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9 Best High Paying Surveys to Boost Your Revenue: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

Are you looking to make money online without depending on technical and creative skills such as graphic design or blogging?

Registering to paid online survey sites partnering with large enterprises, be it a market research firm or eCommerce platform, can increase your income.

An army of online gig workers out there is looking for legitimate survey sites that pay on time.

We’ve assembled the nine highest-paying survey sites that help earn money by watching videos, assisting market research companies through questionnaires, and more.

The Best High Paying Surveys (Overview)

Here are our nine top picks for the best survey sites that pay handsome returns upon completing surveys:

  1. Branded Surveys: Our Pick
  2. Inboxdollars: Runner-up
  3. Survey Junkie: Also Great
  4. Swagbucks: Best For Sweepstake Raffles
  5. Toluna: Best Community Forum
  6. Opinion Outpost: Best for Beginner Survey Respondents
  7. LifePoints: Best for Multi-country (40+) Survey Respondents
  8. Panda Research: Best For Occasional High-Paying Online Surveys
  9. Valued Opinions: Best No-Cash Rewards for Paid Surveys

An Overview of Paid Survey Sites

What is a Survey Site?

An online survey site collects data by asking users questions for statistical analysis of potential customer types and product variations.

There are also paid online surveys that work through an incentive system.

You receive cash rewards in exchange for completing market research surveys.

Why Are Paid Survey Sites Important?

The highest-paying survey sites are a reliable source of consistent side income.

Multiple survey sites provide monetary and coupon-based rewards to assist your online revenue generation goals.

Trustworthy survey sites also offer a sign-up bonus and let you earn points for being a regular survey respondent.

Do I Need to Sign Up to Paid Survey Sites?

Yes, if you want to make extra money, many online survey panels can boost your income once you sign-up.

Most phone surveys may be easy to complete and require 2-10 minutes to pocket some points.

Popular survey sites also offer sign-up rewards with direct bank transfers to motivate you.

Its straightforward nature makes signing up for paid survey sites a great way to make money online for beginners.

The Best Paid Survey Site at a Glance

Learn about the best-paid survey site and understand how the platform helps you earn extra money online:

What is the Best High-Paying Survey Site?

Branded Surveys takes the crown in the race for the best highest-paying survey sites.

Their service keeps survey scams at bay and puts forth a competitive reward system compared to other survey sites.

What’s best, there are several options to get paid extra money without complicated questions and bank and registration requirements.

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys holds their position among the highest-paying survey sites that represent market research firms.

They run an ever-growing community of survey respondents enjoying rewarding incentives that compound in the long run.

In short, you get paid for answering questionnaires companies develop to understand consumer opinions on their offerings.

Features to Look For in Best Online Survey Sites

Choose a legitimate paid survey site and research if they offer the following features for better online revenue-generating streams:

1. Payout Amount & Frequency

Remember, most surveys offer a small additional income stream.

Choose a couple of popular online survey sites that offer large payouts per survey with recurring payout dates.

If you’re unsure, use our recommendations of top survey sites to test their cashback and reward systems.

As per CBS News, legitimate survey companies help earn an average of $100/month by taking paid surveys.

2. Membership Fee

Online surveys reward users for completing questionnaires.

Most often, you can complete countless such surveys without paying a one-time membership fee.

But while the best-paid survey sites rarely ask for a sign-up fee, an online survey company may occasionally ask for money during registration.

Though some completed surveys offer huge cashback for purchases made through their platform, it’s best to choose survey websites that don’t request an upfront membership fee.

3. Answer Types

A legit survey site enables users to earn money without investing extra time in answering survey questions in long-form formats.

There are open and closed-ended question formats, each of which suits different survey respondents.

Research whether your preferred surveys that pay well present both question types.

If taking surveys requires answering in multimedia formats such as audio or video, move on.

4. Multilingual Support

Depending on your nationality and the number of languages spoken, choose high-paying online surveys that offer multilingual questionnaires.

This feature opens the doors to partnering with other paid survey sites, presenting multiple income opportunities.

A reputed and legitimate survey site offers multilingual surveys, which enable you to make the most of your language skills.

5. Qualification Requirements

Steer clear of paid survey sites with challenging qualification demands, such as hyper-specific locations, job profiles, or income brackets.

You can identify this by answering preliminary questions that decide your eligibility to join such paid survey websites.

If apparently legit survey sites request for fishy PayPal account demands, choose other options with relaxed qualification requirements.

