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9 Best Apps Like Sweatcoin: Ranked & Reviewed (2023)

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Are you bored of Sweatcoin and searching for fresh ideas to maintain your motivation and level of exercise while earning some extra cash rewards?

You aren’t alone. Many people make an effort to live an active lifestyle but frequently struggle to find the motivation to continue their monotonous fitness quest.

But worry not; we have solutions!

Introducing apps like Sweatcoin, created to make regular physical training entertaining and rewarding whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for an extra push or someone hoping to include more movement into your everyday routine.

We’ll review some of the top alternatives to Sweatcoin while highlighting their features, advantages, and potential to help you achieve your fitness goals, all while making money.

An Overview of Apps Similar to Sweatcoin

Developed by SweatCo LTD in 2014, Sweatcoin is a free app that tracks your daily steps and rewards you with Sweatcoin, a type of cryptocurrency.

With over 100 million users, the Sweatcoin app connects to other well-known or default fitness apps offering a different approach to rewarding for being active.

It’s critical to look for and investigate alternatives to Sweatcoin, as doing so can help you learn about other applications that might provide new features, benefits, or earning opportunities.

You can improve your experience and possibly earn more benefits by investigating alternatives to find the app that best meets your interests, fitness objectives, and lifestyle.

What Is an App Like Sweatcoin?

A fitness-tracking app like Sweatcoin encourages and rewards users for their physical activities.

These applications frequently track steps or other physical activity, turning them into incentives like virtual money, gift cards, or discounts.

They inspire users to reach their health objectives while receiving cash or prizes, providing motivation and an additional advantage for staying active.

Why Are Apps Like Sweatcoin Important?

Apps that work like Sweatcoin are important for promoting physical activity and improving health outcomes.

These apps reward users for using them, keep track of their fitness, and incorporate gamification elements to encourage users to live more active lives.

Physical activity becomes increasingly alluring and enjoyable over time thanks to the financial incentives they also offer and the sense of community they foster.

Do I Need an App Like Sweatcoin?

Your objectives, interests, and motivation will determine whether or not you require an app like Sweatcoin.

These applications might be useful tools to improve your fitness journey if the concept of earning incentives or recording your activities appeals to you.

However, you might not need such an app if you already have a strong internal urge to be active and don’t require external incentives.

Achieving your fitness and wellness goals ultimately boils down to personal tastes and what works best for you.

The Best Apps Like Sweatcoin at a Glance

Let’s review our top choice for alternative apps for Sweatcoin.

What Is the Best Alternative App For Sweatcoin?

The best app similar to Sweatcoin is Healthy Wage. 

The app is the perfect balance of motivation and risk for its users, which helps them strive for their fitness goals and earn many rewards.

The app is truly a treasure for people determined to reach their goals since the feature of placing a bet also introduces the factor of high risk, which acts as a major driving force of motivation.

Which Alternative Has the Best Earning Potential?

Healthy Wage has a high earning potential. 

Users can win up to $10,000 by placing a bet on their weight loss or by participating in fitness challenges at Healthy Wage.

However, some restrictions exist, such as a $100 minimum bet requirement and a 10% bodyweight loss aim.

DietBet comes as a close second when we talk about earning potential. 

Also, a betting app like Healthy Wage, DietBet, can help its users win cash rewards ranging from $10 to $500, which is higher than most of the apps in the list above.

Features to Look for In Apps Like Sweatcoin

Here are features to take into account when choosing an alternate app for Sweatcoin:

  • Step Tracking: The app should correctly record your steps or gauge your activity to exchange them for real cash or other benefits.
  • System of Incentives: Search for apps that provide valuable and attractive incentives, such as cash rewards, free gift cards, or merchandise discounts.
  • Variety of Redemption Options: Determine whether the app offers a broad range of redemption choices for your earned incentives, such as gift cards from various retailers or cash via PayPal.
  • Earning Potential: Consider the earning potential of the app. Some apps may offer higher rewards for your attempt to lose weight and other physical activities, while some provide additional ways to earn, such as completing surveys or watching videos.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Apps with an intuitive and user-friendly UI make exploring and keeping track of your progress simple.
  • Privacy and Data Security: Ensure the app respects your privacy and has security measures to safeguard your personal information.
  • Integration with Fitness Applications: Pick apps compatible with your wearables or other fitness apps for a complete picture of your progress.
  • Availability: Check the app’s availability on your device’s operating system, such as iOS or Android.
  • Positive User Reviews and Ratings: Check out user reviews and ratings to learn how other users felt about the app. Positive comments can be a sign of a dependable and satisfying customer experience.

