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Is Shein Legit? Pros, Cons & Our Unbiased Recommendation

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If you’re looking for affordable clothing, you probably have come across Shein.

The clothing brand has taken the fashion world by storm. It sells everything, from basics to near-identical luxury brand replicas. This begs the question: Is Shein legit?

Many customers are hesitant to shop at Shein for good reason. You can’t guarantee the items you’re receiving, and it’s difficult to trust a foreign online store with thousands of products.

Shein has millions of customers who left positive reviews regarding everything about the brand.

So, you don’t need to wonder about Shein’s clothing quality or shipping time any longer!

What Is Shein?

Shein is a Chinese online fashion retailer based in Singapore. The company was founded in 2008 by Chinese entrepreneur Chris Xu.

It’s the biggest ultra-fast fashion brand in the world, and the company is worth a whopping $100 billion.

screenshot of the Shein homepage - header graphic for the "is Shein legit" post on gigworker.com

The online store gained unprecedented popularity starting in 2020. This surge in sales was particularly due to the rise of microtrends and TikTok!

Shein was one of the first companies to take note of viral products, replicate them at a low price point, then promote them through TikTok and social media influencers. Then, everyone, especially Gen Z, flocked to the e-retailer for the latest fashion.

Yet, Shein doesn’t only sell clothing and fashion supplies. The e-retailer expanded in the past couple of years. You can now purchase makeup and beauty supplies, home decor, and even electronics from Shein!

How Does Shein Work?

Shopping from Shein is a distinct experience. That’s because of all the brands that Shein houses.

While Shein has their Shein-branded clothing line, the e-retailer is home to hundreds of manufacturers based in China. Accordingly, there are millions of different products on the website that suit all tastes.

That’s not all. Shein also frequently collaborates with designers worldwide to create even more unique designs.

Shein ships to over 150 countries. Though, most of their warehouses are based in China. Still, the shipping process takes almost no time.

Common Questions to Understand

Naturally, there are a lot of questions and speculations about Shein, since it’s such a huge online shopping brand. Here are the answers to some of them:

Why Is Shein So Cheap?

Shein’s main marketing strategy is competitive pricing. You can find items identical to designer brands that cost a fraction!

The reasons behind the cheap value of Shein products are simple: mass production, online model, and cheaper materials.

To start, Shein outsources their labor to cheap factories and other countries. At first, the factories were based only in China, but as Shein expanded, they began partnering with manufacturers worldwide.

Shein products aren’t unique. They’re made in bulk. Accordingly, you can’t expect their items to cost the same as limited editions in other stores.

Shein sells directly to consumers via their application. There are no physical stores. So, there isn’t any cost of rent, upkeep, or additional labor. In contrast, the online model is cost-efficient.

Shein even encourages buyers to model the products in the reviews, cutting any additional photography and modeling costs!

Lastly, Shein isn’t a luxury brand. While the brand might produce similar styles to your favorite fashion houses, the materials can’t compare.

Is Shein Good Quality?

You can’t expect garments that cost a couple of dollars to be high-quality and last for years. However, many Shein clothes are of decent quality.

On the other hand, many buyers had some regretful Shein purchases. These range from low-quality materials to awkward fits.

Still, Shein is continuously evolving. For example, Shein MOTF is a sub-brand from Shein that offers premium quality and construction.

Simply put, Shein products are hit-or-miss. Since you can’t physically see the items before purchasing, your best course of action is to check customer reviews.

Who Makes Clothes for Shein?

Shein doesn’t own certain clothing factories. Instead, they outsource the labor to over 6,000 factories in China.

This doesn’t include independent brands that sell their clothing via Shein, such as:

  • Romwe
  • Dazy
  • Emery Rose
  • Luvlette

Is Shein Legit?

Though there might be a lot of campaigns against Shein as a fast fashion pioneer, it’s a legit brand.

After all, the company is worth billions of dollars with millions of satisfied customers.

