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13 Apps Like Thumbtack To Help You Find the Right Professional

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As homeowners, we all have the urge to carry out repairs around the home by ourselves. However, this is not always a good idea. For those who might blow the pipe under the kitchen sink while trying to repair a simple leak, apps like Thumbtack are a lifesaver. 

Thumbtack is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to find professionals to manage home repairs from furniture assembly to plumbing services.

Like everything else on the internet, Thumbtack is not the only company connecting potential customers with potential clients. Below is a list of apps like Thumbtack and why you should consider them. 

An Overview of Thumbtack

Thumbtack is the alternative to knocking on a stranger’s door and having an awkward conversation about lawn care and maintenance. 

Founded in 2008, Thumbtack is now available in all 50 states and is determined to help you find the right service providers to walk your dog, mow your lawn, or even repair your roof. It is an online platform that hosts millions of home service providers. 

Where Does Thumbtack Excel?

Thumbtack steps up to help local businesses while filling a gap. Thumbtack’s success can be attributed to the option to scan through reviews and compare prices when looking for handyman services. 

Where Does Thumbtack Fall Short?

Contractors have reason to complain about how the platform verifies and charges leads. Some contractors have reported being sent to distant locations to do work only for them to be underpaid. 

The Best Alternative Apps Like Thumbtack: An Overview

Several online marketplace platforms work like Thumbtack in the home improvement niche. Here is a comprehensive list to help you make an informed decision: 

  1. Angi
  2. HomeAdvisor
  3. Porch
  4. TaskRabbit
  5. Yelp
  6. Handy
  7. Houzz
  8. Pro Referral by The Home Depot
  9. BuildZoom
  10. CraftJack
  11. Fiverr
  12. Bark 
  13. Networx
  14. RedBeacon
  15. Smith

Editor’s Choice: Our Top Picks Overall

From unique features to a user-friendly interface, here are some of the best Thumbtack alternatives at a glance: 

What is the Best Alternative To Thumbtack?

Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is our top choice for the best alternative to Thumbtack in the home service business. Angi has provisions to skim through verified reviews from other customers in your area and allows you to find local professionals that match your budget, proximity, and ratings.

Who is Thumbtack’s Biggest Competitor?

Thumbtack’s biggest competitor is HomeAdvisor. Both companies rely on the same client base and offer similar services. When choosing between Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor for their home improvement needs, local professionals and homeowners constantly find themselves at a loose end. 

The Best Thumbtack Alternatives in 2024

Thumbtack’s drawbacks have paved the way for the penetration of other companies offering one-time jobs in home improvement, event planning, and even pet care. Below is a roundup of some of the best Thumbtack alternative apps and when to use them: 

1. Angi

Angi (previously known as Angie’s List) is a service that offers a simple solution to a prevalent problem. What separates Angi from the competition is the ease of use. Angi is a database of reviews that helps you make the best decision on service professionals. 

  • Good: Angi is an excellent platform to source for member-approved reviews
  • Bad: It fails to deliver on the quality of leads generated for contractors 
  • When to use Angi: If you are looking for simple and honest reviews on a contractor  

Why is Angi a Great Option?

Angi is perfect for homeowners seeking something similar to advice from a close friend on why they should go with specific service providers for their pet care needs. 

Angi has an edge over Thumbtack in that it has been providing excellent recommendations to users since 1995. The founders did an excellent job building an extensive nationwide database of reviews on service providers cutting across state lines and niches. It is a perfect option since it specializes in providing wholesome advice on how best to adopt a contractor. 

Drawbacks to Angi

It might give Thumbtack a run for its money, but Angi fails to address several issues in which Thumbtack excels, including generating qualified leads for service providers. 

2. HomeAdvisor 

Home Advisor is another alternative to Thumbtack sought by customers and home service businesses. Heavily intertwined with Angi, HomeAdvisor was formerly known as ServiceMagic and now allows users to book top-rated contractors for all their home-related needs. 

  • Good: HomeAdvisor comes in handy when booking a Handyman offering fixed-price services
  • Bad: High lead fees of the online marketplace
  • When to consider HomeAdvisor: You should consider HomeAdvisor if you are looking for top-rated professionals in the industry

Why is HomeAdvisor a Great Option?

Home Advisor has the upper hand in the size of the network it provides for the home service business. It boasts an extensive network of service professionals in plumbing, electricals, HVAC, lawn care, roofing, and many other needs homeowners might encounter. 

Drawbacks to HomeAdvisor

The faults in the foundation begin to show when considering the variation in quality among the professionals listed in HomeAdvisor, making it difficult to choose among the best contractors. Some users complain that selecting one from the multitude becomes a guessing game unless you know a contractor. 

