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Is Cider Legit? Pros, Cons & Our Unbiased Thoughts

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From the late 90s to the early 2000s, the internet was slowly becoming more and more popular and influential.

People were chatting online, playing games, and making lifetime connections.

But it wasn’t until 2010 that the world of e-commerce boomed, and people were selling and buying numerous stuff online.

Ever since then, we’ve seen an influx of businesses that hopped on the bandwagon, like, most recently, Cider.

Cider is another online store that focuses on selling various products such as clothes, shoes, and accessories for women.

Though with the many new businesses in the market, such as Shein and Poshmark, we’re left with an important question: is Cider legit?

Today we’ll be answering that question for you as well as diving into everything you need to know about Cider and its history.

What is Cider?

Cider started in 2020 because a couple of friends wanted to build a fashion brand, celebrating the normal and mundane in life. In essence, it was a small clothing business from home idea.

Because of that, they named their brand after a regular drink that’s sweet, bubbly, and perfect for almost all fun occasions—Cider!

They began selling clothing online in September 2020 and got loads of orders on the following Black Friday.

screenshot of the Cider homepage - header graphic for the post about "is Cider legit" on gigworker.com

Due to shipping issues, they faced a lot of complaints from their customers initially.

But within less than a year, they struck a deal with DHL and continued their successful campaign.

One factor that makes Cider unique is its separation from one city or culture. The brand doesn’t solely rely on the fashion industry and its trends but taps into the personal lifestyle of its customers.

They take inspiration from the various styles adorning the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Seoul, and more.

Then, the brand creates something that transcends fashion limitations and relates to everyone worldwide.

They don’t “gatekeep” their products either and cater to all sizes from XXS to 4XXL!

Also, Cider doesn’t specialize exclusively in clothes. They sell anything from hats and socks to phone cases and jewelry.

How Does Cider Work?

The way Cider operates helps the brand stay on top while simultaneously supporting the environment. How do they do that; we hear you asking?

Unlike most fashion names, Cider production isn’t merely about mass-producing clothes or accessories. They follow a different approach called “smart fashion.”

This strategy allows them to only produce what their customers want at the time.

And as time passes, they update these clothes according to their client’s feedback. By doing that, they avoid producing many products that end up in the trash.

This approach left Cider competing with famous names such as Shein, and people started viewing it as a better alternative to Poshmark.

Plus, they can focus more on their sustainability plans. Cider focuses on adopting and using recycled materials, respectable supply chains, and biodegradable packaging.

All you have to do to purchase anything is head to their site, pick out the items you like, and head to the cart to confirm your purchase.

Common Questions to Understand

Before we answer this article’s central question, it’s best to understand how Cider works through these common questions.

Is Cider Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion describes a type of clothing that’s cheap, produced quickly, and mimics high-end fashion trends.

Of course, following that description, you could promptly call Cider a fast fashion brand.

But the problem with fast fashion clothing is that it creates far more issues than benefits. For instance, fast fashion uses cheap materials and encourages inadequate workmanship.

Fast fashion also contributes to pollution and increased waste. This is primarily due to the manufacturing methods and the synthetic materials that can’t be recycled most of the time.

Yet, if you look at Cider’s policies and methods, you’ll notice that they’re strong advocates for sustainability.

Cider clothing supposedly follows strict rules regarding using recyclable materials, healthy work environments, and fair labor practices.

The company’s stance makes it hard to call them fast fashion, but there are some aspects they can improve on.

Is Cider Better Than Shein?

We understand why some people would compare Cider with Shein. After all, while Shein has been around since 2012, Cider showed up two years ago and swept the market!

But does that mean they’re better than Shein? Apparently, not really. Both retailers offer their clients a variety of products with sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL.

The clothes’ quality may be better at Cider’s, but that’s not to say the Shein lacks quality. It’s only that the reviews are mostly mixed with some clients loving the clothes’ quality and others hating it.

The main reason Cider is now head-to-head with Shein is that it follows a similar work plan. They sell trendy pieces at affordable prices to a wide range of customers.

Is Cider Ethical?

Unfortunately, the short answer here is no. While Cider promises sustainability and fair and healthy work environments, the reality isn’t as it seems.

According to Good On You, Cider received mainly poor ratings regarding its shady labor conditions and environmental impact.