Here are all the reasons why Shein is legit:

  • Billions of products sold: There’s nothing better than buyer testimonials. Well, Shein has sold billions of products. Not only will you find extensive reviews on most of their products, but you might even know a friend or two who shopped from Shein.
  • Largest fashion e-retailer: Shein is relatively new to the market, yet it has managed to surpass giant fashion retailers like Inditex, H&M, and Macy’s. So, it’s a legit brand!
  • Promotional campaigns: Shein has collaborated with reputable designers, social media influencers, and other brands. Naturally, all these different parties wouldn’t risk the trust of their fans and followers by collaborating with a sketchy brand!
  • Various employees: If all the previous reasons weren’t enough, you can check all the employees who work at Shein. The brand is responsible for hiring thousands of workers worldwide, from designers to independent sellers who started a clothing business by reselling Shein products.

Is Shein Reliable?

Shein is trying to cater to the customer’s needs every day. This includes evolving to a more reliable business model.

As Shein doesn’t have any physical stores, it can be hard to trust the brand. However, here are all the different reasons that make Shein reliable:

  • Shein collaborates with celebrities and influencers to give honest reviews about the products.
  • The company encourages customers to get paid by testing products from Shein.
  • You can earn points and discount codes by reviewing your Shein purchases.
  • Shein partners with various international brands and designers.

Is Shein Safe?

Shopping from Shein is safe. Shein is an international brand that values its customers above all. There are over 40 million Shein customers across the globe, none of which have experienced safety issues.

Naturally, Shein goes to great lengths to protect its customer’s private information and provide a safe shopping experience.

What Are Users Saying About Shein?

Before purchasing from Shein, it’s crucial to understand how the application works as well as what the products are like.

Luckily, there are millions of comprehensive reviews about Shein. What’s more is that you can find reviews of each item you’re looking to buy on the Shein app.

Here’s what different platforms think about Shein:

What Google Reviewers Liked About Shein

Multiple Google users have expressed their opinions about Shein on the Google App Store. The main positive points were the following:

  • User-friendly application: Though there are millions of products on Shein, the application is pretty easy to navigate. Moreover, Shein can monitor your activity on the application to tailor your experience!
  • Quick shipping: You might think Shein products would take weeks to arrive, especially considering you can order from different brands, mostly in China. However, Shein’s express shipping allows the products to reach you in only 7 to 14 days.
  • Flash sales: As if Shein clothing weren’t already affordable, downloading the application allows you to get notified about flash sales, earn points, and get promo codes.

What Social Media Reviewers Liked About Shein

Since Shein originally blew up on Social Media, it’s only natural to find thousands of users reviewing the products on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Here are the key takeaways that social media users pointed out about Shein:

  • Variety: Whether you’re into classic, understated fashion, or over-the-top, trendy clothing, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Shein. Shein’s wide selection includes looks for date night, the office, prom, and even Halloween!
  • Affordable: Shein is known for their budget-friendly items. It also offers quality clothes at a higher price. Yet, you can snatch them during sales or use a Shein coupon or promo code.
  • Great place for dupes: So, you’ve been eyeing a high-end dress, but it’s out of your budget? Well, you’ll find something similar at half the price at Shein! All you need to do is screenshot the item and upload it into Shein’s photo search engine.

Why Are People Worried About Shein?

Nothing is perfect. While Shein garnered thousands of positive reviews, there are some worrisome aspects about the e-retailer.

From Shein’s customer service to the lack of trust in products, here are what users had to say about Shein:

What Google Reviewers Are Worried About

Users from the Google App Store raised some interesting points regarding navigating the application, including:

  • Glitching in points: Shein’s point system allows you to collect points with each purchase. Then, you can redeem these points for Shein items. However, some users found that their points were missing, or that they didn’t receive points from certain purchases.
  • Difficult refund: Shein’s return policy is pretty tricky. First, you have to return the items within 35 days of the purchase date using the correct shipping label. Then, you need to wait for the items to reach Shein’s warehouse. Lastly, you’ll get a refund within seven business days.
  • Untrustworthy sellers: Shein is home to hundreds of sellers. You can never be sure if the products look like the pictures, or if the sellers are ethical. Unfortunately, there’s no way to verify seller information.