Best Apps Like Sweatcoin: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

1. Healthy Wage: Our Pick

screenshot of the healthy wage homepage

Healthy Wage is a weight-loss platform that offers cash prizes through weight-loss challenges, based in New York and founded in 2009.

You can make a wager on your chances of losing weight by setting up a Healthy Wager.

If you wish to gamble a certain amount each month to reach your goals, enter your current weight and desired weight into the reward calculator.

You can use the calculator to determine how much money you could earn by providing information regarding your prior dieting habits.

Key Features of Healthy Wage

  • Customizable targets: Use the Heath Wage calculator to set personalized weight-loss targets and find the value of the award corresponding to each one.
  • Risk and Bet Placement: Place a bet on your weight-loss objectives to add accountability and motivation, but be aware that failing to meet your target could result in losing the bet.
  • Different types of challenges: To suit your interests and objectives, choose from individual challenges, team challenges, step challenges, or construct your challenge.
  • Research-Based Approach: Based on studies conducted by prestigious organizations such as Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Pennsylvania, this strategy uses financial incentives and individual investors to boost success.
  • Community Support: Participants in Healthy Wage can connect and get support as they work towards their weight-loss objectives by fostering connections and providing encouragement.

Pros of Healthy Wage

  • Financial incentives: Cash awards from Healthy Wage are a great way to encourage people to adopt healthy behaviors and maintain weight loss objectives.
  • Support for Individuals and Teams: Healthy Wage offers both individual and team challenges, giving participants the freedom to select the setup that best meets their needs while still offering flexibility and assistance.
  • Progress tracking: Healthy Wage offers tools to help individuals monitor their progress, encourage accountability, make required corrections, recognize victories, and maintain motivation as they lose weight.

Cons of Healthy Wage

  • Monthly Betting: Healthy Wage requires individuals to make a monthly wager on their ability to reach their weight loss objective.
  • Potential Financial Loss: Bettors risk losing their money if they are unable to finish the weight loss challenge.
  • No Refunds: Once you begin a challenge and place the bet, you cannot get a refund, even if you decide to give up or are unable to continue for any other reason.

Health Wage Income

Users can win cash prizes of up to $10,000 depending on their wager size, weight loss objective, and time frame.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Healthy Wage?

By offering cash incentives and a supportive environment, Healthy Wage offers a distinctive method of weight loss.

It includes several interesting features, including targets that may be customized, several challenge types, and progress-tracking tools.

However, it is important to consider the monthly betting demand and the potential cash loss.

Your motivation, risk tolerance, and dedication to reaching your weight loss objectives will ultimately determine if you select Healthy Wage.

2. Evidation: Runner-Up

A screenshot of the evidation homepage

Evidation (formerly called Achievement app) is a fitness app that offers prizes to users who exercise and share their health information.

You can use the application to track your daily activity, step count, and advancement toward your fitness objectives by connecting your fitness tracker or fitness app.

In addition to documenting good habits like sleep, meditation, and healthy eating, you may get points for activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Key Features of Evidation

  • Passive Income: Evidation provides a way to get passive income by sharing your health and fitness data. As a result of your actions, you accrue points that can be exchanged for benefits.
  • Exercise Rewards: You can earn up to 80 points every day by consistently working out and taking part in sports like walking, running, swimming, cycling, and others.
  • Activity Logging: In addition to exercising, you may score points by keeping track of your everyday activities, such as your food intake, sleep patterns, weight, and meditation, as well as by providing updates about your progress.
  • Compatible Trackers: Evidation is compatible with many different fitness trackers, including well-known options like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Misfit, Oura Ring, and several fitness monitoring applications.
  • Rewards: After collecting the required 10,000 points, you can exchange your points for gifts like free PayPal cash, gift cards, or charitable contributions.
  • Program for Referring Friends: Evidation offers a referral program in which you can earn 100 points for each person you recommend who successfully signs up and connects an app to their account. Twenty buddies can be recommended at most.

