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Is Vivid Seats Legit? Pros, Cons, Safety Features & More

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Have you ever struggled with buying last-minute tickets to your favorite game or concert?

You’re not alone, and we understand the frustration when the tickets you want so badly are sold out or too expensive to buy.

But you’ve probably heard about Vivid Seats and their fantastic offers.

So, is Vivid Seats Legit? Would you lose your money if you buy tickets through this marketplace?

Luckily, you’ve found our article because we’ll tell you everything about Vivid Seats, how the company works, and what people say about it.

What Is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is an American marketplace for tickets. It resells and exchanges tickets to various events, including music concerts, sports events, and theatrical releases.

As of 2017, Vivid Seats is considered the third-largest ticket reseller in the US, trading millions of tickets yearly.

Vivid Seats doesn’t generate tickets to these events. Instead, it helps buyers and sellers connect.

So, if you want to buy a ticket to a sold-out event, you can head to Vivid Seats and find someone ready to sell the tickets they already bought.

The platform securely and safely connects buyers to sellers, so both can profit.

How Does Vivid Seats Work?

If you’re looking for tickets, you can head to Vivid Seats, and the platform allows you to search for tickets by venue, date, city, price, and seat location.

Once you’ve found the tickets you want, Vivid Seats offers a 100% guarantee that your legitimate tickets will arrive before the event.

The concept of reselling concert tickets might be confusing to some, but Vivid Seats makes it easy and fast.

Many sellers on Vivid Seats are professional resellers, so they’ll have access to sold-out tickets. Some have business partnerships with event organizers, allowing them to secure hard-to-get tickets.

If you check Vivid Seats website, you can access promotional codes and deals.

Sellers aren’t responsible for any shipping fees, and all the tickets available on the website should be tickets to US-based events.

After buying your tickets, the platform allows you to resell them. But you can’t do this before you own them.

The company offers tickets in several forms.

  • You’ll receive tickets by email for instant download.
  • You can have mobile e-tickets.
  • Tickets might be physically sent through standard shipping.
  • You can go for an electronic transfer.
  • You can arrange a local pickup or paperless transfer of tickets.

Common Questions to Understand

Vivid Seats aims to offer buyers and sellers the chance to benefit by reselling tickets.

Sellers can sell the tickets they no longer need, and buyers will have access to the tickets they desperately want.

The company does this for a 10% fee of the buyer’s final sale price. The seller doesn’t pay any shipping, handling, or service costs.

Many people have questions about the company’s business model and how to resell concert tickets. We’ll answer the most critical questions in this section.

Are Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster the Same?

Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster work according to the same concept.

They both allow fans to resell the tickets they no longer need for the same price or a small profit.

At the same time, they allow people to buy tickets that are no longer available in the market.

However, both platforms work differently. Vivid Seats allows sellers to list several tickets to multiple events on the website. They can set their own price and even sell the tickets they don’t need for a profit.

Once someone buys the ticket, the seller will have to send the ticket physically by prepaid UPS shipping labels or email. The seller receives the money through PayPal after the event.

The selling process on Ticketmaster is different. The seller should log into their account and list the price and number of tickets they want to sell.

As a seller, you’ll have to list your payment information, and the company will email you once your tickets are purchased.

Ticketmaster automatically transfers the tickets to the buyer and will transfer the money in seven to ten business days. The platform charges a fee that can be around 15% of the final price.

How Can You Get Tickets to Events Before They Go On Sale?

This question often baffles people who use Vivid Seats and might even make them skeptical about the company.

You can usually find early event tickets before they even go on sale. Yet, this doesn’t mean that the tickets aren’t legit.

Many sellers on Vivid Seats are in business partnerships with event organizers and are professional ticket resellers.

So they can have some early issues. Vivid Seats doesn’t issue or print any tickets to any events. The platform simply facilitates the exchange process.

What are the Requirements to List My Tickets for Sale on Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats has a list of Terms and Conditions that sellers should follow to guarantee a safe and legitimate exchange.

If your tickets don’t meet these standards, you might be unable to list them on the platform or get paid.

  • All the tickets exchanged on Vivid Seats should be to events in the US.
  • Sellers should reside in the US to be eligible to list their tickets on Vivid Seats. Being a US citizen isn’t a must.
  • You should have the tickets or at least a precise date of when you can get them before you can list them on the platform.
  • You should have physical printed tickets to the event to be able to list them. After the purchase, you can either physically mail them to the buyer or upload those tickets in a PDF format and email them.
  • You can’t list any tickets that you don’t own.
  • The tickets listed shouldn’t belong to a student or someone younger than 18 years old.
  • Tickets should be usable by the general public and not of restricted use, like the ones issued to students, disabled, or senior citizens.