What Social Media Reviewers Are Worried About

There are thousands of Shein unboxing videos across social media. Yet, these are the main worrisome points that social media users agreed on:

  • Unpredictable sizes: The size and fit of Shein clothing are unpredictable, even if you follow the product’s size chart. Sometimes, the size might be correct, yet the product’s fit is awkward.
  • Quality: Shein products are only sold online. So, you can’t verify their quality. Some buyers reported that their products completely tore after a couple of wears!
  • Filtered models: The product photos and description on Shein are entirely inaccurate. The filters and Photoshop are visible to the naked eye! Accordingly, you can’t tell the exact fit or color of what you’re buying without referring to the reviews.

Shein Quality & Guarantees

Shein’s clothing quality is on par with their price. That’s what makes Shein great for shopping for large quantities of trendy items.

That said, you can find some great quality items in their premium selection.

The bottom line is that to ensure you get the best quality, you need to check the product’s ratings. Avoid buying clothing that has zero reviews.

If there’s any problem with your purchase, you can ship it back to Shein in 35 days. Just make sure the products are unworn, and have the original tag and hygiene label.

Shein Customer Service

The customer service at Shein is somewhat frustrating. For starters, reaching a customer service agent is a lengthy process.

Instead, you can only speak to a bot through Shein’s live chat. If you manage to reach an agent, there’s usually a language barrier.

The customer service agents are available from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. PST every day.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Shein’s customer service options are limited. There isn’t a dedicated customer service number or email. Instead, you can only contact Shein through their live chat feature.

The live chat allows you to put in your inquiry or complaint. Depending on the content, you might get an automated reply or get transferred to a customer service agent.

If you have a substantial issue, you can submit a ticket on Shein’s help page.

For media inquiries, you can contact Shein through [email protected].

You might also contact Shein through their social media. Though, it’s unclear how long it’ll take to hear back.

Conclusion: Is Shein Legit?

Yes, Shein is a legit online retailer and clothing brand. You might be confused by the thousands of products on the website and their cheap price.

However, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your information, scamming, or receiving faulty products.

In fact, Shein is perfect if you’re shopping on a budget. It offers numerous coupons and promo codes, not to mention daily flash sales.

The main issue when it comes to shopping from Shein is assessing the quality of the products. There are no physical Shein stores, and most online product pictures are heavily edited.

So, you need to check customer reviews before checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything about Shein as a company and a brand, you might still have some questions about the shopping experience.

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Shein products:

Is Shein true to size?

Shein houses numerous brands, aside from the company’s brand. Each one has a different sizing system. Therefore, finding your best fit can be difficult.

The sizes tend to run small, so it’s best to size up if you’re in between sizes. You can also check reviews from other buyers, as more often than not, they’ll include their size, measurements, and whether the garment fits them.

Does Shein have child workers?

One of the main criticisms against Shein is their close association with sweatshops and child labor. However, there’s no way to confirm for sure if Shein factories have child workers.

That said, it’s estimated that over 10 million children work in China’s factories. Since Shein and most of its affiliated brands are based in China, we will let you draw your own conclusions on the matter.

Similar Companies to Check Out

There’s no doubt that Shein is a great place to shop for all your needs from the comfort of your home. It’s cheap, reliable, and offers quick shipping.

Still, if you’re still skeptical, here are some similar online retailers to consider:

  • Is Wayfair legit?: Wayfair specializes in affordable home goods. The American brand sells everything from furniture to lightning. The best part is their budget-friendly worldwide shipping.
  • Is Poshmark legit?: Poshmark is the place for new and secondhand products. You can find home goods, clothing, and electronics. Unfortunately, the American company doesn’t ship outside the U.S.
  • Is StockX legit?: StockX is another American reseller. The company specializes in luxury clothing, primarily sneakers. Yet, it also expanded to electronics and gaming consoles.

Wrapping Up

Is Shein legit?

It can be difficult to believe that Shein’s affordable prices and variety of products are real.

However, the brand’s business model relies on selling mid to low-quality products in bulk, rather than investing in high-quality items for exclusive customers.

Shein allows you to look trendy on a budget. That’s because the brand is up-to-date on the latest fashion, allowing you to purchase a luxurious look at a fraction of the price.

This can bring up quite a few issues, from sizing problems to frumpy clothes. Fortunately, Shein is all about being reliable.

The company rewards customers for leaving honest, comprehensive reviews, and helping other potential buyers!

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