Best High Paid Online Surveys: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Higher-paying surveys typically come with the perks of quicker payout frequencies, new surveys, premium loyalty programs, and multiple payout methods.

We’ve shortlisted the highest-paying survey sites for record average survey and sign-up bonus rates.

Here are three of the largest online survey sites offering the benefits of assisting market research endeavors:

Branded Surveys: Our Pick

screenshot of the Branded Surverys homepage

Opinions matter in Branded Surveys.

The platform offers a simplified user-to-survey matching algorithm to increase access to relevant paid surveys.

Gig economy enthusiasts can catalyst their side income by redeeming points for Branded Pay cash, PayPal cash, and gift cards.

Users can contribute to entrepreneurial giants as most surveys assist famous companies like Nielsen, Harris Interactive, Forrester, and more.

Each survey you complete lets you access varied badge levels across their loyalty program.

Finish two or more surveys a month to gain the Bronze badge, 10+ surveys for the Silver badge, and 25+ surveys a month for the Gold badge.

Key Features of Branded Surveys

  • 1 Point Equals 1 Cent: 100 points equals $1, redeemable at 500 points
  • High Per Survey Rate: Earn an average of $0.5 to $5 per survey
  • Premium Profile Acquisition: High-end inputs to maximize relevant paid surveys
  • Local Deals: Redeem your points with purchases through local businesses
  • 2-Day Withdrawal Process: Rapid withdrawal process for PayPal or redeeming points through gift cards

Pros of Branded Surveys

  • 100-Point Sign-up Bonus: Earn a free registration bonus through PayPal or gift cards and kickstart your side income hustle.
  • Consistent Service: High quality of service (QoS) with over $15 million in payout and 2+ million customers proves the brand’s reliance on user satisfaction.
  • Multiple Daily Offers: Regular offers and polls for extra money-making opportunities make Branded Survey a platform perfect for the highest-paying surveys.

Cons of Branded Surveys

  • Long Completion Period: Average time of 10-30 minutes for a completed survey can be tedious for busy working professionals.
  • Last-Minute Disqualification: Users complain of last-minute disqualification for unknown reasons, leading to unsatisfied customers.
  • No Points for Canceled Surveys: Users get zero points for surveys canceled midway due to irrelevant or uncalculated answers.

Branded Surveys Income

Users can earn $1 to $3 per survey.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Branded Surveys?

With a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 out of five and the label of a market research company satisfying reputed organizations since 2012, we recommend Branded Surveys for working professionals looking to ace it in the gig economy.

If you do not need the extra cash, the platform has donation facilities for listed charities.

InboxDollars: Runner-up

screenshot of the inboxdollars homepage

InboxDollars treats customers with an under-1-minute registration method in a user-friendly format, helping you leverage completing surveys in the gig economy.

The survey site supports you in making money online through multiple earning mediums, such as playing games, viewing video clips, inviting prospects, online shopping, and reading emails.

Note: Play games like Shooter, Outspell, Mahjong Software, and more owned by InboxDollars.

The platform’s partnership with (Game Show Network) GSN casino gives you access to countless GSN games.

Users can supplement their side hustle with free product samples from budding brands and additional tips on scrapping the web for freebies.

By the way, read this article for more ways to make money with your laptop.

Key Features of InboxDollars

  • Earn Cash For Reading Emails: Leverage a spam-free inbox and read emails for extra earning gateways.
  • Get Paid To Scan Grocery Receipts: Save money while grocery shopping with cashback deals, featured deals, and scanning bills.
  • Multiple Payout Mediums: Enjoy multiple reward systems like Amazon gift cards, checks, PayPal, or gift vouchers.
  • Tailored Online Surveys For Money: Answer surveys based on demographics and questions with a high degree of relevancy.
  • Free $5 Registration Bonus: Earn your first few dollars without taking paid online surveys.

Pros of InboxDollars

  • 24-48 Hours To Receive Gift Cards: Be it eBay, Amazon, or other gift cards, receive a redemption link that can be availed immediately.
  • Easy Survey Qualification: Users enjoy a higher survey qualification rate than popular survey sites.
  • Several Earning Methods: Earn money by downloading apps, answering daily pools, participating in contests, playing online cash games, and using InboxDollars’ search engine.

Cons of InboxDollars

  • High Minimum Cashout: Some users complain about the minimum $15 earnings for a withdrawal.
  • Long surveys: Few surveys can take up to 35-40 minutes to complete for inexperienced survey respondents.

