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9+ Best Passive Income Apps: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

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Side hustles are more popular than ever.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, more Americans are getting creative to earn extra money—over 165,000.

However, most people simply take on extra jobs—losing time and energy.

The dream—if you can achieve it—is generating passive income.

Use this guide to the best passive income apps to make extra money—without sacrificing your most precious commodity: time.

An Overview of Passive Income Apps

The definition of passive income is income that generates itself.

Passive income apps bring the power of passive income to your fingertips—making it easier than ever to earn money while you sleep.

What is a Passive Income App?

Passive income apps are software applications for your phone or computer that offer easy and creative ways to earn passive income.

There are many different types of passive income apps. Some include:

  • Stock investment apps
  • Real estate investment apps
  • Savings apps
  • Gaming apps

Why Are Passive Income Apps Important?

Passive income is a highly reliable and efficient way to earn extra money—and increasing numbers of people are relying on passive income to achieve financial independence.

According to Forbes, passive income has become an increasingly common and efficient practice, especially among younger generations and creative professionals.

Do I Need a Passive Income App?

Whether you yearn for financial freedom or want extra money for the holiday season, a passive income app can help you round up the revenue you need.

The main obstacle to earning passive income is more access to lucrative ideas. Passive income apps remove the guesswork by giving you great ideas for passive income.

The Best Passive Income Apps at a Glance

If you are ready to start, consider using one of our top two picks below. These apps represent the best in the market.

What is the Best Passive Income App?

The best passive income app is Plynk.
Plynk is an accessible, easy-to-use investment platform that offers tons of training, resources, and support to guide you as you learn the ropes.

What is the Easiest Passive Income App?

The most accessible passive income app is Drop App.

Drop App is user-friendly and highly accessible to beginners.
Consider getting started with Drop App to get used to earning passive income.

Features to Look for in Passive Income Apps

There are several essential features to consider when searching for the ideal passive income strategy.

Consider each of the following criteria before settling on a passive income app.

1. User-Friendliness

The best passive income app is one you will use.

To that end, choosing an app with a user-friendly interface, clear parameters for participation, and a transparent pricing structure is essential.

2. Cost

It’s essential to consider the cost of an app before purchasing it—particularly since you are trying to boost your income (not reduce it).

To that end, the money you stand to earn from the app should exceed the amount you spend on it.

Beware apps requiring you to bid on jobs or investment opportunities with paid tokens or coins.

3. Accessibility

If you are a beginner, you should use an app that is accessible and offers plenty of training resources.

Alternatively, if you have experience in a given field, you can opt for an app with more advanced features.

Additionally, consider apps that cater to your specific interests.

You are more likely to use an app that touches on subjects that interest you.

4. Investment Requirements

Many passive income apps set requirements on the amount of money you must invest.

Consider these thresholds before committing to any app since the investment amount might exceed your budget.

Also, consider the time investment required.

If you choose a gaming app or take surveys online, try to estimate the time you will need to commit to your strategy to decide if it’s worth it.

5. Customer Support

If you invest time and money in an app but can’t get answers to your questions, you likely will not experience success.

Consider using a passive income app that is backed by expert customer support and offers accessible training resources.

Best Passive Income Apps: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

The following passive income apps are some of the best available.

We’ve assessed each feature of every app so you can choose according to your interests and priorities.

Plynk – Our Pick

Plynk is an excellent investment app specially designed for beginners and passive investors.

This app makes investing easy with how-to guides, tutorials, articles, and tips.

Best of all: it’s free to get started.

Key Features of Plynk

Plynk offers many unique features that can revolutionize your approach to earning passive income.

