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HealthyWage Review: Should You Get Paid to Lose Weight?

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When your ultimate goal is to lose weight, feeling motivated is the hardest part.

With all the temptations surrounding you, following a healthy lifestyle can feel extremely demanding when it’s not a lifestyle you typically follow.

With HealthyWage, you have an unconventional motivation: your wallet.

This unique company allows you to get paid to lose weight.

In this article, we’ll discuss what HealthyWage is, explain how it works, and provide our final verdict on how worth it the weight loss platform really is.

What Is HealthyWage?

HealthyWage: A woman holds a salad and measures her waste

HealthyWage is a health and wellness platform that offers financial incentives and various challenges to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The company helps you lose weight within a specified time frame by allowing you to place bets on yourself and earn when you achieve.

Essentially, the company doubles as a motivator for your health and a method for you to make money.

With methods backed by academic research, the company is built to effectively decrease obesity in the United States and throughout the world.

HealthyWage makes joining a traditional weight loss program easy by giving you the money that other companies typically take, therefore making your weight loss journey beneficial to you in multiple ways.

How Does HealthyWage Work?

HealthyWage: the company's prize page

As previously stated, HealthyWage allows you to earn by placing a weight loss bet and achieving it over time.

You can get started with the company’s primary program, called “The HealthyWager,” in a few easy steps:

  1. Head to the HealthyWager page on www.healthywage.com.
  2. Submit how much you’d like to lose, the time frame in which you’d like to lose weight, and the amount of money you’d like to bet.
    As you play with the prize calculator, HealthyWage will provide an estimated prize range.
    You must commit to losing at least 10% of your current weight to qualify.
  3. Follow the questionnaire and submit your sex, height, weight, and waist size.
  4. Submit your email and create a password to reveal your exact prize amount.
  5. Place your bet to commit by submitting your credit card information and get started.

Before beginning your weight loss journey, HealthyWage requires that you provide an initial weigh-in using one of four verified methods:

  • Upload a video to the HealthyWage app
  • Upload a video to the HealthyWage website
  • Upload a VerifyMe! form (available on your challenge dashboard) after a certified fitness or health professional fills it out
  • Upload a VerifyMe! form that has been completed at a Weight Watchers meeting

Once this is complete, you can start following your health plan.

After your HealthyWage challenge is over, you’ll receive a prize if you succeed.

Otherwise, your money will go toward helping other participants seeking a healthy body weight.

When it’s time to submit your final weigh-in, we recommend wearing the outfit you wore during your first to prevent errors caused by clothing weight.

Additional Opportunities to Earn

Working alone isn’t always the easiest way to lose weight.

Comparison may be the thief of joy, but on HealthyWage, it’ll unlock your competitive side and encourage you to successfully reach your weight loss goals.

Here are three additional weight loss challenges that HealthyWage offers:

1. $10,000 Team Challenge

HealthyWage: the company's homepage

If you have five friends, family members, or co-workers who are also aiming to lose weight, consider taking part in HealthyWage’s three-month team challenges.

Currently, HealthyWage charges an entry fee of $33 per month ($99 total) for the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 based on your ranking at the end of the challenge.

You can request that HealthyWage places you on a team if you’re flying solo on the platform but want to take part in the fun competition.

Rankings are entirely based on your team’s combined weight loss percentage and you’ll receive an update on your team’s status after weekly weigh-ins.

Plus, participants who lose 10% of their weight within nine months after the beginning of the challenge and upload proof in a designated time frame will receive their entry fees back.

2. Jackpot Challenge

Jackpot challenges, which can be found in this directory, are simple.

HealthyWage provides a weight loss challenge ⁠— usually losing 6% of your weight ⁠— and rewards you with a share of a jackpot worth thousands if you complete the goal within a given time frame.

The more entrants there are, the bigger the pot gets.

Step challenges on the platform also function similarly, but instead of encouraging you to lose a percentage of weight, you’ll be challenged to increase your monthly steps by a specified percentage.

