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How to Sell Tickets on StubHub: Complete 2023 Guide

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You bought early bird tickets to see Ed Sheeran, but it turns out that you’re busy on that day and can’t go.

After contacting your friends and family, no one seems to be free as well. On average, over 4% of ticket purchasers are a no-show.

Fortunately, you can avoid losing money by reselling the tickets on StubHub.

The selling process is user-friendly and comprises a few steps.

It involves creating an account, keying in the ticket information, pricing it, and going live.

Once you get a sale, transfer the ticket depending on its type and confirm.

Why You Should Consider Selling Tickets on StubHub

StubHub is a credible platform for selling your tickets.

It offers confidentiality, reliability, and a seller-friendly experience.

  • On-Time Payment: The site promises on-time payments according to its terms and conditions. You can use the FanProtect feature for additional support.
  • Free Listing: You’re not obligated to pay a fee when listing your tickets. It allows you more freedom to list as many tickets as you want.
  • Easy Shipping: After selling your ticket, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link redirecting you to print the shipping label. Stick the label on the ticket envelope and drop it off at your nearest UPS drop-off site.
  • Sellers Program: If you accumulate over 20 listings, StubHub enrolls you in their seller’s program. It allows you to drop the seller’s fee from 15% to 12.5%.

Problems with Selling Tickets on StubHub

Despite StubHub’s various advantages, there are some problems worth addressing.

They include the high seller fees, limited shipping options, and more.

  • High Seller Fee: When pricing your ticket, you should account for the 15% high seller fee. In turn, it’s more difficult to sell with a significant markup.
  • Limited Shipping Option: StubHub exclusively ships with UPS. If you live in a more secluded area, reaching a UPS drop-off site is more tasking.
  • High Competition: Other resellers might offer the same ticket for a similar markup. They may reduce the price to stand out, leaving you fewer chances of a sale.
  • Payment Delay: Sellers receive their payment after the event. It may take a week or two before you get the payout.

What You’ll Need to Sell Tickets on StubHub

When selling tickets on StubHub, you’ll need to prepare a few items depending on your transaction.

  • Ticket: Although you can list tickets on the platform without having them, purchasing them first will prevent issues.
  • Shipping Label: If you’re selling paper tickets, print the shipping label from the confirmation email and stick it onto the delivery envelope.
  • QR Code: If the ticket is on your mobile, there might be a QR option. In this case, screenshot the code and upload it.
  • Payout Account: When selling your ticket, you’ll need a payout account to receive your payment. It can be PayPal or Payoneer. You can also set up a direct deposit account.

What Types of Tickets Sell Well on StubHub

StubHub offers a variety of ticket options, from comedy and theater shows to concerts and sports events.

Overall, tickets are one of the best things to sell online since you can turn over a decent profit, and it’s an effortless process.

Sports Tickets

StubHub holds tickets for several sporting events.

You can catch a motorsports show or a major league baseball game. The platform also has Formula 1 and golf tournament tickets.

Why This Product Sells Well

With a market size reaching over $39.6 billion, the sports franchises industry is showing signs of exponential growth.

Selling a sporting event ticket won’t be too difficult due to the marketing drive associated with them.

Sports fans are overtaking the country, with over 72% of Americans identifying as football fans.

That said, your sports tickets’ sellability will depend on multiple factors, like the teams playing and demand.

Concert Tickets

The ticketing platform provides a myriad of genres you can enjoy live. You can sell anything from an Ice Cube to a Taylor Swift performance.

The process of selling concert tickets on StubHub is straightforward and carries a lot of profit potential.

Why This Product Sells Well

Concert tickets tend to sell out fast, especially for popular shows like Adele. They’re in high demand when sold out on the original ticketing front.

It gives you a profitable opportunity to mark up their prices. Fans would prefer purchasing tickets online than waiting in a long line at the event’s ticketing booth.

Comedy Show Tickets

Stand-up shows from comedy masters like Bill Burr, Jerry Seinfeld, and Adam Sandler are all available on the ticketing site.

Why This Product Sells Well

Stand-up comedy shows are, according to research, experiencing their peak in modern American pop culture.

Their relevance catalyzed their success, making them an easy sell on StubHub.

Stand-up comedians talk about their day-to-day lives and connect with their audience through a shared reality.

Each comedy persona has amassed a large fanbase, leaving you with a large buyer pool.

How to Sell Tickets on StubHub

Selling tickets on StubHub is a seamless and hassle-free process.

Once you create your account and click “Sell,” fill in your information afterward.

Step 1: Create an Account

You’ll need to sign up on StubHub to start selling.

You can sign in with your Facebook or Apple account.

Besides that, as you sign in, you’ll be asked to fill in the information, including your name, phone number, and password.

Step 2: Find the Ticket

After signing in, select the “Sell” option on the top right corner of the site page.

Choose “Sell Tickets” from the drop-down menu.

In the search bar, enter the event you’re selling the ticket for and click on it.

Enter the number of tickets you have.

Fill in the ticket’s information, such as the ticket type, whether paper, PDF, or mobile transfer.

