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10 Easy Jobs That You Can Start Today

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Are you struggling with your current job? Would you like to do something much easier for the same pay, or even better than the average salary?

We hear you. Jobs like welding, nursing, and firefighting are physically, emotionally, and mentally draining, making you question whether the compensation is even worth it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are some easy jobs you can start today; no experience or special skills required.

Best 10 Easy Jobs (Overview)

Finding an easy job to make extra cash isn’t as difficult as it seems. There is something for everyone, even if you lack extensive knowledge or experience.

  1. Data Entry
  2. Delivery Driver
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. House Sitting
  5. Dog Walker
  6. Personal Trainer
  7. Personal Driver
  8. Food Stylist
  9. Personal Stylist
  10. Voice Acting

The best platforms to find easy jobs:

  1. Upwork
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Fiverr
  5. Indeed
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. JobRack
  8. Monster Jobs
  9. FlexJobs

1. Data Entry

If you’re good with numbers, type fast, and need part-time work, you should look for data entry jobs you can do from home. Data entry usually involves entering written data into a computer.

You may also have to analyze data and develop formulas in Excel or Google Sheets to crunch numbers. Even if you aren’t good with those programs, ChatGPT can solve a lot of your problems in seconds.

For entry-level data entry jobs, you don’t need any special requirements aside from knowing how to use Excel, being accurate and meticulous, and typing relatively fast.

Depending on the project, you may be provided on-the-job training.

2. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are in high demand with the rise of ecommerce. You’ll work at a shipping service and transport goods in a van.

Part-time delivery jobs are increasingly becoming popular among students, thanks to the minimum requirements and competitive pay.

All you need to become one is a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a high school diploma. It provides a good amount of job security, too.

Check out our article on delivery jobs to learn how to find one that fits your criteria.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the most popular remote jobs thanks to the flexibility and high demand.

Most entrepreneurs running online businesses need a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks. These range from answering emails, managing teams, processing payroll, and doing other administrative tasks.

You typically don’t need any special requirements aside from knowing how to use a computer and good organizational skills.

Virtual assistants can make a sizable chunk of money, as they’re in a good position to negotiate better rates. Business owners prefer to continue working with the same people; they’re willing to pay higher rates if you stick with them.

4. House Sitting

House sitters have the best job in the world — instead of having to pay rent, they get paid to live at somebody’s home. As a bonus, most people who hire house sitters tend to have rather lovely and spacious homes.

In addition to staying at the property, you may be required to do pet sitting as well. In fact, The New York Times reports that 80% of house sitting is done because homeowners need a pet sitter.

House sitting isn’t paid extraordinarily well, but considering that you can do a second job while staying at someone’s residence, it’s worth looking into an arrangement.

5. Dog Walker

As the name implies, dog walking involves arranging regular walks with clients, picking their pets up and dropping them off at prearranged times, cleaning up after their business, and you may also have to leave food and water when they get home.

The best part is dog walkers generally work freelance. You can take on as many clients as you wish, set your prices and schedule, and work as much as you like.

The only requirement for this job is to love dogs and be good with them.

6. Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer might sound difficult, but if you’re already an avid gym-goer and in good physical health, you’re in a prime position to become a personal trainer.

If you think you need a good social media presence to get started, that often isn’t the case. You might even get lucky and get approached in the gym by someone interested in improving their physical stamina.

If you’re working out with individuals, you can work out what price to charge to make sure it fits both of you.

You need to meet some basic requirements to become a personal trainer. Certifications and knowing exercise science help, but the most important is knowing how to fix mistakes your client makes.

7. Personal Driver

Also known as chauffeurs, personal drivers work for a company that finds them clients to drive around, or they offer their services as a freelancer.

People with plenty of disposable income like to hire personal drivers in place of using Uber or Lyft because they prefer to have the same driver each time. They may also want you to drive their luxury car and want you to be immediately available on demand.

The job requires a driver’s license and some degree of responsibility, but it’s still a relatively easy job to do and doesn’t require formal education. It pays a handsome salary compared to rideshare driver apps.

8. Food Stylist

A food stylist prepares and presents dishes to make them more visually appealing for photos in the menu or clips for ads.

Good stylists are in high demand among classy restaurants, as enticing photos are often all it takes to sell a dish. Additionally, food delivery apps have created competition among restaurant chains, which means more work for good food stylists.

An excellent food stylist is also often a good chef. The job doesn’t require any special education, but having or pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts helps.

The perfect stylist is a creative foodie with a good sense for art. You could cook at home to practice and build a portfolio to show potential clients, which makes this one of the easier jobs to land.

And once you do, it’s easy to find more work as your reputation in the local community flourishes.

9. Personal Stylist

Another side gig that could help you make extra money is by working as a personal stylist. It’s freelance work you can do for as many clients as you wish.

Business people who don’t have time to buy trendy clothes love to hire personal stylists. You’ll help your client create new outfits that help them express themselves, whether in a formal business meeting or a casual dinner.

All you need is a deep understanding of fashion. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, this is the right gig for you.

10. Voice Acting

Becoming a voice actor can be a difficult endeavor, but if you were lucky to be born with a pleasant voice, it’s one of the easiest jobs on the planet.

Actors who also do voiceovers say it’s a walk in the park compared to acting on screen. You sit in a booth and read off a script for a few hours, and you’re done.

You may also be provided on-the-job training to help you develop the proper technique and alter your voice to fit the character.

A voice actor can make a hefty sum, as the average salary for an entry-level position is in the $20–$30 per hour range. Top earners make around $80 or more per hour.

Top Platforms to Find Easy Jobs

Aside from reaching out to potential clients through social media, here are some great platforms to land easy jobs and gigs:

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to work hard to make extra cash. There are countless easy, stress-free jobs that are easy to do and still pay a decent sum.

Did you like the list? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to share this with your hard-working colleagues who can’t wait to have a positive career change.

Also, check out our list of entry-level jobs that don’t require any experience.

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