In short, Cider is another fast fashion name to the core.

Is Cider Legit?

Because of its quick rise to fame, many people wondered whether Cider was a legit company.

Thankfully, due to the overwhelming evidence from many people online and the company’s solid reputation, it’s safe to say it’s a legit clothing company.

They don’t send bogus items, steal your cash, or scam you. Some of the main reasons why Cider is a legit company includes:

  • Legit Payment Methods: One of the easiest tricks to help you spot if a company is fake or not is its payment method. Fake companies often don’t have a secure payment method or accept major credit cards. Cider here accepts credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal payments.
  • Various Customer Reviews: While illegitimate companies can always fake reviews, it doesn’t take long before true ones show up. Whether it’s videos or pictures, many cider clothing reviews prove the company is legit.
  • Prominence on Prestigious Platforms: Do you expect famous and trustworthy platforms like Business Insider to write about a fake company? The answer is no. Cider appeared in many internet articles, including Business Insider and TechCrunch.
  • Collaboration With Famous Artists: One of the best ways to establish a clothing brand is by working with celebrities. They’ll wear your clothes and post pictures online, leaving their fans wondering where they got them. Luckily for Cider, it managed to hook in singer Willow Smith to showcase their affordable clothes at Coachella.

Is Cider Reliable?

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable clothing brand, Cider is a great option to consider. They offer a wide range of sizes from XXS to 4XL, so there’s always something for everyone.

You can also shop according to your mood! They have a whole dropdown menu where you can choose between “unbothered,” “fancy,” “grunge,” and so much more.

What’s more, they don’t take too long to deliver their items. It usually takes around 5–8, sometimes even less, to get your package.

Finally, if you don’t like an item and want to return it, there’s no need to worry. You can return the items you didn’t like within two weeks of purchase and get your money back.

All of these benefits make the service convenient to use and reliable.

Is Cider Safe?

The answer here can be confusing, as the safe can have various definitions. From a consumers perspective, Cider is a safe company because of the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction: If you haven’t seen the TikTok Craze following the launch of Cider, then you’ve been missing out! Many online reviews praise the company and its unique style, making them appear safe to the public.
  • Return Policies: Cider offers a 14-day return period on their purchases to ensure they deliver the best products to their consumers. If you’re unsatisfied with your products, you can quickly return them and get your money back within a week.
  • Reputation: If you saw Will Smith’s daughter wearing a Cider hat, then you know they’re safe! Many well-known publications, such as Vogue, featured Cider in their articles, implying a certain degree of recognition and safety.

From an environmental standpoint, though, Cider mightn’t be so safe. Though the company claims it’s eco-friendly and encourages safe work environments, little proof or evidence supports that statement.

What Are Users Saying About Cider?

The easiest way to learn about a brand is through the consumers themselves! That’s why we gathered some feedback about Cider clients from various platforms.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Cider

As you can tell by its name, Trustpilot is here to help users figure out which brands are the best. According to more than 4,000 on Cider, here’s what they like:

  • Affordability: buying a new dress that’s up to the latest fashion standards can be expensive, but not with Cider. You can buy a beautiful velvety dress for as little as $25.
  • Lovely Shopping Experience: To make shopping easier for its clients, Cider provided them with a site and application that make everything easier. From purchasing itself to tracking the order, the experience is pretty pleasant.
  • Fast Shipping: Lastly, you won’t have to wait forever to receive your order. You’ll most likely have it home within less than a week, making it the perfect spot to shop for last-minute gifts!

What Social Media Users Liked About Cider

Besides Trustpilot, we also examined what people say about Cider on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

We summarized their opinions in the following three points:

  • Excellent Quality: What surprised most customers about Cider is its excellent quality. They mostly compare their experience to other online stores and found that Cider’s quality is more than satisfying.
  • Unique Style: Another fact about Cider that grabbed everyone’s attention is the variety of “statement pieces” they offer. You’ll always find something that fits your style and, most importantly, fits your size!
  • Fashionable: Though we may all have different tastes, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same goal of looking nice! Cider considers that and fashions “old-timey” and odd pieces in a way that’ll make you look trendy and stylish!

Why Are People Worried About Using Cider?

