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9+ Best Remote Marketing Jobs: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

Are you sick and tired of sitting in an office all day long without any breaks?

We are too.

If so, looking for the best remote marketing jobs can help you be in control of your own schedule.

Forget commuting to your job, wasting time sitting in a car, or taking a bus to get to your office, workplace, or shop.

Instead, choosing one of the best remote marketing jobs can help you maximize your time and energy.

An Overview of Remote Marketing Jobs

Remote marketing jobs provide freelancers and entrepreneurs with the ability to create content, communicate with other workers, and advise businesses with their marketing campaigns from the comfort of their own home or remote office.

What is a Remote Marketing Job?

A remote marketing job is a professional who can operate from an out-of-the-office location to help with the brainstorming, planning, developing, and implementation of specific strategies to help the marketing of a specific company.

The skills of a remote marketer include thorough research abilities, creative skills, collaboration with other workers, and communication with other portions of the company.

Why are Remote Marketing Jobs Important?

Remote marketing jobs are key to providing marketing professionals with the ability to work from any location in which they can produce the highest-quality content.

Remote marketers, in general, are responsible for multiple aspects of marketing strategies, such as branding content, collaborating with writers, altering a company’s goals, creating new material, and developing step-by-step campaigns.

Do I Need a Remote Marketing Job?

If you are a gig worker who operates best from their own office, house, or collaborative workspace, getting a remote marketing job can be the solution to finding a flexible job.

Instead of having to commute every day to an office with other workers from the same company, you can do the tasks of a remote marketer (i.e., brainstorming new ideas, creating content, talking with other writers, etc.) from a location of your choosing.

Companies, and entrepreneurs, can see their productivity levels increase and other desirable benefits as they work remotely.

The Best Remote Marketing Jobs at a Glance

Before choosing a remote marketing job, you need to use specific criteria to find out the top choice for you and your specific needs.

What is the Best Remote Marketing Job?

The best remote marketing job for freelancers and gig workers is Remote.co.

Remote.co is the top option for remote workers due to its functionality on the website, multiple remote job opportunities, remote work resources, career coaching information, and online courses.

What is the Highest Paying Remote Marketing Job?

The highest-paid remote marketing jobs are Chief Growth Officer, Digital Strategist, Digital Manager, VP of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, or Analytics Manager.

If you are looking to get a job at one of our top picks, Remote.co is the highest-paying business for a remote marketer.

Features to Look for In Remote Marketing Jobs

There are specific features and criteria to look for in remote marketing jobs before selecting one for your upcoming career.

1. Work-life balance

One of the most important criteria to keep in mind when it comes to searching for the best remote marketing jobs is a healthy work-life balance.

Remote workers must make sure they do not take on a remote marketing job that is too time-consuming, which can detract from a person’s healthy lifestyle — physically, mentally, and psychologically.

2. Functionality

The second aspect to consider for a new remote marketing job is functionality on a website.

You need an online platform and website that is easy to use, simple, and good for beginners.

3. Low Cost and Accessible

Remote marketing platforms should be low-cost, free, or offer multiple pricing packages so they are accessible to everyone.

4. Productivity

Remote marketing jobs and websites should be conducive to high productivity levels.

Remote workers who operate from their own office or home should be able to utilize an online platform that supports workshops, programs, messaging, online events, and collaboration.

5. Salary

When looking for a long-term job that is going to keep you financially stable, salary is key.

Find a remote marketing job that is at least providing the median salary, or higher, for remote workers.

6. Time commitment

Lastly, your job should not take over your entire life.

Along with a work-life balance, choose a remote marketing job that has a fair time commitment for the position level and skill level.

For example, an entry-level job should not require you to do extra work that you are not qualified for, and that takes more time during your daily workload.

Best Remote Marketing Jobs: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Let’s look at the top remote marketing jobs that you should consider to make a consistent salary, keep a life outside of your work, and maintain the potential for growth in the marketing industry.