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Vivid Seats is Legit and offers a safe and secure platform to facilitate the exchange between buyers and sellers.

Several guarantees show that your money won’t be lost whether you try to buy or sell tickets on the platform.

Stock Trading

Vivid Seats currently trades on the NYSE and Nasdaq.

Companies go through several financial auditing processes and should fulfill various requirements before they can trade in these exchange markets.

This proves that Vivid Seats has a solid financial status that enables it to trade among some of the most successful companies in the world.

Reselling Real Tickets

Vivid Seats can’t issue any tickets on their own.

So, all the tickets trading on the website have already been issued and verified by the tickets’ issuer.

The tickets available on the platform belong to sellers who bought them and don’t need them or licensed brokers. They don’t belong to Vivid Seats or any employee who works at the company.

Reliable Partners

Vivid Seats has several reliable partners, making it more trustworthy as a ticket exchange market.

As of 2017, ESPN made Vivid Seats the official ticket provider for its events. In the same year, Time Inc. chose Vivid Seats to be the official ticket provider for Sports Illustrated.

The company partners with several entities, including the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA and the Preakness Stakes.

It’s also a partner of Duke University, the University of Tennessee, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of Rhode Island.

Number of Operations

Vivid Seats started operating in 2001. Throughout the years, it allowed private individuals and licensed brokers to sell and buy tickets to more than 900,000 events in the US.

This vast number of tickets exchanged proves that thousands of people trust Vivid Seats and have had a successful experience with the platform.

This platform offers several guarantees that protect the buyer and the seller. The buyer’s information is registered, so they can’t obtain tickets they don’t pay for.

At the same time, if your tickets get lost, don’t arrive on time, or the event is canceled, you’ll receive a total refund for your money.

Vivid Seats also offers extra protection to guarantee your money in case of an accident. In case of an illness or airline delays, the company will cover you and reimburse you for your purchase.

Is Vivid Seats Reliable?

Vivid Seats is reliable because it handles hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tickets annually.

People can always list the tickets they no longer need, and they will find someone ready to buy them for the same or a slightly higher price.

This platform is a safe marketplace that protects buyers and sellers, acting like an intermediary for a price. The transaction is done through the platform, but the actual tickets don’t belong to Vivid Seats.

Is Vivid Seats Safe?

Vivid Seats has an extensive Terms and Conditions page that sellers must abide by before listing their tickets on the platform.

Sellers are constantly screened for wrongful activity, and their business records are always available.

According to the website, sellers who don’t perform well are banned from trading on Vivid Seats.

As a buyer, you are promised to receive valid and authentic tickets, or the company will offer your money back, directly transferred to your credit card.

What Are Users Saying About Vivid Seats?

It makes sense to ask yourself some questions before you choose to buy tickets on Vivid Seats.

You don’t want to risk your money, and at the same time, you want to get the tickets you want. This is why checking what people say about this online marketplace makes sense.

What Google Reviewers Liked About Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats currently has a 4.1-star rating on Google. This indicates that most reviewers are satisfied with their purchases and would recommend the platform to others.

Customer Service

People who recommend Vivid Seats are satisfied with the customer service. They think it’s reliable, and the representatives help them sort out purchase issues.

Purchase Process

The purchase process is another crucial factor that reviewers highlight. They believe it’s straightforward and that Vivid Seats is a trustworthy platform, so they know their money is safe. Having a Vivid Seats promo code is another big plus.

Parking Pass

Buyers also highlight the parking pass. This unique feature shows season listings or upcoming event tickets that will be listed for those holding a parking pass.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats currently has a rating of 3.1 on Trustpilot. This shows that most reviewers believe the platform is a reliable marketplace for exchanging and reselling tickets.

Fast Transactions

Reviewers highlight how fast the purchase process is. The platform facilitates the instant purchase process for buyers and sellers.

Coupon Codes

Having coupon codes is another highlight of Vivid Seats. Customers enjoy discounted prices for the most desirable events. The company also offers Vivid Seats rewards to recurring customers.

Profit Margin

Sellers love dealing with Vivid Seats because of the profit potential of resale tickets for a music concert or a sporting event.

Some sellers can list their tickets for five times their original value, which is something that they can’t achieve with similar platforms.

Why Are People Worried About Using Vivid Seats?

Although most people believe Vivid Seats is trustworthy and reliable, some have negative experiences with the website.

