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Lyft Driver Promo Code // Up To $2,500 Sign-on Bonus 2024
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  • Lyft Driver Promo Code // Up To $2,500 Sign-on Bonus 2024

Lyft Driver Promo Code // Up To $2,500 Sign-on Bonus 2024

Claim a sign-up bonus worth up to $2,500 as a new driver

Enter our Lyft driver promo code FILMSTREAMS to unlock a sign up bonus in your city.

You can also click/tap the button below and the code will be automatically applied to your account at signup.

Promotions are subject to Lyft's Terms of Service.

New Lyft drivers are eligible for a huge sign-up bonus worth up to $2,500 when they use a Lyft driver promo code during the signup process.
New Lyft Driver Promotions

Unlock huge sign up bonuses when you sign up with a Lyft driver promo code: FILMSTREAMS

To view the Lyft sign up bonus in your city, simply visit the link. Once you confirm your city, the current promotion in your area will appear.

Lyft Driver Promotions For 2023

The Lyft new driver sign up bonus can range from $10 to $2,500, depending on the city you drive in.

The bonuses change often depending on the level of driver supply in a region, so make sure to claim yours now before the amount drops.

When claiming an earnings guarantee, there are a few important terms to note:

  1. The Lyft promo code must be entered during the first step of the application process. You can do this by clicking our referral link above. If you don’t, you will not be eligible to claim the sign-on bonus
  2. From ride one onwards, each ride will count toward the total ride amount to meet your bonus requirements
  3. New drivers will need to fulfill some basic bonus requirements. These include:
    • Giving a certain amount of rides (varies by city)
    • Giving those rides within a certain time frame (varies by city)

If you have questions at any point during the application process, feel free to email us or contact Lyft customer service to get help.

How Do Lyft Sign Up Bonuses Work?

Types of Driver Promotions

If you’ve paid attention to Lyft driver promotions, you’ll notice that all bonuses are not alike.

In fact, depending on which city you sign up to drive in, bonuses can vary by amount, or type altogether.

Historically, bonuses are split into two types:

  1. Weekly Guarantees
  2. Drip promotions

There are notable differences between the two types of driver promotions, and understanding how each works is critical to your success of the highest payout.

What is offered in your city at the time of signup is what you get.

Unfortunately you can’t pick which one you’d like to claim, as it’s up to your local team to determine the payouts.

1. Lyft Guarantee Promotions

In certain cities, Lyft is testing what they are calling Earnings Guarantee promotions that pay drivers a set amount of money for completing a simple ride requirement.

These promotions are very similar to Uber’s Quest promotions.

Instead of paying drivers a cash bonus for each ride they give, they will guarantee a driver will make a certain amount, and if they don’t, Lyft will pay the difference.

Drivers wanting to cash in on this type will need to drive during Lyft guaranteed hours, which usually fall within times of high demand.


  • Weekday Guarantee: 5 AM Monday – 4:59 AM Friday
  • Weekend Guarantee: 5 AM Friday – 4:59 AM Monday
  • Weekly Guarantee: 5 AM Monday – 4:59 AM the next Monday

Weekly guarantees are a great way to earn a lump sum of money in a set amount of time.

From what I can tell, they’re geared more towards drivers who do rideshare full time, as the ride requirements are typically pretty high.

These are usually a relevant bonus for cities with high passenger demand and a lot of driver turnover.

Bigger cities like Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Philadelphia are just a few examples where Lyft needs plenty of cars on the road.

But regardless, making a large amount of money, like $1,000 in the first 30 days, is something that is worth checking out.

2. Drip Promotions

The second type of promotion that Lyft has previously offered is called a drip promotion.

Drip promotions pay out a cash bonus for every ride given during a set time frame.

Instead of having to complete an incredibly high amount of rides in a set amount of time, Lyft drivers can earn extra money regardless, allowing them to be as ambitious as they want.

Here is a hypothetical example.

Let’s say the promotion in an example city was a $300 total bonus, if the drier gave 200 rides within the first 28 days of signing up.

If they gave all 200 rides, they earned the full $300 payout.

If they only gave 50 rides though, they still earned an extra $75 without having to lose the entire bonus.

Chicago drivers have recently been offered the chance to claim an extra $1.50 for every ride they give in their first 28 days, up to $300.

The introduction of this incentive was a vast improvement over previous Lyft sign up bonuses.

In the past, bonuses were either win or lose, meaning you’d be required to give a certain number of rides within a timeframe.

If you didn’t hit that number of rides, you’d lose the entire bonus, even if you were short by just one ride.

And these promotions paid out incredibly well too.

Some of the best paying cities for signup bonuses at one time paid out:

  1. Pittsburgh: $800
  2. San Francisco: $750
  3. Indianapolis: $650
  4. Sacramento: $650
  5. San Jose: $650

Other high paying cities include Denver, New York City, Atlanta, Phoenix Orange County, and Washington D.C.

But as Lyft grows, there is less need for these types of promotions, meaning they will continue to change and evolve as time goes on.

Lyft Driver FAQ – Commonly Asked Questions

I signed up to drive without using a Lyft referral code. What should I do?

Unfortunately, there is no way for Lyft to grant existing drivers retroactive credit after they sign up. You should reach out to support for more information about bonus requirements and eligibility.

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