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Data Entry Worker: Job Description, Income & Salary, & How To Become

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Are you wondering what it is like to work as a data entry worker?

You’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know about the job position.

In this article, we will discuss what data entry workers do, what their income and salary are like, and how to become one.

We’ll also talk about the skills required that will persuade employers to decide to hire you for the position.

What Is a Data Entry Worker?

A data entry worker is responsible for entering data into computer systems and databases.

Working in data entry means you will use computers to input data.

It can include everything from numbers and statistics to customer information.

Businesses hire for this position because the process speeds up the desired result of quickly and accurately entering data into their systems.

The data is then used to develop reports, analyze trends, and make decisions.

Using these reports, an employer can find opportunities for growth within their company based on actual statistics rather than observational inferences.

What Does a Data Entry Worker Do?

A data entry worker is responsible for data accuracy, data organization, data verification, data analysis, and data management.

What Does a Data Entry Worker Usually Focus On?

Data entry is essential to online businesses.

Your employer may ask you to enter data from paper documents into digital formats, as well as double-check the accuracy of previous data entries.

Additionally, you will ensure that all data is secure and accessible only to those authorized to view it.

A business owner may task you with data entry for an IT department, a legal team, or any other organization that requires data entry services.

Since your boss will want to see you perform your job as quickly as possible, you should possess the ability to type accurately and quickly, and pay attention to details.

You should also be knowledgeable of data processing principles and procedures.

Data Entry Worker Job Description

As a task-based freelance job, a data entry job description will typically describe the work in the following manner.

We need to fill a new data entry clerk position.

We want you to transcribe information from paper documents into our computer system.

We want a candidate who is comfortable with computers and can type quickly.

You must pay close attention to detail to work successfully as a data entry worker.

The person you report to on the data team will be a senior data manager or another member of the senior data team.

It is mandatory to understand data confidentiality principles.

As the company’s data specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring that all data is accurate and up-to-date.

You will also maintain a digital database easily accessible to all employees.

Top Data Entry Worker Jobs and Careers

Here are three examples of careers you can pursue in the data entry industry.

  • Records management technician: Working in this data entry job requires you to enter data into digital records, including patient data and medical files.
  • Information clerk: Your job will require you to enter data into a company’s database such as customer orders, financial documents, and employee information.
  • Health insurance claims processor: In this data entry job, you need to process health insurance claims, enter medical data, and review all information before submitting it.

Where Can a Data Entry Worker Work?

Data entry workers can work at data processing companies, financial institutions, private businesses, or government agencies.

They are also employed in data centers that specialize in data processing and analysis.

For example, companies often hire data entry workers to support data-intensive projects like data cleansing, data mining, data analysis, and data visualization.

What It’s Like To Be a Data Entry Worker

Before deciding to enter the field of data entry, you should gain a full understanding of what you will experience daily.

Is Being a Data Entry Worker Hard?

The data entry field is not considered difficult, but the job does require a certain level of accuracy and attention to detail.

It means that data entry workers must quickly identify data errors and make corrections when needed.

Consider that you will need to find ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other data entry-related injuries.

Is a Data Entry Worker’s Job Stressful?

Although data entry work can become stressful at times, it usually is not a job that should cause you much anxiety.

If you can’t keep up from a speed perspective, then you may feel additional pressure from top management.

You might sometimes need to work hard to meet specific deadlines, but the job itself is not overly difficult.

Common Data Entry Worker Work Day

As a data entry worker, your work day will normally start by logging into your computer and retrieving data from various sources.

After collecting data, you will then update and enter the information into digital systems or databases.

The pace remains quick throughout the day.

You will want to eat well and drink water to prevent low-energy periods.

Data Entry Worker Tasks & Duties

Some data entry worker tasks may include the following.

You will create spreadsheets to store data such as customer orders, financial documents, and employee information.

Your duties could include analyzing data and making data-driven decisions.

Your employer might ask you to verify accuracy and completeness.

Other duties will include entering data into systems such as databases and spreadsheets and maintaining data confidentiality at all times.

Data Entry Worker Work Hours & Schedule

Most data entry workers work full-time during regular business hours, although data entry jobs are sometimes available in part-time roles.

Your schedule might include overnight, weekend, or holiday shifts depending on the data entry job and company you work for.

Data entry can be done remotely.

The job can be done on the side, as well.

Does This Career Field Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Data entry has a fairly good balance between work and life as it doesn’t involve high levels of stress or physical labor.

It allows you to enjoy a good quality of life and provides you with flexibility in your schedule.

Do Data Entry Workers Make Good Money?

Salaries will vary based on experience, geographical location, and data entry skills such as medical data coding or data analysis.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in hospitals, schools, and local government positions make slightly more than working in accounting or payroll.

How Much Do Data Entry Workers Make?

The median salary for a data entry worker is about $15 per hour, according to Payscale.

The bottom 10% will earn $11 per hour.

If you’re in the top 90% percentile, you can expect to earn closer to $20 per hour.

Some data entry workers earn bonuses that can go as high as $3,000 per year.

Others will receive profit-sharing benefits.

How Do Data Entry Workers Get Paid?

Data entry workers typically receive a paycheck every two weeks.

Your employer might also offer you a direct deposit, which is convenient for data entry workers who don’t want to miss out on their paychecks due to vacations or holidays.

Rarely will you need to provide invoices for your income payment unless you work remotely as a self-employed worker.

In this case, you will need to report income to the IRS for tax purposes.

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Data Entry Workers

Consider all the skills you must possess and the education requirements you need to maintain to find work in this field.

Who Should Consider a Data Entry Worker Career Path?

