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How to Resell NBA Tickets For Money

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Because of their success, New York Knicks has the most expensive NBA tickets. So, if you have some tickets you don’t need, you might consider reselling them. But is it possible?

Many people wonder if they can resell NBA tickets and if this transaction can be profitable.

Luckily, it’s easily done, and this article will explain the process in detail.

Is it Possible to Resell NBA Tickets?

You can resell NBA or National Basketball Association tickets on several platforms. Once you’ve made a purchase, you can resell them to someone else, especially if they’re hard to find.

NBA tickets aren’t refundable, but you don’t have to lose your money if you don’t need the tickets you’ve already bought. Many basketball fans would happily pay for the tickets you aren’t interested in.

If an event is canceled and not rescheduled, you can refund the tickets and get your money back. But other than that, there’s no way you can earn money for the tickets you bought.

What Kinds of NBA Tickets Sell Well?

If you’re into basketball, you’d know which games are in high demand. If you’ve already bought season tickets you no longer need, you can make money if they satisfy these criteria as a ticket seller.

  • You have time to study the market to know which tickets will be in high demand.
  • You’re selling tickets locally because you’ll get all the money. There will be no transaction or transfer fees.
  • You have time to negotiate the best price possible for your tickets.
  • You can access early bird tickets where the best NBA teams play.
  • You have a list of interested ticket buyers who know you can get rare tickets.
  • List your tickets early when there’s a low supply.
  • You have playoff or finals tickets that people would happily pay for.

What is the Value of NBA Tickets?

The value of NBA tickets is determined based on the team’s popularity, standing, where they’re playing, and how well they’ve been playing.

So, if you have a ticket to the season playoffs, you can sell it for a reasonable price because many people would be interested in buying it.

Generally, average tickets cost between $85 and $95, but courtside tickets are way more expensive. In some season finals, courtside tickets can cost up to four figures.

The best-playing teams, like the Lakers and Knicks, have more expensive tickets. Their average ticket prices can be between $158 and $165.

Do NBA Tickets Lose Value Over Time?

Basketball fans spend months studying the game and comparing tickets to find the best times to buy them. So, if you’re reselling tickets, you want to know which months are best to retain the value of the tickets you purchased.

During the season, ticket prices fluctuate, and they generally go down as we approach August during the off-season. So, you want to avoid this month if you’re trying to resell tickets for a profit.

Things to Consider When Reselling NBA Tickets

Reselling NBA tickets can be profitable in the right conditions. This is why you need to do a little research to know how to pick the right tickets to resell and how to resell them for a profit.

1. Choose the Right Tickets

Not all NBA tickets will be profitable to resell. The early season NBA tickets aren’t that valuable because the NFL season is still on, so many sports fans will be interested in NFL games instead.

Compared to the NFL’s 17-game season, some of the 41 games of the NBA season aren’t that important. So, you must study how the games progress to decide on the right tickets.

Keep an eye on how matches are going. If you have tickets to a game played by underperforming teams, there’s a little chance you can make a lot of money reselling the tickets. The price might be affected if the game is played in bad weather.

2. Pick the Right Date

August and April are the worst months to resell tickets because they’re too affordable. NBA tickets gain more popularity around Christmas time, so this could be an excellent chance to resell tickets.

Weekend tickets will sell better than weekday tickets because more people would be interested in attending the game instead of watching it on TV. But if there’s an NFL game played on the same day, you should consider this.

3. Determine the Price

The primary purpose of reselling NBA tickets is to make money off tickets you don’t need. If you don’t choose the right time and price for your tickets, you might resell them for a lower price.

You need to examine several platforms to see how tickets are priced. If they’re still in high supply, you might not be able to make a big profit off selling them.

As a seller, you can determine the price of your tickets based on the prices of similar seats. So, check the prices of tickets at a similar distance away from the court, and price your tickets accordingly.

In general, ticket prices drop three to seven days prior to the game, so you want to resell them as early as possible. This will guarantee the most significant profit for your second-hand tickets.

You can also offer a bundle price for several tickets. If fans know that they can pay less to buy several tickets, you’ll end up selling more of the tickets you have.

4. Build Your Reputation

NBA fans will keep an eye on you and how you do business when they first buy tickets from you. You can charge good ticket prices if you can maintain a good reputation as a trustworthy seller.

Maintain good relationships with your clients, and they might recommend you to other interested NBA fans. If you have a reliable system of sending tickets to clients on time, they will likely return for more tickets.

5. Choose a Platform

There are several platforms and marketplaces where you can resell NBA tickets. Each one will charge you differently, and each has advantages and drawbacks. This is why it’s crucial to study each to pick the right one to list and resell the tickets you no longer need.

Resellers that sell locally can make more money by reselling their NBA tickets. Local reselling allows them to meet clients in person, negotiate prices, and maintain good relationships.

Yet, you can resell tickets in different locations as long as you know how to transfer the tickets on time. In this case, you must include all the transaction fees while setting the price.

Where to Resell NBA Tickets

As a reseller, you have several options for reselling your NBA tickets. Each platform comes with some pros and cons that you should take into consideration before listing your tickets.

1. Ticketmaster

a screenshot of the ticketmaster homepage

Ticketmaster is a comprehensive online marketplace for all tickets, including the ones for sports events. It’s the biggest platform in the resale market and has the largest buyer traffic. So, if you have hard-to-sell tickets, they might quickly sell on Ticketmaster.