While most jackpot challenges are meant for individuals, there are some available to teams, as well.

3. Corporate Challenges

HealthyWage specializes in helping employees of large-scale corporations lose weight together.

The company states that HealthyWage is free to offer to employees, who can support each other in their weight loss goals by participating in challenges together for financial rewards.

As a plus, the bonuses are guaranteed to leave the office extra happy and motivated.

This corporate wellness program successfully encourages employees to lose nearly 5% of their weight on average, according to HealthyWage.

Getting Paid With HealthyWage

HealthyWage: a pile of money

After winning a challenge, the company will reward you with your promised prize in the form of HW points.

You can choose one of the following options to cash out:

  • Receive a cash prize via PayPal (PayPal will charge a 2.9% fee + 30 cents)
  • Receive a cash prize via check ($7 processing fee required)
  • Invest your points back into new or current HealthyWage challenges

Much like receipt rebate apps, HealthyWage is definitely not a platform through which you can make a living — and it isn’t meant to be.

It’s important to remember that HealthyWage is for helping people reach their goal weights first, and helping people make extra money second.

After all, your payout isn’t the only incentive the company provides.

Healthywage also plays on your aversion to losing money to keep you in the game.

Don’t be surprised if you’re risking hundreds of your own money only to make an extra $50 in the end.

Is HealthyWage Worth It?

HealthyWage: a woman jogger

With all the benefits that HealthyWage provides, it’s understandable why many would be skeptical.

However, the platform is as legitimate as many popular and certified weight loss programs.

HealthyWage states that the company is supported by insurance companies, hospitals, government entities, and more.

By partnering with organizations that care about your health — and earning money off of the inevitable failed bets — they’re able to provide incredible monetary benefits for many consumers.

Even though the program isn’t a scam, whether the program is worth it varies based on your situation.

If you’re truly committed to losing weight, HealthyWage provides incredibly useful programs to keep you motivated in the long term, without forcing you to lose weight at an unhealthy pace.

This isn’t necessarily an easy journey.

If you’re in it for the money, consider more passive income opportunities or other ways to earn from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

HealthyWage: A hand holds a smoothie with weights on the floor

The opportunity to earn money — and not lose your investments — provides a great incentive for helping you achieve your weight loss resolutions.

To help you determine if you’re eligible to earn with HealthyWage, here are our answers to three frequently asked questions about the platform:

1. Can I use HealthyWage if I am receiving weight loss assistance?

HealthyWage is open to anyone who is currently enrolled in a weight loss program, or receiving other forms of assistance like fitness coaching, meal planning services, and more.

In fact, HealthyWage actually has a close partnership with Weight Watchers.

However, there are limitations for people currently using weight loss pills.

You must receive doctor consent before enrolling in the HealthyWager program, and are usually barred from competing in challenges for a year after you last took weight loss pills.

Anyone who has received surgical weight loss assistance must wait a year before using the HealthyWage platform.

2. Can I participate in multiple challenges?


HealthyWage helps you increase your earnings by allowing you to participate in up to 10 challenges at once.

As long as you’re eligible, nothing prevents you from increasing your earnings this way.

3. Does HealthyWage have weight loss limits in place?

HealthyWage does not set limits on the amount of money you can earn from the platform, and currently doesn’t specify and weight loss limit.

Because of this, some critics have considered similar platforms harmful for people with eating disorders.

However, there haven’t been any reported mental health trends among people using HealthyWage, and HealthyWage is typically reported to be a positive platform.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

When you join HealthyWage, you receive an opportunity to lose weight through a platform that creates an enjoyable game out of a traditional struggle.

While you won’t make a living through the platform, you will definitely experience financial and health benefits within a few months of commitment, if weight loss truly is your goal.

If you’re not sure if you can commit to weight loss, take a look at our guide to the best online jobs that aren’t on crowded freelance websites.

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