% Money-Back Guarantee,” which guarantees that tickets are genuine and valid for entry.

5. eBay Inc 

Although eBay owns StubHub, it can be used as an alternative to StubHub. Both are online markets where users can purchase and sell products.

However, they fulfill different purposes. StubHub is designed for online ticket sales, whereas eBay focuses on a wider range of goods.

One of the primary motives you would want to buy tickets on eBay is that you can bid on products—such as concert tickets—in auctions or make price offers for them. This means that you can get your tickets at a discount rather than paying the face amount.

What Is the Equivalent of StubHub in Europe?

Viagogo is one of the most well-known equivalents of StubHub in Europe. It’s a marketplace platform with operations in several European nations that sell tickets for a range of events.

The platform is a leader in ticketing and offers music concert tickets, sports tickets, theater shows tickets, and much more.

Viagogo’s key features are similar to StubHub. If you know how to sell tickets on StubHub, you will know how to sell tickets on Viagogo.

Viagogo enables ticket sellers to offer their products and customers to buy them at flexible pricing. The platform also provides customer service assistance for questions relating to tickets and buyer guarantees.

It’s crucial to note that the ticket resale market and ticketing limitations vary per country in Europe.

What Is the UK Equivalent of StubHub?

Twickets is a well-known StubHub alternative in the United Kingdom for buying and selling entertainment tickets. 

Twickets is a ticket marketplace headquartered in the United Kingdom that allows people to buy and sell tickets. Their purpose is to avoid ticket scalping and to ensure that tickets are sold at fair prices.

The platform has connections with a variety of event organizers and venues in the United Kingdom, and it’s well-known for encouraging ethical ticket reselling methods.

How Do Ticketmaster and StubHub Compare?

Ticketmaster and StubHub are two online ticket exchange companies that help people purchase and sell tickets to various events.

However, there are some distinctive features between the two, particularly when it comes to buying and selling.

How Do Ticketmaster and StubHub Compare for Buyers?

Ticketmaster is a renowned ticketing service that purchases tickets to events at face value from event managers or venues directly.

StubHub is a secondary market where private sellers can sell tickets for rates that are either higher or lower than face value.

StubHub offers pricing flexibility and a bigger selection of tickets, even for events that are sold out. Ticketmaster offers tickets from authentic primary sources with a higher level of guarantee.

How Do Ticketmaster and StubHub Compare for Sellers?

Ticketmaster gives sellers a platform for selling their tickets to fans directly. The purchasing process, however, may be more constrained due to restrictions on cost and distribution.

With StubHub, sellers have more control over their selling process, including the ability to establish their own prices and decide how to deliver tickets to customers.

StubHub, however, charges vendors a commission for each transaction. Ticketmaster costs might vary according to the event and selling alternatives, from lesser to greater.

Wrapping Up 

Despite the fact that StubHub is a legit and well-known marketplace for tickets, ticket buyers and sellers have a number of other options! 

Vivid Seats is one of the greatest alternatives in the current market. The company is known for having affordable costs, exclusive offers, and a user-friendly website for online ticket sales.

Aside from that, excellent internet platforms for selling and buying tickets include Ticketmaster, RazorGator, and SeatGeek.

If you’re in Europe and searching for a site that can compete with StubHub. We suggest Viagogo.

It’s one of the most trustworthy European ticket exchange platforms. We suggest using Twickets or StubHub if you’re in the UK. You’ll be happy with both of them!

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