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Is StubHub Legit? Pros, Cons, & What Users Think

Selling your event tickets can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to start. Similarly, maybe you weren’t able to secure one for your favorite artist’s concert.

Although people have heard about StubHub and its popularity, the mixed reviews and experiences online can discourage them to use the platform.

Don’t worry, this article will guide you on whether StubHub is legit, safe, and reliable. We’ll also look into various reviews left by users.

What is StubHub?

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StubHub is an online ticket marketplace allowing users to buy or sell tickets for various events nationwide.

The company started in the United States but has since expanded to over 90 countries.

The platform is known for users reselling concert tickets. However, sports, theater, and gaming tournament tickets are also available.

How Does StubHub Work?

StubHub allows a user-friendly experience with its easy buy and sell process.

Some users sell on the platform for various reasons: they can no longer attend or need money for an emergency. However, since StubHub has no control over pricing, other users resell on the platform to make profits.

Sometimes, buyers get on the platform to grab good seats especially if the event they wanted to attend is sold out.

If you’re wondering how to sell tickets on StubHub, the process is pretty straightforward.

A ticket seller can create listings of the tickets they want to sell.

When uploading, they provide details such as the event, date, location, seat location, and number. They will also indicate the event ticket price and number of tickets they have.

Then, a ticket buyer will browse the website for listings on the event they wish to attend. They can check out deals according to the seat location and number of tickets available.

Once the buyer proceeds, StubHub will facilitate the transaction and deliver the electronic ticket to the buyer’s email, which will be available for instant download.

However, the seller is responsible for shipping physical tickets to the buyer.

To give security to all parties, StubHub will only release the payment to the seller after the show. If the user encounters issues, they can contact customer service through various channels.

Finally, buyers can use their purchased tickets to enter the venue during the show date.

Common Questions to Understand

To gain an understanding of StubHub and its operations, here are answers to the most common questions asked about them:

Why is StubHub Cheaper Than TicketMaster?

Although both are ticket marketplaces, there’s one distinction between TicketMaster and StubHub.

To start with, TicketMaster partners with event organizers to sell tickets for concerts, events, or games. The ticket prices are controlled and managed by the event officials.

With this, prices are fixed unless there are available promotions or discounts. Although ticket reselling is allowed on the platform, the ticket will be priced according to its face value. Additionally, the platform only resells tickets officially bought on their website.

Meanwhile, StubHub offers a more personal, fan-to-fan ticket-selling platform, making it one of the best places to sell concert tickets. If sellers want to make a profit, they can mark a higher price than the face value of the ticket.

Although, you might find cheaper tickets close to the event date since sellers would want to get rid of their inventory.

How Long Does it Take StubHub to Verify Tickets?

StubHub has security systems to verify tickets with over 130 event partners. When a seller uploads a listing, verification typically takes a short while.

However, some circumstances can cause delays, so StubHub will take a few measures to authenticate the tickets.

Since StubHub only allows valid tickets on their platform, they may contact the ticket sellers to confirm the details. It will immediately be available for purchase once the ticket is verified.

When a buyer purchases a ticket, verification can take from 30 minutes to 48 hours. The turnaround time to receive tickets will also depend on the delivery method.

Some sellers have digital tickets sent to your email immediately after the purchase, while others will mail physical tickets to your address.

Is StubHub Legit?

StubHub has been one of the most popular ticket-selling marketplaces online. The availability of events ranging from festivals to sporting events lends to its legitimacy.

In addition, they have partnerships with various sports teams and event venues.

They also help connect artists with their fans for a seamless live event experience. Some of their world-class partners include MLB, Fox Theatre, and the New York Yankees.

Although there are many alternatives to StubHub, it remains one of the largest ticket marketplaces worldwide. In 2015, there were around 5 million registered users on the platform.

Moreover, the latest analysis from Similar Web shows that the website had 28.3 million total visits in May 2023.

Due to the large user base, it’s also expected that these users have positive experiences with the website. User testimonials prove the satisfaction of users by successfully selling and purchasing StubHub tickets.

Aside from these, there are still several reasons to prove the legitimacy of StubHub:

  • StubHub offers FanProtect Guarantee: To safeguard buyers, StubHub ensures that they will only receive verified and legitimate tickets to the event they’re attending. Otherwise, StubHub will issue a refund, replacement tickets, or credits.
  • Transactions are secured: All transactions within the platform use encryption technology. This ensures that any personal and financial information, including your credit card details, is secured.
  • StubHub verifies all listings: Before a listing can go live, StubHub verifies the authenticity of a ticket. They work closely with their partners and event organizers to ensure the validity of the ticket.
  • Various customer service channels: Although the platform offers a seamless ticket-selling and buying experience, some unprecedented issues may still come along the way. Due to this, StubHub offers several customer service channels and a user community so your concerns can be addressed.