Pros of Evidation

  • Health Promotion: Evidation encourages users to put their physical and mental health first, which benefits both them and others by increasing awareness.
  • Accessibility: The site is accessible to various users due to compliance with the WGAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).
  • Free to Use: Anyone can download and use the Evidation app for free.

Cons of Evidation

  • Limited Availability: Only Americans currently living in the United States have access to Evidation.
  • Requirement of Additional Apps: Users must download and link more apps to their Evidation accounts to gain redeemable points.
  • Limited Earning Potential: The 80-point daily earning cap may limit the possibility of earning a sizable passive income.

Evidation Income

When compared to other higher-paying apps in the list, Evidation is seen as having a low earning potential. The majority of customers may typically anticipate making $10 to $20 a year.

However, you might be able to make up to $20 per month if you are active and constantly log your actions.

You must collect 10,000 points, which is equal to $10 before you can pay out your winnings.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Evidation?

Evidation turns out to be a wise decision, not just for the earnings it provides but also for the considerable potential it possesses for enhancing your general health.

Even though the financial benefits are not enough to pay for your expenses, the real value of the app is the chance it gives you to actively monitor and improve your fitness and mental health.

3. Charity Miles: Also Great

screenshot of the charity miles homepage

Charity Miles is a free app available on iOS and Android that allows users to raise money for charities through walking, running, or biking.

Even if they are unable to keep the financial benefits for themselves, this application offers users a remarkable opportunity to support a worthwhile cause while still concentrating on their personal health and fitness goals.

This app is an ideal Sweatcoin alternative for you if you have a heart of gold and are working towards improving your health.

Key Features of Charity Miles

  • Various Charities to Choose From: Users have a wide selection of over 30 charities and causes from which to choose, including groups like Nothing But Nets, World Wildlife Fund, and The Partnership For A Healthier America.
  • Syncing with Fitness Apps: Charity Miles can sync with other fitness applications, like Strava, the iOS Health app, and Sweatcoin, enabling users to seamlessly combine their activity data and track their progress across many platforms.
  • Transparent Donation Process: Charity Miles guarantees transparency in the donation process, allowing users to see the immediate results of their efforts and the sponsors’ donations to their preferred charity.
  • Extra Mile Club: Users have the option of signing up for the Extra Mile Club, which gives them access to special discounts and savings on products, including running shoes, clothing, race entries, and consumables.
  • Setting Personal Goals: The software allows users to create personal goals, encouraging them to stick with their workout regime and reach certain milestones.

Pros of Charity Miles

  • Flexibility in Activity Options: Charity Miles nominations users with a range of physical activities, such as walking, jogging, dancing, and biking, allowing them to participate in activities that suit their tastes and skills.
  • Free and Available on Multiple Platforms: Charity Miles is a free app accessible to a large user base without any financial restrictions and is offered for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Community Engagement: By linking users with like-minded people who share a passion for fitness and philanthropy, the app develops a feeling of community, fostering a friendly and motivating atmosphere.

Cons of Charity Miles

  • Fee for Extra Mile Club: The Extra Mile Club has a monthly subscription charge, although it delivers extra savings and benefits. Users who want to take advantage of special offers and discounts would need to weigh their philanthropic contributions with the cost of the membership.
  • Geographical Restrictions: Charity Miles could not be accessible or available in all regions or nations, restricting its use to particular geographic areas.
  • Lack of Personal Rewards: Users cannot earn cash or various rewards through the app for personal use, although they can donate to charities. People looking for immediate cash gain or material prizes might not find the app as tempting.

Charity Miles Income

Through Charity Miles, users can bike, walk or run to raise money for charity organizations.

Users raise money for their chosen charity by earning 25 cents per mile for walking or jogging and 10 cents per mile for biking.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Charity Miles?