Consider the following:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: The Plynk dashboard is incredibly accessible and easy to use. View your investments, access tutorials, and helpful resources, and transfer money with the touch of a button.
  • Plynk Think: Plynk offers the most accessible and straightforward information on investing available.
  • Plynk Explore: This feature allows you to visualize your investment opportunities clearly and comprehensively, so you can make the best decisions possible.
  • Gift Card Exchange: The Gift Card Exchange is Plynk’s most unique feature. It allows you to transfer funds from unused gift cards into your Plynk account to make that money work for you.
  • Recurring Investments: Rather than saving money, you can set up regular investments and put that money to good use.

Pros of Plynk

There are many invaluable benefits to using Plynk.

  • Beginner-Friendly: This app is straightforward to use and very beginner-friendly. With low investment minimums and valuable information at your fingertips, Plynk is an excellent choice for beginners and experts.
  • Low Investment Minimums: Plynk only requires you to invest $1 at a time, allowing you to start small.
  • Excellent Support: From the Plynk Think database to the company’s fantastic customer support team, you can access all the information you need to succeed with this app.

Cons of Plynk

There are several drawbacks to consider before investing with Plynk.

Here are some common concerns:

  • Occasional Upcharges: Plynk charges $2 monthly after the first three months.
  • Beginner-Oriented: Because Plynk is geared towards beginners, it is less adaptive to the needs of advanced investors. Additionally, this app encourages you to learn about your investments instead of automating them.
  • Few IRA and Crypto Options: If you want to invest heavily in IRAs or cryptocurrencies, this app may be for someone else.

Plynk Pricing & Income

Should you wish to weigh the financial pros and cons of using Plynk, consider the following:

  • Pricing: Plynk is free to use for the first three months. After that, you pay $2 per month to continue using the app.
  • Minimum Investment: $1 to invest.
  • Fees: $0.50 for Crypto trades
  • Income: Your income will depend mainly on your investments’ size, type, and quality.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Plynk?

Plynk is an excellent option for beginner and advanced investors.

This app makes it easy to invest—and develop lasting skills and financial knowledge to serve you in the future.

This app is one of the best in the market, with high-quality customer service and innumerable resources to facilitate your process.

Swagbucks – Runner-Up

A screenshot of the swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks is an online rewards app that allows you to earn coupons, gift cards, and cash back on select purchases.

With Swagbucks, you can participate in various online activities to generate additional cash—and membership is free.

Consider using Swagbucks if investing isn’t for you—but you still want to earn passive income.

Key Features of Swagbucks

According to Swagbucks, users can earn up to $20,000 by using the following features:

  • Online Shopping & Search Engines: You can earn cash back through Swagbucks by online shopping at select stores, purchasing one of the company’s featured deals, or simply using the Swagbucks search engine.
  • Swagbucks Watch: Earn points by watching online videos on varied topics, from food to fashion. Each video offers a select number of issues.
  • Swagbucks Answers: Earn gift cards by taking surveys through Swagbucks. Each survey is worth 100 to 300 points.
  • Swagbucks Play: Swagbucks allows you to earn points from playing popular online games like Angry Birds.
  • Sweepstakes and Rewards: The Swagbucks extension alerts you to cash-back deals and allows you to participate in sweepstakes.

Pros of Swagbucks

Swagbucks is unique in that it offers the following advantages:

  • Diverse Income Opportunities: Swagbucks is one of the only apps that allow you to diversify your passive income approach.
  • No Investment Required: Since Swagbucks is not an investment app, you technically do not have to invest any money to make money.
  • Interactive Opportunities: Swagbucks is unique in that it allows you to earn money from completing engaging activities like games and surveys.

Cons of Swagbucks

There are several drawbacks to using Swagbucks.

Here are some of the most common pain points:

  • High Ratio of Points to Dollars: Swagbucks offers $1 for every 100 points you earn. This can make it difficult to earn sufficient income depending on your target earnings.
  • Time Investment: Although Swagbucks counts as a passive income app, you still have to participate in special activities to earn money.
  • Low Yields: Most people earn less from Swagbucks than they do on traditional investment apps. It depends entirely on your willingness to dedicate time and energy to the app’s many income opportunities.