Remote.co – Our Pick

Remote.co is an online resource and job board platform that provides freelancers and gig workers with job opportunities, expert insight and advice, best practices for job seekers, and support for businesses that are looking to expand their remote work base.

Key Features of Remote.co

  • 145 companies answer a job seeker’s questions regarding remote work
  • Offers remote work resources for companies and job seekers (Q&A, articles, career coaching, online courses, etc.).
  • Allows the user to search the remote job boards based on the category, keyword, or company name  

Pros of Remote.co

  • Free — Avoid spending money on job boards or platforms by choosing a free service.
  • Most recent — The organization lists the most recent job postings at the top of the page for simplicity and functionality.
  • Large database — The number of job listings is expansive for almost every job category.
  • New jobs per week — there are over 100 new jobs each week, which provides job seekers with current and constantly-updated job openings.

Cons of Remote.co

  • Limited search filters — There are limited search filters for job seekers to use, meaning you can’t search based on some criteria that could help narrow down your preferences.
  • Not 100% remote — Corporations may list their job openings as remote, but it could require partial attendance, weekly meetings, or in-person events.

Remote.co Income

Remote.co offers various pricing structures that can work for your business’ needs.

This website offers 1 job ad for 30 days for $299, 1 job ad for 60 days for $598, and 1 job ad for 90 days for $897.

The average salary for Remote.co comes to around $132k per year, not including the bonus that reaches upwards of $15k.  

Conclusion: Should You Choose Remote.co?

Remote.co is one of the top remote job sites that offer new jobs every single week, ample job postings per industry category, and flexibility for those searching for freelance openings.

When compared to other sites for freelance marketing, this is the best option.

We Work Remotely – Runner Up

We Work Remotely is an online remote job platform that features information for employers and job seekers.

In addition, this platform provides seekers with multiple categories in terms of remote work (i.e., management and finance, product, customer support, sales, full-time, marketing, etc.).

Key Features of We Work Remotely

  • Offers multiple categories of remote jobs
  • Provides remote hiring guides and trends for employers
  • Provides an advanced job search for job seekers
  • Lists the top 100 remote companies

Pros of We Work Remotely

  • Lists over 100 jobs per week in various categories (ex: design, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • Free

Cons of We Work Remotely

  • The platform and functionality are outdated and difficult to use
  • The most recent job postings are not listed near the top of the page

We Work Remotely Price

The main price for listing a job on We Work Remotely by an employer is $299 per month.

The upgraded options are $59 per month, $99 per month to highlight an ad, or $149 per month to highlight an ad, pin an ad for 7 days, and feature an ad on the website’s Daily Digest.

The average salary for We Work Remotely employees comes to just over $96k per year.

Conclusion: Should You Choose We Work Remotely?

We Work Remotely is one of the best remote marketing online platforms for those who want a low-cost, versatile, and widespread option for job seekers.

If you are a gig worker who is looking for a variety of industries for an open position, We Work Remotely is one of the best choices.

Upwork – Also Good

Upwork is an online job search platform that helps businesses, agencies, job seekers, and gig workers all connect with one another.

Upwork states that its purpose is to help these individuals create better economic opportunities by enhancing collaboration between talented individuals with unique skills and those who require that skill in their company or project.

Upwork currently has over 150,000 active clients that search for freelance job projects on the website.

This job site continually works to help pair top companies with talented independent freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Key Features of Upwork

  • A huge number of freelancers bidding on each project
  • Freelancers can set their own rate to be more desirable to clients

Pros of Upwork

  • Very popular — The best part about Upwork is that it is extremely popular all over the world. This means that freelancers will always have projects or companies they can apply for without the fear of running out of opportunities.
  • Wide skill selection — For companies or entrepreneurs who are searching for talent, they will always have a huge pool of applicants and professionals to choose between.
  • Low prices — Despite Upwork being one of the most well-known platforms, it is still at the low end of the price spectrum. Upwork allows freelancers to place their own bids, which keeps the prices low for new entrepreneurs and smaller companies who can’t afford freelancers with a high hourly rate.

