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Lyft Account Deactivated? Reasons Why [& Reactivation Tips]

Learn about what to do if your Lyft account has been deactivated as a driver, including how to know, how to appeal, and tips for avoiding this issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Lyft deactivates accounts for reasons including traffic law violations, low ratings, and terms of service breaches.
  • Reactivating your Lyft account involves contacting support promptly, explaining the situation honestly, and waiting for a review.
  • To prevent deactivation, understand and adhere to Lyft’s terms, report incidents proactively, and commit to continuous improvement.
  • Permanent deactivation is final, with no reapplication option; however, Lyft investigates thoroughly before taking such action.

As a rideshare driver, waking up to a deactivated Lyft account can stress you to no end. It’s especially so if driving is your main source of income.

That said, you shouldn’t panic. Lyft’s deactivation policy is meant to safeguard the safety of the driver and the passengers, not punish drivers.

The key is understanding the reasons the rideshare app can deactivate your account and taking steps to address them proactively.

Here’s our quick guide on reactivating a Lyft account that should have you back on the road and earning again in no time.

How Background Checks Impact the Deactivation Process

Lyft, a leading ride-sharing service, implements rigorous background checks to ensure the safety and security of its community.

These checks are a critical part of Lyft’s commitment to maintaining a trustworthy platform for both riders and drivers.

Conducted by third-party security firms, the background checks are designed to meticulously vet potential drivers before they are allowed to join the Lyft platform.

The screening process involves multiple layers of investigation, including a review of driving records and a criminal background check.

The criteria for passing the background checks are stringent; they include examining the applicant’s history for any serious criminal offenses, driving-related violations, and other red flags that could compromise the safety of passengers.

Lyft’s background checks go beyond mere compliance with local laws, aiming to foster a safe and reliable environment for its users.

Top Reasons Why Lyft Would Deactivate Your Account

If Lyft deactivates your account, it’s probably because of one (or more) of these reasons:

1. Violating the Traffic Laws

Lyft has a zero-tolerance policy for breaking the law. Whether it’s running a red light or overspeeding, traffic violations can result in permanent deactivation.

To avoid an account ban, learn all your state’s traffic laws and adhere to them religiously. In case a passenger lies about a traffic violation, you can contact Lyft support and file an appeal.

2. Low Ratings

The rideshare app explicitly states that Lyft drivers targeting premium ride types must maintain driver ratings of 4.85 and above. The company doesn’t specify a rating for standard rides, but the drivers we’ve consulted recommend a rating of 4.6 and above.

Such a rating will keep you in the top percentage of highest-rated drivers and offer a dual advantage:

  • You get more ride requests from riders
  • If Lyft decides to deactivate accounts with low driver ratings in your region, you’ll be safe

3. Violating Lyft’s Terms of Service

A Lyft driver is an independent contractor who must sign a Terms of Service (ToS) agreement before they commence work.

Some restricted activities on the document include impersonating someone, harassing a Lyft passenger, and using a false email address.

If you breach any of the terms listed in the agreement, the consequences include deactivation and a permanent ban.

Still, the company will always allow you to start an appeal process if you feel you’ve been judged unfairly.

4. Not Meeting Lyft Driver Requirements

The requirements to be a Lyft driver are:

  • A valid driver’s license that meets the age requirement for your state/region
  • A clean driving record
  • Consent to a background check to verify driving history and check for any criminal record
  • Valid car insurance and vehicle registration
  • Any other documents demanded by the state, for example, a car inspection certificate
  • A four-door car (note that it can be a rented car as long as you have all the required documents)

You have to maintain these requirements throughout your tenure as a Lyft driver. If, along the way, you let your documents expire or destroy your driving record, Lyft will have grounds to deactivate your account.

5. Car Accident

If you’re involved in an accident during a Lyft trip, the company will immediately place your driver account on hold. The accident’s severity will determine how quickly the Lyft app will lift the hold.

With a minor accident, send photos/dashcam footage through Lyft support, and the company will likely respond quickly.

If the accident is severe, Lyft will need time to investigate, and you must contact your insurance company to claim compensation to repair your vehicle, only then can Lyft lift the hold.

With some accidents, the app might decide to ban you permanently. It’s especially so if they discover the accident was caused by traffic violations or disregarding Lyft guidelines.

6. Giving a Ride to an Unaccompanied Minor

Giving a ride to an unaccompanied minor leads to immediate deactivation with little to no discussion.

As a Lyft driver, you can only give rides to adults (18 or older). Some teenagers probably have the app and can pay for the ride; however, they’re also minors. You shouldn’t accept a ride request from them under any circumstances.

If you need clarification on an individual’s age, kindly request an identification to verify. If you have already accepted the ride, cancel it, explain it to the rider, and contact Lyft with an explanation to avoid penalties for too many cancellations.

7. Unsafe Driving

Passengers will often report an unsafe driver, which can lead to deactivation. Lyft understands that what one rider considers dangerous might not necessarily be unsafe.

Still, the app will deactivate your account if you have too many passenger complaints about unsafe driving.

The rule of thumb is to continually monitor your negative reviews to determine if there’s something you can do to make your passengers feel safer.

8. Making Unwanted Advances Toward a Rider

Making inappropriate advances toward a rider can quickly deactivate your Lyft account.

The goal is to be respectful and friendly but not too familiar with your passengers. That way, you don’t give the rider any reason to misinterpret your words or actions.