You can choose between shipping now or later. Then, detail the seat’s location by entering the section and row.

Lastly, enter the price you originally purchased the tickets for.

Types of Tickets

StubHub allows you to sell several types of tickets.

Each has its delivery method.

Mobile Transfer

You may have bought your tickets from a third-party ticketing platform like Ticketmaster or AXS.

In this case, click on the “Mobile Transfer” option.

Once you list your ticket and get a sale, you’ll get an email with the buyer’s email in the “Sales Info” section.

You can also find their information by clicking “Sell” on the website and choosing “My Sales.”

Navigate through the page and select “Click to view Buyer info.”

After emailing the buyer your ticket, go to “My Tickets” followed by “My Sales.”

Then, choose “See actions” and “Confirm transfer.”

PDF E-Ticket

When selling PDF tickets, you have to list the original file. You can’t create a PDF file from scratch.

As you fill in the ticket information, click the “PDF” option. It’ll allow you to upload the tickets if you have them.

If not, you can choose to upload it later and specify the date from the calendar.

After listing the tickets, you can upload them by clicking “My Tickets” followed by “My Listings.”

Select “See actions” and “Upload Tickets.”

If you’re uploading the tickets after the sale, go to “My Tickets,” “My Sales,” and “Upload Tickets.”

In all these cases, your file may contain more than the tickets you want to sell.

For this reason, StubHub allows you to click on “X” next to the pages you wish to remove during upload.

Mobile QR

If you have a mobile QR ticket, you can screenshot it and upload it to the buyer.

Before completing the transaction, test the screenshot with a friend first.

The QR code screenshot should also have the ticket details, including the seat row, number, and section.

Selling more than one ticket will require you to screenshot each one.

After creating the screenshot, go to “Sell.”

When filling out the information, select “Mobile ticket.”

Upload the images and click “Done.”


Paper tickets are usually laminated or come with thick stock paper or in wristband form. In turn, you’ll need to deliver it manually.

To do so, click “My Tickets” and “My Sales.”

Go to “See Actions” and choose “Print Shipping Label.” Check the label and print it.

Place the tickets inside a UPS envelope along with the label and drop them off at your nearest UPS store.

Avoid leaving the package in a drop-box since they don’t get picked up daily, potentially delaying your tickets’ delivery.

Step 3: Price the Tickets

After clicking “Continue,” you should be on the pricing page.

The good news is that StubHub advises you how much your ticket would usually sell for.

Besides that, you can price your tickets depending on their demand.

For instance, if you’re selling tickets to a Kevin Hart show, search for their current price and sell based on that range.

If the tickets are selling out, feel free to increase the price.

Another factor worth considering is time.

The shorter the time is toward the event, the larger the profit margin you can set.

Step 4: List the Tickets

Once you enter the price, type your credit card details and payout method before selecting “Create Listing.”

Don’t forget to agree with the terms and conditions as well.

You should then receive an email confirmation with a review of your listing.

Once you get a sale, use the buyer’s info to transfer the ticket and confirm by going to “My Tickets,” “My Sales,” “See Actions,” and “Confirm Transfer.”

Things to Consider When Selling Tickets on StubHub

Before selling your tickets on StubHub, you’ll want to consider a few factors.

The first thing worth emphasizing is that your tickets should already be in your possession.

Avoid selling tickets you haven’t bought yet for a less risky transaction.

Besides that, other considerations include ensuring the tickets are transferable and that your price is reasonable.

1. Sell Transferable Tickets

Some ticket types are non-transferable. They’re tied to the person who bought the tickets in their name.

Those ticket types are not allowed to be sold on StubHub.

2. Event Must Be Eligible

Before going on StubHub, you need to ensure your event is eligible for ticket reselling.

Certain events, such as charity or benefit ones are usually ineligible for resale on the ticketing platform.

Price Reasonably

When pricing your ticket, don’t go overboard just to test the waters. It’ll only cost you more time.

Other ticket resellers are likely selling it at a lower price and will have more success.

For this reason, compare your prices to the ones already available on StubHub.

You don’t have to view other sites’ prices like eBay since StubHub offers more benefits and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does StubHub Pay You Right Away?

StubHub doesn’t pay you directly after the sale.

The processing time can take five to eight business days following the event.

The policy is due to the risk of event cancellations where StubHub would have to recall the payment from the seller causing logistical issues.

Is Ticketmaster or StubHub Cheaper?

In most cases, Ticketmaster is cheaper than StubHub.

Ticketmaster charges fewer fees compared to the latter.

Ticketmaster also offers better protection and delivery options.

StubHub is better for finding sold-out or in-demand tickets.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

Before choosing StubHub, you can check out alternatives to see which is more profitable and easier to use.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re reselling concert tickets because you can’t make it or trying to start a ticket-selling side hustle, StubHub is a viable solution.

All you have to do is create an account, enter the event info, price the ticket, and list it.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

Overall, StubHub is a convenient ticket reselling medium.

You won’t have to let those tickets go to waste, and you get to connect a fan to their idol.

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