There’s little guidance on how to resell tickets on this platform, but once you list them, you’ll probably be able to sell them quickly. You should know about the vast competition, as many people list their resale tickets on this platform.

What Makes This Option Great

This platform charges the lowest transaction fees, and many buyers might be interested in buying your tickets. It has a good reputation among buyers and sellers, so there’s no chance of scams.

  • Fees: The transaction fees are around 10% to 15%, but some games have zero transaction fees.
  • Payment Methods: The fees are deducted once you sell the tickets. Ticket listing is free.

2. Gametime

a screenshot of the gametime homepage

This is a trustworthy marketplace that allows sports fans to list high-value tickets. Buyers trust this platform, so you’ll probably sell them quickly.

Gametime manages the resale process on your behalf after you take a screenshot of your tickets. It doesn’t have large traffic, so you’ll only receive proposals from people interested in buying expensive NBA tickets.

This platform doesn’t support selling tickets with rotating barcodes, so you need to consider this.

What Makes This Option Great

The listing experience is simple, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to list your tickets.

Fans know this is an excellent platform to get last-minute game tickets, so if you fail to sell your tickets on other platforms, you can successfully sell them on this one. It’s an easy-to-use platform, and you can monitor how your listing is performing.

  • Fees: The platform charges about 10% of the sales price.
  • Payment Methods: When a buyer buys your ticket, and you send them a mobile ticket, the platform will deduct a portion of your profit.

3. VividSeats

a screenshot of the vividseats homepage

VividSeats has strong buyer loyalty because it handles refunds and exchanges professionally. This is why it’s considered one of the best marketplaces to resell NBA tickets. You can also get last-minute tickets to your favorite concert.

Most first-time resellers head to VividSeats because it has many interested buyers, and the process of listing tickets is straightforward. It also has a rewarding cashback program.

What Makes This Option Great

This platform streamlines the process for buyers and sellers, making it as straightforward as possible. As a result, it can be a good choice for you if you find other platforms challenging to understand.

VividSeats cares about customer satisfaction, so it will handle any disputes. You’ll receive your money via PayPal once a purchase is made.

  • Fees: About 32% of the final price. Mobile delivery can cost between zero and $2.50.
  • Payment Methods: Listings are free, but the fee will be deducted from the price you receive.

What You’ll Need to Resell NBA Tickets

You don’t have to lose your money if you have NBA tickets you don’t need. You might even be able to resell them for a higher price. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Popular tickets that buyers would be interested in buying.
  • A reasonable market study that allows you to price your tickets adequately.
  • An excellent marketplace to list your tickets.

How To Resell NBA Tickets: Step-By-Step Instructions

Reselling NBA tickets can be an excellent opportunity to make money if you follow the proper steps.

Buy Tickets

You should own the tickets you’re trying to resell. August and April are the cheapest months to buy tickets, so if you can purchase tickets in advance, you might be able to resell them for a good profit.

Price Your Tickets

Ticket prices change considerably based on the game’s popularity, season, and location. So, you need to see how similar tickets are priced. You should also include any transaction or transfer fees in your price.

Pick a Platform

There are many online platforms where you can list your tickets, so compare the number of buyers, ease of listing experience, and transaction fees before deciding on one.

List Your Tickets

Listing your tickets is usually an easy job. In most cases, you don’t have to pay anything in advance.

Ship the Tickets

Many platforms allow you to create mobile tickets that you quickly transfer to clients.

Receive Money

Once you ship the tickets, you’ll receive the money minus any transaction fees.

Can You Make Money Flipping NBA Tickets?

You can make money if you can flip a hot-season ticket. These tickets are always in high demand, and if you can get them for a good price, you can make money reselling them.

Flipping tickets might be a unique side hustle, but it can work for you if you know when and where to buy and sell tickets.

What is an NBA Tickets Resale Business?

Professional resellers and those with access to rare and valuable tickets buy them in advance. They can resell these tickets for a profit when the supply is low.

If you have access to any exclusive tickets, you can resell them. You need to make sure that you’re eligible for reselling these tickets.

Is Reselling NBA Tickets a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling basketball tickets can be an excellent way to make money if you get valuable tickets, like the ones for the NBA playoff games, at the right time.

You need to study the trends to determine which games are more popular and sell tickets when the supply is low. Unfortunately, their prices drop significantly if you wait too long or can’t resell your tickets on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Best Time to Sell NBA Tickets?

You should try to resell your basketball tickets at least five weeks before the game. Between four and one week prior to the game, many sellers will resell their tickets, and the supply will increase. This means that you won’t make good money as a reseller.

How Do I Transfer My NBA Tickets To Another Person?

This depends on the platform you’re using to resell and transfer tickets. You can transfer them directly from the NBA’s official website by clicking the transfer button. Other platforms allow you to send a mobile ticket.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

You don’t have to end up with tickets you don’t need. Here are some tutorials to check out to make some money.

  • Resell Masters Tickets: According to the rules, reselling Masters tickets is prohibited as you have to be lucky to get them in the first place.
  • Resell Disney Tickets: If you can’t change the date on an unused ticket, you can transfer it to someone else for a price.
  • Resell NFL Tickets: You can resell valuable NFL tickets to fans on several online platforms.

Wrapping Up

Some NBA tickets can cost thousands of dollars, so you can resell the tickets you already bought for a profit. It’s crucial to choose the right tickets and sell them at the right time before they become less valuable.

If you know someone who wants to try a new way to make money, you can share this article with them. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and share your feedback about reselling or buying second-hand tickets.

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