Charity Miles can be a significant app for you if you’re passionate about supporting charitable causes and want to go for walks, runs, or bike rides.

Even while the revenue might not be significant, the app enables you to pursue your health objectives while having a beneficial impact on the globe.

Notable Mentions: Other Apps Like Sweatcoin To Check Out

4. Lifecoin: Most Similar to Sweatcoin

screenshot of the lifecoin homepage

LifeCoin is a free app that rewards users for exercising. You can earn LifeCoins by keeping track of your outdoor activities and steps.

These coins can then be exchanged for merchandise such as electrical devices, PayPal cash, gift cards, and fitness clothes.

Why is Lifecoin a Great Option?

If you are a fan of Sweatcoin’s cryptocurrency and want a similar system in the alternative you are seeking, then Lifecoin is the app for you.

By engaging in activities and earning LifeCoins, users can enjoy the benefits of a reward system that aligns with their preferences.

Drawbacks to Lifecoin

The daily coin earning cap is a significant flaw that might impede users who want immediate rewards.

Additionally, accumulating a significant amount of coins for worthwhile prizes takes a lot of effort, which may not be suitable for someone looking for instant pleasure.

Lifecoin Income

For free members, LifeCoin has a daily earning restriction of 5 LifeCoins, and to earn more, you must upgrade.

The normal cash-out threshold is $50, so it takes some time to amass enough LifeCoins for substantial rewards.

5. Fit For Bucks: Best for Rewards Redemption

screenshot of the fitforbucks homepage

Another paid walking app that keeps things easy is Fit For Bucks. You’ll be making money whether you’re walking, running, hiking, or doing anything that keeps you active.

Users may earn points and use them to get free coffee, discounts on fitness programs, and other prizes.

Why is Fit For Bucks a Great Option?

Fit For Bucks stands out as a fantastic choice because of its quick time-to-earn attribute.

Fit For Bucks offers prizes that can be achieved quite rapidly with a lower step count, in contrast to certain other apps of a similar nature.

With just 20,000 steps, you can get several of the benefits, including a free coffee or savings on fitness classes.

Drawbacks to Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks’ restricted availability, as it only serves Californian users, is one of its biggest drawbacks.

Users outside of California who might not have access to the same variety of benefits and opportunities may find this restriction unsatisfactory.

Fit For Bucks Income

Instead of providing cash rewards directly, Fit For Bucks offers the possibility of earning money through discounts and freebies.

Users can exchange their earned points for various rewards by engaging in physical activity.

6. Stepbet: Best for Real Cash Rewards

screenshot of the stepbet homepage

If you aim to earn money through your fitness app, Stepbet is a great choice.

Users of StepBet place bets on their ability to complete step-based challenges.

Users pay a buy-in, typically around $40, to join games with other players and compete to meet weekly step objectives over six weeks.

If they are successful in completing challenges, they receive a refund of their money and share the prize money with other victors.

Why is Stepbet a Great Option?

The app is compatible with various health apps and gadgets, including Apple Health, Samsung Health, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Google Fit.

Once you complete your objectives, you can redeem your cash via PayPal, and the payout is typically fulfilled within 48 hours of the game’s conclusion.

Drawbacks to Stepbet

If you don’t reach your objective in Stepbet, you face the danger of losing your bet. Although it has received favorable reviews, those who dislike the prospect of losing money might not find it appealing.

Stepbet Income

The size of the pot and the number of players both affect how much you can earn. Winners of StepBet games often receive $5 to $20 per game.

7. DietBet: More Earning Potential

A screenshot of the diet bet homepage

From the same parent company as Stepbet, DietBet is also a fitness app based on the betting model. This app allows users to earn real cash by working out and fulfilling a set weight loss goal.

Users of DietBet can sign up for two kinds of games to begin making money:

  • Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks with Kickstarter.
  • Lose 10% of your body weight in six months by using the Transformer.

Why is Dietbet a Great Option?

By letting you bet on yourself, DietBet offers a driving incentive to continue with your weight reduction journey.

It provides a welcoming environment and the chance to make money while improving one’s health.

