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A Detailed Guide to Resell NFL Tickets as a Side Hustle 

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, with over 16.7 million people tuning in for a regular-season game on average. 

If you have a spare ticket and are looking to resell it or are considering a ticket resale business, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to resell NFL tickets for people looking to pass on a spare ticket as well as those looking to start a resale business. 

Is It Possible to Resell NFL Tickets? 

Yes, the resale of NFL tickets is legal and allowed by the league. But the resale of tickets is not allowed in or around the stadium where the match is played. 

Most resale transactions take place online, and only a few people buy tickets physically on the ground. 

The NFL also introduced its own Ticket Exchange Program in exclusive partnership with Ticketmaster to make it easier and more secure for fans to resell. 

What Kinds of NFL Tickets Sell Well? 

The end-of-season home games are some of the most in-demand, with fans eager to attend essential games. But derby matches, high-stakes playoff games, and special players visiting town also generate a lot of interest. Reselling such tickets is a quick way to make money with almost guaranteed returns. 

The asking price can be affected by several factors, such as:

  • The teams playing
  • If the tickets are for home or away fans
  • Specific seats, etc.

Generally speaking, the more important the fixture and the more star players involved in the game, the more likely it is to be in demand and sell well. 

What Is the Value of NFL Tickets? 

The average value of an NFL ticket is around $111. But the highest average amount a ticket has sold for is $1022 in the 2023 season when the Eagles visit the New England Patriots. 

On the other hand, the average price for Tampa Bay Buccaneers games has plunged by 50% to $179 on average following Tom Brady’s retirement. 

This shows the disparity in ticket prices and value within the league, with some tickets over nine times as expensive as others. 

Tickets for the biggest games are great high-ticket resale items since a lot of people want to witness the action in person. 

Do NFL Tickets Lose Value Over Time? 

Die-hard NFL fans usually try to secure tickets to a game with their favorite NFL team as early as possible. 

Since tickets to important matches are in demand, they are also more expensive and don’t lose their value over time. Tickets can often be sold out months before the fixture, which suggests that they don’t lose their value over time. 

But those that aren’t as important could end up causing a loss since sellers become more desperate closer to game day. And to offload their tickets, they usually charge lower prices to people willing to buy them. 

Things to Consider When Reselling NFL Tickets 

Several factors come into play when you’re selling NFL tickets as a side hustle, and they can all influence the kind of money you receive for your tickets. 

Here are some of the things you should consider when you’re starting out as a reseller: 

  • Acquiring Tickets at a Lower Price: Finding your tickets at a lower price can significantly boost profit margins. Try making contacts within the NFL, franchises, or organizers who can supply tickets at a lower price. Or, find a way to buy tickets at a lower price. 
  • Commission on Websites: The commission charged by sites like eBay, SeatGeek, StubHub, and Ticketmaster can drive down the final amount you earn. Remember to account for this deduction in your calculations or find a way to sell tickets without the presence of an online mediator. 
  • Who is Playing: The teams playing in the match have the biggest influence on the prices of the tickets. The Chiefs, Bengals, and 49ers are bound to draw more viewers than the Detroit Lions. Derby matches between rivals can prove to be a goldmine, with fans eager to watch their favorite team play a big game. 
  • Stakes of the Game: A season-ending game is bound to be more in-demand than the middle when there’s not much at stake. Games that can make or break a team’s playoff chances can help you sell tickets for a lot more money. 
  • When You’re Selling the Tickets: The earlier you put your tickets up for sale, the better. When the game is too close, you’re more likely to panic and sell your tickets for less to avoid making a loss. Having ample time in hand will help you avoid this issue and find a buyer in time. 

Where to Resell NFL Tickets 

Most people choose to sell NFL tickets online, but it can be confusing to decide where to list with so many options. Ideally, you should post your tickets on multiple platforms to ensure that you’re reaching the most people. 

This will help you resell your tickets even for games that are not extremely popular. 

Here are some of the most popular places where you can resell tickets:  

1. StubHub 

a screenshot of the stubhub homepage

StubHub receives over 100 million visitors looking to buy tickets on sale. It’s one of the most popular ticket resale sites and one of the recognized resale partners for NFL tickets.  

Selling tickets on StubHub is a safe and secure option, and since the site doesn’t regulate prices, you can charge whatever you think is fair. 

  • Fees/Commission: The service fee charged is 15% of the selling amount, which is deducted before being transferred to the seller’s account. 
  • Payment Methods: Sellers receive the sales proceeds in their bank account after the event date. 

2. SeatGeek 

a screenshot of the seatgeek homepage

One of the unique features of selling tickets on SeatGeek is their transparent pricing policy, which shows how much the seller will receive upon selling their tickets. 

It also allows sellers to easily upload the ticket details; all they have to do is set the price. 

Since there are no hidden fees, the service charges and commissions are all included in the listed price. SeatGeek often lists tickets at higher prices than the seller posted them for to make up for the commission. 

  • Fees/Commission: The site’s FAQ section mentions a 10% fee on top of the selling price that you set for the tickets. 
  • Payment Methods: Sellers can only receive the money in their bank account after adding a payout method.

