Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

If you use Lyft, you already know that it’s a great service. Anything that gets us from Point A to Point B without the burdens of driving or public transportation is a win. While Lyft is comparatively affordable compared to a monthly car payment, the fares can add up quickly, especially during Primetime pricing. During...

If you use Lyft, you already know that it’s a great service. Anything that gets us from Point A to Point B without the burdens of driving or public transportation is a win.

While Lyft is comparatively affordable compared to a monthly car payment, the fares can add up quickly, especially during Primetime pricing. During Primetime, the prices of Lyft skyrockets in order to increase supply (drivers) to match demands (ride requests).

Primetime typically happens during the morning and evening rush hours, as well as almost every Friday and Saturday evening. So if you’re requesting a lot of rides during these times, chances are that you’re paying a premium.

According to one estimate, rides cost roughly $22 on average. At those rates, you can spend upwards of a few hundred dollars every week if you’re a regular rider.

Luckily, there are ways existing Lyft users can save some money.

Check out our rundown below on the numerous ways to save and start cutting down your costs on Lyft rides.

Get Your Friends and Family to Sign Up For Lyft

Lyft provides more than a million rides every day, and they’re always in search of even more customers. That’s why they’re constantly offering promo codes for new riders. Luckily for existing users, we can capitalize on these offers.

Lyft’s promo code incentives often give new users free ride credits for as much as $20 to use on their first few rides. Typically, that works out to a free Lyft ride with maybe a little extra for the next one if you don’t travel far.

Unfortunately, current users can’t keep using the coupons code. Once your new rider promo credits are used up, that’s it. The Lyft app knows your phone number and credit/debit card belong to you, so it’s no use pretending to be a first time customer and using a Lyft code again.

But… you can earn more credits when you get your friends to sign up as new customers using your own referral code.

Here’s how you do it:

Tap “Free Rides” on the left side of the app interface and then invite friends by clicking contacts stored in your phone.

A screenshot showing how to invite friends to Lyft to get free rides

The friends you choose will receive a text from Lyft with a promo code for new riders. If they click the link and sign up, you’ll get free credit for bringing them onboard. The person you referred will also get free Lyft credits, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Another easy way to do it is to just give them your unique referral code. You can find it in the “Free Rides” section in the main menu of the app.

Instruct them to enter your promo code in the “Promo” box when they sign up. You’ll get your referral bonus, they’ll get their New Rider bonus, so you both benefit!

A screenshot of the Lyft Promo Screen in the Lyft app

The exact credit amount from a Lyft referral code varies from city to city, but no matter how much the reward is, you can only earn up to $2000 per week. With the reward average of $10-$15, you’d have to be crazy popular with hundreds of friends to earn the maximum amount of credits.

Make sure you use your credits before they expire! Referral points are only valid for two weeks once you’ve received them. You might keep that in mind when you’re choosing which friends or how many to invite. You don’t want to get a ton of credits that you can’t use right away. Space it out according to your upcoming transportation needs.

Earn More With Partnership Promotions

Companies sometimes partner up either to reach more potential customers or to give existing user incentive to stay loyal to both brands.

Lyft maintains brand partnerships with several different companies. These partnerships are designed to benefit riders and often result in saving money on rides.

A few Lyft partnership examples:

Lyft and Chase Bank

Lyft Riders with Chase get 5% cash back

Riders that use a Chase Bank credit card to pay for their rides get 5% cash back on their bill. If you’re a Chase Freedom cardholder, make it easy by choosing it as your default payment method in the Lyft app.

Lyft and American Express and Delta Airlines

The Benefits of the Lyft and Delta Airlines Collaboration

Using your Blue Delta SkyMiles American Express Card to pay for your ride not only earns you Lyft credits but also gets you Delta SkyMiles! Lyft riders currently earn 2 free miles for every dollar they spend on rides. That’s a lot of miles. If you consider the average Lyft fare of $22, that’s 44 earned airline miles per ride.

They up the rewards further if you link your card and your lift account to give you another mile per dollar and, there is a 10,000 bonus airline miles reward if you spend a certain dollar amount within a specific time frame.

It’s a sweet deal if you travel a lot – or want to.

Lyft and Budweiser

Lyft Budweister Promotion Blog Post

Both Lyft and Budweiser are passionate about keeping drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. That’s why they partner up to offer reduced ride fares to Bud drinkers as part of their “Give a Damn. Don’t Drive Drunk” campaign.

Riders can get a $20 credit to use on a ride between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night or on holidays.

Get the promo code on Budweiser’s Facebook or Instagram page and then enter the code at checkout. The new code goes up on Facebook and Instagram on Thursdays at 2 p.m. EST.

All of Lyft’s partnership promotions are limited-time offers. Make sure you catch them while you’re still eligible or during promotional hours (like in the case of Budweiser).

Engage with Lyft

Keep up with time-sensitive or seasonal promo codes by regularly checking your emails from Lyft. Open every email so you don’t miss promo codes that work for you.

