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Is Stadium Goods Legit? [2024 Scam Check]

Sneakerheads might be familiar with Stadium Goods, which is popular among people looking for resale shoes. However, you might be worried about whether or not it is a legit source to get premium sneakers from.

You’re not alone, as there are plenty of platforms online claiming to resell premium shoes, only to dupe their buyers.

Here, we discuss in-depth the background and the experience that other customers have had to confirm our thoughts on “Is Stadium Goods legit or not.”

What is Stadium Goods?

Stadium Goods is a popular resale store, which specializes in limited edition offerings and rarities. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Yeezys, Air Jordan, and Reebok are frequently found on the website.

They were founded in 2015 by John McPheters and Jed Stiller, and both share CEO duties for the company. It is owned by the luxury brand Farfetch after the business was purchased for around $250 million in 2019.

The company is based in New York and has physical stores in SoHo, Manhattan, and Chicago. They have been operational for the last eight years and have crossed millions’ worth of revenue.

How Does Stadium Goods Work?

The working model followed by Stadium Goods is different from that of most resellers.

The reason behind this is that most resellers drop off their goods at the company’s stores for inspection. Or, they may send them via post.

After an inspection has been carried out and the authenticity of the product has been verified, it is listed on their website. Unlike other companies, Stadium Goods verifies products from resellers before they receive orders from customers.

Once a pair has been purchased, it is shipped out from their managed inventory, which is usually maintained in warehouses.

Sellers don’t list the items themselves. Stadium Goods acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, ensuring that the goods being resold are inspected.

Since all the goods are verified before they are sold, there is little chance of receiving a counterfeit product. But, given the scope of human error, there may arise a situation in which someone receives a fake, although in rare cases.

Common Questions to Understand

Before we address the safety and reliability of buying sneakers from Stadium Goods, here are some common questions that customers or interested people usually ask.

What is the Commission Charged by Stadium Goods?

Stadium Goods follows an 80/20 model. It keeps 20% of the sale price as a commission and gives the rest to the person that sends them the goods.

Is it Better to Try Stadium Goods’ Physical Stores?

Due to their strict return policy, it is better to try their physical stores before buying products. On the rare occasions that someone receives defective or damaged sneakers, it can be very difficult to exchange them.

By visiting one of their stores in person, people can try out the shoes and find the best fit. They can also avoid the hassle of having to file a return request by ensuring that the item is in good condition.

How Long Does Stadium Goods Take to Ship Products?

It doesn’t take too long to receive products when buying from the online sneaker store. Usually, it takes around 3-5 days for customers to receive their items.

The shipping fee is higher for express delivery options, which may go up to $50. Regular deliveries cost around $10, and both can be tracked using the tracking ID shared with the customer after it has been shipped.

Is Stadium Goods Legit?

In short, yes. Stadium Goods is a legit company that has been in operation since 2015 and has completed thousands of orders.

  • Big-money takeover: They were taken over in a $250 million deal in 2019 by a luxury brand and are a legitimate company.
  • Site analysis: Upon further analysis, their site has been functional since 2014, while the website owner and their details have been kept secret by using a privacy guard. Their domain is registered until 2027 and regularly updated.
  • Social media presence: The company maintains an active social media presence, which further reinforces the fact that it is a legitimate company.
  • Physical locations: Arguably the most important point to confirm that Stadium Goods is a legitimate business is that they have multiple physical stores in some of the biggest cities in the USA.

Is Stadium Goods Reliable?

By the looks of it, not always. Although Stadium Goods is a legitimate company for shopping online, and they have had thousands of shoes sold over the years, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

The company maintains that they sell original and unused sneakers which have been verified and inspected by their team. But, there are a number of reviews and complaints that customers have received defective items, as well as the occasional fake pair.

The company’s policies on returns also make it quite cumbersome to go through with return requests. For this reason, it may not be the most reliable source to buy sneakers online.

Is Stadium Goods Safe?

Yes, Stadium Goods is safe in terms of the site. Your payment details are protected since the company has an active SSL certificate which prevents sensitive information from being leaked.

But with that said, it is not always a good idea to buy sneakers online from them as there are a number of mixed reviews from customers. The pairs received may not be brand new and may even be counterfeit.

While users can safely browse the site and find sneakers that they might want, it seems like a hit-or-miss situation when it comes to receiving an original pair.

What Are Users Saying About Stadium Goods?

A lot can be inferred from the experiences of other users. Here is what different people are saying about their experience with Stadium Goods online.

What Trustpilot Users Are Saying About Stadium Goods

stadium goods reviews on trustpilot.com

Trustpilot is a credible source for reviews of a company’s service as thousands of reviewers with experience comment on their service.

Here is what they are saying about their experience:

  • Fast shipping: Even customers ordering from overseas report a fast shipping experience. They also mention assistance from the customer service team when they ordered the wrong size by mistake.
  • Genuine Goods: A number of people that have ordered branded items like Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Yeezy pairs report receiving authentic items.
  • Return times are a concern: Although they mention that customers have 14 days to return products, customers report the actual expected times to be around three days.

