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Lyft Coupon Code & Free Ride Credits

Lyft Coupon Code & Free Ride Credits

Get up to $25 in free Lyft ride credit at signup

Are you a new Lyft rider looking to take advantage of the free ride credit promotions currently being offered by the company?

Use a Lyft coupon code and unlock free ride credit in your city. Claim the promotion to check what the referral bonus is currently in your city.

Note: If you’ve already claimed a new user promotion, you’ll want to check out our list of 8+ ways for existing users to get free Lyft ride credit.

Promotions are subject to Lyft's Terms of Service.

Lyft Promo Codes & Promotions Explained in Detail [+ How to Claim]

Use our Lyft coupon code for a free ride credit. Codes are working, up to date, and valid in over 190 cities.

The Best Lyft Promo Code and Promotions For December 2023

Using a Lyft gift code to claim free ride credit is a great way for new users to try the platform without sinking too much of their own money into the ride.

Lyft grants up to $50 in free ride credit to new users. (Note: the credit amount changes by city and time the promotion is applied).

To claim your credit, just enter a free Lyft credit code from the list below during signup.

The code we promote the most is “FREECAMPUS“, but the codes below will also work, and unlock the same amount of ride credit. If the code above didn’t work, try using one from below:

Uber Promo CodesPromotion AmountExpiration
FILMSTREAMSGives new riders up to $50 of free ride credits (New Users Only)30 days after code is applied
RIDESTERLYFTGives new riders up to $50 of free ride credits (New Users Only)30 days after code is applied
NEWUZERGives new riders up to $50 of free ride credits (New Users Only)30 days after code is applied
NEWUZEER10New users get $5 credit each for two rides (New Users Only)30 days after code is applied
LYFTCOUPONSNew users receive $3 credit each for 3 rides (New Users Only)30 days after code is applied

*Credit amounts vary and are subject to Lyft’s official terms and conditions.

Using a Lyft gift code to claim free ride credit is a great way for new users to try the platform without having to sink too much of their own money into the ride.

How to Apply the Lyft Promo Codes

Users need to follow a few quick steps to claim the promotion:

1. Download the rider app

New users can download the app from Google Play, the App Store, or directly from the Lyft website.

If you download the app from the official company website, follow the prompts. They may ask you to verify your phone number to download the Lyft app.

2. Create an account and log in

Follow the in-app instructions to fill out your profile information and payment information that will be used to request rides.

3. Enter a Lyft credit code

Navigate to the “Payment” section of the app to enter the new user promo code.

In the box labeled “Add Credit/Gift Code,” enter one of the codes from above.

Once the code is added, you’ll see ride credit amount, expiration date, and any other additional information related to the promotion.

That’s it! Once your promo code is entered, it will automatically be applied to your next ride. But, please note that the ride credits are only valid for 14 days from the time of activation.

Tips for Using a Referral Code

While the Lyft promo code terms are very straightforward, there are a few things to remember before taking advantage of the bonus:

  • You MUST enter the promo code before taking your first ride
  • New riders are only eligible for one new rider promotion
  • Lyft gift codes expire after 14 days
  • You can get free rides by inviting your friends

My Promo Code Isn’t Working. How Can I Fix This?

If the app won’t accept your promo code, or you don’t see the credit appear in your account, don’t worry. You can always reach out to Lyft for customer support if you experience any issues.

But before you contact them directly, check to see if any of these situations apply:

  • You typed in the code incorrectly. You might have the right code, but entered it incorrectly.
  • Your code is expired. Most promo codes have expiration dates so double check to make sure yours is still valid. You can do this by tapping the “Promotions” tab in your app. You can learn more here.
  • You’ve already used another code. Lyft only allows one credit code to be used per ride, so if you’ve already added one code, you won’t be able to add a second. While you can’t use more than one credit per ride, Lyft does allow you to switch between credits on the Payment screen after you’ve taken the trip.
  • Your promo code was intended for a different location. Let’s say you have a U.S. Lyft promo code. This code won’t work in England. Check to see if the code that you’re about to enter is for the country that you’re currently in. If not, the code won’t work for you. Similarly, some promo codes only work in one specific city. While rare, make sure that your promo code will work in your current city.

Best Times to Use a Lyft Coupon

There is no specific best time to use the app, except that you should use it when you are ready to take your first ride.

If you want to save your Lyft coupon code for a specific day, then we suggest not downloading the app and entering the credit code yet.

Once you have the free Lyft ride credit in your account, you have 14 days to use it before the credit expires.