Data entry work is perfect for people who have an eye for detail and accuracy, who can type quickly, and who are comfortable using data-entry programs.

If you’re a self-starter with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision, data entry might be a good fit for your skillset.

Who Should NOT Consider a Data Entry Worker Career Path?

You shouldn’t consider data entry if you struggle to remain structured or do not have an eye for detail and accuracy.

Data entry jobs may prove to be a challenge as even small mistakes can be costly in this industry.

Is It Hard To Become a Data Entry Worker?

Data entry is not a difficult field to break into, though some data entry jobs may require certain certifications or experience.

Most employers focus on whether you can type quickly and process the information they provide.

What Do I Need To Become a Data Entry Worker?

You need the following skills, education, and experience to become a data entry worker.

Requirements for Becoming a Data Entry Worker

Most employers ask for a high school diploma or GED when interviewing for a data entry job.

You should have familiarity with data entry software such as Microsoft Office, data analysis tools, and data management applications.

What Skills Does a Data Entry Worker Need?

Skills that will help you get hired in the data entry industry include the following.

A keen eye for detail and accuracy with data entry tasks is crucial when applying to work as a data entry worker.

You need to type quickly and accurately.

As a data entry worker, you should have a good understanding of computers, software programs, and other technology used in data entry.

You need to have organizational skills so that you can keep track of data accurately and efficiently.

Quality time management skills will help you stay on schedule with data entry tasks.

In addition, you must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills to work well with other data entry workers and supervisors.

You should have an understanding of data security protocols and data protection laws, as data handling responsibilities come with the job.

What Education Does a Data Entry Worker Need?

A data entry worker typically needs a high school diploma or equivalent.

Some data entry jobs may require additional education, certification, or training in data management software.

What Experience Does a Data Entry Worker Need?

Some employers require at least one year of experience with data entry.

Others don’t focus on your experience.

Instead, they want you to have some sort of experience with data processing, internet research, and data manipulation.

How To Become a Data Entry Worker

Have you decided that the data entry industry sounds interesting to you?

Do you have the skills that translate to success as a data entry worker?

Can you meet the requirements?

If you do, then use the following information to start the process of applying, interviewing for, and landing your first data entry job.

Where To Find Data Entry Worker Opportunities

Check job boards for data entry openings to find an opportunity.

The best job boards to use include Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor.

A job board like Indeed provides filtering tools to narrow your search and find data entry jobs in a specific geographic area.

Look for data entry clerk roles or data processing jobs in your area.

You can reach out to local companies directly and inquire about any job openings they may have available.

Consider using websites that offer data entry jobs, such as Upwork and Freelancer.

These sites allow you to create profiles and post listings that employers can search for when looking to hire data entry help.

Use these tips when building your profile.

  • Highlight your data entry experience and skills
  • List the data entry software programs you’re familiar with
  • Showcase your data entry skills via work samples

Applying for the Gig(s)

Once you’ve found data entry opportunities, read through each job listing carefully.

Pay close attention to the skills and qualifications required by your potential new employer.

Write a cover letter to accompany your resume.

Your cover letter should highlight why you’re the ideal candidate for the job, how your skills are a fit for the position, and any data entry experience you have.

Include data management tools and software applications you have used in the past or currently use.

Highlight data entry projects you have completed in the past and any data-oriented achievements that set you apart from other applicants.

Make sure to proofread and spell-check your application materials before sending them to potential employers, as accuracy is a quality for data entry workers.

Interviewing for the Gig(s)

When employers call you for an interview, prepare accordingly.

Research the company and prepare questions to ask during the interview.

Have data entry work samples and data projects ready to showcase your data entry skills.

Get familiar with data management applications, software programs, and data security protocols the interviewer may ask you about during an interview.

How Do I Prepare for Data Entry Worker Gigs?

Prepare for the job by creating data entry spreadsheet templates, data analysis charts, data manipulation documents, and anything else that will help you become proficient.

Organize data into neat, easily understandable categories.

It will help you process data quickly and accurately when working on data projects for data entry employers.

Similar Careers To Check Out

As you consider whether the data entry field is your most desired future position, compare it against other potential career options.

Don’t underestimate the power of going through this comparison process.

You might think data entry fits you perfectly until you read about a different career path that excites you even more.

  • Freelance Data Analyst: Freelance data analysts create data models and data analysis reports for companies.
  • Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants provide administrative support remotely to companies from their home office or another off-site location.
  • Freelance Accountant: Freelance accountants complete a variety of data entry tasks, such as entering data into financial software programs, reconciling data, and performing data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions about data entry work?

Here are the answers to two of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

Does data entry require math?

Yes, data entry does involve math skills.

As a data entry worker, you must be able to do basic calculations and data analysis.

Additionally, you should understand data formats, such as fractions and decimals, and other mathematical principles to accurately input data into computer systems.

What are the 5 types of data?

The five main types of data are text data, numerical data, categorical data, binary data, and ordinal data.

Text data includes written information such as words or phrases.

Numerical data is any data you can measure with numbers including dates and times.

Categorical data is non-numeric data divided into different categories like genders or states.

Binary data is data that can only have two values such as yes or no.

Finally, ordinal data has different categories with an order attached to them, like ranking data in a survey.

Wrapping Up

Data entry represents one of the most popular gig economy jobs.

Data entry workers have the opportunity to work from home or in an office setting.

With data entry becoming increasingly essential in offices, data entry jobs are on the rise.

The job requires accuracy, speed, and knowledge of data management tools.

Did you find that you fit this career path?

If you have the correct skills, can fulfill the requirements, and you’re looking for a career offering stability and steady pay, commit to getting hired soon.

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