What Yelp Users Are Saying About Stadium Goods

stadium goods reviews on yelp

Yelp reviews provide a convenient way for people to voice their opinions about a company’s services and experiences.

Here is what they have to say about buying premium sneakers from Stadium Goods:

  • Delivery and return hassles: A number of consumers have reported issues related to receiving products and hassles returning the product in case the shoes are defective or have been ordered by mistake.
  • Damaged boxes: Several customers complained about the packaging, in that it was damaged when it arrived.
  • Store experiences are positive: Customers who visited the brick-and-mortar store reported positive experiences as they were able to try and buy from the extensive inventory.

Why Are People Worried About Using Stadium Goods?

In spite of being a popular company with stores in multiple cities, there are concerns that people are having with regard to Stadium Goods and their services.

What Are Trustpilot Users Worried About?

The company has received reviews from customers based on a predominantly negative experience, which broadly implies that their services and fulfillment aren’t as reliable as might be conceived.

  • Low rating: Based on 341 reviews, Trustpilot has a 1.8 rating with an alarming 63% 1-star rating. Customers also provide details about their experience, backing up their scores.
  • Poor customer service: A significant number of negative reviews mention that the customer service isn’t helpful in cases such as payment errors or issues with shipping.
  • Difficulty managing orders: Customers from both USA and abroad mention that their packages arrived late and that it takes the company three days to ship out their products even when express delivery is chosen.

What Are Yelp Users Worried About?

Much like Trustpilot, Yelp users have also averaged out to a very low rating with mostly poor experiences.

  • Refunds take a lot of time: There are multiple accounts of customers not getting their money back even weeks after refunds have been labeled as processed.
  • Returns involve a lot of hassle: The company doesn’t refund the shipping expenses, which have to be borne by the customer in case of a return.
  • Trouble fulfilling orders: Many cases mention the customer service being unresponsive, orders not being delivered, as well as a lack of shipping updates even after placing an order.

Stadium Goods Quality & Guarantees

Stadium Goods sells original products, as it maintains on all its official communication channels. They also say that all their resale items are verified firsthand.

But the reality is that the chances of receiving a faulty item are quite high.

Their return policy states that customers have to file return requests within 14 days of receiving their goods. The item must then be returned within seven days of the request being approved.

The goods must not be used, worked, or washed; otherwise, the return won’t be accepted.

Customers have to pay for the shipping fees themselves to send the item ordered online back to Stadium Goods. This has proven to be one of the main reasons why customers are dissatisfied with their services.

Once they receive the item, it takes around 10-14 days to inspect the goods, after which they will refund the customer but exclude their return shipping costs.

Stadium Goods Customer Service

Despite negative reviews, Stadium Goods may have acceptable customer service based on the number of customers reporting a positive experience with them.

Although their team is helpful, they may be late in replying due to the volume of inquiries made. But once they attend to a query, they ensure that they address it in detail.

The Stadium Goods contact page mentions that their customer service is available seven days a week. Their business hours range from 9 AM to 6 PM, and they reply within 24 hours.

But based on the reviews of people with actual experience of the situation, this isn’t always true.

The company has an active social media presence, and they list multiple ways to contact their team. One of them is a contact form that allows all kinds of inquiries to be submitted through a single medium.

The other is to reach out to them directly via the valid email addresses provided. But, there is no guarantee that emailing them directly will result in a faster response than submitting the contact form.

Since they maintain that they respond to all queries within a day, in most cases, it doesn’t take very long for them to get back. And once they do, customers can expect a helpful and detailed response.

Conclusion: Is Stadium Goods Legit?

It isn’t easy to state whether Stadium Goods is a legit company or not.

On the one hand, they have been in business for eight years, and they also have physical locations.

But on the other, the overwhelming majority of negative reviews on forums like Yelp, Trustpilot, and more portray them in a bad light.

While they might operate a legitimate business by reselling luxury sneakers, the record of satisfied customers is not commendable.

Interested customers may browse their site to find sneakers that they want to own. But the likelihood of receiving an original and unused pair seems like a coin toss.

When making transactions online, it is a good practice not to leave the fulfillment to chance. If you’re skeptical about making payments online and are discouraged based on the reviews, you might want to steer clear.

The trouble regarding their customer service and their return policy can also make things trickier if you receive the wrong pair.

Given that there are so many issues with their service, you might want to avoid ordering from them if you aren’t 100% convinced.

But with that said, it might be better to visit their physical stores to try out shoes before you buy and cut out the hassle of having to go through returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stadium Goods a Reseller?

Yes, the business model followed by Stadium Goods puts them as a reseller. The company inspects products to verify their authenticity and condition before listing them.

What Country is Stadium Goods From?

Stadium Goods was founded in the USA and has three physical stores that they operate to this day. But, they ship products internationally as well and can serve customers overseas.

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Wrapping Up

Stadium Goods appears to be a legit business with a safe website and a dedicated customer service team. But due to the overwhelming number of negative reviews regarding their services, buying from them can be a risky endeavor, especially if the order value is very high.

Remember to be careful while ordering from the site in case you are unsure about it being fulfilled.

If you liked this article, please let us know which part was most helpful. Also, share it with a friend who you think could find this information useful.

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