Swagbucks Pricing & Income

Consider the following before investing in the app:

  • Cost: Swagbucks is free to join, but you may have to invest in certain products and games to earn money back.
  • Fees: You may have to pay fees to participate in select games. Additionally, you have to purchase products to earn cash back.
  • Income: According to the Swagbucks website, hundreds of users have earned up to $20,000 from using the app.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an excellent addition to any passive income portfolio.

This app is easy to use, offers diverse income opportunities, and requires little onboarding and expertise.

Swagbucks doesn’t require you to pay anything upfront, so you can quit anytime without regret.

Drop App – Also Great

a screenshot of the drop homepage

Drop App is a money-making, shopping-rewards app that allows you to earn points on select purchases.

You can then redeem those points for gift cards.

Drop App is popular among many passive income entrepreneurs for its reliability and ease of use.

Consider using Drop App if you are an avid online shopper or gamer.

Key Features of Drop App

Drop App offers several unique features, including the following:

  • In-App Purchases: With this feature, you can earn points from shopping with over 500 brands across many websites.
  • Games & Surveys: Play dozens of popular online games or take a quick survey to earn additional points. Competitions and surveys typically offer identical amounts of points.
  • Link Your Cards: You can link your credit and debit cards to earn additional points and monthly offers from Drop.
  • Crypto Investment Options: With Drop, you can invest your points in cryptocurrency (as long as you link your card to the app).
  • Drop for Business: This feature allows small businesses to participate in Drop’s rewards programs, gaining insights into customer behavior and values.

Pros of Drop App

Some of the most notable benefits of using Drop App are the following:

  • Compatible with Other Apps: One of the best features of Drop App is that you can use it with other cash-back apps, allowing you to earn and save across multiple platforms.
  • Accessible to Use: Drop App is straightforward to use. Setup is fast and efficient, and you can earn money immediately after signing up.
  • Consistent Earnings: Drop App consistently offers points across different transactions. For every 1,000 points, you can earn $1 back.

Cons of Drop App

Consider the drawbacks of using the Drop App before investing time and money.

  • No Cash Rewards: With Drop App, you earn points on select purchases, which you can redeem on gift cards. Drop App does not offer actual cash rewards.
  • Select Brands and Websites: Drop App only partners with select brands and websites, so you may not find your favorites.
  • Questionable Card Safety: Drop offers additional features to users who link their cards, but many need to be more comfortable doing so.

Drop App Pricing & Income

Consider the following before opting for Drop App:

  • Income: For every 1,000 points, you can earn $1 in gift cards.
  • Cost: Drop App is free to sign up.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Drop Apps?

Drop App is an excellent option for most people seeking an easy passive income app.

This app is accessible and relatively beginner-friendly.

You can earn a decent amount in gift cards, but remember that you will not earn cashback.

Notable Mentions: Other Passive Income Apps to Check Out

If you still haven’t found the right passive income app, consider one of our popular runners-up below.

UBF Direct

UBF Direct is a savings and money-market account provider that caters to those seeking to maximize their savings.

This is not a quick way to bring lots of discretionary income to your checking account.

If you want to put money in the bank or a high yield savings account, then UBF Direct is a perfect method for you.

With UBF Direct, you can access comprehensive digital banking tools, mobile deposit features, and easy and unlimited transfers.

Best of all: you don’t have to pay pricey monthly fees like you do with other apps and bank accounts.

Why is UBF Direct a Great Option?

UBF Direct is an ideal option for individuals seeking to maximize their savings.

It works best for those who already have money saved or a comprehensive savings strategy.

UBF Direct offers competitive APYs to ensure their customers benefit from saving with them, and there are 0 monthly fees—which may appeal to those accustomed to expensive banking costs.

Drawbacks to UBF Direct

There are several drawbacks to UBF Direct.

First, the website offers very little information about the app, so finding answers to your questions and receiving support can be challenging.