InboxDollars Income

InboxDollars lets you earn $0.5 to $5 for 3 to 25-minute surveys.

Specific surveys offer higher payouts equivalent to $20 and more. In short, you can make approximately $5o/month.

Conclusion: Should You Choose InboxDollars?

With 12+ earning mediums besides demographic-based surveys, InboxDollars is a great side hustle in the online gig economy.

If your on-platform activity levels are high, expect to make hundreds of dollars monthly by completing paid online surveys.

Survey Junkie: Also Great

screenshot of the survey junkie homepage

A 100% free online survey site allowing straightforward registrations with Google+, Facebook, and most email domains, Survey Junkie operates in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

It’s points galore at Survey Junkie, with 25, 25, and 50 points for signing up, completing your profile, and confirming your email, respectively.

With a withdrawal threshold as minimal as $5 and frequent giveaways on their social media accounts, meet your financial goals through this side hustle.

They run campaigns like #GoalGetters to motivate customers with mindful earning purposes.

We recommend this platform on our list of highest-paying survey sites since you won’t be harassed by endless spam emails.

Expect a constant stream of survey invitations each day, and get ready to get paid to type.

Key Features of Survey Junkie

  • High-end User Interface: Highly functional and optimized interface simplifies survey completion and scrolling through added side hustles
  • 3 Payout Options: Get paid for your efforts through gift cards, bank transfers, or PayPal cash.
  • Premium Mobile Application: Offers time estimates for suitable choices and enables seamless survey completion when traveling
  • Low Redemption Minimum: At $5, the low withdrawal threshold makes Survey Junkie a lucrative choice for regular withdrawals.
  • Survey A Vast Array of Consumer Goods: Reduce survey completion periods by choosing industries, products, and topics you’ve experience with.

Pros of Survey Junkie

  • Android & iOS Applications: Cross-platform functionality makes it an excellent surveying platform for a larger audience.
  • Browser Extension: Automatic survey suggestions based on your search history and interests makes your surveying experience enjoyable.
  • High Paying Online Surveys: Average earnings of $0.5 to $3 per survey proves its competitive pay scale.

Cons of Survey Junkie

  • Occasional Mid-survey Disqualification: Customers are dissatisfied with random disqualification after a few minutes of answering the survey.
  • Long Instructions: Complicated and lengthy instructions can repel you from participating in preferred surveys.
  • Some Questions Are Unclear: Few questions are unclear and may lead to confusing or contradictory questions.

Survey Junkie Income

With an average of $0.3 to $3 for taking surveys, users can pocket approximately $40/month by populating three questionnaires daily.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Survey Junkie?

We recommend Survey Junkie among the highest-paying surveys since they reward users with moderately satisfying points in case of mid-survey disqualification.

Also, advanced users can access profitable side hustle gigs wherein online or in-person focus groups offer $5 to $150 per task.

Notable Mentions: Other Well-Paid Survey Sites to Check Out

Though most online survey sites don’t pay well, online professionals can earn money through similar platforms with stand-out features.

Considering many survey sites have dispersed tens of millions of dollars to users, there’s no shortage of such businesses that made their mark in boosting the online gig economy domain.

Here are six other notable mentions that can be compared to the highest-paying survey sites:

Swagbucks: Best for Sweepstake Raffles

screenshot of the Swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks solidifies its utility guides with supporting videos, blogs, and educational materials for users to leverage surveys that pay.

Their contribution to the Make Money Online (MMO) industry has spread like wildfire with exclusive deals, survey diversity, and rewarding point acquisition mechanisms.

The platform’s availability across the USA, UK, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Canada, and other European nations makes it a top choice for survey respondents.

Why Is Swagbucks A Great Option?

Apart from earning points through online shopping mediums, watching clips, and playing games, their cashback deals and sweepstake raffles are noteworthy.

Users can exploit their trademark Yahoo-powered search engine and experience a unique web browsing experience to take a break from Google’s algorithms.

Their collaborations with 1,500+ top-tier retailers and established small-to-medium businesses bring additional rewards such as cashback or gift cards.

Indulge in multiple surveys to earn Swagbucks (SB) points and redeem them for exciting returns – free of cost.

Drawbacks to Swagbucks

That platform focuses on promoting uninteresting surveys that are usually ignored.

This translates to extra work for small rewards.

Unless you’re comfortable with considerably longer withdrawal periods and lower income, Swagbucks may not fit your bill.