At that point, your credit card will be charged for the entire amount of the ride you take. If you have free credits leftover from your first ride, it will roll over to the next ride.

We have a lot of people emailing us and asking if they can retroactively input the promo code.

You can’t. Once the coupon hits your account, you’ve got two weeks to use it up. We will continue to add more coupons as we dig them up.

Why Does Lyft Offer Promo Codes?

Lyft and Uber are the two main forces driving the growth of the rideshare industry.

Since there can’t be two kings, these two companies are battling to attract the same sets of users to gain bigger control of the rideshare market.

One way Lyft is increasing its user base is through the power of bonuses.

Part of the reason Lyft has been able to expand so fast is largely due to many riders claiming a promo code for new users.

These rides allow them to get one, two, three, even four rides under their belts for free, without having to pay a dime.

When you give a new rider a free ride credit, they will likely use the app a few times, realize how convenient it is, then think of Lyft the next time they have to get a ride somewhere.

Let’s take a quick look at my personal experience as a driver and a couple that I drove the other day:

It was about 6:00 p.m., and I picked up a happy couple that seemed new to Lyft. I asked them how long they had been using the rideshare app for. To my surprise, they said they had used it close to every night since they got to Chicago.

They were from out of town and didn’t have a car, so they were happy to find that Lyft was giving away massive new customer promo codes. They signed up, entered a code of one of their friends, then took a ride.

Since that night, they swore that they would use it over public transportation every time they could. That is the power of these promo codes.

Many people think they are one-off ways to get exposure, but they are much more than that. Many millions of riders have downloaded the app, taken their free ride, and become loyal users.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft Promo codes

What happens to Lyft credit after you take your first ride?

Lyft account credit will carry over to the next ride if you do not use all of it. For example, if you have $50 in free account credit, and take a trip that only costs $20, you will still have $30 left that is good towards the next trip.

What is the difference between a Lyft promo code, coupon code, or promotional code?

There is no difference between these codes. While many different websites refer to these promotions as different things, they mean the same thing.

What happens if my ride exceeds the amount of my free ride credit?

If you take a ride that costs more than your free Lyft coupon credit, the card on file will be charged the difference.

Is Lyft safe?

Yes. Lyft gives their drivers background checks, running them through several different criminal databases to make sure there are no bad eggs.

They check their vehicles for reliability, safety, and damage. In addition, they make sure that drivers are experienced and have no DUIs.

All this being said, Lyft is as safe as a taxi or any other method of hired transportation. For more information about safety procedures, visit the official safety page.

Do drivers get paid when passengers use a Lyft coupon?

Yes, drivers still paid the same amount even if the passengers use a coupon code to cover their fare.

How does the Lyft referral program work?

The Lyft Referral Program is a great way for existing riders to earn free ride credit by inviting their friends to the platform.

How to refer a new rider:
– Click the menu within the app on the top left side of the screen
– Select the option from the drop-down menu that says “free rides”
– Send out your referral code to friends and family right through the app
– Once they take their first free ride, you will see a free ride credit appear in your account

I heard Lyft is making changes to their promo code program. Is this true?

Yes. Currently, the referral code amount for riders ranges between $20 and $50. Fare prices have also been slashed, so you can be sure your credit will go farther than ever before.

In addition, drivers are making even more for referring new passengers. This ensures that both parties are happy, and the referrals keep coming in.

Do drivers get free Lyft rides?

No, Lyft drivers do not get free rides, but they do benefit in a different way. Both new and existing Lyft drivers are eligible to receive a variety of bonuses.

Is there a limit to how many promo codes I can use?

Lyft allows riders to use one promo code at a time. Once the current code has been exhausted, you can add another one.

My ride has started, can I still add my promo code?

Unfortunately, you can’t add a new passenger promo code after the trip has started. You must do this before the trip begins.

How often is this promo code page updated?

We test these promo codes on a monthly basis to ensure that they still work.

Are there any other ways to get a free ride with Lyft?

Yes. You can get a free ride by referring new passengers, new drivers, or use a Lyft line package to save on future fares.

Can I get a free Lyft ride if I don’t have a smartphone?

No. The only way to redeem a free ride is to enter the code into a smartphone.

Use Your Lyft Promo Code to Earn Serious Ride Credit

It’s time to take advantage of a free Lyft ride with a new user promo code!

If you’re already a current rider, you can enjoy free credits through the Lyft referral program. Round up a few of your friends who haven’t used Lyft before to do so.

For new users, the codes are easy to find and easy to claim, and if you don’t use the entire credit on your first ride, you can use it towards your second trip.

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