These negative incidents might make them reluctant to sell or buy tickets through the website.

What Google Reviewers Worried About

Some Google reviewers reported several negative incidents with Vivid Seats.

Fake Advertisement

Some customers reported getting tickets that didn’t match what was advertised on the website. For example, some bought tickets that would grant multiple-day passes but found out that they got a ticket for a single day.

Some sellers also advertise tickets with false descriptions. As a result, buyers would end up with tickets for events that they didn’t want in the first place.

They might also endure higher ticket prices.

Unsuccessful Transfer

Some people reported that their tickets were late. They messaged the platform several times, but their transfers were unsuccessful. Eventually, Vivid Seats sent their tickets or offered a refund, but some users were unsatisfied with the stressful experience.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

Some Trustpilot reviewers reported not enjoying their experience with the platform.

Digital Tickets Only

Sometimes, people who bought tickets through Vivid Seats could not get physical tickets if the seller chose to send a digital copy.

When a buyer purchased the tickets for someone who wasn’t that tech-savvy, they struggled to receive and use their tickets.

Waiting Anxiety

The platform guarantees a full or partial refund if a seller bails out. Yet, this doesn’t solve the problem for someone who wants to attend a specific event.

In some cases, buyers had to buy worse or more expensive seats when the platform could not provide them with the tickets they wanted in the first place.

Vivid Seats Quality and Guarantees

Vivid Seats tracks the business records of all sellers. Those who fail to deliver tickets on time or repeatedly deliver late or fake tickets are removed from the marketplace.

In this case, the platform will enable buyers to buy other tickets with a partial or full refund.

For sellers, the platform secures payments from buyers. So, those who sell tickets always get their money, although it might be late in some incidents.

Vivid Seats Customer Service

The customer service of Vivid Seats is one of the highlights of this platform. Representatives are always responsive and try to solve issues between buyers and sellers.

Does Vivid Seats Offer Customer Service?

Vivid Seats offers several customer service options. The platform has an extensive FAQs section, and people can search for their issues and find solutions. Emails and phone calls are also available for urgent issues.

Some customers, however, claim that their experience wasn’t that satisfactory. The representatives would offer them tickets that didn’t match what they originally wanted, and they would eventually accept to pay for them.

Due to the high volume of tickets sold and bought through Vivid Seats, some customer service requests take longer than expected. Users would have to engage in long calls or email threads explaining their problem and waiting for it to be solved.

In very few incidents, some users weren’t satisfied with the customer service experience. They felt that the representatives were misleading them and eventually failed to get a refund.

Conclusion: Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Vivid Seats is a legit marketplace for selling and buying authentic tickets. It facilitates the process between buyers and sellers and allows them to exchange tickets effortlessly.

Although some people faced a few problems with Vivid Seats, most people recommend the platform. Vivid Seats also offers discount codes that buyers can benefit from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vivid Seats Better Than TicketMaster?

Most users report that Vivid Seats is a better platform than Ticketmaster. The process of listing and finding tickets is more accessible, and sellers can list their tickets for a profit. At the same time, the discounts that Vivid Seats offers make this marketplace more desirable.

Can You Get Scammed on Vivid Seats?

It’s highly unlikely that you get scammed on Vivid Seats. The platform tracks sellers’ transactions, so if you report being scammed by a specific seller, their profile will be removed, and they won’t be able to list any tickets for sale. You can also get a partial or full refund for your tickets.

Similar Companies to Check Out

Several websites work in the same fashion you might be interested in trying.

  • Is SeatGeek Legit? If you ask, “Is SeatGeek legit?” you’ve come to the right place because this website allows vendors to secure their tickets by 120% of the price. This can be compensation for buyers in case of fake tickets.
  • Is StubHub Legit? A lot of internet users ask, “Is StubHub legit?” The answer isn’t that straightforward, though. If you can immediately download your tickets, this platform will be reliable. Otherwise, you might not receive your tickets.
  • Is Stadium Goods Legit? The answer to this question, “is Stadium Goods legit?” is straightforward. The platform checks the authenticity of every item through a 10-step verification process.

Wrapping Up

Vivid Seats is an easy-to-use online marketplace that allows sellers and brokers to list tickets they want to sell. People can search for tickets by location, venue, or price and pay for them.

Sellers then send an online version of the tickets or send them physically via mail. The ticket purchase process is straightforward and fast, qualifying Vivid Seats as a legit ticket resale platform.

Share your opinion in the comments section and tell us if you’ve tried Vivid Seats. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who might be looking for tickets.

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