Subcontractors are also discouraged from using the platform due to its relatively high cost per lead. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that your favorite contractor is not here. 

3. Porch

A new player in the game, Porch, is in no way a small contender for the title of best lead generation and home improvement platform. Whether you are interested in minor repairs on your living room floor or are getting ready for significant staging before you move into your new home, Porch is the perfect partner to help you adopt a contractor. 

  • Good: Porch is suitable for sourcing last-minute contractors 
  • Bad: Unreliable for customers without a flexible schedule
  • When to use Porch: Finding pre-screened professionals with complete background checks 

Why is Porch a Great Option?

Porch excels in providing comprehensive home improvement services to customers across all niches nationwide. Porch becomes more of a necessary ally for those with large projects than another Thumbtack alternative. 

Drawbacks to Porch

The biggest drawback to finding professionals through Porch is the unreliability of the platform to save time for customers, as contractors cancel meetings without reason or cause, with little help from customer support. 

4. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a Thumbtack alternative in the home services industry that allows users to delegate tasks to freelance professionals on the same day. 

  • Good: TaskRabbit is great at delegating tasks across multiple niches. 
  • Bad: It is unavailable in remote locations
  • When to consider TaskRabbit: Use TaskRabbit if you need services that go beyond typical home services. 

Why is TaskRabbit a Great Option?

TaskRabbit excels in its services to customers, including home services, lawn care, moving, website development, and more through freelancing gigs. 

You can find the perfect match and execute your task on the same day, which is attractive to customers seeking premium and urgent services. Flexibility in scheduling the execution of tasks also adds to the charm of TaskRabbit. 

Drawbacks to TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit becomes inferior to the services provided by Thumbtack in tasker availability. If you live far off the beaten track, you might not benefit from the professional services offered by the platform. 

Several contractors also offer their services with varying skill levels and high ratings. This may affect the overall quality of services provided on the small portion of your lovely lawn. 

5. Yelp

From restaurant reviews to shopping locations and even nightlife destinations, Yelp has it all. This easy-to-use platform has existed since 2004 and is now a billion-dollar company relying on crowd-sourced reviews to guide consumers on where best to spend their hard-earned cash. 

While it might not be your go-to destination to find professionals, there are more than enough home services backed with member-generated reviews to help you adopt a contractor. 

  • Good: Yelp is an excellent platform to source and give reviews for a variety of services
  • Bad: It may be inappropriate when looking exclusively for professionals. 
  • When to consider Yelp: When looking for free access to thousands of reviews 

Why is Yelp a Great Option?

Yelp excels at providing comprehensive reviews for various services transcending the home improvement niche. These reviews are verified and usually give a wholesome picture of the contractor and their business, allowing you to rest easy after picking the right one. 

It is also a renowned resource; contractors are less likely to risk tarnishing their reputation online by doing substandard work. 

Drawbacks to Yelp

In the shortcomings, Yelp often needs to provide more information on the project details. This makes it harder for customers and businesses to agree on a price before meeting. Reviews on the platform can also be subjective and inconsistent, painting a less-than-accurate picture of the contractors.  

6. Handy

Handy is another New York-born company providing cleaning and other home services nationwide and also in the United Kingdom and Canada. Recently acquired by Angi, Handy is an excellent service platform for quick and straightforward booking services. 

  • Good: The process of adopting a contractor is streamlined for homeowners
  • Bad: Handy is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of contractor fees
  • When to consider Handy: You should consider Handy if you need services similar to room service or cleaning, as this is what the company is known for

Why is Handy a Great Option?

The platform allows you to contact the contractor without incurring service fees (this will be charged as lead fees on the contractor), which is an attractive feature for homeowners. As a security feature, all service providers on the platform are vetted and routinely undergo active background checks to guarantee your safety. 

Drawbacks to Handy

Unlike Thumbtack, Handy charges on the higher side for contractor fees. These often overflow into service charges on top of the lead charges. That’s why you’re likely to meet many disgruntled contractors when using the platform. 

7. Houzz

Houzz is an online platform that houses several professionals concerned with the home improvement niche. Hailing from Palo Alto, California, Houzz has you covered from small-scale renovation projects to larger-than-life home improvement tasks.

  • Good: Houzz excels at modeling and remodeling projects and provides excellent design services
  • Bad: Leads may take longer on Houzz than on other platforms
  • When to consider Houzz: You should consider Houzz if you need professional services from architects, interior designers, or landscapers for a project in your home 

Why is Houzz a Great Option?