3. Ticketmaster

a screenshot of the ticket exchange by ticketmaster homepage

Ticketmaster is the official NFL Ticket Exchange partner and allows fans to connect, buy, and sell tickets. 

It verifies each and every ticket and also provides the tickets with a new, unique barcode with the name of the buyer. This way, Ticketmaster ensures that there are no fraudulent NFL ticket purchases. 

Selling tickets on Ticketmaster is possible in almost all cases, barring a few exceptional cases where it isn’t allowed. 

  • Fees/Commission: Around 15% of the selling price, but the total fees are not revealed until the tickets are listed. 
  • Payment Methods: Ticketmaster pays sellers through their bank account after it is added as a payout method. 

The different commissions charged by the sites can make it difficult to keep track of the money you make. Learning how to calculate gross profit from resale is essential, especially if you’re looking to start a flipping business.   

What You’ll Need to Resell NFL Tickets 

Selling tickets online can be a bit confusing if you’ve never tried it before. Here is a quick overview of what you will need to sell tickets to NFL games online: 

  • Physical Tickets: You must have a physical copy of an NFL ticket, which you can mail to the buyer once it is sold. 
  • Active Bank Account: A functioning bank account is necessary to receive the payout from the resale platform. 
  • Money to Cover Shipping: In most cases, the seller must cover ticket shipping expenses. Remember to have some money set aside to cover delivery charges. 

How To Resell NFL Tickets: Step-By-Step Instructions 

Here is a step-by-step guide to selling tickets for NFL fixtures online. 

Step 1: Sign Up for the Platforms 

Open up StubHub, StageGeek, and the Ticketmaster app and sign up for each of the platforms. 

Enter your correct contact details since they will be used to communicate with you during and after the sale. 

Step 2: Post Your Ticket for Sale 

Once you sign up, upload all the accurate details of your ticket, as they will help the buyer authenticate your listing. 

In the case of Ticketmaster, your ticket will be automatically verified. After a sale, a new barcode will be issued to the buyer.

Step 3: Choose a Fair Price

Before you go through with the listing, a key step that most overlook is setting a resale price. It should not be so high that it puts off buyers entirely. 

Set a price that offers you a decent profit margin while also having a good chance of selling. 

Step 4: Deliver the Tickets Once Sold 

After the purchase has been completed, you’ll have to ship the tickets to the buyer. Their address will be provided to you as part of the invoice. 

Ensure that you choose a postal method by which they will receive their tickets before the event. 

Step 5: Confirm Your Payout 

After you’ve shipped the tickets and the event is complete, you will receive your payout for the sale. 

If it isn’t reflected in your bank account within a week, contact the customer service of the respective site.

Can You Make Money Flipping NFL Tickets? 

You can make a profit from flipping NFL tickets, though it’s difficult to say how much with any certainty. Although you might buy tickets early, there might not be enough demand for people to resort to third-party sellers. 

In some cases, you might have to endure a loss, but if you can secure tickets for matches that are in-demand and important, you can make a significant profit flipping NFL tickets. 

The key to success is knowing which tickets will be most in demand among fans. 

You can also gamble with the season tickets starting with the NFL preseason, with fans eager to see their teams in action before the results start to matter. 

NFL season ticket holders have the option to sell their passes to other fans. The average price of a season ticket ranges from $1,500 to $4,500, and you could achieve a significant markup even if you are transferring your tickets for every game. 

What is an NFL Ticket Resale Business? 

An NFL ticket resale business would consist of buying in-demand tickets from the source and selling them at a higher price for profit. 

This model requires securing tickets to games that NFL fans are eager to see. You could buy them from Ticketmaster as soon as they go up for sale.

Or, you could leverage any contacts you have regarding teams, the NFL, or the sporting world to get extra tickets to games. This way, you can significantly raise their profit margins and have a successful flipping business. 

Is Reselling NFL Tickets a Good Way to Make Money? 

Yes, reselling tickets to NFL matches is a good way to make money, provided one can get tickets for matches that people want to see. 

Unless there is a lot of demand for a particular game and a shortage of supply from Ticketmaster, people wouldn’t normally resort to third-party sellers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Sell My NFL Tickets on Ticketmaster?

If your ticket is grayed out on Ticketmaster, then it might not be covered by the NFL Ticket Exchange. In such cases, you will have to try out other ways to sell tickets, such as StubHub or SeatGeek.

Is StubHub Safe for NFL Tickets? 

Yes, StubHub is a safe way for people to sell tickets to NFL games since it is recognized by the league. Sellers receive their payment for selling tickets once the event is complete. 

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Below are some other resale tutorials you should check out if you found this article interesting: 

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Wrapping Up 

While the NFL Ticket Exchange on Ticketmaster is the league’s preferred way of reselling tickets, you aren’t restricted to it. 

You should post your tickets on multiple platforms to maximize your chances of attracting a buyer. StageGeek charges a minimal fee, while StubHub places no restrictions on the price at which you can list your tickets.

In the rare case where it isn’t possible to sell tickets on Ticketmaster, you’ll have to make use of the other platforms. 

Let us know what you found most helpful in the comments below if you liked this article. Feel free to share it with a friend who could use this guide to sell their spare NFL ticket or start a full-blown resale business.  

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