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How to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets [In 4 Easy Steps]

Do you have Taylor Swift tickets you don’t plan on using?

You must be wondering if you can flip these tickets for some cash. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need and detail the steps you should take to resell your tickets successfully. Stick around.

Is It Possible to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets?

Yes, you can resell Taylor Swift tickets. In fact, reselling concert tickets is one of the best ways to make some extra cash. This is particularly true in the case of tickets for world-renowned artists like Taylor Swift.

Such tickets are always in demand and many people are prepared to pay top dollar for them. In turn, you can end up with a considerable profit margin whether you’re reselling tickets you no longer intend to use or are running a full-fledged ticket resale business.

What Kinds of Taylor Swift Tickets Sell Well?

The best Taylor Swift tickets to sell at the moment are Eras tour tickets. The superstar singer’s upcoming tour is set to break records in terms of attendance. In turn, its tickets are in high demand and have excellent resale value.

What Is the Value of Taylor Swift Tickets?

The average price of Taylor Swift tickets in the primary market is around $250. In contrast, the average price of an Eras tour ticket in the resale market is a whopping $1,605. The $450 to $500 average resale price for other big-name artists, such as Drake and Beyonce, pales in comparison.

Do Taylor Swift Tickets Lose Value Over Time?

If you’re wondering how the value of Taylor Swift tickets fares over time, it depends on which time you’re talking about.

As the concert date gets closer, the tickets’ resale value skyrockets. This is because the global superstar’s fans start to get desperate and fear that they won’t find tickets for the show. In turn, they’re willing to go deeper into their pockets.

Once the concert is all said and done, any tickets you have become worthless. Make sure to offload your tickets before this happens.

We know you want to maximize your profit, but don’t risk waiting until the last minute because you might not find a buyer.  

Things to Consider When Selling Taylor Swift Tickets

Before you can start successfully reselling Taylor Swift tickets and cashing in, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Here are some important ones:

1. Scale of Operation

When reselling concert tickets, you may be doing it because you have some tickets you’re not going to use and want to get rid of. You could also be running a full-scale ticket resale hustle.

Having a clear idea of which route you’re taking will help inform your strategy moving forward.

2. Which Channel to Resell Through

Another aspect to think of is where you’ll resell your Taylor Swift tickets.

There are many online ticket resale platforms you can use. We recommend StubHub, Ticketmaster, or Vivid Seats. Each platform has different fees and payment methods which we discuss in more detail in the upcoming section.

3. When to Resell

You should also consider the ideal time to resell your Taylor Swift tickets. If you resell the tickets too early, you may not take full advantage of your potential profit margin.

In contrast, waiting until a few days before the concert in an attempt to sell at the highest price may backfire. This risk is why it’s important to choose just the right time to sell.

Where to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets

When reselling Taylor Swift tickets, a resale site is your best bet. Luckily, there are numerous event ticket resale platforms to choose from.

1. StubHub

a screenshot of the stubhub homepage

People use StubHub to resell any type of tickets imaginable. Whether it’s concert, theater, or sports event tickets, selling tickets on StubHub is as convenient as can be.

What Makes This Option Great?

StubHub is the leading resale site in the secondary ticket market. The platform allows you to list your tickets for free. Additionally, the commission it takes from each sale you make is relatively low.

StubHub also offers sellers nifty tools and services to help them resell their tickets successfully.

  • Fees/Commission: 15% is deducted from the amount due to the seller
  • Payment Methods: Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, StubHub gift cards, or PayPal

2. Ticketmaster

a screenshot of the ticketmaster homepage

Despite coming into existence only 13 years ago, Ticketmaster has quickly transformed into one of the largest ticket resale platforms globally.

What Makes This Option Great?

Millions of people are selling tickets on Ticketmaster every single day. The platform’s huge usership means that a lot of potential buyers will see your ticket listings, increasing your chances of making sales. Additionally, you can list your Taylor Swift tickets on Ticketmaster for free.

  • Fees/Commission: 15% is deducted from the amount due to the seller
  • Payment Methods: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, Ticketmaster Gift Card, PayPal, or Venmo

3. Vivid Seats

a screenshot of the vividseats homepage

Along with StubHub, Vivid Seats is one of the most established ticket resale platforms in the world with over two decades of experience.

What Makes This Option Great?

The main perk of using Vivid Seats to find suitors for your Taylor Swift tickets is that it charges a lower seller fee than StubHub and Ticketmaster. Additionally, Vivid Seats offers you more ways to receive payment.