Swagbucks Income

Daily usage for 10 to 25 minutes can pocket dedicated users $100 to $200/month.

Toluna: Best Community Forum

screenshot of the Toluna Influencers homepage

Toluna is a fairly decent market research enterprise that decodes customer opinions to accelerate the on-demand gig economy.

Much like other survey sites, you can enjoy returns as points.

These points can be reused to access cash prizes or redeemable gift cards.

The platform lets users generate points for every action, from registration to profile completion.

Their cross-country availability spans 50 nations.

Not to forget, if not gift cards, you can leverage your rewards through sweepstake entries.

Why Is Toluna A Great Option?

The platform distinguishes itself with its community culture and discussion forums.

Make friends with fellow Toluna influencers and help each other grow with regular updates and follow-ups on survey rewards, statuses, and upcoming deals.

There’s a whole new world of MMO education on their online forums.

Toluna even categorizes interest groups based on general topics to influence greater engagement.

Lastly, the Games Center can translate to profitable point-earning opportunities for new launches.

Drawbacks to Toluna

While your Toluna points expire within 12 months of acquisition, their reward delivery system can take up to three weeks.

Also, their Games center doesn’t offer rewards for all games,

They also have a minimum reward threshold of 27,000 points for vouchers and 500 points for entering prize draws.

Considering each 10 to 30-minute survey, on average, releases 700-3,000 points and per survey pays $0.05 to $1.5 – the math doesn’t equal substantial incomes.

Toluna Income

Toluna users typically earn $4/hour, summing up to 4 hours for a $16 voucher.

Opinion Outpost: Best for Beginner Survey Respondents

A homepage of the opinionoutpost screenshot

If you’re a beginner at taking surveys, Opinion Outpost has designed a simple interface and reward mechanism for your go-to side hustle.

Using this platform, users can complete surveys and earn anything from 10 to 250 points.

Their personal profile acquisition setup is synced with the market research goals of top brands.

This helps bridge the gap between target audiences and brands, helping in product improvements and iterations across their services.

Opinion Outpost holds a strong reputation for data confidentiality and privacy.

For better on-platform navigation, hover over the “Your Activities” tab and click on relevant surveys.

Why Is Opinion Outpost A Great Option?

Take home diverse rewards from PayPal cash to high-value vouchers redeemable across top-tier retailers.

Users can also move beyond surveys by participating in product testing (free prototypes delivered), reviewing to-be-launched adverts, diary studies for habit-based analysis, and location-based in-store reviews.

Opinion Outpost also provides email offers with to-the-point information, referral cash bonuses, and an option to donate rewards to the American Red Cross.

Drawbacks of Opinion Outpost

Despite unique features like points redeemable via United MileagePlus accounts, Alawar Games Credits, and Apple’s eProducts, some users say the portal is so minimal that it almost seems outdated.

Additionally, the qualification process for high-value and complex surveys could be time-consuming for busy working professionals.

Opinion Outpost Income

Expect to earn between the range of 21 to 480 points in an hour.

Since each point equals 1 cent, the average hourly rate varies from 0.21 cents to $4.8.

LifePoints: Best for Multi-country (40+) Survey Respondents

screenshot of the Life Points Panel homepage

In existence for 70+ years, LifePoints now offers surveyable topics across niches like household gear, sports equipment, technology, automobiles, etc.

Complete surveys on behavioral tracking, product testing, and service reviews to assist companies in product development procedures and earn a side income.

LifePoints run a global online community of individuals ready to support brands in their progressive research projects.

Download the LifePoints application, choose your preferred topics and online stores, and participate in paid surveys.

Why Is LifePoints A Great Option?

LifePoints’ versatile survey types allow you to voice your opinion about the future of variable products, whether online games, automotive gear, or electronic gadgets.

The platform offers Boosters for a greater percentage of points won on basic tasks.

You also get bonus points for location access and 2x that amount for location-based surveys.

The collective benefits of LifePoints’ added arrangements for extra income streams make it a good option for people with idle time — ideally, those aged 40+.

Drawbacks of LifePoints

This survey service predominantly functions best on their smartphone application.

Frequent glitches on the application may lead to longer than expected survey completion periods and, occasionally, half-completed surveys.

Also, the almost absent human customer service and unclear rewards and earning systems may lead to a blurry understanding of the platform’s functionality.

LifePoints Income

Expect 20-100 points per ordinary survey and 150-200 points for rare surveys.