The service providers on the platform consist of verified professionals with valid credentials guaranteeing high-quality services. Reviews and ratings on the platform also make selecting the right professional for the job easy. The specialization of the platform on design and remodeling is, however, a double-edged sword as it limits the scope of services that clients can enlist. 

Drawbacks to Houzz

The biggest drawback of subcontracting using Houzz is the fact that there are longer lead times for the same project. This causes delays in both the client’s and contractor’s schedule. 

8. Pro Referral by The Home Depot

You already go to the Home Depot for all your home improvement needs. Pro referral by The Home Depot takes this further by providing professional referral services to customers, ensuring that whatever you buy is put to good use. 

  • Good: Pro Referral is excellent for customers in need of Home Depot professionals
  • Bad: It sidelines the other customers
  • When to consider Pro Referral: When looking for professionals associated with the giant retailer 

Pro Referral excels at connecting home improvement service providers with an affiliation to the brand with clients. 

Why is Pro Referral by The Home Depot a Great Option?

What sets it apart from other companies offering the same service is that it has an established community of loyal customers, many of whom already need the services of experienced professionals. Round-the-clock customer support for queries and complaints makes this choice popular among users. 

Drawbacks to Pro Referral by The Home Depot

Most users of Pro Referral by the Home Depot complain of the high referral fees. However, gauging the quality of services provided, this might be a small price to pay. Another drawback is that users without association with Home Depot might find it hard to use the platform. Contractors also complain of high service fees generated using the platform to get clients.  

9. Fiverr

Established primarily to cater to the needs of the growing freelancing industry, Fiverr has since amassed a cult following consisting of professionals from all niches imaginable, including the home improvement business. 

On Fiverr, the world is your oyster. Customers are treated to several options when customizing their job listings. You can choose to pay on an hourly basis, set a fixed price for your project, or customize your payment model. 

  • Good: Fiverr provides more options than would be provided under Thumbtack and its alternatives
  • Bad: It is challenging to find the right contractor from thousands of other service providers
  • When to consider Fivver: You should consider Fiverr if you need a flexible budget 

Why is Fiverr a Great Option? 

Fiverr has excellent customer support in place to address any issues you might develop along the way. It also has a dedicated task force to ensure any damages or inconveniences incurred by using professionals from the platform are handled fairly. This often translates to penalties being incurred on the contractor. 

Drawbacks to Fiverr

The service fees for using Fiverr often put off many customers from the platform. Additionally, Fiverr usually has varying quality levels, leading to an inconsistency in the quality of services.  

10. Bark 

Bark is another Thumbtack alternative that has taken the Home Improvement service industry by storm.

Bark hosts several groups of service professionals, including wedding planners, photographers, web developers, home improvement contractors, interior designers, and many more. 

  • Good: Bark is fantastic at finding local handymen for long-term services
  • Bad: The subscription might keep some customers away
  • When to consider Bark: If you routinely need a handyman 

Why is Bark a Great Option?

Bark is an excellent option because the user interface employed by the platform is geared towards improving the user journey. It provides helpful information along the way to make sure you make an informed decision.  

Drawbacks to Bark

Unlike other platforms, Bark requires a subscription to gain full access. This is off-putting to many customers who might be looking for one-off services. The lead quality on the contractor’s end is also questionable. 

Notable Mentions: Even More Options To Check Out

It is impossible to cover all the alternatives to Thumbtacks exhaustively, but below is a list of several other options you could consider: 

Amazon Home Services

From assembly to handymen, organizers, and decorators, Amazon joins the game by offering professional services from its network of contractors. When looking for a specialist to help you set up the outdoor pool you got from Amazon, your first choice should be a professional trained by Amazon, and that is what Home Services provides. 

The drawbacks of Amazon Home services arise from their limitations to Amazon-based products and services, making it challenging to seek help for personal reasons.  


Networx is an online platform that allows users to create a job listing that meets their improvement needs. It then matches them with professional contractors who get to bid on the posted listing. On Networx, the customer can select from multiple bids but can only settle on one contractor per job.

The drawback of Networx is its limited availability, meaning some locations need more clients or contractors, and sometimes both. It is also better suited for more straightforward projects and not complex ones. 


Smith is a platform that connects users and contractors by allowing them to bid for projects customers post. You can post job listings for repairs and renovations and match them with an appropriate contractor in minutes. 

Like Networx, the drawbacks of Smith lie primarily in its limited availability. It also has varying levels of quality among its professionals, making it harder to choose. 

Wrapping Up

There are several options to consider when selecting an alternative to Thumbtack. From our review, the best alternative is Angi, closely followed by HomeAdvisor.

Consider devoting the time and resources to carrying out your due diligence. This will help you avoid making the costly mistake of trusting the wrong platform for your home improvement service needs.

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