Is StubHub Reliable?

StubHub has been on the market since 2000 and has already built a solid reputation for being a reliable platform. In addition, the marketplace offers millions of events each day, ensuring that users can find seats for any event.

Moreover, StubHub allows users to use the app, their PC, or their mobile web browser to access their services. This gives customers the convenience to buy and sell their tickets with any platform available to them.

Finally, StubHub ensures that every ticket listed on its website is valid for entries in events. When and if issues arise, their customer support will assist you in resolving your problem and offer solutions.

Is StubHub Safe?

Just like any other website, StubHub takes user safety and privacy seriously.

However, whether you’re reselling tickets or looking to buy tickets to a Premier League game, there are measures you could take to ensure a safe transaction:

  • Transact within StubHub: Be cautious about doing transactions outside of the platform. If you receive a fraudulent ticket, the transaction isn’t covered by StubHub’s FanProtect Guarantee.
  • Verify the ticket details: Before proceeding with your purchase, double-check all the details on the listing. Doing this will help avoid any problems or getting scammed.
  • Provide accurate ticket information: As the ticket reseller, ensure you indicated all correct information in your listing. This helps build trust with your potential buyers.

What Are Users Saying About StubHub?

With its total number of users, there tend to be mixed opinions about StubHub.

Let’s look into the positive feedback left by reviewers of Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs:

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About StubHub

StubHub has garnered praises from TrustPilot reviewers:

  • Stellar customer service: Reviewers applaud StubHub’s excellent customer service. These users had difficulties claiming their tickets, or have received faulty ones. When they reached out to StubHub, customer service representatives were responsive, efficient, and helpful in addressing their concerns. Reviewers narrated their experiences with the support team, emphasizing their empathy and professionalism.
  • Reliable: Trustpilot reviewers expressed their confidence in StubHub’s continuous delivery of outstanding service for more than 20 years. Users recognize StubHub’s commitment to providing accurate event information and delivering tickets on time. These give the users confidence in purchasing tickets through the platform.
  • Wide selection of tickets and events: Reviewers are in awe of the wide range of events made available on the website. This makes it easier for users to search for tickets for their desired events. Additionally, this assures them that even though the event is sold out on official channels, there’s a likely chance that they can purchase tickets on StubHub.

What ConsumerAffairs Reviewers Liked About StubHub

When it comes to StubHub, ConsumerAffairs reviewers have plenty of positive things to say:

  • Smooth transactions: Users praise the platform’s dedication to providing seamless and hassle-free transactions. StubHub’s processes are simplified which enables users to search for events and make purchases without difficulty. Users mention that the upfront procedures contribute to their positive user experience.
  • User-friendly experience: Consumers are pleased with StubHub’s website and app designs, which can be accessed on any device. They have mentioned that the user experience is enhanced with user-friendly navigation and layout. Further, the website also provides seating charts and has nifty filters that help them find their preferred tickets.
  • User protection: ConsumerAffairs reviewers highlighted StubHub’s commitment to user protection through their FanProtect Guarantee. The company has strict security and safety measures in place that help protect buyers and sellers from any fraudulent activity. According to users, this gives them comfort in knowing that their transactions can be resolved in case of disputes.

Why Are People Worried About Using StubHub?

StubHub is known for its hard work in producing quality service. However, just like any service, users tend to have bad customer experiences:

What Are Reddit Users Worried About

Reddit users have expressed their concerns about certain services of StubHub:

  • Unreliable customer service: Reddit users expressed disappointment with StubHub’s support team. They have mentioned instances when it was difficult to connect to anyone. When they get hold of a representative, their concerns get dismissed as unsolvable, or they get tossed around different departments before their disputes get resolved.
  • High fees: Reviewers complained about StubHub’s excessive fees. Service fees, equal to 15% of the selling amount, are deducted before they get transferred to the seller. On the buyer’s side, up to 10% is added on top of the selling value. Sometimes, the increased prices are more expensive than any other alternative.
  • Potential scams: Some Reddit users reported instances of being scammed. They have either received invalid or fake tickets or they weren’t allowed inside the venue because the tickets had the original purchaser’s name on them. Thus, users express concerns about the overall authenticity and legitimacy of the site.

