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9+ Best Side Jobs: Ranked and Reviewed (2023)

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Do you want to make extra money? If so, you’re in luck!

Several side jobs exist that can help you bring in additional income. Side jobs are also fun ways to learn new skills and meet new people.

In this article, we will discuss various side jobs to consider.

We will define what a side job is and explain the criteria to look for when choosing a side job.

An Overview of Side Jobs

A side job is an additional job you can do on top of your regular work or studies.

Side jobs have become increasingly popular among people looking to earn extra money as they deal with higher prices.

What Is a Side Job?

Side jobs can range from freelance writing to rideshare driving or pet sitting to renting out extra space.

They offer flexibility, allowing you to work when it suits your schedule.

A side job is the definition of a side hustle.

It lets you work outside of your full-time hours.

Why Are Side Jobs Important?

Side jobs are a way to supplement your income, but they also offer other benefits.

They provide an opportunity to develop new skills and learn more about different industries.

Plus, side jobs can be a fun way to connect with others in the community or even find a new career.

The most significant benefit of a side job is that it provides an extra source of income.

It can help when paying off debt, saving up for a purchase, or increasing your financial security.

The Best Side Jobs at a Glance

Let’s quickly look at two of the best side jobs.

What Is the Best Side Job?

Rideshare and delivery jobs are the best side jobs to pick up for extra income.

These jobs allow you to set your hours, be your own boss, and make a quality hourly rate.

What Side Job Pays the Most?

Freelancing jobs offer some of the highest payouts among side jobs.

Depending on your experience level and the type of work you do, freelancers can make anywhere from $15 – $100+ per hour.

Writing jobs offer some of the best freelance opportunities to maximize per-hour earnings.

Criteria To Look For in Side Jobs

As you decide which side job to use for your extra income needs, consider the following criteria.

1. Flexibility

Look for side jobs that offer you the flexibility unlocked by the gig economy.

It is vital, especially if you already have a full-time job and want to find side work on nights or weekends.

Some side jobs offer part-time hours but require you to work inside specific blocks of time.

Others allow you complete flexibility in terms of when you do the work.

2. Potential Earnings

Your side job should also offer potential earnings commensurate with the time and effort you invest in it.

Some side jobs require more effort and skill than others, so it is crucial to consider the potential return on that investment.

3. Job Type

Consider what type of side job you want to do.

Some side jobs involve physical labor, while others are more intellectual.

Choose something you enjoy doing and have knowledge of to succeed in that field.

The last thing you probably want to do is sign off from a full-time gig only to work part-time with something you do not enjoy.

4. Reputation

Look into each company’s reputation in terms of service and customer satisfaction.

Check online reviews and get a feel for how other employees and clients have experienced working with the company.

5. Support System

Finally, make sure you have access to a support system when necessary.

If you are ever stuck or need help, you should be able to turn to someone for assistance.

Consider whether the company you work for offers phone support so you can get quick answers.

Other companies may only offer email support, which could take time when you urgently require assistance.

Best Side Jobs: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Let’s review our top three side job recommendations.

Use the information to decide which option may work best for your schedule and lifestyle.

Rideshare and Delivery Jobs: Our Pick

Rideshare and delivery jobs are a growing and popular form of employment.

They involve picking up passengers and delivering goods.

Working with ridesharing companies offers flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and quality income potential.

With the ease of technology available today, anyone can start making money from these jobs.

Companies That Offer Rideshare and Delivery Jobs

Many companies offer you the opportunity to work in delivery or as a rideshare driver.

  • Uber Eats: Uber Eats is a food delivery service owned by Uber.
    It offers you the chance to deliver food in your vehicle and receive payment based on how many deliveries you make.
  • DoorDash: DoorDash is another popular delivery service that’s available in dozens of cities across the US.
  • Lyft: This option is a rideshare company that allows you to pick up passengers and take them to their destination.

Pros of Rideshare and Delivery Jobs

  • Flexible hours: Rideshare and delivery jobs offer flexible hours so you can work when it’s convenient for you. Whether you need to fit side jobs into your daily schedule or want to pick up extra income on the weekends, these side jobs are an excellent choice.
  • Variety of assignments: Rideshare drivers have a variety of tasks that can include delivering groceries, people, or packages.
  • Potential for quality earnings: Depending on how much time you put in and how many orders or fares you complete, these side jobs can generate a decent amount of income.