Additionally, other banking apps may offer better APYs, so remember to shop around before committing to any one savings app.

UBF Direct Pricing

Consider the following metrics before choosing UBF Direct:

  • Fees: $10 monthly fee on money market accounts, $0 monthly fee on savings accounts
  • APY: 3.91%
  • Minimum Deposits: $0


Fundrise is a digital real estate investment company that allows you to access private real estate investment opportunities.

The creators of Fundrise intended this app for average or beginner investors.

To that end, it is relatively easy to use, requires no minimum investment, and has relatively low fees.

Fundrise also offers unique opportunities to invest in income-producing trusts, called eREITs, allowing investors to pool their money toward more significant investments.

Why is Fundrise a Great Option?

Fundrise offers a unique opportunity to diversify your passive income portfolio—and real estate investments are a reliable way to earn extra money.

Fundrise is an excellent option for investors with experience in real estate transactions.

Earning income from real estate can be difficult at the beginning, so those with expertise may fare better.

Drawbacks to Fundrise

Before using Fundrise, consider some of the potential drawbacks you may face in the app.

First, you may need additional support in navigating the fundrise app if you need more experience in the realm of real estate.

Additionally, hidden costs and fees are sometimes embedded in the app, so exercise caution as you navigate it.

Fundrise Pricing

Consider some of the following metrics before using the Fundrise app;

  • Investment minimums: $10 for a Starter Portfolio; $1,000 for a Basic plan; $5,000 for a Core plan; $10,000 for an Advanced program; $100,000 for a Premium plan.
  • Fees: Asset management fee (0.85%) and Advisory Fee (0.15%)


Mainvest is a unique, beginner-friendly platform that allows users to invest funds in small businesses across the country.

With low minimum investments and high target returns, this app is an excellent place to start for beginners trying to break into the passive income market.

Why is Mainvest a Great Option?

Mainvest is an excellent option for those wishing to invest in brick-and-mortar businesses since the app caters to small business investors.

Mainvest does not require accreditation, so it is ideal for non-accredited investors and beginners.

The app is accessible, and the website offers several helpful training resources to guide you as you go.

Drawbacks to Mainvest

You may encounter flaws when using Mainvest.

First, you can only invest in businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence, and the selection is limited since Mainvest has relatively strict verification requirements.

Additionally, you may run into the possibility of a business going bankrupt, which would compromise your investment.

Mainvest Pricing 

Consider the following metrics related to Mainvest:

  • Minimum Investment: $100 minimum.
  • Target Returns: 10% to 25% return on investment.
  • Fees: None.


Moomoo is a FINRA-registered online broker that allows users to make active trades on a data-rich platform.

Moomoo differentiates itself from similar apps because it offers more access to financial metrics and relevant data than other platforms, allowing you more insight into the market as it moves.

You shouldn’t jump right into Moomoo if you’re unfamiliar with the stock market and risks of high stakes trading.

The platform is best for experienced traders since its learning curve can be sharp, but if you know what you are doing, the app is worth it.

Why is Moomoo a Great Option?

Moomoo is an excellent alternative to other active trading apps because the company provides more data access than others.

For this reason, it is an excellent resource for traders with some experience (or those willing to learn).

With  Moomoo, you can invest across multiple markets and make trades before and after hours. You can earn up to 15 free stocks just by opening an account.

Drawbacks to Moomoo

Remember to consider any potential setbacks to Moomoo before using the app.

The platform is quite challenging to use, and you must acclimate to the interface before using it successfully.

Moomoo has high margin rates and doesn’t support other trading options like mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and bonds.

Make sure you know what you’d like to trade and that it is supported by Moomoo before you jump in.

Moomoo Pricing 

Consider the following pricing structures of Moomoo:

  • US Stock Commissions: $0
  • SG/Hong Kong Stock Commissions, ETFs, REITs: 0.03% commissions.
  • Platform Fee: $0.99 per order


Acorns is a passive investment app that caters to beginners and those seeking low-risk investments on an easy-to-use platform.