You can also follow Lyft (and the aforementioned brands) on social media. They usually post promo info and updates to their TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages. For instance, on Nov 6, 2018, they posted a 50% discount on rides to the polls for voters. Check all three because some promotions show up on one social media service and not the other two.

Check out the Lyft blog, too. It’s on their website. The blog often includes features about new partnerships and promotions that you can take advantage of. But don’t just subscribe for that – there are entertaining written pieces and podcasts too.

Event-Based Promos

Lyft wants to make it easy for you to get to certain events – either ones they partner with or ones that are important for a whole and healthy society.

They sometimes offer free rides to marches, rallies, and other political events.

Lyft Event Promo Example

Earlier this year, Lyft offered free rides to anyone attending a March for Our Lives rally. To do so, they published city-specific promo codes on their blog. Attendees were able to grab the promo code from the site, plug it into the app, and enjoy a free ride on Lyft.

Lyft also promotes entertainment events.

During the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am competition in Los Angeles, Lyft gave out 50 free packages to Fortnite fans. Fans that entered took a promo code Lyft had posted on social media and entered it into the app to request a ride in a special “Fortnite Mode” that had been created just for the event. The Fortnite code wasn’t only for free rides, it entered riders in a contest. Winners got backstage tickets to the event and a bunch of other Fortnite goodies as well.

Lyft has also partnered with Netflix on several occasions to promote new shows on the streaming service. For the first season of Stranger Things, Lyft offered passengers in LA and Philly free rides to the premiere.

Lyft repeated that success with a similar promotion for the second season of Glow, but upped the experience with a free limo ride for lucky Las Vegas Lyft riders who entered the promotional contest.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Lyft is big on drinking responsibly and not driving under the influence. They often offer free rides on holidays (outside of the Budweiser partnership) to prevent people from driving drunk.

Last Labor Day, they gave out $50,000 in free rides to the people of Texas to cut down on high drunk driving rates and to promote safe drinking.

Lyft runs promotions constantly. The event-based promotions especially pop up all the time – but they are usually specific to certain cities, so you have to keep an eye out. Keep up with it and you might have opportunities for experiences you might otherwise not even be aware of – like the Google Pixel 3 Sights of Sound experience or a brunch with Antoni Porowski.

The best way to stay notified on promotions like these is to check your email often and to follow Lyft on social media.

When you register for Lyft, be sure to let them know what city you live in. That way they’ll send you relevant promo codes for events happening in your city or state.

Lyft All-Access Pass

Lyft All Access Plan Graphic

This is more of a program than a promo code. In fact, it’s not a promo code, but it can save you alot of money – especially if you are a frequent Lyft rider.

The All-Access Plan is a newly announced Lyft subscription program.

The plan streamlines the Lyft experience for customers that pay for the 30-day subscription to the service.

This is the way it works:

  • $299 flat fee for a 30-day subscription
  • It’s good for 30 rides up to $15 per ride
  • There is a 5% discount on all additional rides
  • Cancel at any time

Here’s the math:

30 X $15 per ride is $450, so if you ride daily, this will save you about $150 a month. If you take short rides that cost less than $15, that works out to, essentially, 10 free rides every month.

If you don’t use Lyft 30 times per month, or if your rides are typically less than $10 per ride, the Lyft Access plan would not be a good deal.

Don’t forget to tip! That’s how Lyft drivers make most of their income – and you need Lyft drivers to use Lyft. Be sure you calculate tip into the ride price or subscription when you’re considering the value of the product in relation to your transportation needs.

What Do I Do if My Promo Code Doesn’t Work?

Not to worry! If your promo code isn’t working, Lyft is available with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s easy to reach out to Lyft and they are more than happy to help you.

Just click the “Contact Support” button on any page in the Help section of the Lyft website.

But wait – before you call, troubleshoot promo code issues by asking these questions:

Are you eligible for the promotion?

Promos often apply only to certain regions. If you stumbled across a promo online and you can’t get it to work, the problem might be that you’re trying to use it in the wrong city or area. Go back to the source and check the details.

Also, remember that a lot of promo codes are only applicable to new riders. So, if you’re a seasoned Lyft rider, you might not be eligible. Do check the source to see if there’s a companion promo for referring your friends.

Is the Promo code still valid?

All Lyft promo codes have an expiration date. The time period for using the Lyft promo code might range from less than one day to several months. Many are tied to certain events. Check the site where you found the code and make sure it’s still a valid code.

Did you type it in right?

It might seem obvious, but one of the most common reasons a promo code didn’t work is because the user mistyped it. Double check for spelling, caps, etc. before jumping on a call with customer support.

Like any company, Lyft wants to grow its business, and so they offer you rewards to help them. Most Lyft promotions are for new users, but current users can still get a Lyft discount in a variety of ways.

Sharing your Lyft coupon code with friends and family is the easier way to earn a free ride. And the best part is, when your friend uses your coupon code, you both win!


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