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5 Jobs Hiring Immediately In 2023 [& Where To Find Them]

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We understand the struggle of needing a job and needing it fast but not being able to find one.

As layoffs are becoming more prevalent, job seekers are struggling to find work quickly to stay afloat.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best jobs and websites for finding jobs hiring immediately. Start applying today, as there’s no time to lose!

Types of Jobs Hiring Immediately

Here are the type of gigs you can get straight away:

1. Warehouse Worker

There are a few different roles within the warehouse — package sorter, seasonal picker, package handler, package packer, and forklift operator, among others.

Whichever one you choose, many companies offer these jobs and hire people without lots of delays. Thanks to e-commerce and quick shipping options, it’s a fast-paced work environment where people come and go all the time.

This works in your favor, as you could get in, have a few hours of training, and then work under supervision almost immediately.

You don’t need to meet any particular qualifications or experience to get started.

2. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers consistently rank among the most in-demand workers out there. You only need a valid driver’s license to get started. 

You can choose between working as a box truck driver or doing food delivery. Van drivers are paid slightly better, but the work is more physically exhausting, as they have to load and unload large packages and get them in front of the customer’s doorstep.

If you want to do food delivery, there are a few popular apps to choose from, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash. Some companies even let you use a bicycle instead of a car, helping you save on gas and car maintenance.

3. Retail Associate

Cashiers, retail associates, and other roles in retail stores are always in high demand, and most companies will have you start as soon as you’re hired. You only need a high school diploma and a can-do attitude to succeed at this job.

Your role is to assist customers in their shopping experience, restock shelves, and operate the cash register.

4. Food Service

Fry cooks, waiters, dishwashers, and other related roles are in constant demand, especially if it’s a seasonal restaurant.

When a restaurant needs a new food service employee, they’ll hire and train them quickly to maximize their output.

If you work as a freelance chef, you’re expected to know how to follow in-house recipes to the letter.

If cooking doesn’t suit you, you can still work as a dishwasher, which is a relatively easy and stress-free occupation.

5. Healthcare

If you’re a registered nurse, that’s a no-brainer job that you can get started with immediately. The same goes for midwives, as they’re always in demand in clinics and birthing centers.

Don’t fret if you don’t have a degree in the field, as you can still become a caretaker with some basic training.

Caretakers can find work in nursing homes, private residences, hospitals, and daycare centers.

You’ll be working with the elderly and people with disabilities to assist with personal care, eating, medication, and companionship.

Top Websites to Find Jobs Hiring Immediately

Here’s where you can find a new job without waiting too long for an interview:

1. SimplyHired

a screenshot of the simplyhired homepage

On SimplyHired, you can type “hiring immediately” into the search bar and select your location to see all jobs that’ll get you working as soon as possible, provided that you’re qualified.

SimplyHired has a handy 5-star rating system available at a glance to help you select the right employer. The same goes for the estimated hourly rate.

Most jobs you’ll find on the platform aren’t particularly well-paying, but they’re not minimum-wage jobs either. Several also allow you to become a full-time employee and offer a retirement plan.

Most job posts that hire immediately will have the Quick Apply function, helping you save precious time by not having you fill out lengthy applications.


  • Review-based rating system
  • Pay rate clearly stated
  • Quick apply function


  • Focus is on low-wage jobs

2. Snagajob

a screenshot of the snagajob homepage

Like with SimplyHired, you type in “hiring immediately,” and a selection of jobs will show up on your screen.

The one major difference is that Snagajob has tags on job posts, such as “Urgently hiring” and “Just posted.” Focus on job posts that have these tags, as they’re guaranteed to hire you immediately if qualified.

The hourly wage is also clearly indicated, and there’s a verified tag if Snagajob has checked the employer.

There’s a decent selection of jobs, but many of them are Amazon Warehouse and nursing listings.


  • Useful tag system
  • Pay rate available
  • Some wages are verified


  • Limited job selection

3. Indeed

screenshot of the indeed homepage

As one of the largest employment websites, Indeed has an abundance of jobs hiring immediately. You can’t go wrong with it, as there’s more variety here than on any other website from the list.

There’s a robust 5-star review system, and wages are clearly stated.

However, a possible dealbreaker is that Indeed doesn’t filter out the results nearly as well as some of the other websites from the list. There’s a tag for urgent hiring, but it’s a rare sight.

What’s worse is that many of the job posts that show up in your search won’t even be hiring immediately, defeating the purpose.


  • Excellent job variety
  • Pay rates are posted
  • Robust 5-star rating system


  • Poor results filtering

4. Glassdoor

a screenshot of the glassdoor homepage

Glassdoor is another popular job board that people love for its unfiltered reviews and transparent salaries.

You can’t tell if an employer is actually hiring immediately without reading through the whole job post, as there’s no tagging system. However, the filtering system works much better than Indeed’s.

Another cool feature is that you can filter out job posts only posted on the last day or the last three days. This can significantly speed up the hiring process if you’re qualified.


  • Unfiltered reviews
  • Postings include pay rates
  • Easy apply function


  • No indicator for urgency

5. ZipRecruiter

screenshot of the ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter is another excellent website for finding quick work.

Jobs that hire immediately say to right in the title, leaving no space for guesswork. Like with the other platforms, all you need to do is type in “hiring immediately” and set your location to see a complete list of potential jobs.

There are many different jobs on the platform, though many of them are for entry-level positions.

ZipRecruiter doesn’t have a review system, and the salary isn’t always stated. It’s also less popular than the other websites on the list, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list. Still, if you didn’t have any luck with the other websites, try out ZipRecruiter.


  • Urgency clearly stated in the job title


  • No review system
  • Pay rate isn’t always available
  • Poor job variety

What You’ll Need to Do a Job That Hires Immediately

To make sure you’ll get hired for an urgent position by nailing the application process, here’s what to prepare:

  • Updated resume: If your resume is out-of-date or, worse, you don’t have one, get it ready. Most employers require one.
  • References: Prepare your previous employer’s contact information to have it ready if requested, and a letter of recommendation.
  • Cover letter: This is where you sell yourself. Make a custom-tailored cover letter for every job post, but you can keep some parts and the general format.
  • Online presence: Create a personal brand and LinkedIn profile to stand out.
  • Reliable transportation: If you’re going to a distant location to start doing an urgent job, make sure your car is serviced and ready to go.
  • Email job alerts: If you do get selected for a job that hires immediately, you should be notified immediately. Update your email app settings on your phone to get a notification for every email.

Similar Jobs

Here are a few other lists of jobs that you can get in no time:

  • Easy jobs: See what jobs don’t require a lot of effort, but generate consistent money.
  • Outdoor jobs: Forget about being locked in an office and get paid to work outside.
  • Remote marketing jobs: Use your communications skills and enter the marketing industry from your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a Job Immediately?

Only apply to job posts that clearly state they’re hiring immediately or urgently, as these are the most likely to hire one of the first people who apply. Preferably look for jobs in areas that you’re experienced in.

What Is the Best Place to Get a Job Fast?

Online employment websites, temp agencies, and local businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops are the best places to look for urgent jobs.

How Do I Get Money Fast Without a Job?

The fastest way to make a quick buck is to sell valuable items you have around the house.

You could also try helping out with a local event or working at a local restaurant. You could also look for a gig that’s in high demand, such as warehouse or delivery work.

Wrapping Up

Finding a job that can get you started today has never been easier, thanks to the power of the Internet.

You even have the luxury of choosing between remote and on-site work, earning a competitive wage, and working on your career advancement.

Did you give any of the websites mentioned above a try? Or do you have a unique tactic to land a job within 24 hours?

Let us know in the comments below.

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