What Are ConsumerAffairs Reviewers Worried About

If you want to gain an understanding of their worries, read on for more insights given by ConsumerAffairs reviewers:

  • Never receiving payment: Some ConsumerAffairs reviewers reported that after selling their tickets through StubHub, they haven’t received any payment for the sale. Reaching out to customer service didn’t help their cases as well, as some are dismissed by the support team when they file a dispute.
  • Tickets are not being sent: Some ConsumerAffairs reviewers cited that they never received tickets after paying. Although the lead times for ticket delivery is 30 minutes up to 48 hours, some buyers don’t receive updates, or their concerns are ignored by customer service when they reach out.
  • Overpriced tickets: Since StubHub doesn’t control or regulate the prices on their site, some sellers mark up their tickets depending on the seat or the event. This results in disappointed buyers, especially those who are on the hunt for reasonable deals.

StubHub Quality and Guarantees

StubHub offers a platform-exclusive FanProtect guarantee, protecting both sellers and buyers.

Buyers can buy tickets and be confident they can get them on time for the event.

Secondly, there are cases when you encounter troubles with your order, such as tickets not getting to your email or technical glitches. When these happen, StubHub guarantees you a replacement ticket.

Lastly, if the event gets canceled, you can receive a full refund on your ticket or get credits worth 120% of the amount you bought the ticket for.

Further, sellers also get benefits from their FanProtect Guarantee. You can list your tickets on the website and adjust pricing without fees.

Then, you are paid on time once your listing sells. Finally, StubHub manages communications with your buyers.

Whether you’re buying or selling on StubHub, your transactions are safe and secure.

StubHub Customer Service

If you’re having trouble with your account, uploading a ticket, or your ticket purchase, there are several ways to reach out to StubHub support.

What Customer Service Options are Available?

The first way is by sending them an email contact form. You need to log in to access this page.

Then, fill out a form with your name, order or listing number, email address, and message. Additionally, you can attach any relevant files—screenshots or photos of documents.

However, if you can’t locate your order or listing number, you can call them instead. Their listed contact number is 1-866-788-2482.

Their offices are open daily from 5 AM to 9 PM Pacific Standard Time. Consider the time difference if you’re located in another time zone.

If you want to search for answers to your query, you can also check out the StubHub community. Here, you will find various discussions and help threads on how to resell tickets and how to set up your account.

You can use the search bar to find a thread about the issue you’re experiencing. If you can’t find one, you can start a discussion and wait for other StubHub users to answer.

However, there may be instances when the community cannot address your concern. Moreover, StubHub may take some time to reach out to you, especially if there are concerns from other users.

If this happens, you can reach StubHub by tagging them on a tweet or sending them a direct message on Twitter.

Their username on the social media platform is @TeamStubHub. Users have commented that this page addresses customer concerns on time.

Conclusion: Is StubHub Legit?

StubHub is a legit marketplace where you can confidently sell your event tickets, or buy them for your next concert attendance. Although it’s a secondary marketplace, StubHub ensures that every ticket listed on the website is valid and original.

Further, the platform has different security measures to ensure encrypted transactions and avoid fraudulent activities.

They also offer different customer service channels in case of a dispute about a recent transaction. This gives you peace of mind regarding your ticket and finances.

Finally, with its wide selection of events, users can browse and compare different deals before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StubHub Owned by TicketMaster?

No, StubHub isn’t owned by TicketMaster. Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr founded the ticket-selling marketplace in 2000.

However, it was purchased by eBay in 2007, where they owned the revolutionary platform for 13 years. In 2020, Viagogo acquired the ticket marketplace from eBay.

What Happens if StubHub Finds Fake Tickets?

StubHub verifies all tickets that go into their platform before they go on sale. This helps protect buyers and sellers.

If you suspect that you were scammed or didn’t receive your tickets but were charged, you can always reach out to StubHub through their support page and submit a ticket.

Similar Gigs to Research

Now that we know StubHub can be trusted as a ticket marketplace, let’s check out similar platforms:

  • Is SeatGeek Legit?: If you want to purchase tickets to an event from licensed sellers, SeatGeek is the place for you! You can use their search engine to find tickets, browse different sellers and explore the best seats to seal a great deal.
  • Is Vivid Seats Legit?: Vivid Seats allows buyers to see available seats to an event and check out sections that’ll give them the best view. This is just one of their many features that give buyers a convenient experience.
  • Is Traveluro Legit?: Use Traveluro to search for flights, hotels, and even car rentals. Their platform allows its users to compare different offers on one screen. Get that vacation you deserve!

Wrapping Up

This comprehensive article will help users gain an understanding of how StubHub works. Additionally, it guides users to create an informative decision when purchasing or selling on StubHub.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this guide, let us know in the comments. If this article helped you in any way, please share it with your friends and family!

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