Cons of Upwork

  • Very competitive — freelancers may find it difficult to get an open job position due to the sheer number of other applicants on the platform
  • Less qualified freelancers — Very qualified freelancers who do not need to bid for projects may leave the website, as the competition and number of applicants are too great. This, in turn, leads to lesser-qualified individuals vying for the project’s or company’s open spot.
  • Scams are real — Some customers report being scammed on the Upwork site by freelancers who are actually scammers. This is because the site requires only the most basic background checks and verification procedures to proceed as a freelancer.
  • Absent customer support — Lastly, Upwork offers low levels of customer support. This, coupled with the fact that scammers are frequent on the site, makes it a less friendly platform for companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for talented individuals.

Upwork Price

The hourly rate at Upwork is just $3 per hour.

The fee for Upwork clients is the 3% transactional fee for payment on the platform.

However, Upwork does not require clients to pay extra fees to the site in addition to the freelancer’s hourly rate agreed upon for a specific project or timeframe.

For freelancers, Upwork uses a progressive scale.

This means that the first time a freelancer charges a client, Upwork will take 20% from the freelancer.

If the client hires the freelancer again, the fee is reduced to 10%.

The percentage continually declines the more times a client hires the same freelancer.

The Upwork salary ranges from $39k for a customer service representative to as high as $279k for a Senior Creative Director.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Upwork?

In short, Upwork is a great choice for freelancers who are looking to put their name out into the world and can choose a low price.

This is the best platform for those who want to build a portfolio and use their gig work as a side job when first starting out.

However, after using Upwork for a prolonged time period, freelancers may find that the network is too competitive to keep higher hourly rates for a project.

Even so, this can be a favorable site for gig workers who want to meet their personal marketing objectives.

Notable Mentions: Notable Mentions: Other Remote Marketing Jobs To Check Out

There are other notable mentions when it comes to remote marketing jobs that can be helpful for gig workers to check out.

LinkedIn – Also Great

LinkedIn is a professional network that connects employees, employers, gig workers, and other professionals with one another.

This online platform works to help people find the right job that works for their unique skills, background, location, and requirements.

Using this platform allows users to create LinkedIn connections, which can help any individual find a job that works best for their career.

In turn, it can help employers select the perfect fit for an open position that would otherwise be hard to find through an in-person search.

The purpose of LinkedIn is to connect members through an online network of professionals, businesses, colleges, and groups.

Why is LinkedIn a Great Option?

  • Offers a job board — One of the main perks of using LinkedIn to find remote marketing jobs is that you can utilize the job board. The job board lets users search for an open position offered by an employer by inputting a keyword, location, business name, or other criteria. The job board is an extensive database that shows hiring companies that fit your career needs.
  • Enhance your online brand — The second benefit of using LinkedIn is for employees and employers to build and enhance their online brand. Although you can use a social media page or personal website, using LinkedIn is more reputable and credible than creating your own website. Plus, showcasing your strengths, background, and charisma is easiest on LinkedIn.
  • Easier to find on search engines — Creating a LinkedIn profile can make your name easier to find on search engines. If an employer tries to find your name on Google, it will be much easier to find your name on the first page than if you did not have a LinkedIn profile.

Drawbacks to LinkedIn

  • You can’t find your specific employer — If you are dead set on finding a job position with a specific employer, using LinkedIn may not work for you. Some employers do not post their jobs on this job site, which can make the search fruitless.
  • Competition — There are millions of professionals on LinkedIn. Because of this, it can be hard to stand out among the masses with similar backgrounds or resumes.

LinkedIn Pricing and Income

LinkedIn has different pricing structures that can range from as low as free to $150 per month.

The free account does not cost a user any money per month.

The next pricing tier costs $40 per month for a Premium Career membership, the Premium Business account costs $60 per month, the Sales Navigator Professional costs $100 per month, the Sales Navigator Team costs $150 per month, and the Recruiter Lite membership costs $2,400 per year.