Cons of Rideshare and Delivery Jobs

  • Unpredictable income: The income you get from rideshare and delivery jobs can fluctuate depending on the demand for your services.
  • Risky conditions: Depending on the area where you deliver, you might encounter unanticipated risks that could make the job more dangerous.
  • Lack of support: Rideshare and delivery companies often do not provide much support to their workers.

How Much You Can Make With Rideshare and Delivery Jobs

The amount of money you can make with side jobs in this category depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

Generally, rideshare and delivery side jobs offer the potential for making at least a few hundred dollars per month.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Rideshare and Delivery Jobs?

Rideshare and delivery side jobs can be a way to make extra money, particularly if you’re looking for a flexible side job that allows you to work on your terms.

Consider the potential risks, income fluctuation, and lack of support before committing to one.

The flexibility in terms of location and schedule makes this our top pick.

Writing Jobs: Runner-Up

Freelance writing jobs offer the opportunity to make money by creating content for websites and businesses.

Examples of side job writing assignments include blog posts, articles, reviews, product descriptions, and more.

Companies That Offer Writing Jobs

While dozens of companies offer writing jobs, here are three to seriously consider.

  • Contently: Contently is a content platform that connects freelance writers with companies of all sizes.
    It’s easy to start submitting your work samples for approval.
  • WordAgents: WordAgents offer side job writing assignments such as blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, and articles.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a popular side job platform that allows you to find side jobs in writing and many other categories.

Pros of Writing Jobs

  • Flexibility: Unlike a traditional full-time job, freelance writing side jobs allow you to work at your preferred schedule.
  • Potential for quality earnings: Depending on the number of side jobs you take on and the complexity of each assignment, freelance writing can generate a decent amount of income.
  • Variety: Writing job roles come in many forms, from creative to technical and everything in between.

Cons of Writing Jobs

  • Stress: Since writing assignments usually have tight deadlines, it can, at times, be stressful to meet those deadlines without sacrificing quality.
  • Competition: With more people entering the market for writing jobs, there is a high level of competition, and you may not find enough work available at times.
  • Lack of security: Writing jobs may not always be consistent, which makes it challenging to plan and secure a steady income stream to support yourself financially.

How Much You Can Make With Writing Jobs

Writing side jobs can range from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars per month, depending on the number of side job assignments you take on and your experience level.

Some writers can eventually turn their side jobs into full-time gigs that replace their old careers.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Writing Jobs?

Do you enjoy writing?

Strongly consider this side job.

It takes time to build up a side job in writing, but the potential income and flexibility are worth it.

If you’re serious about side jobs in writing, we recommend investing time into improving your skill set and building connections in the industry.

That way, you can make a writing side job a long-term source of income.

Pet Sitting and Care Jobs: Also Great

Pet sitting side jobs involve taking care of other people’s pets on either a part-time or full-time basis.

The side job is ideal for those who love animals, as you get to spend time with them and build relationships.

You can also opt for dog walking gigs.

Companies That Offer Pet Sitting and Care Jobs

Various companies and apps make it easy to connect with pet owners who need your care and sitting services.

  • Rover: Rover is an online platform that connects pet owners and pet sitters.
  • PetBacker: PetBacker provides side jobs in pet sitting, walking, and dog boarding.
  • Wag!: Wag! offers side jobs in pet sitting and opportunities to walk dogs.

Pros of Pet Sitting and Care Jobs

  • Flexibility: It allows you to work on your terms and take on as much or as little work as you want.
  • Exercise: It offers an opportunity for physical exercise, which is beneficial for people who may not otherwise get enough activity.
  • Bonding with animals: Pet sitting and care jobs provide a chance to meet and bond with animals

Cons of Pet Sitting and Care Jobs

  • Physical demands: Pet sitting and care jobs require a certain level of physical activity, which can be challenging for those not accustomed to such demands.
  • Time commitment: Working with animals requires dedication and long hours, so it’s essential to ensure you have enough time for the job.
  • Unpredictable pay: Payment for pet sitting and care jobs can fluctuate depending on how much work you take on.

How Much You Can Make With Pet Sitting and Care Jobs

The income you can make with pet sitting and care jobs depends on factors such as how many animals you can care for and what kinds of services you offer.

Generally, basic house-sitting tasks like feeding and walking the animals will earn around $15-$20 per hour, while more specialized tasks such as grooming and medical treatments may pay significantly more.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Pet Sitting and Care Jobs?

Whether or not this category of jobs is the right fit for you depends on your personal preferences and situation.