Of course, no brand is perfect, and Cider is no exception. Some things about its products left people wondering if buying from the company is worth it.

For instance, here’s what Trustpioltes reviews and social media users said about Cider.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

Among those 4,000 reviews, several users had consumers worried about the points below:

  • Quality: As we all know, seeing pictures online is seldom the same as seeing a product in person. The colors are different, the seams look weird, and the overall quality is subpar. Unfortunately, some Cider buyers had to deal with this when they received their products.
  • Return Policy: While the site claims you can return any order within the first two weeks, some clients had trouble doing that. It appears either Cider refused to take the returned order or there was a significant delay with the refund.
  • Orders not arriving: According to some reviewers, some orders either didn’t arrive or took too long in the process phase that they gave up. This can be a massive issue if you order clothes for an important occasion and need them on time.

What Social Media Users Worried About

When it comes to other social media users, they focused on different aspects, including:

  • Customer service: The backbone of any successful business is its customer service. When they fail to do their job properly, it can lead to customers walking away. This happened to a few of the Cider customers, leaving potential clients anxious about the experience.
  • Size Difference: Even though there are size charts with detailed measurements, some items were either too small or too large. This made many people wonder whether the charts were incorrect on the site or if Cider sent the wrong size.
  • Company’s Background: Cider’s site can give you all the data you need about the company. Yet some potential clients can’t help but feel worried about the company’s background and age. It’s a fairly new business in the market and doesn’t have a lot of experience under its belt.

Cider Quality & Guarantees

Cider tries its best to provide clients with 100% satisfaction. To do this, they offer a period of 14 days, allowing customers to return any items they didn’t like. The only trick here is to ensure none of the tags or labels are missing or torn to get your refund.

Do keep in mind that if you paid through Store Credit, your purchase wouldn’t be eligible for a return or refund.

Other than that, the company doesn’t provide any other explicit guarantees. It also doesn’t offer exchange options if you want to trade your items for something else.

Cider Customer Service

Cider’s customer service is a bit of a mixed bag. The reviews regarding what customer service can offer are sometimes good.

You’ll find customers saying they didn’t encounter any issues with the agents or they were happy with the service overall.

In complete contrast, a couple of buyers took to the online platforms to complain about the service or the company’s lack of response.

Due to this odd, inconsistent pattern of reviews, it’s tough to determine whether Cider’s customer service is good or not.

Please, don’t let this deter you from reaching out to Cider if you have any problems or want to inquire about something. Your experience could be among the positive ones!

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

According to Cider’s site, you can mainly contact them through email, and they’ll respond within one business day. Sadly, there’s no live chat option or phone number listed.

This is a shame considering that many thriving businesses offer live chat and even make it available 24/7.

Conclusion: Is Cider Legit?

After carefully researching Cider and its selection of cute clothes, we’re confident that Cider is a legitimate clothing retailer!

Thousands of reviews online from influencers and regular individuals indicate the brand is legit.

We also found various trustworthy publications that featured Cider in their articles, discussing the new brand and its future.

Another piece of evidence that Cider is legit is their acceptance of trusted payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards.

The company also offers a refund for any product you don’t like once you return it within 14 days to keep its clients happy.

Lastly, many celebrities, including Willow Smith, Will Smith’s daughter, wore Cider clothing.

Similar Gigs To Research

There are many more companies like Cider that people are wondering about. If you’re interested, here are a few similar businesses that are worth reading about:

  • Is Shein Legit?: The world of online shopping wouldn’t be the same without Shein! It started in 2008 but only gained popularity in recent years. Learn more about it through our guide!
  • Is GOAT Legit?: Luxury clothing and accessories are what you’ll find once you open the doors to the GOAT site. But what’s this company’s history? That’s what we’ll uncover.
  • Is Poshmark Legit?: On a site where everyone can sell and buy secondhand, it’s no wonder people are wondering whether Poshmark is legit or not. To find the answer, join us as we explore the world of Poshmark.

Wrapping Up

Are you still wondering: Is Cider legit?

Let us know in the comments below what you think, and share this article with your friends for an exciting round of discussion!

So far, we’ve concluded that Cider is a legitimate business with cute clothes that come with an affordable price tag.

They have a large fanbase worldwide, and even celebrities seem to like their clothes, further cementing their reputation for being legit.

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