The average income for working at LinkedIn ranges between $72,766 and $175,012 per year.

Fiverr – Good for Content Writers

Fiverr is an online platform that is designed with freelancers in mind.

The purpose of this platform is to match freelancers, individuals, and professionals with businesses that require unique talents.

This website is the largest marketplace that specializes in digital services.

Freelancers and businesses can utilize Fiverr to match with one another in terms of completing a specific project or filling an open position.

Why is Fiverr a Great Option?

  • Low cost: One of the main reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs may use Fiverr is because it is a low-cost and fast way to get work done. Instead of having to find a freelance marketing professional in your local area to complete a time-sensitive business project, companies can use Fiverr to find an independent contractor for a lower price.
  • Find unique workers: Another reason why businesses may use Fiverr is to find a freelancer or professional who can do a unique task. If you are looking for a specific task that requires a certain set of skills, Fiverr may be the best marketplace.

Drawbacks to Fiverr

  • Unreliable — There is no way to guarantee the work of the person that you hire is going to be up to par. You are taking a risk if you use a freelancer on Fiverr since the vetting process is virtually non-existent.
  • No guarantee — After hiring a freelancer, there is no guarantee the person will actually do the work or complete the project on time.

Fiverr Pricing or Income

There are two levels of membership at Fiverr Workspace — $0 per month for the basic package and $18 per month for the unlimited package.

The average income of a Fiverr employee in the United States ranges between $35521 per year to $139,913 per year.

The salary depends on the position, with a Software Developer making the most money within the company.

Toptal – Good for Hiring Reliable Professionals

Toptal is a networking platform that connects software developers, financial professionals, managers, product advisors, project managers, and designers in one website.

The purpose of this website is to give companies and entrepreneurs a talent pool of tech professionals that can form together and collaborate on projects and form specialized teams.

Why is Toptal a Great Option?

  • Extreme vetting process — The claim that Toptal accepts 3% of freelancers is true. Unlike Upwork or another more popular platform, the purpose of this website is to have only the best of the best for hire. In theory, Toptal hosts experts who can help businesses with their projects.
  • Professional freelancers — Since Toptal has an intense vetting process, the professionals left are typically easy to work with, experts in their field, and reliable when completing a project on time and meeting the requirements.
  • Specific pairings — Toptal offers specific pairings between freelancers and business owners that make the likelihood of getting along and getting the job done much higher than other platforms.

Drawbacks to Toptal

  • Expensive — Toptal is more expensive than other popular platforms. Companies will have to pay a hefty down payment and expect to pay more for a freelancer than on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Might not meet your creative needs — If you are in need of a creative freelancer who can paint something, draw a unique picture, or sculpt a piece of art for your movie, you may need to look elsewhere. Toptal usually deals with freelancers in the tech industry, so they leave out many creative types (music, art, etc.).

Toptal Pricing or Income

The amount a person will pay for Toptal’s services depends on the freelancer you want to hire.

However, Toptal offers a calculator that can provide clients with an idea of what they may pay per project or per hour.

For example, a back-end developer will cost upwards of $75 per hour, whereas a full-stack developer typically ranges between $45 and $80 per hour.

Furthermore, the initial deposit is $500 for clients to begin with a freelancer.

The average income is between $40k and $195k per year.

The lowest paying job is a Project Manager, whereas the highest paying job is a Senior Consultant.

The average salary for the company comes to around $118k per year.

Working Nomads – Good for Various Job Fields

Working Nomads is a job board site that showcases job openings in various categories for freelancers, such as development, marketing, management, system administration, design, sales, writing, customer success, and others.

Clients can post a job, freelancers can view job alerts, and visitors can view job skills relevant to their ideal occupation.

Why is Working Nomads a Great Option?

  • Features 120,000 site visitors per month — Clients have a high likelihood of freelancers viewing their job opening.
  • Social media following — Working Nomads has almost 18,000 Twitter followers, which shows how this site can use social media to broadcast job openings and gain new users.
  • Post editing — Companies can edit and re-list their posts to get more views.