If you love animals, have the physical capabilities and time commitment to dedicate to such a job, and don’t mind unpredictable pay, then it may be a perfect choice.

Notable Mentions: Notable Mentions: Other Side Jobs To Check Out

Select from the following notable mentions if you’re looking for something different from our top three selections.


Freelancing is the practice of working independently, either as a consultant or on a contract basis.

It often involves taking on short-term projects from different employers and receiving payment based on performance.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular as it offers flexibility and freedom, as well as the chance to make money from your ideas and skills.

Why Is Freelancing a Great Option?

Freelancing is an option for those who want to take charge of their career and lifestyle.

It provides flexibility in terms of the hours you work, how you work, and when you work.

You can choose your projects and specialize in an area.

Additionally, you often have greater control over the pricing and terms of your services and thus can make more money than you would otherwise.

Finally, it usually allows you to grow your skills as you work with clients on different projects.

Drawbacks to Freelancing

Finding reliable clients for long-term projects can take time and effort.

Regularly scouting for new opportunities is often necessary.

Additionally, there may not be any job security since payment is often dependent on a project-to-project basis.

Lastly, freelancers do not enjoy the same benefits or protections as full-time employees, such as health care or vacation days.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Freelancing?

Freelancing side jobs are a way to increase your income while still having the flexibility to manage your schedule.

It can help you to grow your skills, learn new ones, and take control of your career.

However, it does require hard work and dedication to find reliable clients, so make sure that you’re prepared for the challenges before taking the plunge.

Renting Extra Space

Whether you have an unused room in your home or an entire property that’s not getting much use, you can get involved with a rental arbitrage business.

You can rent out space on a short-term basis, like Airbnb, or longer-term rentals, like apartments or single rooms.

With the right approach and enough elbow grease, this side activity could become your primary source of income.

Why Is Renting Extra Space a Great Option?

Renting out extra space can be lucrative and rewarding.

You get to set your rules and keep more of the money you earn without having to invest too much into it.

Plus, you get to meet new people and have new experiences along the way.

With careful planning and effort, it can become a reliable source of income.

Drawbacks To Renting Extra Space

You’ll need to comply with local laws and regulations regarding rentals.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the maintenance and expenses associated with rental properties.

You’ll also need to put in the work of screening tenants and resolving disputes.

Renting Extra Space Income Potential

Depending on the type and location of your space, you could earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands.

The amount you can earn will depend on several factors.

These include things like local market rates and the size and condition of the space you will rent out.

Selling Stuff Online

Selling things online refers to the process of selling goods and services online through websites and other digital mediums.

Online shopping allows customers to buy products without having to leave their homes.

You can offer various payment methods so buyers can easily pay for their purchases.

Why Is Selling Stuff Online a Great Option?

Selling stuff online is cost-effective, as there are no brick-and-mortar stores or physical location rents needed.

You can easily monitor and track sales and customer activity in real time. It’s possible to customize your offerings and engage with customers through social media and email campaigns.

Selling stuff online gives you the flexibility to run your business on your terms without having to conform to traditional retail rules.

Drawbacks To Selling Stuff Online

The biggest drawback is that you need to manage the extra overhead associated with running an online business, such as handling customer inquiries and returns.

You may need to invest some money upfront in marketing and advertising if you want your business to stand out from the competition or reach new customers.

How Much You Can Make With Selling Stuff Online

It’s hard to provide a precise monetary figure when it comes to selling stuff online.

Consider your pricing strategy, the products and services you offer, and how much time you dedicate to marketing and managing customer interactions.

Generally speaking, an online store can net profits that range from a few hundred dollars per month up to $10,000 or more per month.

Research and Focus Groups

Making money with research and paid focus groups is easy and flexible.

Many focus groups pay in cash or gift cards upon completion of the task.

Others offer compensation after completing the study.

You may have to answer a series of questions related to the project before a project team accepts you.

Why Are Research and Focus Groups a Great Option?

You can do most studies from home, a library, or even a coffee shop.

Many studies offer competitive compensation packages so you can easily turn your extra time into income.

You’ll also gain valuable insight into the latest products and services to shape decisions for major companies.

Drawbacks to Research and Focus Groups

Many studies have stringent requirements for participation which could restrict your ability to get involved in projects.

Some research organizations will share personal information with other companies throughout the study.

Read any fine print before permitting data sharing.

Not all studies will work out as planned.