Acorns also offer many savings incentives, from automated savings to cash-back options.

Acorn’s saving and investing products are accessible and open to most users.

Why is Acorns a Great Option?

Acorns is an excellent option for its diverse and comprehensive savings and investment options.

With Acorns, you can invest in exchange-traded funds, add to retirement accounts (IRAs), open a debit card account that allows you to use intelligent deposits and avoid fees, and earn cash back on select purchases.

Since Acorns has few entry requirements, it is excellent for interested users.

Drawbacks to Acorns

Acorns charges relatively high fees compared to other platforms.

Additionally, while using Acorns, you may encounter unexpected expenses.

For example, the platform charges a fee to access your checking account, which is relatively unusual among similar apps.

Lastly, Acorns does not offer access to human advisors, which may be a drawback, depending on your level of expertise.

If you are familiar with trading but not quite at the expert level, Acorns is great for you.

Acorns Pricing

Consider the following pricing metrics before investing with Acorns.

  • Monthly Fees: $3 for a personal account, $5 for a family account
  • Investment Minimums: $0
  • Expense Ratios: 0.03% to 0.25%

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a savings app from the renowned banking institution Capital One.

This app is easy to use and is available as a Chrome extension.

The extension lets you know when you stand to save extra money on a purchase, automatically tries promo codes, and allows you to earn cash back on select purchases.

Why is Capital One Shopping a Great Option?

Capital One Shopping is straightforward to use and excellent for beginners.

Simply download the extension and access exclusive deals, promotional codes, a price comparison tool, a universal product search engine, and shopping credits.

With this app, you can also sign up for price drop notifications to alert you when the desired item is on sale.

Drawbacks to Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping does not always present users with the best promo codes available; additional reward rates may appear on alternative apps.

Additionally, Capital One Shopping offers only select pay-out options, which can limit your access to your cash-back savings.

Lastly, Capital One allegedly collects personal information at sign-up.

Capital One Shopping Pricing

Capital One Shopping is free to download and can be used at no cost.

Savings vary depending on the item and website—but you typically need to make purchases to earn rewards.

It can seem a little counterintuitive to have to spend money to save money, but if you spend a lot on certain categories, Capital One is a great option for you.

Other Services Relevant to Passive Income Apps

If you enjoyed this article, consider reading about other gig work and passive income options.

There are many ways to make extra money, and with some research, you can find your dream side hustle.

  • Best Gig Apps: Gig work and side hustles are a great way to earn additional income—and you can typically make more from gig apps than from passive income apps. Consider learning more about gig apps. 
  • Companies That Pay to Talk to People: Working for a company that pays you to talk to people can be an immense advantage for extroverts. Consider checking out some of the best companies that hire you to conversate with others. 
  • Best Food Delivery Services: Food delivery is an increasingly popular way to earn additional income—and these apps and websites make it easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may need clarification as to which app to use.

Consider the answers to our most frequently asked questions below before deciding.

Can I Realistically Make $1,000 in a Month?

You can make $1,000 in a month.

Your income will depend mainly on the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in your passive income opportunities, but if you dedicate yourself to whichever app you choose, you can earn a grand.

Is There Such a Thing as Passive Income?

Passive income is legitimate.

Although there is no such thing as “free money,” you can earn income by doing very little.

Every income opportunity requires some kind of up-front investment—whether time or money—but once you make that investment, you begin to earn—passively.

Wrapping Up

Passive income could change your approach to money—and bring you the financial freedom you crave.

If you want to earn passive income quickly, consider using one of our top apps, Plynk. Plynk is a comprehensive investment app that allows you to develop your financial literacy skills.

At the same time, you earn extra money. Its user-friendly interface and accessible training make it excellent for beginners.

Alternatively, consider using Swagbucks if you prefer more active engagement.

No matter which app you choose, you can start earning passive income today.

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