Drawbacks to Working Nomads

  • Expensive — Working Nomads has no free option – companies that want to list only one job still must pay a hefty fee per month.
  • Company logo — Companies that post job openings will not have their company logo on the posting, which can reduce job visibility and company recognition.

Working Nomads Pricing and Income

Working Nomads has three plan options — Single Job, Three Jobs, and Five Jobs — which have the pricing structures of $149, $387, and $545 per posting.

RemoteWoman – Good for Online Safety

RemoteWoman is a female-friendly job site that brings together remote professionals with world-renowned companies.

This web platform features over 4,000 current jobs and over 1 million views per job post.

RemoteWoman mainly focuses on job postings in marketing, development, design, product, sales, and support business openings.

Why is RemoteWoman a Great Option?

  • Offers option to post a resume — Along with companies being allowed to post jobs, professionals can post a resume to be seen by currently-looking companies.
  • Specializes in certain industries — Specializes in product, sales, support, development, design, and marketing industries.

Drawbacks to RemoteWoman

  • Limited openings — Although the website is great for freelancers who specialize in certain categories, it limits specific companies and professionals.
  • Expensive — The unlimited job posting is $499 per month.

Pricing of RemoteWoman

The pricing for companies is $499 per month for unlimited job posts, or $799 per month for the bundle package of RemotePOC and RemoteWoman.

NoDesk.co – Good for Tech Professionals

NoDesk.co is an online platform that connects companies of various sizes with professionals to formulate remote teams with specialized workers.

This website focuses on helping businesses of varying sizes, no matter if they are a new startup or a multinational corporation.

Why is NoDesk.co a Great Option?

  • Features thousands of professionals — NoDesk.co offers hundreds of thousands professional freelancers that can help companies in varying industries.
  • Widespread reach — Every company’s post is highlighted to reach a large number of freelancers and candidates.
  • Customer support — The website offers customer support for users across the world.

Drawbacks to NoDesk.co

  • No free option — There is only one pricing structure for users to post open jobs.
  • No matching tools — Compared to other more specialized job posting boards, NoDesk.co does not match talented freelancers with companies in need of special talents.
  • Limited support — Despite the website offering customer support for worldwide users, the support is only through social media instant messaging and emails.

Pricing of NoDesk.co

NoDesk.co costs $199 per month for a 45-day job post.

Other Companies Relevant to Remote Marketing Jobs

Are you still looking for the best remote marketing jobs?

If so, we have a few options for you to check out to find high-paying and flexible gigs as a freelancer.

Freelance Writing Jobs: Freelance writing jobs allow gig workers to use their language skills to finish literacy projects for various companies or individuals.

Gig workers can find freelance writing jobs regarding creative pieces, transcriptions, academic writing, and other categories.

Remote Graphic Design Jobs: Remote graphic design jobs span multimedia animation, illustration, web design, creative design, brand design, and other media elements.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Freelance writing jobs for beginners are the best way for new gig workers to develop a marketing portfolio, build their brand, and connect with clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

New gig workers might have questions regarding freelance marketing jobs as a steady income.

Is Marketing a Stressful Job?

Although being a marketing manager can be a stressful occupation, getting into the marketing world at an entry level position is not considered stressful.

Can You Work Remotely As a Digital Marketer?

Being a remote digital marketer is definitely possible.

Especially after Covid-19 made everyone work from home, digital marketers now often work remotely or from a home office due to the nature of the work.

Digital marketers can work independently and remotely, making it a desirable job for those who enjoy creating their own schedule.

Wrapping up

Finding the best remote marketing jobs is a smart way for gig workers to create a work-life balance, make a substantial income, and fulfill their career ambitions.

For freelancers who want to find the most desirable marketing positions, they should consider using Remote.co or We Work Remotely due to the variety of job postings, easy functionality, and low prices.

If you are a freelancer who wants to find remote marketing jobs, check out Gig Worker today.

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