Research and focus groups may not be the best option if you’re looking for a steady income stream.

How Much You Can Make With Research and Focus Groups

Generally speaking, online surveys or “quick polls” usually offer small amounts per study ($10 – $50).

Focus groups typically range from $100 – $200 per session. Longer-term studies that require multiple hours of participation can pay significantly more ($250 – $500).

Tutoring & Teaching

Online tutoring jobs can work if you have an area of expertise and enjoy working with students.

You can make money by teaching classes on subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, music, or art.

There are various platforms available online that connect teachers to students from all over the world.

Why Is Tutoring & Teaching a Great Option?

You can choose the hours that fit your schedule, the topics you’re passionate about, and clients or students to work with.

With rising tuition costs and complicated educational systems in many countries, tutors are in high demand.

The demand creates the potential for either part-time or full-time work.

Furthermore, this type of side job requires few resources or investments.

Drawbacks to Tutoring & Teaching

You can run into a lot of administrative work after becoming a tutor or teacher.

These tasks can involve dealing with students’ issues, tracking progress, and organizing schedules.

Tutoring can become overwhelming if you take on too many clients or classes at once.

You may have times when you feel like you have no spare time for yourself.

How Much You Can Make With Tutoring & Teaching

The amount you can make as a tutor or teacher will depend on the number of hours you work, your expertise and qualifications, and the type of services you offer.

Generally speaking, tutors with specialized skills such as music, language, or test prep can earn more than general tutors.

Additionally, experienced teachers can expect to earn substantially more than inexperienced ones.

Completing Micro Tasks

Completing micro tasks involves making money through online gig platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can find freelancing gigs that offer quick turnaround and pay-per-task payouts.

Other micro-task opportunities include taking surveys, performing data entry or transcription services, editing photos and videos, testing websites, playing online games, and much more.

Why Is Completing Micro Tasks a Great Option?

These jobs offer a flexible way to work, allowing you to work as much or as little as needed.

Most micro-task platforms are easy to sign up for and manage online.

You typically don’t need to possess additional equipment or specialized skills.

And with so many different task categories available, there’s something for almost everyone.

Drawbacks to Completing Micro Tasks

The pay rate for most micro tasks is relatively low.

Many tasks are time-consuming and require focus, meaning you may need to put in more effort than simply completing a single task and moving on.

There’s no guarantee that work will be available at any given time, making it difficult to count on income.

How Much You Can Make With Completing Micro Tasks

The amount of money you can make completing micro tasks will depend on the type of task, how much time it takes to complete it, and your skill level.

Most micro-tasks pay a few dollars apiece.

If you work quickly and efficiently, you could make between $10 – $20 per hour.

Start slow and gradually increase your productivity if you decide to pursue a side job in micro tasks.

Other Jobs Relevant to Side Jobs

In addition to the side jobs we’ve covered above, other possibilities exist.

Consider these three additional side jobs before committing to your next source of income.

  • Same-Day Pay Jobs: If you’re looking for side jobs that provide immediate gratification, same-day pay jobs are an option. These types of side gigs often involve completing tasks such as grocery shopping or delivering packages.
  • Internet Gigs: The Internet created more side job possibilities than ever before. Whether it’s graphic design, coding, web design, or writing, side jobs found online can help you make money quickly and easily.
  • Work-Life Balance Jobs: If your side job takes too much of your time, consider work-life balance side gigs like virtual assistant roles or customer service positions. These types of side jobs often have flexible hours, and you can do them remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about side jobs?

Here are the answers to two commonly asked questions about the subject.

Is it possible to make money quickly?

Yes, it is possible to make money quickly with side jobs.

Look for side gigs such as completing micro tasks or same-day pay jobs that will provide you with quick cash and immediate gratification.

What is the easiest side hustle?

The easiest side hustle depends on your skills and interests.

If you have experience in writing and editing, you could try freelancing or side gigs that involve creating content.

If you’re comfortable with customer service, consider side jobs like virtual assistant roles or customer service positions.

Rideshare gigs are also easy.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right side job that will fit into your lifestyle is an important part of achieving financial freedom and increasing your income.

With a bit of research and discernment, it’s possible to find side jobs that fit your interests, schedule, and budget.

Take time to explore the variety of side gigs available to find one that you’ll enjoy.

Consider options like rideshare and delivery jobs, tutoring, micro-tasks, same-day pay jobs, and other work-life balance side hustles to find the right side job for you.

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