  • Fees/Commission: 10% is deducted from the amount due to the seller
  • Payment Methods: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and Android Pay

What You’ll Need to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets

There are some essential requirements you need to fulfill before you can start reselling Taylor Swift tickets. Here are the most important of these basic prerequisites:

  • Access to the Internet: The secondary ticket market mainly exists online, which means you can’t engage in it without being connected to the web. In turn, you need a smartphone or laptop with a working internet connection to start reselling tickets.
  • A Platform to Resell On: First off, you should decide on the platform on which you’ll resell your Taylor Swift tickets. Our picks are StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats. You can also try your luck on other channels, like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.
  • A Valid Debit/Credit Card: You’ll require a working debit or credit card to purchase tickets and also to resell them. Aside from Craigslist, none of the online platforms we mentioned allow cash payment. So, you need a card to access your funds.

How to Resell Taylor Swift Tickets: Step-by-Step Instructions

In your attempts to resell Taylor Swift tickets, you’ll need to go through four main steps. The process is quite simple as long as you have a clear vision of the objectives.

Here’s a detailed description of the steps below:

1. Choose Your Resale Platform

If you want to have the highest chance of successfully reselling your tickets, your offering should reach as wide an audience as possible.

To do so, you should use a resale platform with high usership that gives your listings adequate exposure. We recommend going for StubHub, Ticketmaster, or Vivid Seats.

Before you can list your tickets on any of these platforms, you’ll need to create an account. Here’s how to do so on each platform:


  1. Access StubHub through the website or the app
  2. Click on “New to StubHub”
  3. Enter your personal information, which includes your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.
  4. Create your password


  1. Open Ticketmaster through your browser or download the app
  2. Click on “My Account”, then on “Sign In”
  3. Select “New to Ticketmaster”
  4. Provide your name, phone number, email address, zip code, and country of residence
  5. Create your password
  6. Request a verification code through text or call
  7. Enter the code and select “Continue”

Vivid Seats

  1. Access the Vivid Seats website
  2. Select the “Profile” icon
  3. Enter your name, email, and zip code
  4. Create your password
  5. Select “Create Account”

2. List the Taylor Swift Tickets You’re Offering

Now it’s time to list your Taylor Swift tickets for sale. On StubHub and Ticketmaster, you can do so free of charge. Here’s how to list your offerings on each platform:


  1. Click on “Sell”
  2. Search for the event and its date
  3. Enter your credit card information
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Select “Create Listing”  


  1. Select “Sell”
  2. Click on the tickets you want to list, then select “Continue”
  3. Enter your price and payment method
  4. Review and confirm your listing

Vivid Seats

  1. Click on “Sell Tickets”
  2. Select “Sell Your Tickets”
  3. Search for the event and its date
  4. Enter the ticket information required
  5. Enter your price and payment method
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions, then select “Submit Tickets”

3. Settle on Your Price and Payment Methods

This step’s importance depends on whether you’re running a full-fledged resale business or just trying to get quick cash from tickets you’re not going to use. If you’re running a business, it’s essential to price your tickets correctly.

To do so, research the going price of your tickets on the market. Your price should be slightly lower than the average, but not too low that you don’t get a reasonable profit margin.

Additionally, you should pick the resale platform that supports your desired payment method.

4. Spread the Word About Your Listings

Nobody’s going to buy your tickets if they don’t know you’re offering them. So, you must market your listings through different outlets.

You can do so through sponsored posts on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Alternatively, you can spread the word about your listings on Reddit. Find threads where people are talking about Taylor Swift. In these threads, you’re highly likely to find a Taylor Swift fan willing to buy your tickets at the listed price.

Can You Make Money Flipping Taylor Swift Tickets?

Yes, you can make a lot of money reselling Taylor Swift tickets. The following paragraphs cover the reasons why.

What Is a Taylor Swift Ticket Resale Business?

Running a Taylor Swift ticket resale business involves buying tickets for the megastar’s concerts with no intention of going.

The objective is to resell the tickets for more than what you paid for them. The difference between your purchase and sale prices is the profit you get to pocket.  

Is Reselling Taylor Swift Tickets a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling Taylor Swift tickets is a great way to make money because of the singer’s massive following.

Tickets for her concerts are always in high demand, which means that you’ll have no problems finding someone who wants to buy them. This applies regardless of the price you sell them at, provided that it’s not wildly unreasonable.

This hustle does come with a risk though. If the concert comes and goes and you haven’t sold the tickets, they become worthless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Are Taylor Swift Concerts?

Taylor Swift concerts are usually mega-events that last for over 3 hours. The global superstar gives her fans their money’s worth as she performs over 40 songs in some shows.

How Many People Get Taylor Swift Codes?

1.5 million people received Taylor Swift access codes. This is less than half of the 3.5 million who registered to buy tickets.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you want to offload tickets you don’t need or want to make serious cash through a resale hustle, reselling Taylor Swift tickets is a great option. Following the steps and tips we detailed in this guide is sure to boost your chances of success.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Also, share this guide with your family and friends if you found it useful.

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