At the same time, don’t lean too far in the opposite direction by being too aloof or hostile. Some passengers might interpret that as rude and give you a negative rating.

Pro Tip: It’s helpful to have dash cam footage for situations like these. Check out our list of the best rear view mirror dash cams and protect yourself today.

9. Too Many Cancellations

Cancellations are often unavoidable, and most rideshare drivers have several cancellations on their records. For example, if you’re stuck in unexpected traffic, it’s kinder to cancel the request to avoid delaying the rider.

Still, avoid canceling rides as much as possible. If you cancel too many rides, Lyft will deactivate your account.

While Lyft has no maximum cancellation rate, the company monitors driver cancellations and periodically deactivates accounts with the highest cancellations per region.

10. Unbecoming Conduct

Unbecoming conduct constitutes behavior that might not necessarily be illegal but is against Lyft’s policies. For example:

  • Allowing your passengers to have an open alcohol bottle or drugs
  • Texting or using your phone while driving
  • Giving false information
  • Creating an environment for poor passenger experience, for instance, loud music

The company communicates what they expect from Lyft drivers during the application process. If the driver violates these expectations repeatedly, the account will likely be deactivated by Lyft.

How to Reactivate a Lyft Account

1. Contact Lyft Support Within 14 Days of the Deactivation

While the company has a 14-day contact window for Lyft drivers with deactivated accounts, you have a better chance of salvaging your driver account if you contact them immediately and initiate an appeals process.

Calling or live chatting on the website are the best options for contact, but email also works.

2. Explain What Happened

This is the most crucial step. Don’t try to game the system. Explain what happened and be honest.

If you have any evidence, this is the time to produce it. If you made an honest mistake, own up and demonstrate how you plan to avoid making it in the future.

If it was a valid offense, for example, minor traffic violations, explain that it was a learning experience and communicate that you’ll never repeat it. Lyft might require you to take some steps to guarantee that. Be willing to comply.

3. Wait for an Update

Lyft often takes some time to review the case and determine the way forward. Give them at least 48 to 72 hours.

If they have yet to respond within that period, reach out with a polite email to enquire about the progress.

Within this period, the rideshare app might request more documents or give you instructions. Be ready to execute them.

For example, in an accident, Lyft might ask for a driver’s report and a car inspection certificate.

4. Accept the Verdict

Sometimes, the verdict is unfavorable, and you lose access to your Lyft account. The loss can be permanent or temporary.

Types of Verdict After an Appeal Request

In response to an appeal, Lyft can:

  • Temporarily suspend your driver account: You’ll see a timer on your account that counts down how long you’ll be suspended. Within this period, the app expects you to take action to correct the reasons for suspension.
  • Hold your account while they investigate: During the investigation, you cannot give rides. Also, Lyft might request a passenger report or incident report from you to help with investigations. The investigative report will determine if you’ll be driving Lyft again in the future.
  • Permanently deactivate your account: Depending on the severity of your infraction, Lyft can decide to get you off the app forever. You can always appeal a second time, but the decision is final in such cases.
  • Immediate reactivation: Deactivated drivers receive rapid reactivation when Lyft discovers the driver wasn’t in error.

Tips to Avoid Deactivation

If you never get deactivated in the first place, you’ll not have to go through the reactivation process or suffer its distress. To avoid deactivation:

1. Go Through the Terms of Service

Understand all the rules and regulations and what Lyft expects of you as a driver. Every few months, read through the ToS again.

It’ll keep the expectations fresh in your mind, and you’ll be unlikely to violate any regulations that might lead to a deactivation.

2. Be Proactive in Reporting Incidents

If something happens during a ride, don’t wait for the passenger to report, do it. For example, report and explain if you realize you’ve given a ride to a minor with a fake ID.

Ignoring it might seem a better option, but what if the minor’s parent reports you first? Being proactive earns you goodwill and allows you to avoid situations that might lead to deactivation.

3. Be as Honest as Possible During Your Initial Driver Application

White lies might seem harmless, but they can affect your account status later. Also, Lyft does a thorough initial background check.

Any lies, even if they’re not severe enough to deny you an account, will be a black mark on your account. In the future, if something happens, Lyft won’t be lenient.

4. Commit to Improving Consistently Over Time

When you first start, you’ll probably be nervous and make mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and improve.

If a passenger raises any safety concerns, don’t be quick to dismiss. See if there’s anything you can incorporate to make you a safer driver.

Actively research all the infringements Lyft can use to deactivate drivers and avoid committing them. Also, pay keen attention to the issues Lyft has a zero-tolerance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reapply After a Permanent Deactivation?

No. Once Lyft bans you permanently, that is it. You also cannot start a new application because Lyft already has your previously-provided details in the system.

You cannot use somebody else’s details because the Lyft background check will expose you.

Does Lyft Have Any Formal Appeals Process to Handle Deactivations?

No, there’s no such process for active drivers. Lyft allows you to contact them via email, call, or website chat to discuss the deactivation, but it’s not a formal process recognized by law.

What Happens if a Passenger Lies?

Lyft doesn’t deactivate drivers without conducting thorough investigations.

You’ll not be punished if they discover a passenger is being disingenuous. If the passenger has already left a negative review on the website, Lyft will delete it to ensure it doesn’t affect your ratings.

Final Thoughts

Lyft deactivation shouldn’t be something that gives you dread. Avoid the reasons for deactivation and you’ll never have to worry about it.

If you find that Lyft deactivated your account unfairly, you can appeal the decision and provide the company with the documentation they need to reverse the decision.

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