As 1,000 LifePoints equal $0.9, you require 5,500 points for $5.

All in all, expect $70-$100/month if you regularly spend 2-3 hours on LifePoints.

Panda Research: Best for Occasional High-Paying Online Surveys

a screenshot of the pandaresearch homepage

Rare surveys at Panda Research may pay $50, with others offering as little as $0.025.

The platform matches your member profile and input demographics to notify you of paid opportunities for reading emails, participating in relevant paid surveys, and more.

Why Is Panda Research A Great Option?

Panda Research claims to release payouts through PayPal on a biweekly schedule.

Users with at least $50 can avail of this scheme.

With the assurance of a seasoned support team, data privacy, and multi-device utility, the platform’s regularly updated survey database does well.

Drawbacks of Panda Research

Despite the survey platform’s promise of payouts on the 1st and 15th of each month, users have complained of troublesome payout interactions.

While some payouts were delayed, a handful of users had prolonged waiting periods for the completed surveys to appear on their dashboards.

Accounting for their unreliable payment schedules, you may want to stick to the highest-paying survey sites.

Panda Research Income

Surveys take 10-15 minutes and offer $0.025-$3 based on complexity and completion duration.

Expect a weekly revenue of $5 to $10.

Valued Opinions: Best No-Cash Rewards for Paid Surveys

The survey distribution system at Valued Opinions offers clarity regarding deadlines and approximate completion duration.

Users can withdraw their returns as no-cash rewards once they’ve collected $10.

The platform’s multilingual surveys (15+) increase its suitability ratio for online side hustlers from different countries.

Why Is Valued Opinions A Great Option?

Valued Opinions utilizes smooth survey panels that simplify questionnaires and refine them to be completed within 15-20 minutes.

Their tiered membership program unblocks categories that expose users to more profitable money-making gigs.

Complete paid surveys to assist companies in winning greater conversions with their target ads or test free products and collect gift cards with cash rewards.

Drawbacks of Valued Opinions

Some surveys require personal information, making users skeptical about their data privacy.

Valued Opinions also doesn’t support PayPal cash and instant cash-out services.

The platform might work for you if you’re okay with cashless rewards like exciting promotional products and gift cards.

Valued Opinions Income

Expect gift cards, coupons, and online shopping vouchers worth $60-$100 monthly.

Other Options Relevant to Making Money Online

We’ve gathered three alternatives for online professionals looking for other options to make money online:

  • Earn by Selling Your Notes Online: Dig into your college notebooks or office diaries containing endless pages of educational concepts and theories you worked upon. Sell your notes on either Oxbridge, Nexus, or Stuvia, and get enough side income to pay monthly bills.
  • Get Paid to Text: While basic SMS-sending gigs can pay $0.05-$025 per message, expert texting tasks with SOPs can offer $10-$30/hour. Consider signing up on Ginger, ChatOperatorJobs, JustAnswer, Steady, or 1Q.
  • Get Paid to Read Books Aloud: If you can gather a quiet space with audio equipment and portray a clear voice, reading books aloud can be a significant side hustle. They are plenty of book narration tasks for adults and children’s material on sites like Bunny Studio, Voice 123, Voice Crafters, Mandy Voices, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that make-money-online enthusiasts may have about paid online surveys:

Can You Actually Make Money With Online Surveys?

Yes, making money with online surveys is possible, provided you answer them often and honestly.

Survey sites suggest appropriate options for your knowledge and interests based on your demographics.

Ultimately, you win money, and market research companies win data.

What Questions Do Survey Sites Ask?

Survey questions can vary based on niches like education, automobiles, Software as a Service (SaaS), etc.

Some questions require yes/no answers, whereas some require short-form (2-5 words) and long-form (12-20 words) answers.

Do Online Paid Surveys Take Long to Complete?

How long you take to complete paid online surveys depends on the survey type and complexity.

Shorter surveys with simple questions take 10-20 minutes.

In contrast, longer surveys that pay well can take hours.

How Can One Avoid Online Survey Scams?

Be wary of oversharing personal information like serial numbers on identity cards, strange website redirects, surveys that ask for registration fees, and on-site viruses that attack firewall-free browsers.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, it’s possible to make a couple of hundred dollars a month with online paid survey sites.

Remember to spend an hour or two daily, use a separate email address, and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.

Time yourself and record your hourly earnings when comparing multiple survey sites.

Lastly, opt for reliable platforms with timely payments and high user satisfaction scores.

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