Drawbacks to Dietbet

If you don’t achieve your weight loss objective, there’s a chance you’ll lose your entire bet.

Potential income is also greatly reduced by the app’s fees, which range from 10 to 25% of the pot. Hence, it is not a suitable option for people who despise gambling or the possibility of losing money.

DietBet Income

The type of game, your stake, and the number of players all affect how much money you can win with DietBet.

Users claim to profit $5 to $25 on average per game, with bigger profits perhaps available for longer-term tasks like the Transformer games.

8. WinWalk: Best for Tracking Steps

a screenshot of the winwalk homepage

Among all the apps on the list, WinWalk is the best walking app.

You can get paid to walk using WinWalk. It provides a free pedometer app for Android, and for every 100 steps, users can earn one coin, with a daily cap of 100 coins.

And various gift cards, including those from Amazon, Domino’s, Nike, Starbucks, Target, and Walmart, are available as prizes on the app.

Why is WinWalk a Great Option?

WinWalk is a great app and stands out from other similar apps since you may earn cash incentives through gift cards, making it a more lucrative option.

WinWalk combines fitness tracking with GPT (Get-Paid-To) capabilities, providing additional earning chances through surveys and playing new mobile games.

Drawbacks to WinWalk

The daily coin cap of 10,000 steps is one issue with WinWalk, which reduces your earning potential if you only walk.

WinWalk Income

By walking with WinWalk, you can expect to make between $10 and $20 each year. However, the potential for bigger profits grows if you take advantage of the GPT offers.

9. Gig Walk: Reward by Completing Tasks

A screenshot of the gigwalk homepage

Gig Walk is not specifically a fitness app, but you can earn extra money by completing tasks in your city.

Gig Walk collaborates with businesses and brands that are eager to hear from consumers in the real world.

The kinds of gigs you may find on Gig Walk include mystery shopping assignments, taking pictures of specific structures, checking facts about apartments or companies, and reviewing customer service.

Why is Gig Walk a Great Option?

Even though Gigwalk isn’t primarily a fitness app, it may still be a fantastic way to make money while seeing your city, completing gigs, and staying active at the same time.

When compared to apps like Sweatcoin, it provides better compensation prospects, making it a desirable choice for people trying to increase their monthly income.

Drawbacks to Gig Walk

For gig walks, availability is a major drawback. People who live in the country may have fewer options or be completely unable to engage in gigs because most gigs are centered in major cities.

Gig Walk Income

With compensation ranging from $3 to $100 or more per gig, Gigwalk offers a variety of options for gigs.

Other Options Relevant to Apps Like Sweatcoin

If fitness-related activities aren’t what you’re looking for, here are some other money-making ideas:

  • Best Online Food Delivery Apps: Learn about the best apps for online meal delivery that provide convenience, a large range of restaurants, and easy ordering processes.
  • 9+ Best Apps To Make Money: From survey apps to gig platforms, discover ways to boost your income by exploring multiple mobile apps
  • 25+ Best Gig Jobs For 2023: Discover 25+ attractive contract positions for 2023. With these top gig jobs, you may increase your income while finding flexible opportunities across different sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Age Requirements for Using Apps Like Sweatcoin?

Age restrictions on different apps vary. While some apps only allow users at least 18 years old, others let users as young as 13. It’s important to review the specifications for the particular app you intend to use.

Do These Apps Safeguard My Personal Information and Privacy?

Apps like Sweatcoin claim that user privacy is a top priority and that they take precautions to safeguard personal data. To learn more about how your data is handled, it is advised that you consult the app’s privacy statement.

Wrapping Up

Healthy Wage comes out on top, offering consumers a thorough and satisfying fitness monitoring experience.

Evidation and Charity Miles both stand out in their respective fields and provide special features and advantages.

All listed apps offer appealing options whether you’re searching for monetary rewards, holistic health tracking, or the chance to change the world.

So by selecting the app that best meets your needs, you can start moving towards a healthy lifestyle!

Share this article with people looking for healthy habits and wanting to earn some extra cash. And don’t forget to give us your honest feedback in the comments section below.

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